WWL>Topics>>3-19 7:35pm Bobby and Deke, Patriots make moves

3-19 7:35pm Bobby and Deke, Patriots make moves

Mar 19, 2014|

Bobby and Deke speak to Chris Price, New England beat writer for WEEI.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well operated jaguar opinion poll went to the NFC south teams has made the biggest moves in free agency through the first week Tampa New Orleans Atlanta Carolina you can vote online at WW well. Dot com the two -- that -- seeded inmates in big splash of the team to play for the American football conference Lamar Hunt trophy last year. Then Rocco is an opponent the New England Patriots during the making some big moves as well Chris price of WEEI. Dot com. I'll just now Chris that's a top by about these moves a guy you covered at guided their New England fans that -- -- And look a lot of time to play you don't like you don't like them because they're good and now one of the best -- -- was ever. A couple Cora Devin is now in New England Patriot uniform and Darrelle Revis. There really admitted that that it wouldn't consider history between keeping the Patriots and the Jets to political like the Red Sox yankees and talk about a girl -- border war but. I think that -- Patriots -- -- it would be interesting to see the evolution of the process because the Patriots were able to improve. In that the single area where they lost probably their best free agent in and the key to leave people -- in -- one where they could geared -- in in Darrelle Revis celebrated the end of the 2014 people that feel pretty good about where they are of the cycle there. Now Chris it does begin out the other side. And I am -- Brandon Browner -- -- -- -- -- -- suspend its over the first four games. But the combination of -- and Revis I think coach Belichick believes them a lot more options defensively would be do. It really. I think those two guys that need to -- on that particular pretty cool it's secondary that is so I would think that the work. Italy previously that we -- definitely I think the fact that you get firmer. You get really into the that the -- -- some of those other because it impacts to be deployed really to their -- Kyle Arrington and they're really good slot corner don't play well outside but it really cried a lot I think he's going to be a guy who can continue to play like that. Org move from ordered sixty when the pictured required to leave everything that really played into it -- -- but you the National Football League so. But overall I wouldn't talk about the acquisition -- -- so great talent that both he and brown bring to the field but it affected in a while the Patriots to better utilize some defensive backs would really -- went to talk about. -- Portland. Now are Chris you look at the outstanding hall of fame quarterbacks in and I put -- reason and number you know Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning. To -- was been unbelievable is what Tom Brady has done. Away less are with. Receivers may be that you did think he'd have to come on and then all of a sudden maybe he made him come through you look at Rob Gronkowski the injuries he's been dealing with the day and you get Julian Edelman back now L issues on people familiar brand -- Joseph -- of fell. Who's led the Panthers. It's -- now Brady is gonna have a more offensive weapons as far as in the passing game come next season. Yeah I think -- pretty accurate but not only when you're looking at the fact that Julia and returning but the fact that you know you hope you're gonna get burned out back shoot somewhere. Near -- -- -- you also looked affect your outlook so you know in that you joined the team that had two pretty good concept though you guys without Kevin Faulk deliberately so. I UQ how quartet that that -- -- by the interrupting a bit on that but according to the 2013 people. The Patriots have lost four of their five. Leading pass catchers the year before it's worth mentioning reveled -- -- -- -- fourteen of their top ten pass -- from Lester. All under contract that you are working people go to a conduit -- that you thought that. Criticizing. Correct me summerall. But you look at. Tom Brady guy exit while they go back to the Super Bowl -- suitable he's all -- player of playing. That's not injured or not on the team as far as the last on the pages -- a suitable looking at Vince wall for. Was it only adding him -- covering only players is their last one is suitable and do you being a wall -- will be back for the 2014 season. Yeah guys Wilfork stories rooting interest in 11 of all these years. He's the only guy you probably the only two guys left from that Super Bowl 39. Not -- yet that every kind of -- the franchise but Wilfork. I always. Talk about bringing -- -- CEO of the company but Wilfork is really like at all as incorrectly that would nothing but respect -- the -- you went to the locker really kind of get him a -- we're more mentally emotionally physically record up. I think. You can tremendous leader he you want more info what are you their nose from beyond their locker room only Lagarde to really command respect from there on both sides of ball. All with a delicate -- and yourself with a delicate knowing what -- keep a guy who. Really there is a tremendous leader for the French people -- off the field and it's good to see all the way to go right now. Work out of it all -- -- really because he's out for at least appear to have a greater than the and we due to you know vacations or America they -- let that. All eight plate spoke for the start progressing your future with the team but I will say that from a practical perspective beat Duke rape of at least. A little bit to be a little bit more flexible and -- to -- -- -- after the preacher so collector now. Chris so when you look at they have season. We take this approach with Drew Brees that those -- -- reason to help me always in the hunt. You look at that window of opportunity and -- -- -- the -- now gotta win the next 23 seasons the taking of advantage of drew when you look at Tom Brady and the Patriots. And the AFC ago. What I always say is like. A look at the Dolphins you look at the Jets and look at the bills. The main difference even -- -- their team improves. They don't have the quarterback such as living you know that's when I'll look at how they gonna surpass the pages of the usually don't have that -- him. I'll say that to have people are wondering about you know the -- long term prospects for 2014. And it starts with the division and right now the putrid so -- into the class they're. I will -- that -- that the Dolphins have made some interesting moves that we've probably the most. Surely -- promote a all our promote -- perspective a valuable division every beat in all that could play out but I still think the Patriots you know you're looking the -- that they can get any article on the offensive side of the -- we've got a quarterback or two between now and I think are going to be. -- competitive. At all surrendering an interest in kind of a middle ground there what happen to -- -- -- the last stressful -- that they're going to be. You know I -- you know pretty competitive at Portland definitely let you know at all. Over at four with and so I think that's that's something about where they I think that bill and you're correct the record but I don't see -- -- quite yet so it's going to be a cute yellow played out the same time. We're looking at the eastern -- it could be your cute picture. There's no -- nipping right now that the Patriots are going to be the clocked the division once again. And it kind of look at bigger picture stuff like preclude in the conference at the plate. Within you'll you'll -- scheme that that the NFL so. It starts division I still think the Patriots are the best team in the AFC east but how far that gets in the 2014 will still. What the Red Sox being so prevalent so -- didn't do Patriots fame assisting in tune. What the offseason so like a place like down in New Orleans when you know would have hit the big big -- presence or is it on a religious focused on Boston. Well you know it it it. We liner that told the -- of baseball you know. You really first of formal that soak -- all go Red Sox down but. That doesn't mean they're you know people don't get expired -- don't don't talk football year round it is that. Website W yeah I Darko we had -- Our best number ever because of the Revis thing -- that it capital last week and it capped a busy -- -- really -- a lot of sports talk on rescission. So it's it's it's still a ball first and foremost but the Patriots. Have certainly meets the road in junior at a particular comes to the all you can start from over and go into the god that was realists and Welker. All the the last couple years so it is there's Eric particularly -- go on and you'll see -- Chris price Chris how can folks follow you on Twitter. I haven't beat -- NFL that. Seeing right NFL. Chris price and WEEI. Dot com Chris it is always a pleasure thank you so much has always. I appreciate the -- gramatica -- --