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WWL>Topics>>3-19 7:15am Tommy, did missing plane land?

3-19 7:15am Tommy, did missing plane land?

Mar 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to James Kallstrom, a former FBI Assistant Director who investigated the crash of TWA 800, about if the missing Malaysian plane could have landed somewhere

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tiger with the at 717. On WWL in the latest. I guess if you wanna call it news or factual data given so much misinformation I presume this is true they found some data. Had been deleted from a flight simulator found at the home of the pilot. Of that missing Malaysian jet. There are under way to the forensic work under way to try to recovery. And then of course Thai military made or heard. That'd spotted the plane turning west the strait of -- early on March 8. It supports Malaysian military radar but they -- little late coming forward with this joining us right now a gentleman it knows of which he speaks James Cole's room. He's a former FBI assistant director and he investigated the crash of TWA. Flight 800 then -- was up the coast of Long Island. Good morning James welcome. -- -- I'm well thanks for taking the time with this. You've been there done that you know a lot about flying inland and guess we should start first with from this flight simulator in -- pilot's home Holland common is something like that. You know I really don't know that -- the but I would think it's fairly uncommon. And you know just so much information and then -- pro sports information more and he does an experience that. It could be good for this investigation of that the US investigated in the -- and you know try to find out. More exact data because you really should metres strike action is not that many. Yeah first thing out of James and all of this started was. Isn't either like isn't that a conspiracy urges a tremendous amount of incompetence. Well. Now I mean. Probably in the pursuit and the stone at the -- and you know you make a bunch of mistakes done and you let you know step on you for what you're about -- circular not to put out. You know a lot of years so there are a lot of information that you don't know is correct. Clothing you like it -- learning -- the problem should well it's eleven days now. Just think that and drink you know just what the year the drifting -- the cards you know that wreckage is way way Leo. -- there I'm thinking boy now go flip Nolan and inspirational topic being more -- a plane. Has landed somewhere. Really. That's the most most logical that point you know we've got a better. Well it happened I mean but I think he's now right now I would say that seemed to believe so that's. An aircraft MP3 in the new CE. You know that you can hear the -- knowing that I'm sure -- submarines are going to be in the in the war. In the after all the -- time. And not hearing -- Not seeing any thing you know it's getting less likely that it in the water -- Let's put just way off you know information at the beginning. What is so far track that oh you're in something great but. After the a lot of time with the with the USS. There I would think that. We would have some information you all are now what's going on now obviously. You know the government's putting real certificate and the world is so that and the other in it would. You know look at that satellite data. You know as you know hundreds of strips or distribute land it. I think about it you know why would you do that. -- -- number reason is you wanna. Commit suicide by playing. -- doesn't seem to have been happened yet. You want to fly or pressure him make the big. Explosion -- of people. They had ample opportunity to do that -- -- -- went right back -- -- -- the -- and crashed -- -- they didn't -- So look there's some sort of -- -- -- -- -- that plane I would hear. And so on but there is that they were sure. There. In terms of US intelligence do you think in Jay Carney yesterday at the White -- that it landed on. Com I guess San Diego Garcia and and a US territory US base installation. -- Not that same but he didn't say anything else you think the United States knows where this thing isn't. In his eyes watching it rather then you know like on -- -- on almost immediately consummate and. I have no inside the prevention right around. And on the receipt and -- About their. -- dollars. Who wouldn't be talking about it obviously to be some attempt to. You know secure the plane hopefully Austin. Deceased who knows. It's a possibility. If it's a real possibility -- -- -- lead you know -- not sure -- -- Some stranger activity at the some of these sure there -- reports that hundreds and hundreds of there's been some reports. The -- who knows her career. A boat. Seeing planes fly below. Think like that in these pilots are very experience in the information and -- -- And the trainer that he had in his home it was a bunch of data currently Spinner and a that breaks from there we can take it back and find out the keywords. You know practicing in -- summed it -- -- that that would be huge box. James don't talk about you charity in a minute but quickly if I put you in charge of this investigation where do you begin. Well you begin with facts and you know here you know being like oh that's like thirty feet long -- -- and you put up all apostles saying this could be you know you don't. Go on your favorite country to your favorite coaches. And then you know which some brains in some far -- broke through. Still deviation from -- you you assign assets -- to know investigate these things and in either oh my outlook for old men. And you end up it was a you know -- the right course of action. The problem is there's not a whole actual facts that we feel comfortable because they keep getting contradictory. But that's the that you would run at. James record before relate to go tell me about the Marine Corps law enforcement foundation. I'd love to it's a group of volunteers. Most of -- Vietnam vets liquor hurts them. It's Psycho like to -- Scotia to children who lose Eric. Over in combat and and also to deal with. -- are quote that open line of duty. And since we started this in 95. It's successful and collecting 61 million dollar and basically you're oh wait. And that's that's a sad story because that's how much the tragedy. That engulfed -- league you reach out there oh culture on. -- the mothers the custodians. In the cup cup Britain money nowadays. We if you give me -- I'd take I think 98 point 3% of that though. And put it into the charity and we -- virtually no or -- one paid employee. Which is. That the I think that's probably the best directed at each area. Be tough to -- games which spun out of time how does somebody get involved with it. Please go to our web site MC hyphen LE. Thought OM. CI and -- yet struggled. And so that you wearing. You know this is the real war is over and go. -- -- that -- -- and -- and actually get there or are sort of you can afford. We keep this cherry warned that the children have been heroes taking care of. TA uses sounds like a great thing you're doing and I appreciate your insight -- time -- we talk to you again.

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