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3-19 6-7pm Bobby and Deke, biggest moves in free agency

Mar 19, 2014|

One week into NFL free agency which teams improved most? And who made the biggest moves in the NFC South? Bobby and deke check in on the Panthers, Bucs and Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome our number three or sports talk a lot of businesses take care of this including previewing tonight's game and it's -- wreaking senator. As a New Orleans pelicans are at home entertainment Toronto Raptors Toronto is one of the top team in the east -- common -- now. At 37 and point 94 familiar face Greivis Vasquez is return to soon -- kings and a color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans he's on top of the sports scene in all of saint and pelicans John dishes or. John -- now -- and JD to pelicans. You know I was reading in the league thought to get the national praise of what Andy Davis has become what he's doing I heard Steve -- say the other night. He takes in a few years. Albeit long Andy Davis of -- a top three players in this -- Otherwise I wholeheartedly agree with a -- we're a match and then the next two years the -- you know it he jumps. As incrementally of these jump this year of course you know he jumped. If ordinary just like a sports talk like that that didn't happen at you that are the 49. -- Cuba. Surely be the guy who can average. No 22. Reports that game and probably twelve rebounds. And you don't produce or you know three blocks are a little bit left and on air as he can do the numbers like maybe botched experiment inspected year. You know and the Tim Duncan type of the -- that door on me like that but he's got a -- ability -- that they. Now John. Obvious several thought when Anthony Davis with he looked. I guess as of late polls all star game Tyreke Evans. Instead of coming of the bench being -- starter by two legged and that's been the difference where. If you start of loving look we've been doing 22 points a game. A little over six rebounds allowed six and a half assists. That it had been a magic -- just make him a starter in in the second part of that question is. You think long term that Eric Garnett Tyreke Evans it is is that a good. Against good chemistry. You know and -- that could be built upon or or it's -- to -- aren't able to exit. Well -- and get -- would that. And should re entered the guy who you don't know how McHale all district and the ball just -- and it -- -- so. Right at 22 point picked the district rebound. A bigger. Or a point guard but he played small or you could put in that league create or -- league pre -- teammate that you -- And a good ballot. For the option -- certainly. Yahoo! article so Cabrera pitched this year for the first they -- open or to be just. Did that at liberty to like about the bench rather -- -- records -- did it take a survey. If we get out and worst that makes a that happened but starting to -- -- at all that now -- attributed to get a little bit more. He said he'll unit the route and he didn't feel like you beat them make something happen. Don't get on the court and get the ball yet so. W a lot more elect beats you -- -- until -- or shoot me. The -- report shoot about. Think about it street sixty which hit a three and out of our league like that about sport. So that tells you a little bit about it comfort level at our. Now John. Looking at the pelicans whether -- right now you look playing on the road playing at home. You probably got to figure out some magic formula would you want to be as far as percentages. -- 500 at home obviously you would win more games at home is it. So street where obviously have a way better at home record. And naked be at least five -- on the roller right now they're about eleven and 23 what what is your take. To truly the beat considering how competitive the west is the Western Conference. Know what you think you need to be when you look at it homers his playing on the road as far as record. What that you call her right there in that group and they get a code that you want it immediate or gave up our budget on the road -- But you know you got to do your it and all of that we're at here at the end of the year -- went home this season under 500 on the road you -- what -- the team mature and get better. That's what you have to do -- -- one hole being cute guy aggregate you know you gotta get to the 68 the opposite when he's ready to -- -- -- And then on the road you know you hope we can split you know -- -- one in 20/20 11 somewhere in that wage won't be as -- as. You know -- -- that -- you end up you know getting typically all we get in the -- you're pretty. While winning an old old game and -- Gotta get a little bit ticket scam when it comes to winning on the road goes. You know it -- you could be NBA you know -- he'll -- mighty B it's feels like you don't -- be -- -- might be a Milwaukee on different but you know what. Everyone -- -- the -- -- and an elite no re like yeah that's -- you know you go to England. You go to UC team -- usually. At Cleveland to catch on -- day and clean that can jump out of my church and being in the NBA he's got a challenge it. -- -- you wanna get there are a little bit all of you hopefully do a better all the all out -- year. Illegal bit more acute if you're a little bit more. But you be mentally tough to win on the road that these guys lack a little bit if you that it hadn't been quite mentally to pull through Alvaro. Now -- look at it that tonight's opponent the Raptors. Third right now these big -- -- ago vs the west that covers -- -- fourteen -- thirteen. Vogel why is it would you explain to me that this thing by Dave had the pelicans number. The -- -- lost five games against the past five games against the Raptors in. It two straight down at a New Orleans army is that matchups are. Don't DeMar DeRozan our -- what is it it's been a difference maker wide to -- the the Raptors have had the pelicans number. What do you call you call your name -- the Wada wrote to the all star this year. Are littered it's what did you -- -- -- -- do. You know they are typical these little bit. You -- or did you martyr rolled it this year I'll read more art. You know a career high point it -- it -- minutes in your career in every category -- You know they've got really good on -- And bailed -- that ought to have to spin it reasonably well so you know they've date they presented a matchup problems with the children and begin. To win the barber and even even matchup problem or a lot of teams in the league let -- get it out that -- -- about fourteen out. He had a real student about eight trial shots per game and action. Still that -- -- count the number and talked about it that I'll on network and what that -- is. You get in the opposition out troubled youth tournament -- -- you get in the situation but you brought all the appropriate name on course to indicate they struggle. A cup you didn't have the album but it -- overall. But knuckle straight they have -- a whole lot better. JD -- folks folly on Twitter. Jack to say that color analyst my name's John Kerry had a call from some of the eighteen cent of the panels to take in Toronto Raptors. Dating have a great call busy and I agree to be -- Wright said PM tip coming up and about 3540 minutes. On it and Sam won all five pretty your home thought pelicans basketball. In the NFC -- who has made the most. Impressive moves the moves you think that have been the most important that it team's future the Saints. The Falcons. The Panthers of the Buccaneers -- vote online at WW dot com later this hour. Saints fullback Eric lord -- the Denver Broncos. Real close and I as you well. They were real close in on the SI. They were real close to this global. And I was. Im in my years. I'm 43 as though that was the -- who will have that was seen. And and I don't mean at this because I know Seattle saint -- -- it was over with from the opening kickoff went out of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The tournament of 64 they take on third TD Creighton. And joining us now is cold tomorrow in the head men's basketball coach of the Louisiana Lafayette raging case it. -- tomorrow and thank you so much all the time congratulated him and one out when I look at is it Matt in his stance in oh what. Down by you beat -- to have to -- to any tournament -- west that that -- about -- Unless and a half a day radiate down by eleven with -- Torre wanted. You know I am in another man points with three minutes left. You force overtime and your team is humidity humidity like tournament foam ball long time b.s you had to go 82 down the stretch of the season to get it seat. In the sun -- cop championship I would say your team is internment fault for quite awhile now. We should be term terrorists and that's for sure proportion rethought it and communities and we did well -- be. To -- the last state and number games over close and after that stretch there were on her they're seven. If Lucia wrote could stop them and they they've built to personally took more socially. But we're comeback when it counted force overtime and they can promote better. Coach Marlin though when you look at creating a watch and a fellow bringing down the game I was reading where you look at their experience and boy you talk about. You know great shooters I don't know of ever seen this what that all five starters make at least. 40% of their three pointers so you look at that experience in. By tonight to be a big challenge that they get knocked down that outside shot of when they giggle. They're great opposite to know bird special opportunity and a number one -- three point total and -- Coco goes made. Could only have a post player that got to force one of them even Marty. Groggy who hadn't been. -- -- a great percentage and shot 242. Of 47 shots from three. So it's not a typical guy and -- -- -- post up and the other man is. Doug McDermott about where American wooden award winner all over the flu so he's very -- great order or street walker or backward -- The Louisiana Lafayette raging -- in head men's basketball coach Marlin Bob -- as well this now as the case you think oh tomorrow take on the Blue Jays of Creighton in the NCAA tournament a fourteen vs three matchup. In the west region in San Antonio coach is about to fly out now and with his team -- over San Antonio coach you bid to the tournament before how special visit to get to this point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We story at all a year ago we suspended for a -- Well all year long and it comes down to one point overtime. I'm not -- that cohort you have to work you know fortunate could be cute when determined gives you double hours of specials -- For our young men are athletic department and our university. Coach Barnes don't you just talking about -- Creighton and their scores -- garment you have a couple. Players that are big time scorers when you look patent an -- on long. Talk a little bit about them and and and their play this season. Interpreted dynamic duo. Themselves Murton leading sport and country considering should be. On top and them and they do it under way to count on actual purpose shot or recruit countries you support or. And you don't shoot 20% from -- and chew on should almost 50% encourage you to post Porter. But -- consistent still. Just a tremendous competitor -- as a player of the year -- Just injured your -- on as a sophomore led the league in rebounding led the league in blocked shots. And averaged a double double and vote goes -- it will -- we've been recruited. And Scotland and then. Coach Marlin notice some tees for your ball club bargains that Creighton Blue Jays you know I a lot of people and we look at these seeds but man -- when you -- to idiots. It's Creighton it's what they do good in what you do good -- who comes -- plays the best in this ballgame book what are some things you tell your team you feel that hurt that you got to get off maybe. To come out and do well in this game in order to have a shot down the stretch to win. Well we've we've got to -- three point shot that's for sure nonconference finals against Providence it would shut include third in the big east finals. They're Korean regardless exteriors were one. On. But we've got a lot. To control the three point game we can't let go to victory may be true -- the -- -- -- -- Pittsburgh you don't know the city. So you mentioned the top of the -- they're very -- -- report showed Kokomo. We got to rebound the basketball. At a high level I think we can do we've done a good joke recently shown tremendous defensive rebounder. And we're gonna level or get reviewed every single digit games beginning in overtime with -- state. We -- -- -- seven so very low turnover game that we were on the design cycle all. It's a been a special year 2013. And continues in 2014. For arranging cajun and makes. The Louisiana raging Canadians taking on Creighton in the NCAA men's basketball tournament take notes -- -- That gradually saw such a fine run thus far and good luck to you indicate it'll -- have a big big -- -- -- -- We appreciate you to vote and Bobby Noah has a lot of teams of that. And a plane in tournaments looked in 2000 on this one tournament and -- in the -- -- that's March Madness. -- that big march and is -- that they'll ever -- if you love college wrestler that's what you look forward to it and we talked about this yesterday just look at Louisiana and acted -- the sports program look at their football team they always going to bowl in. And now right here in our backyard you know we get to follow them up in the New Orleans -- look -- -- the basketball team eagle on March Madness. And then look at the baseball team. Top ten of baseball. Later that other Hawks coming as of now the talks are at Miami Todd American they and he was -- -- time he went opry land before like with our program with a Six Flags. I went to a Jazz -- and other Hawks to go to but the as 1 o'clock. Right and as -- -- inning is the magic he missed the one. There's one turn yet another -- as did the magic led by everybody wants to beat the magic kingdom about what's going days nor. Everybody wants to be in the UN CAA tournament data team and in our TO all the other ones they would say oh. Sixty -- -- that's the tournament that they wanna be that's Mardy it is going to be a challenge you know with the Creighton Blue Jays I don't know I've ever seen net but they're not playing well. Yet nobody would still wouldn't look at their percentage overall that's why you hole it did in. Re educate and I get blown out of the shoot hybrids sinners and threes out rob ever seen. Immediately one or two guys were all five starters make at least 40% at three corners -- what -- did -- -- and I had to try to -- Canada but that -- but -- -- -- and -- it -- well you know offense in the NCAA -- a track -- -- game and because -- get -- little -- -- -- you know talk about sports programs and you know they -- always cool to rank in the top ten. In attendance. For men's basketball baseball and mens soccer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I -- a -- my girls at Idaho and I think getting in the beginning they even have. The few good galleries. Well. They got the -- will vote can't say it was close. But they have certainly made some moves and done some things that they -- will push them over the top to at least give back. In the AFC champs again a key to Leigh DeMarcus Ware TJ ward Emanuel Sanders among other moves the Denver Bronco both. And joining us now is a -- owner Taro -- over the Broncos in Denver area sports and Renault did Denver Broncos you had to say in certain places that they got better and they have any of snap the football yet them. Is this more of -- look at it themselves a look at it teams that they feel top tier AF CAA seed as well put demoted Taba matchups. Point where am I -- given what they've done those ball. What in. Always the other day kind of an arms race the Patriots I think -- more heart rate. Against Seattle Seattle won -- You know like what was your back. All of my might score on my own by sport or just out to be on -- -- well. And I told our sport the Super Bowl and respond to your first time -- skiing not that. Gigantic blow out deep down out of it just a shot in but it it interrupts and need to. They've done it. So marquee player. But I always in the mine. Worry about free agency YouTube remedy years ago but he they would dream team the team to beat it into anything -- And then about the Broncos are a macho. Last week in that. Beat Denver did not sitting in free agency I still think they went 1112 games I really don't think it's that. Big difference considered. States and other brutal schedule they're gonna have to play the best game. But it it's it's really an eighteen game sixteen game seventeen game priest -- rock that it. The only thing -- global. And this year. They're completely apart so. -- I mean on paper it looks great -- Coakley it's a chip on national. Upbeat though. You know a couple years ago so if you want your left that it might -- he does it. -- contracts and I'm -- on them to read so all the pundits -- -- on. And the people -- upon it's been actually contracts that basically should be your contracts. And actually -- the rest of China garbage so. Yet it's they are -- would you say to your contract would we got a win now would Peyton Manning. About -- Noted that again if in that you wanted to do in order and to step in and reevaluate. Look at every year but. That matter about the point -- speed and what -- -- even care about winning. The Super Bowl in only fifty. Now I know when you look at what came about UBU probably on top of this and you lose Eric Decker to the Jets and you replace him and Emanuel Sanders. Now -- -- it yet and he had exactly -- With the Jets that you look. Sanders it ended -- that they're cut you know -- and Kolb about the Broncos what is your team but all went down. It is likely one and Simon names so it is not a done deal type -- thing. The DH then well keep it Bobby you know about it yeah fortunately I think the average. And I mean we've seen agents. Just -- -- about a ball and not on the truth about what scheme look at my guys beat either audio. And he might not have a single -- look at that so. W -- probably dangled Kansas City and then. I can't remember the time the other but I -- sure wants. Should never been an agent saw that there signing with the Jets. And at the rocket and did he thought -- -- and get. Mark about what it means -- That's a no brainer really he probably said. What we'd like opera and you know we would like -- sign on the open but until that the paper stumper. Out of that matters who -- over the last year that it Elway learned that lesson. What do last year when the interest in -- out there with Jared Allen in Denver. The Broncos -- Jared Allen and everyone's excited about that. And then all of a sudden. But -- turn out but where. Are being used Allen got squirrelly in. You know they sure they wanna play away and they don't care about money but you know you find out what these guys signing or if it is about marquis -- -- mean. Yeah you like you kitty kitty -- do you educate -- -- -- how can folks spotty on Twitter. I read. And Jaron OWI yeah well -- -- Twitter. -- -- -- riddled bag is so much and I appreciated. It was of them it is Atlanta behind the things a bit a bit when I was talking. Just hours -- what you say with the kids aren't I don't know I met him enough and bay yeah you do think that. Was -- days at them instead to make me a mainstay in our -- PO box. Eat you know you go to -- known about it -- -- welcome back to sports talk this week it is a big weekend in sports. And the front the next week because several players across the league having their contracts. Bonuses. Meaning by a certain date marched cornea -- -- for most -- -- fifth. If there on the roster at that time they gave me and to me and so for. There's still a lot of big names out in some big moves being made three names in a big hitter out there about an hour just like analyze right now. Chris Johnson's opposing teams are interested. And get in the services for the tie in front and back who was once. Many thought one of the best for him back to the National Football League. Maurice Jones-Drew. Did Jets Ohio Akron and Pittsburgh is hot -- another big name that you throughout the about in the mix and and what's gonna happen. In New York with the Jets at the first of the week in -- chance is is still on -- team I think he's roster bonuses of Maine to Meehan. And Michael Vick is scheduled to visit right at the first of the week right sort of a lot of big names a lot of big names that come. Yet because so. Big -- a little -- after the fact like for a few due a roster bonus in March in the middle march. If they get paid at TV you pretty much going to be on the team next year all Rihanna so because in -- eat that money. And so when you look at those things that you're familiar with. The thing Maurice Jones-Drew has something left in the tank. You look like if you looked over at a team like the Steelers. And you know how they would feature him I think I'd be a great place him. You look at Michael Vick -- you talked about the Jets. Now we interest in the Jets no matter what they do still going to be you know with Sanchez geno Smith are. The consistency of the quarterback played in two whereas whereas agony come from. You mentioned Chris Johnson. I mean it seems like. You still you still see flashes of great runs that he had before he got paid the big bucks when he was that 2000. Yard back. But I I'd be surprised -- Tennessee. Of the Titans. What would pay him big what does he do he said about two million dollar million of some. I think that type of Goran a different direction. Where -- night saying. As soon as if you really want to but yeah yeah exactly. Again I think it wouldn't one him with the one or more at at their prize in that and his price in. You know he's got rewarded and and I still think he he has that Pippen is -- he's one of those ones that can hit. Homer on each and every time attacks the ball. Big I -- -- that an NFL history. We talk about big runs like over fifty yards seventy yards -- runs. He's in that elite category. That can hit to those -- run because of his speed a lot of times -- seen. -- knowledge sublime maybe. Wasn't make it holds form that he wasn't get the job done so be interested to see if he's -- low number to -- to I don't think that. A new member of the black and gold joins us now Saints fullback Eric long Eric thank you so much for joining us to gradually zone in new dealer welcome -- -- won't. Oh man acting Iraq value you just got to fancy either most though -- -- take us through Bobby now look at. Nearly mr. irrelevant to Murphy to third pick seventh rounder. Four years so what will be -- say yeah seven around in your four years and I get another four year deal. Did you think you would be able to all be in the league Islam. Yeah absolutely you know seventh I'm not my lucky number of personal law and now you know I got trapped at all -- you -- an opportunity. And you know I've got that -- first or a year and you know every year and every bit the advantage of every opportunity and I got there I -- or more years at the Saints have been great organization. But I'm excited. Now -- go what did they tell you never -- recruiting process. You know you break down the film of these seeing what you're doing is it primarily. I'm not saying got a revealed is that we union may be committed more to the run. But just you being that lead blocker aware I'm just speculating here that I'd say well they're big and of great -- -- Collins is because they feel. Like Aaron large whoever he's block and he blocked is that the case where the conference they have a -- that the lead to waive their running game. Until I'm not really sure the Dodgers note. But it would seem to analyze my. Eight pages sought. A lot of pride -- -- doing really anything that he met me to do it -- at protecting -- running routes are blocking of the tight hander. And I still block in the back field look all that and -- big trying to protect their equipment the golf ball it's like anything at me to do -- wanna do a 100% now wanna do it as a an elite level and I think certain teams like that they see that and now I'm in the great great situation. New Saints fullback a four year deal agreed to earlier this week -- Laura joins us now Eric about it at talk about these you know the Stanford -- what what that program has done the coach hop ball. And and certainly now a coach all of BCS bowl games every year and -- you know who did -- between the Stanford program and other programs is that. They will beat your brains on a football field and in a beat -- brings -- -- for a. Yeah as the little more finance. Famous and unstoppable now. Yeah yet. -- that the -- up but the effort and they're all about attitude out there you know whatever. Whatever you're going up there you -- expect you to the before that I. At a high level in the classroom -- stomped on it you're you know especially in the book all the ability that you had and argue that -- at a high level. You remember I didn't play your understanding spoke on a high level that the thing about being out there is up and coming out or -- -- dog not there was even a little different from me who has. Anything we do on and I can't there's anything we're doing on the football field man at a high level not at the standard there. Now Eric -- fans about of this transition going from defense to offense that. How that maybe helped you become a better player whether you're playing the fullback position or even at times lined up at the tide in position. But I just talk about I know let the all -- are the vigilant and be aggressive with. That trend is going to defense offense how that -- job maybe to broaden your game. Yeah outside help it will you know I'd go out as a as a tool player like you -- -- -- -- -- all in all those when I got recruited out of high school. Probably -- in recruiting you drop and after he and I had to go to Stanford and the tide and I play my first few years at Stanford at the tide and the and a little bit I do now do with a back field. We got new coaching that Jim Harbaugh and that it was -- the ball. Like get the defense event for two years in hot start and I don't do it won't get drafted. And -- now. I think in that draft process some teams of the idea that a personal water and that becomes the league in you know. Make it on special teams in the country you're you know later that's kind of what happened. I made -- -- on special meeting and then now. They natives was here we are in my career that tight end and fullback running the scout in the first couple weeks and then. Long story short now I'm I'm playing a lot at fullback and tight end of the box not to make most of that. -- I think playing that defense for a couple years there'd be president. At Stanford really really you know they learn how to play better in space and learn how to play special teams at a high level. I think. I think playing via the air for two years really on the outward -- not my initial initial roster and it goes back to clarion. If not he'll turn it happened to that is that. Erica with the front -- gets on another note about day nicknames -- -- fun part about the into the conversation in four years and amassed a full Bonnie did you caring about Nadal. No not cop -- is that ran around yeah I did -- I did everything will be irritable. -- -- -- ball -- that's even more in arresting him all the credit to the what you do. No doubt any nicknames there. Yeah -- got a couple. Like call me he low or they might be called me. He grammar. -- -- Hamlin who did what excited fans are very excited handy here it was great for the finally get to talk to you good luck congratulations in a welcome to walk. -- -- -- New member of the New Orleans -- -- to Kasey Kahne Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia. The other big hours ago on sports talk operated jaguar -- -- which of the NFC south teams have made the biggest moves in free agency Tampa. Atlanta New Orleans -- Carolina. If you cast your vote online at WWO dot com about. Zyuganov in Hebrew Hamlin in for an easy it was who -- yet Hebrew hammer juiced -- camera. These guys Anthony Hewitt that's generous and full years in the league and you got to solve any lingering get out and -- exits I don't know why that we can bring this up. When he came into the league -- was draft day is special teams. Right global why job eye candy at not only fullback Levi yeah I don't is yet they gonna have big plans Hamels vs Tina this is sports talk on WW.