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3-19 6:20pm Bobby and Deke, Rajun Cajuns in the Final Four

Mar 19, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by University of Louisiana Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns Head Coach, Bob Marlin.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When his team is in the in the CAA men's basketball tournament with a much debate tournament the real tournament the tournament of 64 they take on third TD Creighton. And joining us now is cold tomorrow in the head men's basketball coach of the Louisiana Lafayette raging case it. Go tomorrow and thank you so much for the time congratulated him and one out when I look at is they met in his stance in all what. Down by you beat it too -- if any tournament can't west that that -- about one. Unless and a half a day radiate down by eleven with Bob Torre want. You know I am in another man points with three minutes left. You force overtime -- your team is -- -- -- better like tournament foam ball a long time b.s you had to go 82 down the stretch of the season to get it seat. In the Sun Belt Conference chance that I would say your team is internment -- for quite awhile now. We should be term person that's for sure reported reached up and -- We did well it'd be. To state state and number games will be close and that stretch there were on her or seven. -- Russia and -- could stop and they they built. Personally took more socially. But we're become -- now so common. That problem there. Coach Marlin though when you look at creating a watch and -- -- bring -- down -- game I was reading where you look at their experience and boy you talk about. You know great shooters I don't know of ever seen this what that all five starters make at least. 40% of their three pointers so you look at that experience in. By tonight to be a big challenge that they get knocked down that outside shot -- and when they giggle. They're great. Opposite to new bird special opportunity and a number one nation three point total and -- -- Coco goes made. Could only have a post pointed to force one -- people would -- -- -- -- -- Shoot some a great percentage and -- 240 -- 47 shots from three. So he's not a typical guy and -- post up -- the other man is. Doug McDermott about ordered American wooden award -- -- all over the -- so he's very commercial great pleasure and or street walker or Burt Burt -- The Louisiana Lafayette raging caves in him men's basketball coach Marlin Bob Marlin as well this now as the case you think -- take on the Blue Jays -- Creighton in the NCAA tournament a fourteen vs three matchup. In the west region in San Antonio coach is about to fly out now and with his team -- over San Antonio coach you bid to the tournament before a house special visit to get to this point. It's very special or to do first of all and Drexel a war but don't -- portrait which shows corporate or -- are sore yesterday. We story at all a year ago -- suspended for Paltrow. Well all year long and it comes down one point overtime. I'm not that that -- -- you have to work not fortunate to birdie is when -- it gives you doubly so special. For our young man our athletic department and our university. Coach Barnes don't you just talking about Creighton and their scores -- garment you have a couple. Players that are big time scorers when you look patent an -- on long. Talk a little bit about them and and and their play this season. Interpreted dynamic duo. Themselves -- leading sport and country considering should be. On the top and them than they do it in their way out of -- or shot or recruit some countries you support or. And the -- -- 20% from Emery dimensional on should almost 50% -- in post order. That level -- still. Just a tremendous competitor respect that you and -- currently. I would just injured your -- on as a sophomore led the league in rebounding. Led the league option. And averaged a double double and vote would go. In prepared. And Scotland and. Coach Marlin notice -- -- for your ball club bargains -- Creighton Blue Jays you know I a lot of people and we look at these seeds but man -- when you -- -- idiots. It's Creighton it's what they do good in what you do -- who comes down plays the best in this ballgame book what are some things you tell your team you feel that hurt that you gotta get -- may be. To come out and do well in this game in order to have a shot down the stretch to win. Well we would go to -- three which that's harsh early in the count it's finals against Providence it would -- third in the big east finals. They're Korean regardless exteriors were one. On. But we've got a lot. To control the three point game and we can't let go out a victory reaction when he should read the game machine well coached against Pittsburgh you don't know the city. So you mentioned the top of the -- -- they're very professional opportunities report showed applicable. We got to rebound the basketball. At a higher level and I think we can do we've done a good job -- lynch on tremendous defensive rebounder. And we're gonna -- level -- over get renewed every single digit game the game in overtime with George -- We get any better at seven so very low turnover game that we weren't the same article all. It's a -- especially a year or 2013. And continues in 2014. For arranging cajun and legs. The Louisiana raging Canadians taking on Creighton in the NCAA men's basketball tournament and coach -- -- The gradually saw such a fine run thus far and good luck to you indicate until we have a big big -- on -- -- We appreciate you to vote.