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3-19 4-5pm Bobby and Deke, biggest moves in free agency

Mar 19, 2014|

One week into NFL free agency which teams improved most? And who made the biggest moves in the NFC South? Bobby and deke check in on the Panthers, Bucs and Falcons.

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Good evening and welcome the sports talk on the Kasey -- -- BA bear I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program. You get an extra half foul that you know sometimes in you know daylight savings time and lose our he's bring the clock fold and now he's bringing back now -- -- -- extra. Half -- and I was we -- handed off to the LSU spokesman were college basketball as the Tigers. Take on the San Francisco dominance but until that time. -- talk about teams in the National Football League they have made the biggest moves the first week into free agency and certainly teams. In the NFC south. Which -- B -- C south teams have made the biggest moves in free agency the books the Falcons the Saints. All the -- that you -- cancer vote online at WW dot com -- taken on each one of those teams. Throughout the program the Denver Broncos have made some big moves saw the New England Patriots will take -- with those two clubs. As well later. In the programming Kasey Kahne in free agency. Still DNA we talked about some other big names and continue to surface the big news now is that Michael Vick. May visit the New York Jets on front. Yeah. I don't know that be a great place farm yeah. But to say Michael -- I can last -- whole season and be healthy. I -- is on the -- -- it's possible still the way he plays and how aggressive. He's got to play possibly yeah possibly. But. Big guy I still think there's something left in the tank. Speculate. Jets Raiders and mean like always tell it is 32 teams there's always. And -- Half a dozen and that ten teams that are still -- and -- quarterback. To potentially get him in. In the fight in the hunt to go to playoffs. And I still think Michael Vick. Could contribute that way you can't tell me there's 32. The starting quarterback -- editor Michael so there's a place for him. You know in New York pretty data out. You know now came geno Smith is either featured -- -- Michael Vick could be America's. Is that about the development at times it's like you have to win now. And and I still look at became lash against the Jazz that was amazing. When you look at geno Smith though was the winning quarterback over Drew Brees in a game against the Saints. -- Me heated threw a ball past four yards it is like penalties -- screens. And they were still you know able to win. But you know who knows where he's gonna end -- but I think Michael Vick could still. I contribute in and play somewhere in NFL and and even as a starter but even let's say you go to Jets that are Raiders whatever he would -- is start. Is lasting a month in the knees hurt -- arm. What's gonna come about I would be totally shocked when every Eagles of their goals and play I should say -- If you will last the whole season adjust to how aggressively he's going to be. You know -- we talked about this yesterday you know what maybe. To go back up a guy like canyon and you know we Carolina I don't think that come about being -- -- that. Derek Anderson they get talked about Lewis. Quarterbacks that had. You know glided candidate total as far as and a Carolina uniform next night. When you consider start it was Matt Moore when the going -- -- Dolphins and in Derek Anderson. Looking at Cleveland but definitely in -- -- -- Claussen. You know being answers so. You know the anticipating. Can -- -- to be ready for training camp. And be ready to roll. You know I don't know you never dollar purses to respond to -- during the rehab. So -- isn't this the was gonna come about. A week canyon -- goes to show you but things can change fast. But I -- leadership is just -- Carolina. Even though -- nuclear receiver for them and now -- -- with this ankle surgery the try to rehab it -- just didn't respond so was basically they had to do the surgery now. We still got their front seven. You know look at their their secondary kept him early going. Vikings in the Mitchell you got him going to the Steelers. So -- Note the is still going to be gains because of that front seven Soviets in the C. If they can defeat ended NFC's outside I would say right now just on paper. That I give the Saints ever hand silly because and they played in the superdome the Saints will that mean had an unbelievable second quarter. And -- really realistically I mean the Saints operated in Carolina -- and win. You know with the realized I was driving got to give Rob Ryan did it's a lot of credit. Maybe that's why Carolina was do more changes I want to say there. Passing game and he was like ranked 28 to 29 and sort of say well so what we change receivers. You know that that was an out definitely I'll stretch and I wanna change that. Somewhat but did not have success. When you look at it overall. Against the Saints the visiting at one nice drive he hit two games via when a may be a couple of good drives it. Really look like yeah you know there -- often does heading. In the right direct. And and you have said this side I'm kind of where we look at pre and seeing. And a they had the money to spin. And I think Lovie Smith. Natalie has the ability to make candidate the Buccaneers a playoff team. I'm not saying they're going. From worst to first in a typing in the bottom NFC south the first -- I would think. Where Tampa is that right now more than even Atlanta. I'm not gonna say Carolina Carcillo like their front seven on defense when they do. But I think Tampa Bay could be a team. That also and then they get off to a great start to get some confidence and momentum. And all of a sudden you know their team played the can only team that that's that. And so -- fair to consider whether rat. But you know Darrelle Revis and now they gonna -- that Tampa two in the Lovie Smith why. Would you pay Darrelle Revis all of that money considering. What you're asking your cornerback -- that I didn't surprise me. There also. And I just -- for his league because. I think when he was at the top. That being Carl Nicks was the best guard in the league and hopefully he can come back. -- that staph infection which -- have been devastating. To him ever since he's been in Tampa just because I think where he's come from Nebraska and adversity he's faced. You know a good guy but the other guard damage over -- they'll let him go down a pin. Now B units in the city. The Eagles still -- putting our quarterback but who proved himself on all the journeyman veterans last year. Was Luke McCown brother who's the quarterback with a -- Josh Macau with the Bears. You had Bears advancing we need we -- Josh McCown and there and instead it's a Cutler. One now Josh McCown is going to be an academy uniform. So being this in -- seed begin if if like I was named the is. I'm struggling. North Carolina state. Of the quarterback and Clinton. And when he -- and I think they gonna pull the trigger right Kuwait. And would put them account and it's all about production went -- now beginning gave -- -- every opportunity because I think it's a living is the future. I think that was a good signing as far as the quarterback does whatever department lately. Josh McCown enabled the Bears to stay in the hunt you -- -- -- you know towards the latter part of season now. I don't necessarily agree with the is that slightly Ludwick Drew Brees make it all the money. To -- three promise I have and I don't I don't mind you rewarding even like Joseph Flacco but he won a suitable with the Ravens. When I look at Tony Romo. When I'll look at Jay Cutler and Matt Ryan. They -- paid all that money like -- won Super Eagles ranked seed to me as I put the cart before the hearts that you you've got to win something and and bring a championship the city. You before you -- paid. You know the likes of air rises in and Drew Brees and Peyton -- in the world. -- again looking around in AFC south which teams have. May -- move starting with the Atlanta Falcons at the bottom of the hour news the Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta journal constitution would Jonas. New Saints fullback Eric all of will be what is in the 5 o'clock now basketball night college and pro college basketball. Over on three WL game on sixteen seats Texas southern cal poly. Thought about a embassy -- and eleventh seeded Tennessee. That is on thirteen 50 AM three WL. LSU and pelicans basketball and I feel issue and San Francisco 830 -- and champion to appear on WWO. And the pelicans and the Raptors from some of the -- -- a 7 PM at time we were joined color analyst of the tales sounder shape at the top with the clock out to get it take. On tonight's game. Big look at that the pelicans and acknowledged that the game -- itself is very entertaining overtime. Usually looking down. No I was pretty early year right by to visit his bench you don't you know you're you're going to be culminated they've got a phone -- not -- at the -- each -- I'm not jumping up and down the whole game nerves and you know -- lose they have a coach. Oh knowledge has been respectful. Solo and now the and you've -- the last time you -- by being respectfully there. But no I can always go he could CA -- may have scored -- don't. One thing you're gonna be no way eight and -- that's if that's where they joke about it but yeah I did double coverage area he. Was in this and but but but I -- -- I was kind of glad when Kim Kardashian -- Humphries and not -- not going to be shot this in an overtime. You're just more it may make them more -- as a boy the team then yeah sort of elegant still came out on top but it. Begin with that is before I mean Anthony Davis. -- -- is now. I'd think you'd say well the jury's out I mean he's not as star he has. Superstar. And we had talked about this earlier when -- college -- a money -- first time in franchise history. Anyone as regional with forty points at least when he rebounds in the game and became all the eight player in NBA history to have at least forty points twenty rebounds. And three blocks and games when you look at history. I mean that the U witnessing history very meaningful. You know outstanding game the new logo whatever -- farming lately. And any Davis in his last six game is averaging like 32 and a half points of fourteen after rebounds three blocks. In the shooting like 50% in the field. Like eighty now have received in the free throw line it's about my legacy that he is not. He hasn't been missing now. You know nobody doing on the road. When he -- it home if you look -- -- able to win. Tonight against the Raptors in the Raptors are you know right there and east but what is that saying that. They have a chance to close out their six game homestand would afford to record they can beat. The Raptors tonight bit. Diego also in the contribution and -- tell -- about this -- get is I'll charge outside shot the ball. Tyreke Evans and he continues. To be heading in the right direction. As far as he can attack the -- -- average in. It's as they put him in those things Kansas started 22 point. Basically six point two rebounds and six and have a says. In the past six games now. You look at the Raptors so when Barack. The of and it in the game. Is a blowout the Raptors had ten to one the intent to win this year should say. Toronto has a 2121. Of five record in games decided by -- in points. Or more we had talked about this but you look at these to convert to third best record right now a -- first the west that covers their fourteen. And thirteen now so basically. 500 now we've been disappointed to -- with the pelicans. This season is their home break it. In obvious you could erode Reagan also could you wanna be. Somewhere in their 500 it would have been 500 at home and 1616. And eleven to 23. On the road and the Raptors had the pelicans number they have now the -- have now lost. The last pass are just two of their past five games in a -- Including two street in New Orleans. So Deke I think that would be a a challenge. And you -- obviously snapped -- -- treatment. Even though it is these big conference and Toronto does have the third best record. Comedian is Tennessee a DeMar DeRozan. That match up we go Arnold c'mon Eric Gordon are you gonna be in the future plans at a pelicans. We gonna be challenged. By shooting guard DeMar DeRozan. Six with seven. The average in 22 and a half point two games so. Any guy guy you give footed turtle -- to have been a fan bases returns and nine Greivis Vasquez and it -- be right and stop here in New Orleans and he would have an apartment weren't you like to stay here but he's -- You know he's he was our club with can be in the -- and he is a fan favorite you know him at Maryland yeah you know -- a great I don't NC all ACC yeah I am I -- very detaining. Not a word you want it to watch him play you know we talk about March Madness and and you know coming well which players or individual players that he was one I remember that -- you wanted to see him what used to do universe him. Are right anymore coming up at the break or take in begin to taken on the teams -- C south a week into free agency which teams in the division have done the best. We're taking it would Atlanta Tampa and Carolina plus Saints fullback Eric Laura joins us in the 5 o'clock now. He's Bobby -- I'm big -- -- college basketball tonight LSU in San Francisco 9 PM on WW late Sammy AM 7 PM tip from. Smooth makings and the Raptors at Toronto and the New Orleans it's a weekend of free agency we'll talk to Sidney -- a made some big big -- big splash in the National Football League and will focus in on our. Division right now we lean on him -- would talk everything Atlanta the Falcons. -- -- for the Atlanta journal constitution. That proved to be said that it was a problem for the Falcons. Pretty much the entire season. What has Atlanta done thus far a week into free agency. Who are -- -- for maybe art theater come and you're by either. A couple of and keep it going to improve then I'll bet you spent the supply. Also I don't doubt they know apple from Miami -- right guard is not your -- -- -- the candidate city in the Ghana. -- -- art and Jack and ordered. There are. And yeah picked up fog and rain. To compete at a nickel back Eric Turner's job so I'm not allowed. But they're. -- the other. Yet the Orlando looks like obviously we got to get better from all the to -- -- some line you can see the moves that the Falcons have made. Now it would feed bag did you give them the fans you know you always try to get almost two Q you wanna get better. Well -- he had a guy like John Abraham policy and you let him go you look at his production with the Cardinals. In you'd say right now OK who's that -- that knows that pass rusher. Is that something. The problem of trying to address it in the draft. Well get the -- Lilja. And -- there are. The match. Or there -- there oh yeah -- -- of them are right aren't. But. Their coach know that the program. And that they're trying to build it or not at war on our backs being rather. There have been we're. You know somewhere between Nixon are and -- whether opera and doesn't know. That he covered and I don't see that rock that it -- But certainly -- rusher. Will come -- the blow out their draft. It matter what they do in the birds around and respect around. Are there are back in that respect. That the people here or -- after drew -- DO Orlando Ledbetter given us an update on the Atlanta Falcons. Where where are the fountain of a closer than that number one seed all are more aware they weren't somewhere in between whereas this team right now. I think I doubt they didn't get me in that Gordon. You know or the shocking part. I'm -- them right back you know -- -- back out there. Are being a tackle well Hebert. Edgar -- backs hurt. Pick order. Well that required here and your topic they're paying their current struggle. Prepared track -- their -- their got their card they're making progress there. But -- the bottom. He brought down to the bottom of the spirit is well aware of now. I don't mean moving forward you know -- -- probably get back appear in a playoff contender. They're real wild card period. Pretty quickly. And the Orlando talking about. You know playoffs -- whatever. What is the fans base mindset I think a lot of fans on the NFL. And they kind of -- the territory. When you look at the big contracts these quarterbacks in getting franchise type quarterback is that if you win is Julia she get rewarded. But when you look at. Kind of cart before the cars like a Jay Cutler. You look at Matt Ryan and and the likes of where all of a sudden. I Tony Romo in Dallas that you pay in them before they actually won is suitable as it is it like that might -- with the fans that well. Matt Ryan got to bring a championship to Atlanta or. Maybe that's -- too much an investment in him roll it. Yeah there. Put out there and yeah. About -- and -- and a contract. Particular. Name is. Move forward in order to have caught. It market -- That the Orioles are. Other. There would have been in the -- still lack of Maryland and let it out. And that you know they've worked out for a minute MITRE in the -- sport -- -- -- mark. That. Took care of their bitten on the strident a bit and kind of limited that are exposure. To say Joseph Flacco situations so you know we understand. They're building it much like. The Patriot that much like the -- did it. You know where that quarterback with them being the main into character you are or aren't cheap remote bright talent and other days. Now that's where they had failed they haven't -- The players then there's bill or two slower. Now they are went on though you have to have luck would entries I mean that that's any team you could see how you can be devastated by injuries but you know of course that today no excuse next man up. Bo -- what is your take right now. I -- -- Ohio last year. Stephen Jackson the Yankees are ready to roll it still has something left in the tank. I think he'd reached out and it about you wanna go or. Of -- community where they are common in. You're that. And then during. I really relies on it well. You know that it kind of built. I go. Where you're out there haven't been in. -- -- Are really they have new. You know keep -- out here. Now the Orlando what does it take everybody has opinion you look at Jimmy Graham and what he's produce and the Saints. A uniform definitely coming into the league considering where he was drafted. You had the hometown discount now. You have to pay. And is being listed as he was gonna come about it's a five million dollar difference do you view him. Like you know you get Tony Gonzales. Is opinion. The and you got you know the Saints opinion Jimmy Graham -- agent six then. And you look at righted on the 60% -- in this slot lined -- wide. Not next that a tackle. So what is your take because it's a big difference when you get that tag. Do you view as the -- in our as a wide receiver when you think will come about that. I'm -- -- -- that split it down at number for you or are they -- you know rarely you know pocket. No. They're both sides of the argument but then do what tried. I'd rather. -- the lack of them fight so hard -- ever that go with their guy. Like golf equipment -- become our order it'll come I think -- take care Guerrero player. Like the actor who in Green Bay. -- If you're portrait cart acrimony between where a lot of room meant that the way I approach it that may be. You know doing them so great at burger and Eric Guerrero player you're. You know -- and bingo. And you know I haven't that the public good issue designation. I think he could handle that a whole lot better and they. Who stands out in the south as follows a weekend of reads he would've been done come out as being released. Who's been moved who's been traded what people have -- who who's who's got a job -- by the sound you give it to right now and -- -- Larry ego like Jerry is. Mean yeah that would -- merit award. Greg Little bank are about. But there are packed it it gathered. It sure back into that he spoke about the term you know what are you being here and get better. You know I'd get they are there are not a big play. You know one thing of course about that -- -- It's loud may mean there are there but we're we're we're you know that would. The real bring it down but nobody wants recovered through. Though no more speed to -- it out but there. Now idea logo when you look at have a base in and I've always been a Lovie Smith and then I'd think. He will be a difference maker I'm not saying the eagle and worst to first. But I say -- when all's said and done that you know he'll get them back to play well. Oh yeah and of course about it -- the new you know the quarterback the way and work out or not gonna happen. That they -- the dramatic that. Aren't. Very solid -- not an -- or not it would have went out there. They're really great and and it doesn't -- there aren't that bad neighborhoods that are out. Let you know what the right chemistry -- -- couple. He. A pitcher in the draft making errors. Not that there's respect it make it out. -- how composed Fabio Twitter. -- picked out over great speed after that glitter bill. -- both -- a little -- though Bogut yeah. He is Falcons try to for the Atlanta journal constitution a DC dot com the Orlando Ledbetter. -- compartment that you are out great thing. Outright you do next Alex begay with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I think the two biggest and it was an NFC south this offseason though Sosa talks have been -- Lovie Smith. And to -- bird there's just my own opinion. When you look at the close. Proximity of games. That -- your own team -- which in our case to be a team we -- in New Orleans Saints one game we've -- him back out one game over there could've gone either way. They lost four games by a touchdown or less this season they want a good team have a they have -- played make a Pro Bowl caliber player in each wave of their defense even with the laws of Darrelle Revis. On the defense line at linebacker and Minnesota in there. And Bobby I think they have as much if not a little mole on hand the effectively. With Tampa than what -- love the idea when he took over. And Chicago now offensively the key is offensive line you know it is -- it's going to be able to get back to being called it. I don't know when -- you have a help is right there may be easy you do with something totally away from football. And then also have have left tackle Donald -- and write them Angels at the cornerback position they're doing and end -- -- -- and big adding Josh McCown. I mean I still think of his Koppen has got to be an all time high giving Jake Kelly got hurt. He was in -- did an outstanding job the best in the league and we talked about back so he's probably look in. Knocking go compete with the young guy Glendon and and maybe end -- Bob being in the -- so. If you look at. Beginning to approach they took. That how they committed recommitted money to. Kind of underrated talents on this and a household -- lets you know football like they brought in -- tackle Anthony Collins the units have been Michael Jack Johnson and cornerback. -- -- -- I mean so you know they look at the film -- who gonna pay. How to look and sound Butler on one knows transformers like -- a decent car that is I think he's he burner you burn them mister Bernard. So we'll talk about Tampa Bay and plus the newest member of the New Orleans Saints fullback Eric walk. Joins us next now this is sports talk LSU basketball and -- -- long -- Pelicans basketball coming up on WW.