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Mar 19, 2014|

Harold Clark: fashion designer Nikki Manuel: fashion designer Katie Schmidt: fashion designer Tracee Dungas: Founder, NOLA Fashion week NOLA Fashion week: : As New Orleans reinvents itself, is it going through a fashion renaissance too? The rebirth is obvious at NOLA Fashion Week presented by the NOLA Fashion Council. In a series of workshops, parties and runway shows of Spring & Summer collections, the Crescent City is telling the world this week…(and once a year in the Fall), we’re a fashion force to be reckoned with.

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Well I have said for many years that there is more talent per square foot in the city of New Orleans and any place on earth. Whether that talent -- music food art theater we are a creative environment that -- great things. And now we can add to that great pool of creativity. Fashion. We have always had the occasional talent to dress the local fashion lover. But now we have a real growing group of designers who are creating their own labels. And we're bringing in other designers to complete -- and compete in our fashion shows. This weekend you can get a glimpse of all this fashion talent during the second annual Fashion Week New Orleans. And were lucky enough to have some of these creative souls with us in studio. To give us the scoop about this ever growing industry. Carol Clark moved from New York City to New Orleans how many years ago -- off -- 9494. Bringing -- already successful designing career. His elegant gowns are seen on every one from Patti LaBelle to the queens of carpal. -- manual founder designer and creative director of American prep clothing company of Baton Rouge she's going to be joining us momentarily. And Katie Schmidt who has studied fashion both in California and France and has created a company called passion -- Whose goal is to change the world through ethical fashion and it's such a beautiful story. I appreciate you all being here this is a very exciting thing that's happening in New Orleans. That but certainly those in the fashion world are aware of but now I think our general public. Is starting to understand. That in fact we are becoming a little bit of a fashion. -- -- And what is really is doing. And the fashion is really doing. And you seat at the professionally come fashion shows yes. -- out let me start with you Harold because actually we go back. Which is a back in a very thrilled and once that is beautiful story honest man and his life really up on channel four. And his magnificent designs. And instantly when you see his work you know that it's Harold Clarke it's just so as is his -- were on hard work. And these these value. We'll closeness and you know who we wanna make sure the look fabulous clinical. So -- love my my wife and I realized election recruit me from the started. And we make sure that the dress is really look fabulous and -- -- For a while you were on. Ivory -- street and you could see with a beautiful window all of the fashions on I'm sure there were many wrecks their head. Well it will apply only up Katrina to Canada Katrina took a tree you know we had to find someplace else and the phone space. On the senate floor Francies yes and that of Palestine. Than it is to look that could mean it fitted. And Minnesota keep creating. Last night was the opening a Fashion Week and you posted. The grand opening popular yes. It was the cook off was that our clock store. And -- a fabulous time the informal modeling. And it was just amazing. Clients get a chance to come in and see. Was going to be -- -- but the fashion show. And -- at the top and the other designers were also there are some live live and some data about the party I think this in -- -- -- And but it was those that at the time. Katie -- you are you are the next the new generation the next generation. And I can just in reading your story. See where it is fashion but it's also a lot of heart. Not -- what she did tell us your story you you were in California and you were interested in art and fashion. Yeah I actually started as a costume designer. Mind him moving to New Orleans and after studying in France. And I was working with a pair trade organization. Which led me to India. And commercial explain what fair trade is for those who is sure are so fair trade is -- trade based system it's not charity. It's a way of working with individuals and other countries and providing them with a fair and sustainable wage to help lift them out of poverty and give them a sustainable lightly it. So you were working with the company and that takes you to India correct. And so in India I visited a workshop with a group of women were doing hand embroidery work. And I got to see firsthand the effects of this positive salary and how it changed their life. On some of these went in down word divorced widowed they really depended on -- salary. And asked the workshop owner how can I help and -- who we just need more drops. And so that's what led me to create this company where I can use my design my talents. And give them more jobs. So tell me about your clothes. Share well and so all of these fabrics used 100% Indian cotton. On all of that fabrics are -- block pre intensity take a block and they stamp it by hand on to the fabric. And the diets are made from plants -- vegetables so there's natural dyes there's no chemicals that it's good for you it's good for the environment. And there women's -- So -- they're great for spring going into summer and for the new violence. And it's everything from what blouses dresses. I -- now we have stresses Garretson pants and then next file will be introducing sunglasses as well and scarves. And you do you have a storefront. I sell to other stores. Throughout New Orleans as well as you can finance and a few stories in California Chicago Wisconsin. And pleased know how much -- applauding you but I'm looking -- and you are so young. Which is a wonderful thing. So did early on you noon. And some former another fashion isn't. Yeah half. You know I started selling when I was that's been about eight years old I asked my mom for selling lessons. And I just remember when I was very little studying garments to see how they were put together. And the fabrics and colors really intrigued me and it just grew from there. This is spectacular. Were going to take a break and come back and we're gonna hear the story. -- Clark who started in Jamaica. Yes tendon to the New York. Sentenced to yes that's uses technology. And then to some the and the ones and that is a story so stay with -- we'll be right back. I'm Angela on WW well we'll weird talking fashion not just any fashion we're talking New Orleans fashion. And it's the perfect time to have this discussion because were having an incredible Fashion Week. That the founder of Fashion Week is Tracy jaundice and she joins us now by phone and on delight because I know you were being pulled in 87 different directions. Definitely currents time right now we can -- apparently shows that she will and not going to be quite exciting. Where is it. The event taking place at the door and sport tree in the EDT at three Eckstein back it's been -- -- -- country and -- -- treated he'd ever get there and adjust their. This kind of on Korean park started back at the year with and the building and. Well I know will be magnificent. To kind of go back in time because you you really burst this and this is the second year. Actually did the fourteen year old ones hurting our sport you're pretty -- or -- I'm mean it is sort of the it's because of hurricane Katrina and am really. It's not about that storm but. But the fact of the matter is like like so many about -- -- You make decisions and reinvent Art Bell on I needed to -- the same in working in the acting industry for many years. Wearing a lot of different -- -- I -- job opt in or installment in the common street. Chew on working commercials and what not and you know. -- what they need. Right after Katrina or story bit. Cheaper -- say it just started brainstorming and you know I get around having an entrepreneurial. Spirit -- decided that. We (%expletive) -- yeah. Bring something that would help you -- -- are actually in street. -- what I remembered it. Q hurricane Katrina and -- Sort of -- actually Norton came to be. And how do you see it now compared to that when you in 2008. You know I didn't what opening with a plan and -- doesn't give me. A couple of years to really what I wanted to get -- and then we introduced it and -- eleven I. And then we have a clue to be honest with our eyes -- -- my fingers and their prayer. And are you -- that sort. You get there there opinion -- even leaking or something like this. It was truly an educational caught up in on -- getting everybody sort of born or not -- All they they knew that you know bringing -- reaching New Orleans would help. Help their business and help. There brands greatly. But in the community got hold that question came up trying again and why Fashion Week in -- -- we're not the ark not my line on parrot. By you know like that. We do marched sure our own beat an RYNG New York -- -- them along and do something that and its own little unique. Wish you. So. So like. But you know it's almost one people would say -- why Fashion Week in New Orleans the answer would be -- not. Which Lee who want you look at our city we're known for having. Lots of -- challenge of course near against -- You look around -- the architecture and you know that we live in very creative. We all the time bomb. Quite exciting it's also now you know we're being recognized for being at star city. So I feel like actually -- and had been part of -- new at noon on the reaper and and start up that are happening. Would you have any rough estimate of the number of people involved in fashion either is designers or even allies -- in -- -- models. In in New Orleans now. Question you now. I know growing I'm always excited by. New people that I'm mean and calm and and sheet and all. That are that are you know inquiry in -- -- but but one thing about it is that. We have many -- in the creative arts aren't because I got it in artistry you know the soccer or. And as you mentioned the model it's a walk the runway -- it it. Chile is the -- -- and check the designers because. We com. Form for many people and in. Our creed of moral -- to showcase their short. I don't I don't occupy and number -- -- What would you say that the majority of those who are designers in New Orleans today or designing pretty much for their own. Areas here in New Orleans are they expanding out across the country. Definitely expanding across the country you know. And designers like me added big tree there right look and style. That it will shield people across the country on you know on Katie (%expletive) just. She mentioned how her brand in different parts of the country in California and other -- -- -- and general Clark. Making it on that he surely at that you know it is Earl -- we go round. Cool image jets' starting we have the recent graduate of Allah issue. Under. All that -- actually design better you know emerging designer. To -- great renowned designers such as mr. Harrell are. Now it's incredible and I -- I don't think a lot of people realize that L issue has this incredible school. They don't -- -- trial is not like a secret -- being. What doctor economic Robert. Are faster at -- issue is doing there and training students aged just incredible. I can and doctor -- Robert. -- -- Collection together and shot the on the front page because I know her on personally and -- -- dear friend and I know skill and talent and a match. You know. You're you're. Year. You can you can share with the world at the southern region. What you're doing -- at issue by presenting on the runway there's going to prevent -- All chapel collection -- college on Friday evening on that. Actually based on com and re purpose and alligators and. To me. -- wild battle that would be fascinating. And and so Louisiana. And -- right and and now so we can't. He the style and the deal that will. -- that many across the country will want. Well again if if the general public would like to -- some of this word they go with tonight -- That the board of trade. Correct will be at the portrait. Tonight on Wednesday that are being in writing at the mortgage rate should. Torture by Barry and an expert on the show starts at and she nearly -- out I'd bet. More information. Is available at passionately. No Le dot com and we hope everyone including you -- you would -- -- Let me tell you I'm cheering you on I think decision to tremendous idea and I'm so glad that it's. It's being received as it is and I I know that your you've started something great to be done a wonderful thing thank you very much for taking this time just. Out of a crazy day to help. Yes I'm gonna go back Brandon -- and hit it it'd be a lot of things to be able -- Doors open thank you so much spoke. Can't thank you very much at his Tracy done this who was the founder of that New Orleans and and Fashion Week no. Just I'm just very uplifted by this again we've done so many programs on. What she touched on which is that on your general spirit and what has happened post-Katrina. With so many wonderful young and not so young people coming and believing this is the place where they can start their business so this is just an extension of that and it's a very very good news. We're gonna take another break as we need to go to the newsroom but will be back and we're gonna get that story of this great gentleman run after the they're talking fashion and Fashion Week in New Orleans. With fashion designers. We have done I was so glad we got to talk to Tracy again she's the founder of it. Take somebody with them sort of an insight to this is what needs to be done and now it's happening and good for every one. As I mentioned we have Carol Clark here and Carol Clark. Is just are a real fashion legend and somehow we were lucky enough. That this man opted to come to New Orleans in ninety and 2004 yes but your your life was great you were in Jamaica and then you went to New York. Yes some one in Jamaica and I moved to a New York in 69. Mark in my Laviolette you know and in the vicinity. And displace. You know the -- keep him a vote only on strong yen Norman's. And so happened that. The finish school. Because studio on the seventh avenue. And now we start designing. And applying for non Louisiana came in love interest made. And she told assessment looking for this fabulous dress for a long time mention a scans seem to -- it was she wants. And we did a sketch show the sketch and the did address. And shatter that -- -- -- So -- if you fly -- apart into the morons elicited a lot of money. In Chicago resolute usually meant to address the death because of -- so it saves time tell them that the court. Clinton audience for the love and -- analyst with -- here. This is that this is the story we love to hear yes it is still here it's those fabulous and you know arm and you have done now. Wonderful -- from movie stars -- I'm limited the that's a built for the Super -- She gave they would -- in the united Latin. Theme. It was like Ritalin rule and that sent the wrong address. And to -- -- is so. The son took the wrong for the zionism that called they called me. And when and to see -- and throws them sketches which is this how it can be different for tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- -- to slow it when a business for united sometimes gonna get some things he too by the way -- -- -- -- And what I am on myself to work on -- at the net interest in the morning and the next day it was possible. And she -- all -- you know all the magazines and in this amazing you know we desire to provide a level of from the little fortune -- the desire for national Muslim. And I you can almost to the collection that Carol -- not -- -- that our club. I think your your signature really is. An appreciation of a woman's body. And and sort of the elegance of one. Yes I always like. Like woman you know and I'm like the the -- sophistication and the dresses like what shall the old movies. And all these fabulous customs and in the old days. And a really. Like the solution but the -- of stress on. She just changed like. And said in an instant. And the way she's a walk in the way she talks and -- this mine it is you know transformational and she knows that there are about Brad is not a brand that. He gonna -- all over the place you know if you go to if you go to a fabulous party you know Mendocino wondrous you know -- treatment is not the same interest on. So that's why they come to us and some other brand related to us that this latest and try to stay tuned for that. I wanna stay in New Orleans is lucky to have you and I truly mean that. People may remember the magnificent wedding gown of Michelle Miller -- Ali yes I was one of his creations and. If it's not an amusing and should -- is Cindy Lou's gonna -- -- okay all right now that's an Israeli should. And elicited that it -- -- the at the opera and tells you is this the lead on my gosh. It goes on and on and it's right here in New Orleans in somebody who has just joined us and we are delighted not that far away in Baton Rouge. We have making manual and you have started a company I love this is it's very exciting. You tell us about it. Lots are in and you lifestyle brand which is American clothing company. I'm -- targeted in 2012. And mine's only in 2013. And I am really happy to be you debuted. Hat Fashion Week New Orleans this this evening tell me what it is. I'm not well actually it's upscale class American clothing I'm not really man tree and I never have really been. And I just really appreciate classic details and will constructed pieces and have a lot of vintage inspiration. But I'm trying to -- adapted into inspiration and have it to be more personal. Com for today's hectic lifestyle something that can really. You know each apparent pieces from the line can really transitioned easily from day to evening from work on to play -- Where where do people find your clothes. We're going to be online e-commerce will be and just about two to three weeks overly excited about that. And we picked up by number retailers in South Carolina Alabama and Kentucky and it's in in -- and you're. Oh my gosh I mean just casually mentioned that they picked up by a number of retailers in North Carolina. -- so -- American press American clothing company and we had. Web site at Amerco dot com. As -- iceberg and twitters in instrument. What what sparked you your interest as a -- my interest I'm always an interested even at the child I would you know -- their grandmother's closet. And looking for what I -- vintage jewels. And we just be so inspired by so many different pieces of so many different decades that she -- you know hand. Just looking and all those and I which is -- different designs. And at age 12 I am really sorry release selling pieces and making patterns myself. And just. Being extremely eyes are -- my mother and I really got lost in that. And went off in another career path and after my mother actually had brain surgery actually for brain surgeries in the last couple of years. After the last surgery he was -- We were just having a casual discussion and she's at you know something's. Anything that you really want to. And I thought back to this which it was not they're too far in my hand and -- relief that you know this is something I am passionate about. I really want to. -- be passionate about something. And I focused on this and get the research -- accurately hone my vision. For the line it is America for a clothing company and I think abdomen and I'm trying to accomplished much -- This is such a victory. Everyone stay with -- -- not finished with these three super designers went after the again we are so lucky to have three wonderful designers. In our studio. Representing Fashion Week which is this week and it's an opportunity. To really Harold all those. People in fashion into our area. Not just new worlds that Baton Rouge and and beyond the southern region. And so we are having Fashion Week and we want to remind everybody that you can see these beautiful fashions all this week at the board of trade. 7 o'clock each night they'll have runway shows so. If if you're really interested are you just love fashion this is an opportunity. To see some very real talent. We have Carol Clark who has been in the world since 2004. Doing magnificent downs on -- Manuel who has just started her company American -- out of Baton Rouge. And Katie Schmidt who does extraordinary things out of really out of India and I don't -- -- Regina but it was you had sort of -- moment an Indian -- I can do -- yes that's correct and and again your clothes can be found where. Ugly can go online you can find him passionately dot com. You can also find him if you go actually to our website you can -- on the website or you can hear various locations. Which are stores throughout New Orleans. There's some California Chicago Florida Wisconsin a little spread out throughout the US. Let me ask you all because there is being creative design part and then there's the business end. And has that been a tough tough part. Yes I mean it's very difficult. Kind of running a one man show being. Wearing a lot of hats. I do all night patterns on my samples myself so that's very time consuming. But then you know I'll have to market myself and wrote myself then. It's it's challenging but but I love it and I am learning something new every single -- But if you are you're doing the designing patterns. Then you -- people putting it together yes correct in -- -- steals and two -- to -- again and again this was sort of born out of an effort also to help these women correct which is a beautiful thing. Putting your closed again you're you're doing the designs and yes. Early on I was in designs and actually making them myself but at this stage of the game turning it into different retailers. I'm trying to get everything manufactured here in the gulf. Instruments. And again that's American press yes America. And Harold was telling us in the commercial. His is couture I mean it is one of the kind. Is so wonderful client. Unlimited edition. You know also the collection right now it's not a fashion design studio. And then if we have to expand on the neck -- tree and in nineteen -- -- intricate -- we send them off to sometime India's -- -- Haiti. You know -- sometime in Italy opens can do that to us that the fastest. You know. The solos or balance the competing against the list you have to make sure of the Warrick is does. Tablets so you know it's not my life I ownership actually make sure of the quality control of the before each garment gloat. And it's not who doesn't run from 94. 99 before a -- with this -- is my twentieth anniversary in north of asylum celebrate mass at a fast treatment to into an anniversary. But some also launch in my my sent our club perfume it's been -- launch at the border trade. All of that makes it he brought a bottle and it is delightful. And it is a beautiful bottle and I love things like that is as I said I will say that when it's long gone this -- tomorrow. But good luck to you -- selling it -- -- does does obliterated them yet this style launched and he felt OK this is terrific. What do you all want to get out of this Fashion Week. Well I'm personally for -- -- an American Pratt are really would like to get. More exposure for the upper hand and I think this actually New Orleans and Tracy they really do an excellent job of working with the emerging designers and really. Really getting behind them and providing them with an excellent platform and media exposure even such as today. To be able to get more attention to each of the designers individually. And collectively. More for me also would be exposure but I think because my mavericks are fair trade interests are fair trade. I want more awareness of furthest understand what that is and why that's important to support these women. Not that that's it is just a wonderful thing that -- doing and you should a movie stars and future clothes and a yes we just found out my dresses are greens serene and a stylus came in to purchase. 3 of the dresses for our Michelle Monahan for a movie called best of me that's coming out in October. So content they told me it's in the garden scene and capture that means yet but you can check them -- Well we will absolutely have to say that and that could be you know especially you had done a costumes. But in California was that for the movie industry or plays or theater for theater -- what a great background in a distant. And it is interesting how your path take you certain ways just unfortunate illness of your mother but made you start thinking. What really makes me happy. It's -- and not everyone gets that choice and opportunity. And it it it'd been a blessing in disguise them mothers healthy now I'm doing well and says she gets to be -- the support means. And actually attended my line accident in August and so she's really getting an opportunity to take part in its. What's making me happy now thanks to her. Thanks to her -- stay with this'll be right back once again it is Fashion Week in New Orleans and you'll be able to see some of the tremendous creations. A very creative people who are in our area. At the board of trade tonight in the next night the next night and the next I think. The runway shows and this is the best of the best locally and again I want to thank the three people who are here today that Terrell Clark. -- -- manual and Katie -- all three designers all very different. But that is what designing about it your own interpretation of things. Final thoughts and quality. Well. I really -- just leftists they say thank you to my husband and my son -- in Carson they've been my greatest source of support as well as my mother my sister. And I just hope that people come and join us on the runway tonight this evening as well as throughout the week. Because we have some great things in store for every one held out her -- to check out my brand and American -- dot com -- And in this case. I'm just so excited I'll be showing on Thursday and excited to show my own dresses skirts scarves. And also for you please check our website as well passionately dot com. Before you know it's gonna get too hot for us in New Orleans but I really kept that in my with my designs all the fabrics are -- so their readable. Tried to keep the fabric minimal -- that he can stay cool. -- -- A person after my own heart and walk around with an air conditioner I didn't and the great Carol Clark he's just continued to continue. Quote and the brand is gonna be there was going to be closing the show. Professionally cut and when you show people who collection. And a salute give a shout out to my mind go to any vessel actually runs the store. And you don't know marketing and then my granddaughter in money that. Also my -- -- ocean and with the from the beginning and definitely ride. It's a family affair Wii -- gift all of you to our area continued success to all of you. We'll be right back we're going to be talking something very different we're going to be talking to a new counsel people run after this.