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3-19 6:10pm John Deshazier, Pelicans take on Toronto

Mar 19, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Pelicans Color Analyst John Deshazier to talk about how the Pelicans match up against the Toronto Raptors.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans he's on top of the sports scene in New Orleans Saints and pelicans John to change -- John does now and AJD the pelicans. You know I was reading in the league thought -- get the national -- of what -- Davis has become what he's doing I heard Steve car say the other night. He takes in a few years. Albeit long Andy Davis -- -- a top three players in this Lee. Our whole heartedly agree we're we're a match and then the next two years be it you know it he jumps. As incrementally of -- jump this year of course you know jumped -- court every bit like up a sports talk like that that that happened at you that are between. Nick Cuba. Certainly be the guy who averaged. Don't want me to record the game and probably twelve rebounds. And you know -- or you know three blocks are a little bit -- -- On rare that you can do not like maybe they haven't inspect it yeah. You know and the Tim Duncan type of the eight. On but he's got a -- ability McDougall thanks. Now John. Obvious several talk about Anthony Davis with you. I guess as of late polls all star game Tyreke Evans and instead of coming of the bench being -- starter by two legged and that's been the difference where. If you start of a -- we've been doing 22 point two gained. A little over six rebounds and six and a half assists. That's it had been a magic pharma does make him a starter in in the second part of that question is. You think long term that Eric Garnett Tyreke Evans it is that a good. Against good chemistry. You know and son that could be built upon -- it's going to be are able exit. But it would. And should re entered the guy who don't know how he'll distribute the ball and it and it sevens are so. Ryder what did you say that victory amount. A bigger. Or or are but he placed ball sports you can put and create for himself -- -- teammate that you. And good. For the option -- certainly. -- Yahoo! article so cover -- pitched this year for the first. Open or two of these years. Did not to like the bench resident -- -- -- at the bit to content serving. It get out and worst that makes -- that happened but starting the game at all that now attributed to. -- a little. Bit at the root of Eden like you beat them make that happen at some get on the court to get the ball so. W a lot more elect beats you -- -- until. You. The -- to report shoot about. Think about it street 68 which could keep them out of our league right at about or. So that tells you a little bit about it culprit level at our. Now John. Looking at the pelicans weather right now you -- playing on the road playing at home. You probably got it figured out some magic formula what you want to be as far as percentages. -- 500 at home obviously little more games at home is it. So street where obviously have a way better at home record. And naked be at least five -- on the -- right now there about eleven and 230 what what is your take. To truly -- beat considering how competitive the way this is the Western Conference. Know what you think you need to be when you look at it homers is playing in the Rose toward -- What you call. That pretty -- -- -- code that you. Would get or gain the but on the road. But you know you've got through your call that -- right here at the end of the year -- that he's under club on the road and you know when the team mature and get better. That's what you have to do. 41 Aldridge you forget you know you got to. 62%. Winning rate only probably been on the road you know you hope we can split you -- at once when he is one shall Wear -- won't be -- you know because that's where you're in doubt it'll get into the -- -- what you end -- making your way. -- -- -- -- Got a little bit they can work out a way to the world -- You know that would you -- be NBA you know if you'll be be it's feel like you know that he might be -- Milwaukee. -- you know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you see image usually. At Cleveland but you -- -- -- day and clean can jump out of church and -- give -- the day we got a challenge it. -- you wanna get better or -- -- You hopefully do a better all the home -- you. You -- bit more acute if you're a little bit more. But you be mentally tough to win on the road that these guys lack a little bit -- -- that it had been quite mentally to pull through tomorrow. Now -- look at it that tonight's opponent the Raptors. Third right now these -- -- -- ago vs the west that covers polls if fourteen and thirteen. But why is it is would you explain to me that this thing by Dave had the pelicans number. The delegates have lost five games against the past five games against the Raptors in. It two straight down at a New Orleans I -- is -- matchups are. Don't DeMar DeRozan our -- what is it it's been a difference maker wide to wrap that the Raptors have had the pelicans number. What do you call that you call. It ought to wrote move at all star this year how old adage that you want to. Do it. -- of matchup difficulties but they'll beat you you -- you wrote that this year and read art. You know a career high point it restricted minutes in your career in every category it. You know they've got really good -- and they'll regret -- to understand. Reasonably well so. You know they'd they'd they presented a matchup problems with the build it -- begin. Know with the barber wrote even -- -- matchup while a lot of team definitely let it get it up. -- about working out. He -- -- -- about eight trial shots per game and still that Kim and -- count the number and talked about it that island that -- what I mean it is. The opposition -- trouble you put them in here you get in the situation. You want to look pretty cute name goes to negate an extra level. -- you then they had the old bubble for the extolled overall. The -- straight -- play a whole lot better. JD -- folks -- on Twitter. At John DeShea as a color analyst mining John -- had a call from some of the teams and of the paddles and it's in Toronto Raptors. JD have a great call this evening -- probably our Wright said PM tip coming up and about 3540 minutes. On it and Sam won all five pretty -- home -- pelicans basketball.