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Think Tank 12:10pm,Marjorie Esman

Mar 19, 2014|

Police are wearing cameras to record interactions with the public. Is it the latest loss of privacy or is it something that protects the police and you? Marjorie Esman, Executive Director, ACLU Louisiana

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're doing minimum and it shows on technology. And loss of privacy. And how things are watching this. Others. A relatively new and and the question is good thing bad thing or is somewhere in between. Basically what it is. Officers. At Wilson's. Hands and -- dozens of enforcement agencies. -- going to be wearing tiny cameras to record their interactions with the public. But many cases the devices being rolled out accurate than the departments. Or able to create policies governing their use. There -- New Orleans it was September of last year. Bed. That Portman says it was -- bidding begin equipping officers with the -- -- cameras. We had scheduled this or -- An attorney -- one of the police unions he was tied up in court he's -- join us at the bottom of the hour. Larger area of human executive director -- shield you can't do enough to come in early and chargers always preaches that. You have any idea if in New Orleans Police Department has implemented this. I know they're planning I don't know whether they have implemented as of this date. And that it's it's not here yet it's coming. What about clear guidelines were going through the consent decree gives consent decree. Have guidelines concerning this. -- doesn't -- you know the body camera specifically. But he does. Require police of course to. Change. There waiting and engage in the use force. And two. Can monitor the waive day use force. And and those that would be you know kind of with in the that the spirit of the consent decree although you know it doesn't specifically today. You know -- -- PD must have bought a camera. Good idea I think it does need strict guidelines there are issues that have to be worked out but I think. Any change to hand provide a clear -- an interaction between law enforcement and the public. Can better protect both -- You -- you're the lower or following. Okay I admit maybe you can come aboard were and remembering wrong. Seem to remember. Bad news shall -- -- general hole number please visit what are cops without. A reason to to comment preferably with Warren but. If blow officer has a camera on NCs engagement somebody else -- traffic accident tore. Somebody get his dark or one over. And record something else is that admissible. As as -- -- Well there are a lot of issues that talent. You know what happens on a public street is public and anybody can sell anything happens in a public place. What -- law enforcement or you or me or her anybody. So -- to the question -- whether they concealment they cancel ailment and the question whether it's admissible it would really depend on the purpose for which -- eight track to be admitted. And if they want -- use that as evidence of a crime it would be unity it would depend a lot of the factors. Did make quite complicated. They could certainly unions. Anything and it caught on film and the basis to get a warrant to arrest somebody if they happen to -- to the commission of the crime. You know just in the background that -- what they were looking for -- there it is that you can use that as a basis to get a warrant to turn Iraq. That particular -- Yeah it is it is that's -- -- -- -- Scotland. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What was in the you have brilliant question I have been through its home ago that the -- would ever and let. -- those that their inadvertently. -- argue Portland as. Can't believe. -- officers. Yet that and that's very important questions like that it. We've had a -- would change your life and there we -- The public at an absolute right. This film police officers doing anything that police officers do is changing not interfering with what they deal. -- if you're in a -- that they restaurant police investigation I think clearly you need to have the -- to -- that. But standing on your porch while they are doing something like standing on the street corner while they doing something. The public has an absolute right to do that of course you know there are a lot of very good reasons one we want people film law enforcement. Which is really the thing we can live good bit off at camp. The AD the the important issues is to make sure. Some rogue officer. Doesn't turn off camera when he did countrymen not to practice days and it's an attack on. Then on not saying that's something that's likely to happen very often at all but it is to say that it could happen and they need to be guidelines to make sure that back there. All right littering and move forward to do in through via the details of this bring in some callers today bureau and governor bill -- more drills and -- -- Yeah I just wanted to make a comment decked out. I think they're gonna make it legal for the officers put the via campers. -- -- -- automobiles and on -- person one of the things I think they need to do is make sure they can't turn law. And then Allen the percent for thank you. And I'm not true technically there's been -- true that they won't turn off what is it. A lot of -- mean I'm sure there would be some technology but. -- if somebody did that on equipment technology and sure they can find -- way. And but I agree with -- this I think he's actually right that there have. Have to be -- both intent technology and in terms of rules and make sure that they don't turn them off and hasn't said some of the opposite could potentially be used that technology now not to say it would happen often but it did say that we need to be sure it doesn't happen. Our music breaker from right -- called for more dream of men with. -- -- -- you were debating. But -- cameras or police little tiny cameras some movement collapses on the moment have some album on shirts. Good idea about did some work in the way it was called to basic 0170. Questions comments. Dubbed welcome -- -- -- -- about the latest in technology. Police officers and thousands of -- pours from agencies. Or either -- wearing now or beginning to Wear or will Wear in the future tie in these two camera from coal and record all of their interactions. When you are on the job with the public or Euro or simply moved around the city the -- localities. We have revenues -- -- it is going to be its field you with the moratorium as an executive directive that are. -- one of things on -- I was wondering about. It does anybody have guideline for sexual assault victims are. Confidential informants and how arrogant were due to a police officer who else. You know -- jesus'. A sexual assault case ought to turn the camera off but. We're only getting trouble overturning an old saying thing with the confidential informant. Well Jack the part of the reason -- guidelines are necessary because all of those details are critically important to com. He -- what it easy deal one on. An officer if if if the purpose of these things is that it should be can make sure that there and questions about the away. An officer -- with the public. Then you don't want questions that police often act with a sexual assault sickening more than any other kind of victim but of course you want to protect the privacy that person. These all the things it would have to be have to be worked out. He would want a film that in our actions that you would want to make it and teach me it didn't -- private. Unless there's some question about the -- law enforcement you know an officer be paid. And all this is exactly why we can't -- off -- hotline. To make sure that. After a certain period of time if there's no. Complaint about the -- there is no issue with respect to what transpired. That those records would not be kept indefinitely because to protect people's privacy we don't want the government have the perpetual record of the fact that some. -- just stopped you for something that didn't announce anything. To keep that true. We want guidelines to limit how long in the event that it did not concert the interaction. All the -- we need a -- -- setback comprehensive set of guidelines for for the image is which are important. All right back back to phone with a bar -- calls and -- -- Euro would Marjorie -- pretty sure it's -- Hey aren't I -- column because. Winning and that technology younger I think talent. I don't have any problem not only eat I think it makes sense. Of the capital -- the right back anxious about keeping. In -- that was that we do you know I think it's a good thing to keep everybody. On you know. You. That's good important Marjorie. I remember win. Cameras weren't on some of the police cars. Patrolled dashboards. And so mom told me all the record would call him in -- camps. But I have read too many stores of blue moon being invited because. The cameras in the cards right rebuked. Well and and if that's what they lower right then they were essentially a kind of initiative that would be hanging and that's pretty scary. But. But the fact is it happening to -- Change the behavior of police opposite so that they not doing things that we're supposed to be dealing Ankara and consistently. Along. The morning -- you don't you represented the border where there again it is sold in Wall Street Journal. Of most quoted as saying -- -- keys and California. The drug provided input in drawing up the Justice Department -- lines. He said the proposed policies pretty good beard gives officers more discretion -- is wise. Does the Justice Department that some have guidelines or is it still being drawn up. I think it's still being drawn up on -- very technology and I don't believe anybody has. Has finalized. A set of comprehensive guidelines for the technology and get in -- few minutes that we've been having this conversation. A lot of issues have come up and there are obviously a lot more than what we've been able to talk about here so. There are a lot of things it would have to be covered by these guys. 01 thing you did it might reduce the mount a -- addition that to those cities and tax -- end up paying rent. And I think that's that's very important that one of the one of the crucial functions of these things is to make sure that. Possible personal as as the previous -- to keep everybody. On -- and if it doesn't that determine misconduct and that automatically will reducing them litigation but also. Yet it is if there's no real record debt that can't prove what half. Happened and yet frivolous claims would do wouldn't go anywhere. -- and it really does he can help the officers is black. So yep that's absolutely wanted to benefit the. If it gets so complicated -- really -- -- -- Euro Oakland California. You who's chasing on with this -- expect and the city had a gun is eventually. Shot and fatally. Well when it looked at the video data entry in the gun. In the city in the meantime Big Ten thousand bucks to aunt lives about fifteen seconds of video what happened was. Because of the angle where the camera was on the -- shirt. No longer seen in this suspects and on the pill. -- Mary went back in and checked it they've found a -- and right next to the well in the Brad. Near the victim. So. On only one sided looks like that could have been indicted an officer. Caused him tremendous problems because initially they have been terminated him. And then they find something that verified. -- it's not simple is. You know so yet that the situation in which the you know edited video was not sufficient to. But I expected it like that would end up being very rare. And certainly it's better have some records and no record at all. Not to say it's perfect but it is to say that he can answer a lot of questions better to do that and not. In mind of slowing down logic or is like getting a lot more complicated. Wow do we do we do so and he showed me. Soon these officers. And odds are probably going to be wearing Google glasses. There -- aside roll him. Videotaping something will have Wikipedia. Outline of who the officer is in his past. Well I don't know. You're joking and of course but that does raise an important issue that this is a chronic problem. Which technology in alone on medicine technology only demand effective and a -- can keep up with. That's what we end up in this situation we have the technology it's very important it would be very beneficial but. At the guidelines. Developed before we can actually implement it. And -- that need to be able to implement and that's exactly. It you know you could pinpoint. And part of the problem is. -- the world as -- businesses after two weeks ago. And imported that you know what Moore's law is when computers are doubling. Every year or Horry and moment and it's -- troops since 1970s. Well it's -- you can look correct and intra group of Moore's law. So consequently the technology we see we've always had deliberate change. -- beating up real. Marjorie always. Really enjoyed having -- -- -- resolution to the discussion. Thank you time and thank you for coming in -- -- our -- come back hopefully. We're gonna talk to an attorney fraternal order please send and find out what leads people or thinking about. We're hiring cameras all the time on their body. Governor bill brigades of the -- one applied the --