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3-19 5-6pm Bobby and Deke, biggest moves in free agency

Mar 19, 2014|

One week into NFL free agency which teams improved most? And who made the biggest moves in the NFC South? Bobby and deke check in on the Panthers, Bucs and Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Into one of the biggest president as a football league this year you know -- take long before he was back on the sidelines successful coach. It is Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl and even it is found idea that double digit win season Lovie Smith and -- go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Covering the Bucs at Tampa Tribune -- coming John does not a rocket imagine with changes a lot of excitement. A lot of change in Tampa in the course of a handful of months quarterback change now coach changed. But a coach Woody's strong strong -- Yeah you're right that's what -- strong -- today and you know probably no great surprise here you change the coaching change the system. It changed the players and Nolan Smith Connecticut -- a pretty good it's up on all that. I -- confines thing you know we'll probably change a lot more players and people think and already ten additions -- they certainly are and -- you know it's so it's definitely a make over but you know you look at for -- -- there's probably make over the it was necessary I think it kept a lot of the court. Pieces that we're. Abroad on the last 23 years. But certainly a lot of the other pieces that are didn't change though. Now our overall idea looking at Darrelle Revis I mean to me. They were all of pain obviously because I think the divas they wanna play when you look covered -- -- to what you -- call it but that's sixteen million dollars. It would and made sense to me a bit of pain him that and look at them on board Amendola I still think he's outstanding bridges because of the scheme. Is that the fan base that they understand that our day on a look at it losing a player like Darrelle Revis. Well sandy you know little set -- it was a player that caliber. They understand it in the scheme he might have I don't know the word you know straight. Gone to waste. Applied to -- -- that quarterback in football on TV and it has an impact if you can't play cover two all that but cornerback in football. But you let go because of the scheme he wouldn't let go because he did not. Want to restructure his contract to sixty million dollars would pick number. I'll -- but could certainly get carried that. They wouldn't free agency with a -- Ol twenty billion dollars thought cap space and let -- Two offensive line that created thirteen million dollars more. And they at Doral refused to restructure his contract he didn't want to do it I think you probably one out and a you know chips go somewhere else and done. And he got that -- -- twelve million dollars -- you know it was four million dollars in the deal that you can make that up with incentives somewhere in into England put. You know he can stay here for probably are on the same kind of money I think the -- the books that we want to keep them. But -- that out and it it was scheme it was more about. Finances the pucks on the teapot that you get. Maybe you know as many as three players. Detroit won at sixty million dollars and that's the real reason he's gone you're right sixty million -- -- -- cornerback. But what has Darrelle Revis and you adapting your quarterback. You know when you're expendable by the quarterback -- -- before the yeah. The judgment count you want to still are really. You can afford carrier a player like that but again it's. Don't you think you can do better with the and other spots in and make make more out of that money you'd take that chance they did. Now -- guy you bring up Josh Macau. -- -- he was outstanding with the Bears -- evident that Jay Cutler. What what what do you think you'd think itself obviously Glenn and -- a young guy who is see the future. Or is it as it pretty much -- if he struggles -- That McCown could be in their suitors sooner rather than later. Well they're going to tell the starter I'll the -- yeah it. He is that they they introduced jobs should he came right out signal he's our starter we have rotation than. Somebody's got to be at the top of the depth chart it's him and a you know I don't think that means that there is and a chance bird. Were Mike Leonard or somebody else he had player they pick in the first round someone that pick in the third or fifth round. In this draft that had knocked out just county starter but. And I think. Based on the way to -- mishandled and so I think he's gonna go with -- count as a starter this year in. Thought that probably means that. Mike let me get an opportunity to learn for a little bit. You're a year maybe two. And maybe another quarterback they bring -- the roster is the same opportunity in and then that note future quarterback is to be determined I think that. Certainly that does the signing McCallum does that preclude the box picking a quarterback at number seven overall draft. I think it diminishes the chances a little bit. Simply because if you -- got a promised. That spot now to the count unless you think the play you pick at number seven. You know needs to -- to get some development. Usually you know player picked at that but you're gonna start right away but and I don't feel that there -- Some quarterbacks in this draft pick at that at some value they can get the later rounds and I think that my gut tells me that what -- angling -- to fulfill another need. That seventh overall pick which you never know we could have thought could've been the quarterback battle -- and -- a couple of months. Now all you you bring up that seventh overall pick you know he's he different mock drafts and to go along the lines what you look what they've done an office of blind. They added underrated talent -- -- -- tackle Anthony Collins. Donald -- he's gone -- Joseph. I think if you ever been healthy. And it's so frustrating because. If you could have been held the you know alongside the same time him -- Carl Nicks. I think that had outstanding duel guards in. A couple of point would you elaborate on. A Carl Nicks. The you'd think he's in the mix and and then when dealing with a staph infection and even though they got Anthony Collins would they possibly. I'll be in the mix this they've elected. Yet they've they've kind of take -- the starting left tackle that same time they think highly -- -- and think he can play but I. I also think that -- side they can find. You know if a player of the -- top caliber player at left tackle fault that the draft and they take it. They just create more competition may be getting maybe you know it started right away. But I think you know it would surprise me a little bit. You know if they passed on such player you know -- -- again they've -- they're selling all the old they need to fill. Now I'm in free agency but it doesn't preclude them from doing anything in in the draft you know I think the fact that. We knew that Pro Bowl caliber players like the real reason is now open and -- -- goal. You're probably not afraid that the player like him in the talented and push him to another position -- even on the bench. If you draft first round pick to you know you spend your first round pick on a player whose positioned slightly anything is possible. I think it could be a lot of unique competition going on in camp -- technical. Roy you think Carl Nicks we've found to be healthy enough to play. Well we haven't heard anything you know which -- there you know anything definitive on him. I I think the fact the Bucs have not really address the guard spot. Much in the in free agency that it -- picked up and Dietrich Smith who could can play guard that he wore the center. You know I think that is an indication that that he probably rather optimistic about. Carl Knicks they were about a month ago they were -- kind of crossed their fingers open that. He was going to be okay it would seem to group cited in his recovery but. You know over now -- to -- -- and come back from a foot injury begin with the -- infection on top of that. It's a long road back sure Carl -- so. They they really think the world of of these young in -- guys so. I think the feeling that he can somehow talked about not be a player -- soul that's going to go to the I think things signed. Seem to be indicating that they they feel that they're at him able to in the beginning of the year. Roy how good folks follow me on Twitter. At are coming TB note the Twitter handle also what you feel that stomp. We get plenty of updates throughout the day on everything -- capital the boxing abusers well. -- I come you Roy thank you so much of the time. -- -- --

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