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3-19 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, Falcons make moves

Mar 19, 2014|

One week into NFL free agency which teams improved most? And who made the biggest moves in the NFC South? Bobby and Deke check in with D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on what moves the Falcons have made so far.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A weekend of free agency we'll talk to Sidney -- a made some big big -- big -- in the National Football League and will focus in on our. Division right now waiting on him hawk would talk everything Atlanta the Falcons. -- for the Atlanta journal constitution. The Orlando Ledbetter deep take you so much for the time mug on the last offseason big theme was lose in the lead on the offensive -- how McClure. That proved to be so that it was a problem for the Falcons. Pretty much the entire season. What has Atlanta done thus saw a week into free agency. -- -- -- -- -- -- You're by either a couple of and you need to go to improve then I'll bet you spent -- Also. -- got a -- apple Miami. Out right guard is not your -- comparable candidate immediately Ghana. -- -- art active in the order. There are. In yeah picked up our. Rain. To compete at a nickel back Eric Turner's job. Not a lot of and Burberry. Well the other. Yet the Orlando looks like obviously we got to get better of front all the to -- with some -- you can see the moves that the Falcons have made. Now it would feed bag did you give them the fans you know he always trying to get almost two Q you wanna get better. Well what he had a guy like John Abraham all of us and let him go you look at his production with the Cardinals. In you'd say right now -- who's dead -- -- knows that pass rusher. Is that something. The problem of trying to address it in the draft. Well against them and deal yet and act there are you don't have that at -- Or that there oh you have to land back from arm right arm. Whether their coach Nolan Ryan Grant. And they had been trying to build a -- -- -- -- Back in rather. -- -- -- You know somewhere boring Nixon are and -- opera and doesn't know. That he covered -- -- and I don't see that -- that. -- But certainly. Rusher. -- -- the blow out their draft. It matter where they go to the -- grounder and respect around. Are there are back in the dark but -- that the people here or get after group -- DO Orlando Ledbetter given us an update on the Atlanta Falcons. Where are aware of a fountain of a -- -- -- that number one seed all are more aware they weren't somewhere in between whereas this team right now. I think got back out there and get me in that -- You know -- -- shocking -- Ever them right back you know Brad back out there. Are being able to tackle well I -- Edgar running backs hurt I pick order. Well that required here and you're out -- it ain't. Gonna struggle. They're they're trying to build that you've earned their card that Rick and Robert. But we're in the bottom. They're pretty brought down -- bottom -- appears -- though. Go up now. They'll be moved forward you know breaking probably get back appear in a playoff contender. They're real wild card we are pretty quickly. And what what is the fans base mindset I think a lot of fans on the NFL. And they kind of -- the territory. When you look at the big contracts these quarterbacks in getting franchise type quarterback is that if you win is Julia she get rewarded. But when you look at. Kind of cart before the -- like a Jay Cutler. You look at Matt Ryan and and the likes of -- all of a sudden. -- Tony Romo and Dallas that you pay in them before they actually won -- suitable as it is it like that might sit with the fans that while. Matt Ryan got to bring a championship to Atlanta or. Maybe that said too much an investment in him -- it. Yeah that. -- go out there and can't. -- -- or is there a contract. Or are you. Move forward in order to have caught. A native mark it -- That. Or who are. Other. There would have been in the -- still -- goes Meriweather and -- out. That you know they've worked out or maybe 103040. Million dollar mark. That and took care of their -- on the strident that they kind of limited that are exposure. To -- Joseph Flacco situations so you know we understand. They're building it -- much like. The Patriot that much like the -- did. You know where the quarterback with them being the -- into character you -- -- aren't -- remote part talent and other days. Now that's where they had failed they have a -- The players and there's still or two slower. Now they -- went on though you have to have luck would entries I mean that that's any team you could see how you can be devastated by injuries -- you know -- that today no excuse next man up. Bo -- what is your take right now. I -- -- Ohio last year. Stephen Jackson. Do you think he's ready to roll it still has something left in the tank. I think he'd showed and it ain't about you wanna go to war. Other community where they are common. That you're. And they are. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that it kind of built the program I go. Where you know out there and have a lot of Barry. Aren't really Barrett then we have new. Keep your area out here. Now the Orlando what did you take everybody has -- opinion you look at Jimmy Graham and what he's produce in the Saints. A uniform definitely coming into the league considering where he was drafted. You had the hometown discount -- You have to pay. And is being listed -- he was gonna come about it's a five million dollar difference do you view him. Like you know you get Tony Gonzales. Is opinion. And you -- you know the Saints opinion Jimmy Graham is agent six then. And you look at righted on the 60% Z in this slot aligned why not next that a tackle. So what is your take because it's a big difference when you get that tag. Do you view as the tide in our as a wide receiver when you think will come about that. I'm out there and that split -- Numbered here in our favor you know rarely you know pocket. No aren't they're both sides of the argument but then do -- tried out. -- well I mean. In the locker room you know fight so hard up every vehicle with their -- Like golf equipment pampered and become our order it'll come I think it take care of the Rio player. Like the actor who -- in Green Bay. -- You're portrait cart acrimony between where that locker room meant that the way I approach it may be. You know doing them so great bit Starker and not panic or Guerrero player you're. You know drag in the bingo. And you know have -- that the public good issue with the designation. They could handle that a whole lot better and they. Who's been moved who's been traded what people have sat who who's who's got a job media by the sound you give it to right now and they -- let you -- like Jerry is. Mean yeah you can't -- -- -- to -- Greg Little bank are the but can't back it it gathered there for sure back into that he would vote -- term you know what Carl you -- you get -- You know write it down there are there are not a big play out. You know one thing of course about that and bring -- yeah. -- -- may mean there are there but would. -- You know I would. The real -- But nobody wants recovered through. Though no more Peter Baker and now are out there. Now idea logo when you look at have a base in -- I've always been a Lovie Smith and that I think. He will be a difference maker I'm not saying the eagle and worst to first. But I say outing when all's said and done that you know he'll get -- back to play well. Oh yeah and of course that -- -- -- -- you know the quarterback the way. Work out or not gonna happen happen. That they're going to make that. Aren't back solid I got an arm or not -- Rivera went out there. I've really great and then and it doesn't get that there is that with immigrants that are out. Let you know what the right chemistry and a couple. He. Attention in the draft maybe they're you know not that there's a group academic area. Dean how composed Fabio -- -- -- And then beat out is that splitter it don't. You know both Bob Miller -- go over there it's.