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Mar 19, 2014|

What’s the message when 2 of the Crescent City’s longest sitting council members are unseated? We’ll visit with the newest members of the New Orleans City Council Nadine Ramsey (District C) and Jason Williams (at-large Division 2).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

After running a strong campaign against a longtime political figure. Jason Williams is the new councilman at large he fought hard against Cynthia hedge morale winning by a large margin. Nadine Ramsey did the exact same thing. Beating veteran councilwoman Jackie Clarkson by huge margins and becoming the new councilwoman for district's city. But the election is over. And now the real work begins we are so very happy to have both our new counsel people in the studio for the next hour we have a lot to talk about. But I really also wanna hear from you as well tell the council people what's on your money just call 2601870. As I just said I'm so appreciative because I know one you must be completely exhausted and too. You must be just running running running because in a very short period of time you really are going to be its SE to counsel people there and a lot to do. But to -- talk just briefly about the election Election Day. Must've been surreal. It was surrealism is a beautiful day. -- -- we actually walked in the Saint Patrick's Day parade. Touch voters which was a good way to get an idea polls. Community and and -- -- and -- -- -- and was -- -- -- him -- the folks -- tell -- -- -- -- -- Motive -- we're in good shape -- it was a very exciting time and even more exciting results came. So -- there that night in your. He's sitting there and near at what moment -- -- saying I think we've done it. I got cause very early from. Councilwoman. Has Guerrero and from the mayor. Before it was actually called. On TV so we knew very early that that it was one we just didn't know. About that that large margin that we found ultimately grows even more exciting. Very very very thrilling maintained. It was the same it was a great day we started out very early in the morning. We went back out not doors and -- cancer map constituents and we did a wonderful thing. We went back and we did a motorcade the -- two years and it was the most lovely experience. People lined the streets that is great they came out to support us they cheered us and it was amazing it was just it was a wonderful day. Went with and so you're -- campaign party and you are watching. No actually at some point. My right people knew the results. And they were just very ecstatic and they -- come down agreed to supporters in and -- walked in the room. It was some big congratulations. I did not know the extent. Until I talked to my media people. And it was just. Can you believe this so this so exciting and it is great because my family was there. My friends with their friends from high school just ages ago. And also -- supporters and constituents so it was the best feeling ever. It has been sent Clinton do those I think -- most -- it looked to be like a generational. Decision. And just your thoughts on -- It's it is a new generation of leadership it was a referendum from the people. That they wanted real independence on that City Council -- is that it meant a lot to him he can tell by that but by the number of votes that were cast. In in and in a runoff election in the number of votes were cast for folks that we're not on the City Council before. They wanted a voice that would only represent the people that had no buffer is no debts paid any political machine or other pars and and so that that was that was huge from. And at the same sentiment here and also Jason I ran into each other a lot during the course of the last few months so I know. We've pretty much took a singular approach. In it was going out touching people and I think when people feel they Euro are in tune with -- and with the year needs and that you are sincere about representing them. You can't replace that would anything to sincerity and coming from your heart that you going to be there for them. That's what they felt. In both your campaign Q you mentioned are highlighted. That. For your opponents. It was sort of a running it was sort of against the spirit of a term limits. And and I would have to ask then does that mean. After eight years you won't run again. I can tell you I look at this as pure public service the same way that -- go to the peace corps for short period of time. To improve quality of life for the for the area there working and that's so I'm looking at this job. I feel like -- now may fifth rather. And and leading up to that point I work for the people. And and I want what's best for them and I went quickly. I'm going to be impatient about it. And be direct about it any money that's that split its people's money on a -- -- spent wisely so yet I'm not looking to retire. That it's at City Hall. I'm looking give in and make as much of a difference is I can't in these four years. And my commitment has been to public service into the people I. You know what happens in eight years that the spirit of the term limits those that you don't bounce back and -- And that was a major consideration. For people. And so I'm gonna getting there and do what I can honor the commitments that I made. And make some short and positive results. You have a lot of work cut out for you and but before we get to all of those issues and there are many issues. You said that the mayor called to which was a very nice thing to do but he actually supported your opponents. And so. Do you start off on a funny footing. Know. What the idea of a serving on the council it's about the people. It was politics. His represented my opponent that has to be put. To the side in politics is give and take and I recognize that the -- recognizes that I think we'll have a great working relationship. I had lunch with the mayor on Monday. To talk about moving forward. I've heard the phrase before and I believe in this no permanent enemies is no permanent friends and politics. And and like I said before I'm gonna be with the mayor amateur champion. His causes when he's right. And when he's wrong Roman accounts of him as counsel at -- arts should do. But I think if you look at the fact that Nadine and have both won but Martin's that we one guy. I think the folks were saying you know look we can be with the mayor but we can also before an independent city count. Perfectly said we're gonna take another break we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk about some issues that these. People will be facing very very shortly. How Long Will those smiles last. Stay with this for years stay with this will be right that lucky us we have our new two new counsel people Jason Williams who. Is a councilman at large and Nadine Ramsey who was councilwoman of district seat. Let's go to our callers for Stephen. Agent says. Both of dispute some new blood in there. But I hope that the to start looking expenditures. That the -- waste of money. Com or not it was built into court but what we spent. 450. Million dollars renovating report that it's never going to be -- After we have the new -- and everything was -- -- rebuild the sidewalks the French Quarter and any Michigan company. That was shoddy work. Our errands. On. And it was their -- Tuesday. To actors the Super Bowl. Basically decide -- to term up again I mean absolutely ridiculous the way that we waste. Well you bring up some good points and I'm sure that they are going to be paying attention very close attention to those that. And also I don't you know understand with our police problem. But do you ever realized that probably 50% of our police officers are overweight. And couldn't pass the physical. If they needed to. I mean I only do it once -- you become a new. New person on the on the force. But after that and we're all. Looking at policeman they certainly couldn't shake anybody downstream. You know what I'm gonna get that the chief on and I want you to call that in. You bring up the good point thank you alarming -- Ignorant and look at. Our. Criminal. Maybe that's why they got the new cars. Stephens so much for calling let's go to Craig. My idea my question is about money in the city budget to. The city New Orleans had financial problems. Nevertheless the city. To collect the money judges take every year in the -- into the judicial experience and that amount of money would solve some of the financial problems. Wired money to bought into the general fund. I mean the judges controlled with money that fit the book the on the court. Problems date all right but. In municipal court. -- all from the Supreme Court -- -- in peace deal being the bought it. And took part of the judicial experience on the judges control. We're a good question one haven't thought. Bring courtroom and a bit Jeremy Kirk Ohio. They're the rule book to Terry -- know about that ruling or -- the village of Monrovia I mean. Just look at this state statute nor Verizon did this year reed Bob Herbert -- The constitution has before any type of legislated back. This guy really knows historically. The way. Change. And or for their injunction. Okay Craig left and answer. The judicial expense fund I assume that you're referring to -- -- -- -- and municipal traffic court. The judge is controlled those funds to the extent that they are able to use those funds to operate the court. It is that a convenient way for it to be candidate is the fine to the fees that go back in but that would not handle. Their budget -- keep the courts operate. So I don't believe that that is a sufficient response to the finding of the courts. But US Supreme Court has ruled. That judges can not control part in speed -- that. And not what they're doing. I understand what you're saying now. Should go into a gentleman and then look at generally in the corner of the country. Only in Louisiana -- problem too but. Well. On the court the court courts can't shut that can't control -- and beat it. That's certainly a conversation I'm willing to have with the judges and to look at it if that would solve. Any of the problems but it -- the city's budget to set such a magnitude. That the fines and fees. I don't believe would be a sufficient coverage of all of their operations. -- so much. Thank you -- very very much for calling. He brings up an issue -- of money let's talk about the statement we need more money in the second period and but people are rearing of being taxed I think we saw evidence of that in part with the on it and vote there so how do we generate more money without tax. Well I think. Both the collars are hitting team that was resonating throughout the community during this campaign which is we -- city government and in one City Council. To be hyper focus about how it's spinning the taxpayers now. In India the first call was right I think that was my -- -- on airport. I remember coming in from a flight and seeing new renovations in -- All right and then realize that we're about to reduce them so we we we haven't had for a very long time. A strategic plan. All of the work that needs to be done and when you think strategically that's not. For one year or six months that's five he's -- continues to balance the can be very wise. And strategic about where you gonna start I gonna finish you don't start on the on the roads into you do the sewage system first so that's important is being Smart about that process when -- things that. Champion I hope we can talk about moving forward is. Stretching out the budgetary process and -- a year round process so that we can be hyper focus as the tough questions about how the taxpayer and how's it going to be spent. The other part of of that is to. Increase revenue and -- -- we have to sort of ignored. Arts in court or New Orleans east maybe bringing a bass pro shop IKEA. Department stores that that that the dual citizens now have to drop down to -- go to Metairie to buy those goods. Putting that stuff they're putting things that will draw people from Mississippi Alabama and other parts of our city. To New Orleans east to increase that tax base because we increase taxpayers any neighborhood in district. It's gonna help out all of us. -- And certainly one way is almost as Jason say it is to make sure that the budgetary processes. A longer process and that the council members get an opportunity to work with the mayor before the budget is present that we have some input. An and some discussions before that's done. Also expanding our economy to whatever extent we can be on tourism. I think retail development. In Algiers area. Bringing business there that's what I talked about a lot bring an economic development restaurants retail stores. And encouraging. The kind of support that would bring tax dollars but it would not be on the backs of the working class it would be people's spending money in enjoyment so. Absolutely. You know you bring a New Orleans east and we've we did series of neighborhood shows. -- and the women who were on from new royalties were firecrackers they were just fabulous and their passion for that area is so strong. And they kept saying we have. Good in comes out here they do and she should check all of this out why aren't we getting to businesses in other words we would support exactly what -- -- talking about. Businesses you've got the land area. It's just it's waiting it's just like this untapped. But how do you get a -- of its. Matter of political will having -- at the desire tubes to show those areas that attentions same thing and meetings district. General de Gaulle again you'll get the tax base told him as a were all over all that area Algiers point. That those folks have to leave. Their district to go by the things they need to live. And that just doesn't make sense that they've got to go out further West Bank -- -- and prayers to do so we've got to be Smart about. Where are textiles going right now the USA -- in Jefferson because we have not had the political will to recruit. Those national chains to come here to serve our needs -- same whether John Young cats and now the robot and Paris. Well we we've had some success we have to say with then what's the big place just opened Costco Costco and now of course the river -- coming out. There are some successes but they are contained pretty much down down here and not. Throughout especially when you mentioned the de -- -- or you're absolutely correct that that's another goal line. -- yet it is and we have to go in sent from Algiers point to go to the supermarket you have to go into -- in Paris for the nearest supermarket. So I know that I have been charged with. Going out and seeking development for our area the general mighty Newton area businesses are closing. And that can't be allowed so it has to be the real bad. We're gonna get out there and support the businesses that -- there and assured them that something is coming that's going to make people wanna come into those areas. Stay with us we're gonna continue mark talked with the to know is counsel people on May fifth. And -- and please don't hesitate Collison 260187. They. If you have any thoughts or comments now let's go to the newsroom now and Chris Miller once again we are lucky enough to have our two new counsel people Jason Williams and -- ram -- They will be taking office on May fifth. But they've talked a lot about these issues on the campaign trail and we're -- a revisit them because again. That that the euphoria of what you all have been through now the reality of what you gonna be facing we have to consent to Kris both of them costing us a fortune. Just your thoughts on how we're going to be able to do. Well and. One of the things that did talk to me about at lunch on Monday was dealing with the consent decrees and deal with the federal government in terms of what was going to be required for hours with priorities -- -- it started. We don't really have an option has not paid. Which means at some money's going to be taken away from other areas we've got to make sure that those aren't. There isn't a pivotal pivotal and -- encrypt and critical. Two of them since it took part of the community. And we have and we have the obligation it's fair. And it's going to be look at the budget and making very very hard decisions that's why I think it's so important. That we made the budgeting process a longer process so that we can give. Fear into consideration to what used to be to. That's going to be money is the challenge money is an agent. Without going back to voters for another attack -- protection on tax and tax ourselves out you were -- that. No we can't do that. Let's talk also about. Well let me ask you what are the areas that you are looking forward to jumping in as quickly as -- -- to do something about. Are -- tea. I am really really excited about the city being more engaged in budgeting for outcomes when it comes to children and teenagers. Investing in our youth. You can payment services. Folks that have been marginalized that if they are not dealt with. And some sort of meaningful way. May make their way into the Kremlin justices and I know that's important because you can stop a crime from happening which means you have less victims. You'll have less demand in volume in the criminal justice system some really excited. About directing. Monies to nonprofits that are doing good work but on the small scales -- -- into a bit more work. I think that will be very very critical in terms of improving the quality of life for so. I wanted on jump right in a starlet connect the issues of polite. It so affects the quality of life for people. And when we get the polite under control. And we can start moving those pieces of property out developing on neighborhoods and -- Tennessee people wanting to move in the economy grows. Everything gross from me and I think that's going to make a Soviet a very much stronger community the McCain you we conquer the -- and that is. Monumental. -- -- monumental. With that caller Howard from Houston. Howard. And wallets area. The cost you about a month ago and other areas and out -- polite. It's been like this verbiage all about their trip shot -- about but you'd been. You don't know it to walk and an -- open at some point yet. That it does reduce the -- it all just the war we do everywhere. -- general call. It's good that it entered into but I right now. Outlook -- long probably six years and -- not what you want it's better that people have less chipper is well. The light to build out suburbia as well. And make it make it attractive it's been very thank you for what you're saying -- correct. It is fascinating to me is when I first moved here in 75 -- for six months in Metairie and our -- driving in every German. This is -- veterans is terrible and English. What they've done to clean it up with the art do the landscaping but not gonna change but it looks better. And I thought to myself when they first start of what if they had done this originally. De Gaulle is not babbling on that we got some pretty areas into golf -- but he's right there has to be sort of a plan and my fish -- please them. My -- but the goal is not that we can't the sprawl that we seen in other areas. But it is to continue to hand as we can't now controlled. I'm growth in -- area. I would like to cede that area alone Algiers point. And also on general by -- that we hit the small businesses that are there to allow those businesses to grow that encourages also neighborhood growth. And it gives neighbors an opportunity to do things within our own neighborhood so my vision is not to him. The exits minds they don't know where to get -- -- you confused every call and it looks like the -- that. We will keep that maintain the uniqueness. You are absolutely -- I appreciate that call. Judge. Saturated I'm saying that correctly. Judge. George I'm sorry George let's -- and -- that Russian and thank hello George how are you my friend. -- -- And that about this should have been and could. That's a very kind things to say thank you very very -- show aren't. Well. I know I have to admit that they and a. But it's great -- George he's he's a great New Orleans -- very well that is terrific thanks for that call. -- -- Congratulation to -- guys that. Did you get you guys -- a great job in this city called a -- bill and we're just concerned about the line. I would love. To move a man indulged -- lost for the crimes -- Mean in all -- -- just caught up on -- time ago so he wants to New Orleans and get the money can be and have to. Yeah -- have to get all this -- pretty scared everybody away. You're absolutely right it's -- elephant in the room for for quite a long period of time pre Katrina. And I it was a huge issue and we've never systemically dealt with it. First and foremost you've got to have a real opportunity in the city. A real opportunity job wise education wise as best crime prevention secondly we've got to have a rights as police department. We've got his residency requirement right now which doesn't allow us to. Higher latter -- from saint Tammany and jabs in Paris which means that were only get new recruits between two were missing out on that. Training and on the job experience and veteran would have so get rid of that residency requirement. It would allow somebody keep their home and Jefferson -- Tammy plaque -- But common work in high ranking position to fill those those gaps a whole lot faster and make sure we have rights task force. And certainly -- we recognize that the crime issue and has to be addressed. And we don't want to do it we can't do it in isolation. I have talked about before we have to address -- high school dropout rate. And make sure that we have opportunities for young people. So that they can get a good education and so that they can get jobs and I think a lot of the crime is related to young people. And it is relates them not having opportunities are feeling as if they don't have -- Activities that the very good news is yesterday we did a whole show on. With -- Lincoln I know you like we had Michael -- great -- and and also with the business council Centre and in reality. What's coming into the states in the next two years is phenomenal job -- some. But they have to be trained workforce training to make sure they're equipped to write their concern is we're not gonna have enough workers. Now wouldn't that be a -- it's a real concern it's a real concern now. Anyway stay with this we're gonna continue our topic our two new counsel people run activist named dean Ramsey and Jason Williams our guest today. Just elected to the City Council. Solomon you have a question. The question is just an eighteen. Mile or so local edition is. It's eight. Exciting. I quit in you don't need you know ears and that raw -- Our area -- -- U to cleanup is equality speak up traction -- comical. Prisoner has become a long contract. And is in like a year you could drive down. The lead of the try to Robert Berman. What. Are you looking out -- -- -- oh with that problem. Oh. That it would yeah about that a lot of however a bit on the track a -- grant. Has not gone. Over it -- it Altria. -- -- -- -- It's people the auto air pop band. Bob. We feel -- I've been at it -- it -- Yes I'll be meeting with department hits very soon. And I'll part of medium it parks and park always will be to see what we can do to get back to as you know I live in Algiers also. And to get back in to the routine habit of keeping grass cut alone in new two grounds in assuring that the garbage is picked up. OK in the final out in orbit in all -- not a brand and it would get it here. And or -- but not at all. Just going to -- it would drop by at the street on environment and our -- can cut. Off. I -- no real set thank you Solomon very much let's go to what David in Gulf Shores. And all. The outcome on at a couple quick they throw out one. Of the -- Up again in the city all all of native mobile. About it as we get for the wedding anniversary very the other. But that depends square blocks the French Quarter would be great for him square blocks. In America being economic engine of the city what we should look -- it money and trying to be picked up. They have it all all your great record breaking. Forward the season we've -- final -- Super Bowl. It would that money for him -- -- redeemable on but we don't know what to do it because record breaking. Every year yet for the special button but I'll write what you want. In that regard. And -- -- -- widely. Considered and well also the French Quarter should look like them involved at all. A lot but it is able walk the streets -- -- you might get Robin. It's that it should not get. -- on the on the strip and they did it wants but he hurt they're usually walk around the global war about that weren't quite all people. So what do we do. The business is in a lot of areas have stepped up and -- -- security. And we need to look at ways that we can put. More offices on the street there in just look at the culture of what's going on in for a quarter when you hear -- people being molested at. -- -- -- Dropped. We're gonna drive away too. So we have to give very serious and careful consideration to making sure that that area is protected. And and you know that's going to be one at that the first priorities to meet with those businesses that have stepped up to take care law to care. And providing their high security. Area. I really appreciate your game at a let's quickly go to brand. Hey yeah thank you Auburn congratulations. On joining accountable long overdue change here Tom. You know I'm very concerned that you've been -- would all these new jobs problem. There are actually a lot -- available now -- are workers like myself that might be who have skills. But the age discrimination there results though. You know fight each part time it's -- and there are whole group -- -- center -- eating eating their skills. And yet we gotta be honest you know racism is pretty arrogant attitude and the business community at the show. That they're gonna have to -- the and finally there are people have jobs. Our. Places where it. Don't they can't afford the rates in this town we need rent control we all need occur on doing evictions in the way that we are doing. -- friend -- -- that they did last week they put her up on the sidewalk if we weren't there like did the she would have been -- law. I hope that they on the council will be able to be true of the hour on the issue and serve. This -- well those who well. And -- Yeah it's I think that's a great comment that you made in which you really speaking to equity and fairness in making sure that the process. Works for every one. We don't we don't -- a city that's gonna move forward. And only certain parts in -- of the community can move forward on this folks that are providing. Great. Great. Resource where there -- in the in in the hospitality industry or not but they're not getting paid very much to do so so we've got to look at poverty. -- in this town and really addressed that in a way that can corrected. And and steered towards a direction of quality paying jobs. Thank you for your call will be right back it's going to be a very interesting time ahead and I I can hear from the callers they're cheering you on. You do have that beautiful honeymoon period -- -- a lot of work yes lot of work ahead. And you promised right here publicly that you can come back on station promise -- optics now but it's very very important to continue that communication but. As with everybody congratulations and good luck in all that your gonna do. And all the -- gonna have to face. Thank you so much. Okay thank you Dave and his opportunity to -- done. And will be back very shortly completely different subject animal hoarding. Join us.