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3-19 6:45pm Erik Lorig, Saints new full back

Mar 19, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Saints new full back , Erik Lorig.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A new member of the black and gold -- -- now Saints fullback Eric long Eric thank you so much for joining us to gradually -- in new dealer welcome to new won't. Oh man acting Iraq value you just got to fancy either -- -- Eric -- take us through Bobby now look at. Nearly mr. irrelevant to our -- therapy seventh rounder. Four years so what will be was say yeah seven around in -- four years and I get another four year deal. Did do you think you would be able to be in the league Islam. Yeah absolutely you know -- I'm not my lucky number of first of -- and now you know I got strapped at all do you have an opportunity. And -- got that outburst or a year and you know every year and every did -- -- every opportunity I got here I -- -- more years that the Saints would -- great organization. But I'm excited. -- go what did they tell you never -- recruiting process. You know you break down the film DC -- -- doing is it primarily. I'm not saying got a revealed is that we union may be committed more to the run. But just you being that lead blocker aware I'm just speculating here that I'd say well they're big and of great -- -- Collins is because they feel. Like Aaron large whoever he's block and he blocked is that the case where the cover as they have in you that the lead to waive their running game. I'm not really sure the Dodgers note. A big league team that on my eight pages -- A lot of pride block is doing really anything like he met me to do what it -- at protecting without running routes are blocking of the tight hander. And I still block in the back field the pull back on the big trying to protect their equipment football all look like anything they ask me to do -- wanna do -- a 100% now wanna do it as a an elite level and I think -- seemed like and they see that and how many great great situation. New Saints fullback a four year deal agreed to or this week -- Laura joins us now -- about a that talk about these you know this. Stanford -- what what that program has done -- coach hop ball. And and certainly now a coach all of BCS bowl games every year and passing you know who did -- between the Stanford program and other programs is that. There will be two brains on a football field and and -- to brings in the classroom. Yeah as the -- more finance. Famous and unstoppable now. Yeah yeah. -- that we ended up but the effort and they're all about attitude out there you know whatever. Whatever you're not there you now expect you to be. Perform at a high level in the classroom -- stop and years you know especially in the book all the ability and you can argue -- at a high level. Your memorizing plays you're understood ankle on a high level that the thing about being up there is -- up and coming out or hit the -- not there was even a little different for me who has. Anything we do on and I can't there's anything we're doing on the football field managed to get high level and that but the standard out there. Now Eric talked to fans about this transition going from defense to offense that. How that may be held -- become a better player when do you playing. The fullback position or even at times lined up at the tight end position. -- just talk about I know let the all of its our deep that you -- to be aggressive but. That trend is going to defense offense how that helped -- -- maybe to broaden your game. Outside help it will you know high school -- -- -- a tool player like Duke had not. And out throughout all in all though when I got recruited out of high school. Probably happen in recruiting you drop and after he has undergone Stamford as -- -- it and I played my first few years at Stanford as the tide and have a little bit what I do now do with a back field. We got new coaching pat and Jim Harbaugh and and bat speed was not the ball. I get to -- at the event for two years in hot start in kind of threw the -- that get drafted. And and now. I think in that draft process some teams -- the idea that a personal water and tactic on the belief in you know. Make it on special teams and and figure me out later and that's kind of what happened. I made -- -- on special meetings and then now. They natives was here we are in my career as a tight end and fullback running the scout in the first couple weeks and then long story short now I'm I'm quite a lot at fullback and tight end of the box not to make most of that. -- I think playing that -- for a couple years -- you don't then. At Stanford really really -- -- out in space learned how to play better in space and learn how to play special -- at a high level. I picked up. Are -- going to be at a dinner for two years really on the -- making my initial initial roster and it goes but to go there enough. If not they'll try to tap into that is that. There echo of a product of the gates on another note about -- nicknames anything real fun part about the into the conversation in four years and -- -- -- Bonnie did you caring about Nadal. No not -- that is that ran around yeah I did everything I did every single days that irritable. Is solid -- it -- -- that that that's even more in arresting him all the credit to the what you did. No doubt any nicknames there. I didn't get a couple. -- like call me he low could they not be called me. That you -- ever. -- then. I am no idea what excited fans are very excited handy here were great from the finally get to talk to you good luck congratulations in a welcome to walk. Hi Eric -- new member of the -- insane.