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Think Tank 11:35am, Dr. John Lopez

Mar 19, 2014|

a new study claims pipelines can rebuild our wetlands for less money than river diversions. It’s the opposite of what we’ve been told. River diversions are a major part of the backbone of our $50 billion plan to save our coastline. Who do we believe now? Dr. John Lopez, Executive Director, Lake Pontchartrain Basin

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back were up finishing -- upload a couple of hours. Talking about what solve problems. Wetlands so golf. We have experts -- appeared to in the Paula talking about centuries of being depleted and threatened. Illegal pitching from other countries depleting. -- from what we base our economy on. Many of those votes being used for drug trafficking. Human sex slaves. Young people. As slaves through two processors the position work on the boats. -- -- bit of a nightmare but there are there in the organizations. That are trying to do things. Within the congressional and senate delegation from Louisiana and around the country. And hopefully oh what they're putting in places can solve the problem or at least nothing else minimized the problem. On the other side boards talking about it -- -- so -- the loss of wetlands in that -- dual threat to was physically and economically. And over there of the decades of debate -- do some particulars suits his status come up with the idea master plan the coast protector and it's -- authority. Has come up with a fifty year master planned butchered them. A lot of applause. Over the fact that we have very. Play in Britain to grow and already being implemented. A little problem on the other pundit but. We're we're started it would get a plan. But I've had a number of fish from and appear over the years in -- look cute you guys keep warning to do when that master plan. Massive river diversion projects and we think that -- I did it's gonna. Traces -- than that to be an issue where is where we've or order. A few words. Where the babies. Have all the gulf and where they make their Libre and catching him. And what they've proposed. Is more pipelines. Pipeline and would dredging in the rivers and throwing. Settlement in the pipelines on to the -- plants. Will now we have a couple of economists pro -- resiliency universe miss would be -- According to Bob Marshall -- article in the -- says its dispute the seat plane that the larger settlement diversions. Or more cost effective and -- pipeline and when building who win. And all of was about answering some pipeline projects -- more cost effective because they build land quickly. And -- doctor George Lopez with the its executive director league punctured during bays and foundation. Opened the -- and then this doctor -- sure -- to. -- -- or more beyond than that what you're. Thoughts that this this is something it's new to me. We're world got a caught him as commenting on something I think they see it as a potential problem. Well I think the article contribute to understanding -- all the all the debate between various projects. I think that the the time element that they're into and comparing how would you do with crime is important hasn't been won't consider. Actually that the all be debated the burden our more creation. -- point project is called. All most folks support. And see in the world more creation pipeline project will or shall exceed. He has a compliment not one orbit over all -- -- pay. All. I think. Not quite apples to apples comparison I think and I don't think that the all economic burdens quite askew -- they suggest all -- more reaction in appearance. In terms -- like coaching. Credentials its engineering buildings Saturn versions. Also they cannot understate and perhaps you more creations and shall we should more. Well what I did is if that maybe you killed too complicated for renewable what are the new technologies you're talking about it. A little bit different view of diversion for a. Well with the sentiment diversions. You know avalanche on ten years of freedom excellence and your goal and in two is going -- what is apple -- -- that they would support and diversion for Democrats and taken more remote spot. The seven -- -- -- is going to be bill located -- operated maximize efficiency. Of the delivery is so much because. Also and realized that that's kind of the key to our success getting certain dimensions. So. You know. What they count instances. We're human kettle river tremendous financial partners sentiment in the rivers right evenly distributed war I'll handle war we're. Correctly you're okay. That you might be able to greatly contention potentially would shut. Or let them take our first break here. Well when we come back. -- media. Would trigger Craig may have got the wrong. Well it shows on mr. -- completions. Illegal fishing by other countries. Drug smuggling smuggling that actually affecting -- The river diversion vs pipes and pledged verses divergence in the master plan. And -- government in the river and not as much settlement -- Is like a very complicated machine were building. What news is is that something. That can work or something we're constantly connected to. Coming right back governor bill bigger celebrity immoral five to reopen in two ways so many ways to rebuild wetland -- to the we talk about the most river virgins were -- bird river and the settlement. Into march rebuilding where modern introduced to Arnold so. For a June pipelines and put area. Settlements -- in via buy and play most of the -- from a week ago. I've said that not -- attention is being given org news concerning pipelines. And in these stated positions. On and so were we gonna do both. But -- versions -- big project big part of it now got a couple of economists from a few minutes -- today. That dispute -- coups staged claimed that the -- sediment diversions or more cost effective. Then that Hillary pipelines and says that. When he boldly and quickly wanna use the pipelines. And a diversion should be used for longer records of where about doctor John Lopez witness -- have of these only Pont country breeze and pounded and doctor one of the columnist missive Tuesday and Bob -- article was. Quoted as saying the -- ignored about you crude by pipeline reason acres both forward diversions. And created in anything. You think that's correct. Likely that isn't the dimensions are considering in the the time. And you do get benefits earlier -- -- am not a quick look rhetorical because. When you build -- creation project. You can -- actually battled hard but he actually shall use that abortion at all. And becomes you know title actually there haven't and that's something in. Unfortunately. They -- very broad picture of that to you and intentional which. Oil went -- you -- Horry was the complexity of the issue right certainly complex. And -- the ball and basically all over Europe and a replica. Wanting to topple ball striker to work with nature actual cost public versions of them girls to either. On now -- born free and -- loss challenge and you're going into. No more creation projects as we talked about that basically fixed he'll return to work here. Are we try one more creation. -- oil port deal. Actually stormed off or use in victory locally which it would or abortions and become problematic. Essentially you know more racial becomes kind of ballistic built -- -- destroy the court to deal. Morning meeting. All the pieces that. Some people choose to. Key. Eventually more and more -- Prague with sorting through all your -- is that we're literally come from open -- and people. This animal emergency or -- he'll become problematic. In the end -- Wednesday. No one ever agrees we have -- extra -- problem. And -- versions of themselves are likely to more. Epic political mortuary. And the society. Wives are aren't they good to be losers in this sort of going to be at -- sort of going to be. Professions or at least specific people making their profession out of video more -- of the gulf. That are going to be negatively affected a million at that such a huge problem that the partial solving or or solving four are gonna have some victims. Well well. Purple. We know we don't really think change is gonna happen. Here you know -- court. Records. -- -- -- -- Ideas -- happening. We're trying to destroy it would it would. What can -- -- -- that change and make it a little veteran long term are. I think it will be people who are tracked it certainly but -- -- -- there are any in May be it made me lose to these rituals which -- -- -- -- -- And diversions will. Annually history and certain -- -- -- think yeah so you'll be effective -- also going to be new opportunities create. Got about thirty seconds of financing. Is looking better we need -- to build them -- Cordoba starting point and we're gonna need to keep maintaining it. You see the president and so for. -- no of course. On all. You know who. You know there -- a lot of open -- the BP restored in their struggle it is you don't respond actually that morning. Yeah general -- Even influence or war. Competition or rivalry. Are we we feel that. Really important member of the B commodities -- restoration. And and I actually -- -- York guards called restoration benefit. Although that are created. Which are protection circling -- -- is an economic yeah. Connection to the restoration you know because -- likely. Without investment for our economy in the Indian arm is a strange. Doctor -- not an easy issue and a very good move through people like you'd called about current standard thanks for the -- -- -- all right we've got our road Debra -- Prodi jaguar opinion poll which asked. New study says pipelines. And rebuild our wetlands for less money he'd been river diversions. In solemn and situations. Which do you prefer pipelines river diversions and 75%. Of viewers saying I -- -- interest. -- -- -- Thousands of law enforcement agencies. Have begun to -- -- paying these little cameras. All their clothes on their sunglasses. On there products. We'll see is that a good thing bad thing somewhere in between. Governor bill -- seventy area -- 53 yeah.