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3-19 8:15am Tommy, does ADHD exist?

Mar 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Craig Liden, an internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis & treatment of ADD/ADHD at the Being Well Center, about ADD and ADHD

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A doctor behavioral neurologists wrote a -- in time magazine that said. Basically he doesn't think ADHD even exists that it's a catch -- for a lot of different symptoms and that doctors are. I guess and is diagnosing and over prescribing -- medications we tried to get him on we were unable to do that. But we were able to get doctor Craig Leyden use an internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis. And treatment of eight median ADHD -- got a line. According order good thanks taking the time it was I guess we should begin with the -- between. ADD NA DHD. Will be there to the two terms -- release describing the same thing people who have built in problems of her ability to pay attention. Each deep part of it at the work hyperactivity. Oh which applies to probably fifteen or 20% the people immediately. -- in the news that he did you were -- -- hyperactivity disorder confuse the picture and helps people think that is the popular hyperactive but you don't have the problem. These are from her on Saturday jury that he's a doctor Richard Saul wrote in time magazine. Yeah Ellen what is your take on that and some of the -- at assertions that he makes -- Well I mean everything to lose -- on the side of things on the one hand. I think he doesn't do we're servers by pointing out the -- the plural probably. A group of people. Who are too often -- into the doctor's office and ten or fifteen minutes later walked so with a prescription. For the blues significant medications used to treat those and are inept and or were diagnosed -- all the attitude. But that. Present to -- the -- very very small percentage of people in reality. I don't have decent coming in my adored as informative and usually it's dark in the opposite is there anything we can do. Other than medication. To help address used attention missions the statistics are that. Probably helped only help people live out those problems have been diagnosed and of those who have. Less than 50% of those are giving proper treatment but the problem and so it's it's it's simultaneously. Or were diagnosed. Another good. I guess in terms of doctor's office maybe we should go back and talk about what doctor you should be seen and because there are a lot of doctors. GPs are dispensing anti depressants that perhaps they shouldn't be an. And some would say are not qualified to -- to make the diagnosis of depression and ever -- as medications. If you think you have a DD or you know somebody that aren't -- child -- someone who should you see what kind of doctor. The Q but keeping players that said. And -- won a lot of experts working with the problem number two has said. Some specific training and other deal with it unfortunately. Most doctors that are still coming out of medical school today. Haven't had a lot of exposure to a problem that oftentimes are present. Five to 10% of the published in the diplomacy and their particular practice. Nothing -- like six. Experienced in Anderson you know -- meet. The 35 years quote in this field. My understanding of mine management Robert -- ability did nothing has changed dramatically. The thirty players don't know that I have 101000 positions. Under my belt play in person has looked for somebody -- experience. So to whom would you find it out -- idiot if you think you have a a GP notes. Well I think there are -- Pediatricians. Some general practitioners -- interim. Some psychiatrists neurologists who have some special skill -- being able to it it was a really involved. You becoming a good consumer and good -- replicated back at such an issue that I just recently released the the for a 45 page booklet how did the consumer. Diagnostic and treatment certain that they and their their -- -- specific guidelines about. How to interview practice to make sure that they're gonna major news in listeners can give a free copy of that. The web site meeting called WWW. Meanwhile senator dot com. Arm were talking that doctor Craig lighten -- -- DD is an internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment. Of ADD NA DHD. That another doctor wrote -- and time magazine saying. Basically ADHD doesn't even exist. Any mentions this. Rahm Emanuel the DSM -- the diagnose and what does that doctors the. -- -- -- Statistical manual it's sort of the Bible for people who -- with metal will give the specific criteria to -- diagnoses. And he speaks -- I think eighteen symptoms and you have five of them it would be DD and -- into this list dot and it's an and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think there will be criteria to people have to meet. In order to really get to diagnose legitimately and -- and number one -- number one would be some. History. One of the court characteristic which are more powerful -- are being awakened -- work as you need to beat the optimum protection. Problems social worker working memory. For people. Number three being ample room. -- distract ability short attention span port task and time management. -- problem solving and yourself for uploading a good quality control. Yourself some combination of those things need to be present over a long period of -- I can -- and because what is you have all of whom. Because they are pretty well describe me and -- climate around here. Exactly well I think it just speaks to the fact that the -- term problem. The the second. Criteria were he to have evidence of some combination of -- sinker to respect. Mitchell -- multiple parts of -- It was something that judicial the judicial. In the home where relationships are difficult maintenance that America speaks against the being eaten any. Because this is the biological -- -- equipment where you go like we go to each side of the multiple areas of the in the. Check on that Jack and -- to doctor -- realize those -- examined on the -- he'd go one. Were doing great number three would use some objective evidence of inattention. And some type of testing it's one thing you hear about it. Its ability to view him black and white and more people come into -- practice -- should put from two. Some witnesses to -- -- -- won't be able to clean their focus their attention in some specific task and I think that in here. Eric receipt and the reliability of the dark because there are other problems. Sometimes just. Subtle differences. It between Indians from the other mental health problems some people like you were suggesting. Can hear from Israel -- but still be successful flight. Because they probably still in the build these. That allow them to compensate for them a little boards for. And then the fourth criteria is that having some evidence of what we call -- -- traditional blade between them. Sign that indicated a world of difference -- temperature. Of services and development and reassessment looking. That being that are pulled -- -- logical aren't as well. Grocery -- border coordination problems which are confident about the need to 9% of people -- attention to. All those four criteria that. What we're gonna do it. That fourth when doctor just now is that meetings act like noted manifests itself. Large development in the real world with people having problems and find the core missions sloppy handwriting. A difficulty with more cross border coordination clumsy awkward occasion sometimes. Younger children will have evidence. Recurrent ear infections. Because they -- more coordination in the back of their program as well. When they're younger people persistent -- in the winner page. Something we're looking -- and interpret as we've ever. The -- Merkel saw neurological. -- Cuba's insight into the world organization and the Richard Lugar and the support of -- -- put the biological studio on the diagnosis. So. I think a week ago people were you there attempting to -- with the system. To act of two. Those Americans. -- college. Or outward to -- you don't have to go. -- are not real quick ending a 32 answer what are some of the non. I chemical treatments for this. Unfortunately there are a lot that are -- -- -- was born. Be it counseling care and being rude beneficial teaching people strategies that in the air and the medical term for most people were -- potential power. But being able to function like my club in helping me read if you two were out of me and it took -- about the way I wouldn't be appropriate the title of the book. You could talk strategy to -- they're blue in the face. But until I hit -- That I am able to -- oil accountability. From the medical use for these these are like the glass for unity. Doctor I'm sorry because someone in the signs and symptoms of ADHD one of them says. Often alerts -- -- before question has been completed completes people's sentences cannot wait returning conversation I apologize and did that deal. No problem right there are so important Roy restrict -- work with the proper due on the floor of the stock exchange stated doctor appreciated time. That people were very very active trade light and to be clear I do not wet the bed. I get up about eight times and I but I do know at the bit.

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