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3-20 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 20, 2014|

Dave talks about pieces of the missing plane found? Rare junk, and What is Wrong with People

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Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's the twentieth of march when he for playing here it's good debut for a Friday Wellcome just. He. -- man days -- -- we celebrated twice here in the early edition of WW offers news. So they found pieces or something not in the Indian -- Now I don't know exactly what they are but days today it's the best lead they've had so far. And finding the missing Malaysian airline for military search planes. -- on the way to a remote part of the Indian Ocean. A remote lock in all things remote guys yet now many people anyway so how hard. What -- about for a 15100 miles. Solace of slow Perth. Australia which is nowhere. Near the flight path. Now not even. Relatively close but consistent with the whole seven hours of engine running dime. After last contacts here it's with in the perceivable. Location plus after twelve days now and current stuff moves around if it meant slowed -- So that dreaded terror whether to large objects spotted by satellite. Debris from the missing flight Norton and others some them there. And net and yeah I get to this remote parts of the Indian -- and being that south of Australia there's really nothing not to the South Pole its though. Nothing much out there and I hope this is not another false alarm you know for the families and everybody concerned -- you know that we can put this thing to move to arrest. Obviously that would just be the start. Of a massive investigation. Well you heard on CBS news that one of the family members of the loved ones. One of the Americans on board that I can live. With a dead body. Can't live without -- It's so you know -- this is one of those cases and we hear ticklish they need closure we hear that all the time but seriously. Could you imagine if this is another dead end and this tree continue all our camp. So well we'll wait and see we'll keep you posted here on every WL I am FM and of course at WWL dot com. For any further word and now hopefully confirmation of some thing. I'm here coming up you know we talk like yesterday about theories and I think bottom line for Canada's most people presume. That while -- -- and -- idea in most people think this planet that somewhere in the water yeah. -- you know two thirds of the world as water. The earth is covered in water far more than land and there's a lot of -- it is theoretically search and it's not like you just go out there and with the plane -- boat to search at all. As a lot and a lot of water. Early years at union on of course and they were searching on Landon and searching everywhere. But I noticed it was yesterday that they said they had kind of put -- target zone together and that zone was bright relief apparently discovered these pieces. Those. IC June as as anything in the business to find out furthered the tails and the man -- in this sport is one of those. Means that the court on this nine yesterday it is wonderful world the -- and my daughter after school. Saturday and now. You round and while she putters but the back. You know. Because really it's about you know week a year that you can do that here at Norris it was after it was perfect. As one of -- now the forecast that called for rain on Sunday. It's only -- there because the Italian town man be writing float in the Korean immigrant and acted rain and that. It's a few days to work that well on exactly now for a works in in the rain it's the area of disturbed weather is supposed to be arriving Sunday and it real. Argument. Between now and then looks at home might. Good news or destined to eke out a -- an excuse to go outside -- you really do and hopefully it's nine yard work that you hate. Well subtitle of -- It is. Can't wait to pull weeds have beaten. We'll put mulch down let's go -- in the garden. -- that it tells Thomas to open new flowers it because really until April 1. Please delete this -- -- like here the calendar the first day -- spraying. Yes today is the -- of the role. Sprang -- brown no wonder it's so darn nice meteorological suffering started three weeks ago. Which is you know when the -- you -- change but again all the experts they don't plan anything new yes especially anything and it. Speak. We could have another freeze really into the birthday. But hey if you if you get excited about pulling weeds and put them Alton. Feminism there -- not my idea of great fun in the outdoors I'd rather go -- -- -- -- -- -- And even walk. And you know go fly a kite in some. And -- because this is your opportunity happy spring will take your forecast coming up right after this. And William Mark Martin here with sports is jealousy is still alive in the post season in basketball to baseball team bounced back from its first week. Of the season and what else has gone on sports -- the pelicans. Mark's got all that after this. 58 team. Good morning I'm game -- thanks for joining us on the early edition WW golfers is summoned texted mandate that needs -- any distance you frolic at the beginning of winter. What you do now yeah I remember I was there when that first cold front gets here after have been sweating it out all summer long. It's time to frolic so that -- what do you do at the beginning of spring this being the first day of spring. I don't house. Text me some suggestions if it's not rollicking -- what kind of weather is it. Right now with temperatures. -- right goldilocks economy now 87870. And attacks might. Apologies to sensitive LSU fans I did today -- was swept -- -- felt so bad they lost two games. Out of the -- Vanderbilt they did win the first against Andy and then lost the next to come and mark tells us what happened. -- -- you face south Alabama last night right now you forecast. Today's the first day of spring and it -- you like it here around southeastern Louisiana 73 for a -- this afternoon with partly cloudy skies. And then pleasantly cool tonight 46 north of the lake and 54 on the South Shore. Right back up to 75 tomorrow with a few clouds and Saturday thirty slight rain chance 20% with highs in the mid seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell got some high clouds right now 59 degrees at the airport encounter with a west wind at six miles an hour Slidell some clouds as well and 57 degrees with calm winds. A little bit -- -- relative humidity at 93% of you haven't heard the latest news. An area significantly south of Australia satellite detected too large objects. In the Indian Ocean referring into it as a remote part. Of the Indian Ocean and now they have. Planes headed that way US planes included to try and surveil the area and find out what are these two large objects of course. The speculation is that they may be pieces. Of that missing Malaysians 777. No confirmation yet but it's definitely the best lead they've had. Since they started looking twelve days ago for the seventh 77 mysteriously disappeared this is -- a way way out of them. Projected flight path of where that plane was supposed to go so the mystery about if this is if these are -- -- in the mystery will continue about what they're doing there. Interesting that officials in Malaysia. Made a point of saying overnight that. They're going to try to recover the black boxes but it pointed out that and that Air France crash that it took two years. To recover the black boxes so the mystery may linger for quite some time -- more time yes. -- forced out here. Well received gallery -- market aardvarks taken away. Thanks Dave with Anthony Davis on the bench due to an illness the pelicans they'll sort last night at home to Toronto getting -- by the raptors 107100. Tyreke Evans led the -- with eighteen points and Eric Gordon added fifteen. But they couldn't offset the -- the raptors duo of stars DeMar DeRozan led all scorers with 31 points on the night and how Lori. 123. The game was the last in the fifth game homestand pelicans are on the road Friday to take on Atlanta. LSU fans got a double -- a victory yesterday though I'm on the West Coast tiger basketball advanced to the second round of the NIT tournament with a 7163. Victory at San Francisco. -- -- -- led the tigers with sixteen points and now fifth seeded LSU -- had went to Dallas on Monday to take on top seed southern Methodist. And tiger baseball wrote a big sixth inning to an easy victory at home over south Alabama the tires knocked in seven runs in the sixth. The blow things open on the way to a nine to nothing victory over US today. Next up for LSU -- a homestand against Georgia this weekend. And the round of 64 is set. The mustang the cal poly. Are now fourteen and nineteen on the on the season but they've been hot as of late to destroy Texas southern. 81 to 69 -- -- talks about why they've been able to turn their season around. We get it we edit and a couple injured players and of the guys trying to step up and do their best. And we had guys were competing and keep their heads up and I think staff and -- approach it like well let's just get get better. The California Polytechnic institute of San Louis Obispo is now a sixteen seed and they will move on to face. Unbeaten top seed Wichita State the best team in in the tournament from the record will play the worst teams in term -- term in terms of record. And Tennessee needed overtime but the volunteers moved past Iowa 78 to 65 forwards Arnelle stokes says they did a better job in the second half against the Hawkeyes. Our defense is terrible in the first through -- my defense so much. Goes out of games. I think it was nervousness -- -- very nervous you know we hadn't been here. Tennessee never led that game until the second half. Now with four teams from the SEC in the tournament Tennessee will face UMass on Friday I'm mark and art and -- -- -- early look at sports LSU baseball in the big comeback win after the and dramatic comeback a comeback in game coming back from losing -- of Mandy. Blanks. Southern Alabama. And south Alabama south Alabama. A big game for them and they get to game get on with the SEC. Showdown with Georgia coming up this weekend and congratulations to the basketball team not a lot of people thought -- pick up this win I didn't. At a San Francisco. And day visit to Syria an eight point win decisive 71 to 63 win that forty years some of the highlights from coming up about 25 minutes on -- to backing -- with more sports and now they face. SMU. In Dallas on Monday. But they they really lucked out because if as immediate loss they would have had to play UC Irvine had to make the trip. All the way back out to the West Coast again and come to Louisiana that go back to California. -- now they come home. An analyst good down Monday much shorter trip and LSU always travels well in terms of you know playoff games and -- as I expected to have a nice France filing write yet and that struggles on the road this season but -- -- beat San Francisco at San Francisco San Francisco the clear favorite. And -- games and this one in the oil industry. Does amazing things you know they've had a few huge wins this season come. Well they haven't strung together more than two wins in a row since December so we'll see if they can win for a row and -- the -- -- SMU on Monday thank you mark we'll look forward to him appointment meant more sports WWL AM and now. Some -- sedate them and it's and it's spraying let's go straight game when I go to jail go ahead back yourself out. Its forecast for this for status -- -- the speakers. Go to -- as well. Steps. It's the latest CBS news on the possible pieces of this missing Malaysian airline found in the Indian Ocean at -- forecast. For your Thursday partly cloudy skies and milder temperatures creeping back and 73 this afternoon and -- to the forties and fifties tonight. Tomorrow we'll keep those partly cloudy skies and temperatures hitting about 75 and watch 6075. For a high again on Saturday. But a few more clouds -- and we may even PC if you spotty showers into the afternoon. The eyewitness -- forecast center and urologist -- Now I'm 59 degrees now and -- with some clouds overhead and slide out cloudy and 57 Tom wins 93% relative -- -- coming up in less than three minutes the latest from CBS news. That's what could be pieces of that missing Malaysian airline system attacks made. To describe this whether they said VCR whether it's beer burger and rocker on the back porch. Happy Friday -- let's get the latest now from CBS news -- those pieces in the water them. Dot com 36 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners its markets to twentieth it's money for being fair it's that day before or right day will come -- Friday eve and the first day of spraying it's wrong it's spring has indeed it's wrong some -- mediate 787 hand that deplete their little game and won an NCAA everytime we get the first cold front -- -- say it's time to frolic. You know public stand frolic getting an extra when we get rid of the heat and bring in the cool off -- -- want to go frolic well and we retirement how perfect this weather is so and one and I if we frolic on the first cold front comes what do we do now. -- -- You think just frolic frolic again I thought maybe there was another union are murderers. Knows it resenting and text messages that they haven't -- him and really get suggestions yet not yet today would just stick with brought nothing wrong with -- all especially between consenting adults. Yes it -- interpret that any way you want. Yeah absolutely young -- -- the kind of days. That you need to put in the bottle. Yeah saver for July. Oh man denies it can do that now we've. Enjoyed. That's a bustling you can absolutely bottle on not just go out there and live it -- enjoy it all frolic or do anything else Celtics objection. Someone suggested we go to the crawfish festival this week -- sounds good -- they have any -- in what they cost when RT Tuesday night. And on the menu at the seafood place where I was dining at that market price for profit -- and you wanted some problem. Unlike me that I haven't had -- Vietnam dying for Som yes I would. Paris summit what we need to boiled crawfish but we are not horribly wealthy not don't have gold bricks flying around with which by the office 599 -- pound at this restaurant. And I dissent that was still accurate from my blindness. I started wondering last amber and master -- do Easter. How many -- to get prepared. Well of course it defines and the -- well chorus on average it out and about fifteen to one crime per. And that's the entire mind up with all the water and everything else at stake out detailed how much you actually get to eat just a few ounces per. -- -- -- -- And I'm. Not hopefully this warmer weather will last for awhile and hopefully underdog growing eating and getting fat getting big gap. Then becomes cheaper -- -- you don't wanna you know I just don't wanna have those little tiny things going on for like the next couple months. -- has nothing worse than buying it in the bidding. Yeah its. You know may jog I got my secret place -- -- big and Soledad but now I -- No other knock you out of the price of lobster well we could have a lot of someone in London and then we wouldn't have to worry about it early this one Tony an -- that -- Had gridlock. And -- good fortune. Because. They were -- scrap metal dealer. You know dealing in just little pieces of counterfeit and trying to recycle and make a few bucks here and there I got reality shows on the yet. And this scrap metal dealer really found what turned out to be. A Faberge. Egg and a league mark all c'mon. Yes the London antique dealers -- and antique dealers said Wednesday. That the scrap metal onto newer bought the egg for about 141000. Dollars thinking he could make a small profit. My resell it reselling it for its gold count that he promised things and -- melted down its -- hold just a little -- Turned out to be a jewel encrusted p.s worth millions of dollars one of only eight in existing. People get -- I don't -- an existing sit out the market. I've been a flea markets privacy anything not only fourteen grand for allocating -- -- going to be fourteen dollars more like sliding out of van -- Or Iran brown sitting at the flea market. On. Experts think that it could be worse 01 million more than last Faberge Eggs sold was at a Christie's auction for eighteen point five million that was in 2000 -- and I think he's due for about two wanting middle. And -- this article that's exactly where they just he bought it in the American midwest. So somewhere in the US that does -- was over a year dad did it is this is tucked away somewhere in the stories and gives specific cuts -- founded a flea market in the American minute mark a -- in existence. Lot less in profits I got that year out cash. Well keep treatment -- Thank you there with document tournament first news here on WWL -- on the very latest. -- the efforts to identify these pieces of debris that satellite around and remote part of the Indian Ocean are they part of the missing Malaysian airliner. Authorities are trying to figure that out. Let's do that. Let's keep the rain away and that's sprawling -- me you're all this. -- Well almost -- but it's different arrives today yes -- 57 AM estimates are on alert me. That's right your -- and -- is spring arrives I shall run outside and I. I guess at that we should be in the sixties maybe getting grocers that needed. Yes it suggests that we find another word we feel like frolic well we've frolic when the first cold front of the season. Well number what's rollicking. I don't think so that you can ever over frolic. I need at this or certainly a that it may know them -- than the hibernate. It is sprawling backward. The war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Asked in the time to relax that it it Matt Wright -- and suggest an announcement blown. Yeah -- a double blow -- in the ninth -- and I would be okay may be. Now. But it is really nice today he had you know the front it's it's living through right now so cooler drier air is a little bit farther north but that it does feel. Have a little muggy outside it's because the Friday it's working and it's we speak but during the day today. Guys are gonna continue to clear from any clouds that we may have this morning temperatures are kind of holding the sixties that -- -- about 73. And an ice cool -- -- ahead will be dropping down into the forties and fifties overnight tonight apart near perfect if the answer is yes we have more of the same for I -- I think you cool morning tomorrow -- back up to 75 tomorrow. Really nice again mostly sunny and it is looking pretty good at some clouds around and -- -- shower chance on Saturday it's about 20% for some light rain I commitment. -- it's it it's gonna be the better day to get Sunday we have some raid that began with another cold now all get that rain around on Sunday right to Anchorage tonight -- -- you don't want to rain down. I now that's just crazy talk about every last Sunday now we're talking right rain this Sunday Sunday at the Metairie it did networking -- -- -- immediately drizzle for thirty -- right that was it I know I as a great you know we'll all watch the timing on that rain for Sunday that. At the front needs and there will be some thunderstorms around -- few showers around and that even linger into early next week. Gadgets. Be prepared for Sunday but hopefully it won't be -- that you know -- theory well. Wrapped up or holds off you know much like it did last night. What we know it takes time to Vegas and that's with the models have that then well. Get back with you tomorrow they're -- -- at a -- right now it's -- rain yet during the day Sunday but rather than kind of block everybody out and week out and -- I like it yeah I love and I want tomorrow and at least are very to -- what you're Christmas meteorologist about now. I have to share with you something -- from the people file. Guy in Maine. Decided at some point in his life and an appropriate -- again it would be what appears to be an automatic handgun. On his way to make a black handled. And done -- tattooed right on his lower -- Just as if you were to talk a gun -- year fraudulently made when he lifts his shirt. It looks like there's -- it. Like oh god that got them my way if you -- unhappy about the economically they've -- page you'll need -- picture of -- acts of police armed with assault rifles descended on the man's home. After members of a tree removal company that they. Well Yang if there was a -- cutting company that was due in some marketing guy got angry that they're being too loud they -- columnist shouted up. And he was shirtless at the time apparently. So here is walking outside and now I got a guy so they call the cops this. I don't know it was a swat team but. The police show up and they get their big guns out -- big weapons because here's his arm man is confronting the -- tremors. Luckily nobody got hurt Jimmy used to inspectors they very well -- it -- -- -- looking at right now that put it down here that I really can't put the gun down it's done. Tattooed on where I'm at the. Alec it's not a time and -- detect soon. Maybe. That maybe there -- other things going on with them he says the -- has never been a problem before. Placed in charge him with anything I guess not against the law all bets are but it definitely get that meant a lot Robert people file that very Smart and well I always wonder if like it when he's. You know 85 or ninety years old Lucy it's going to be a rifle on land where they didn't -- gonna look like a rifle that don't want that on a -- I just Keenan said. -- -- I don't know how people alike with that you that you know so yeah somehow -- get a cent in haven't gone his way it very well what Eddie -- if you're -- to decide that you can -- it's that welcomes some problems at least you know you gotta just be prepared yet and it appears to be pointing at his. I see that stuff right and maybe that little -- he's trying to draw attention. It got the attention all right what is wrong nebula and had a spring yeah. Bring about them alive -- -- as these forecasts estimates as of rubble that's not a bad thing to do in this weather revel -- it. And also define frolic we've done that many times we'll do it again after it. According dictionary.com. The verb -- means to -- militarily TA MBO that the it means but it goes on to -- to play in a frisky light spirited manner -- Our NIC that's what brought me that he gallant. I was just being silly when I've said you can never too much for talking amongst consenting adults. Indeed it says the children were frolicking in the snow is one of the examples uses them to play at a frisky light spirited manner or rock. Maybe -- would be good things this. Sports time now it. Bartlett. Well that and more it was a good morning mark and art and happy first day of spring. Since you did. The Toronto Raptors got a big night from DeMar DeRozan getting 31 points in the all star couple that Anthony Davis being relegated to the -- due to illness and that's a recipe for Republicans lost the -- -- 107 to 100 in this -- king senator. -- team is hoping Davis will be available Friday when they had to Atlanta to face the hawks. A veteran -- had -- by LSU fans helped along by an unexpected win but tiger basketball. The big deal right now let's analogy you -- on the road -- -- San Francisco may very long way to travel a hard trip. And they came out here and beat a very good. San Francisco dame 71 to 63. Jerome Martin had sixteen points to lead LSU to a rare road win now if -- seeded tigers hit the road again the traveled Dallas Monday and face top seed southern Methodist. Elsewhere in the and I keep -- Louisiana Tech bulldogs won a nail biter taking the lead with two seconds to play as flipping past I own a nine to 88. The be all bulldogs in the second round as -- will travel to -- to face Georgia. More college hoops two -- fell in the CBI tournament 5655. To Princeton. And -- of 64 set in the big dance cal poly continued their hot streak down in Texas southern 81 to 69 the move on to face Wichita State. And Tennessee needed overtime but they pulled away from Iowa 78 to 65 the volunteers will face UMass on Friday. And tiger -- took over the game in the sixth inning at LSU baseball shut out south Alabama at home nine to nothing. LSU blew the game wide open with seven runs in the sixth junior left hander Henry Fo -- Got his first win of the year in the tigers improved to eighteen and four overall next up a weekend series the box against Georgia. I'm mark Menard and that is -- early look at. Well Michelle we got to win of course you know it's flush out. It's he had Alice -- basketball. Not only winning but really coming out -- taking in the lead early and confidently go on on to beat. Emphasis with the on the -- When it is done like from them on -- done. Themselves. I'm not sure awfully but he hit it if they play SMU. Coming up on Monday night you know what there mask. The most thing must and that is the -- horse and coached by the great Larry Brown the great. Ball in. And he he's really. Got -- turned around the season they were the top 451 point they just. Barely miss the incidentally -- he's willing to make a prediction on at this point do you feel good or bad about Africa and up that way and think -- got -- special going on but we thought that before this. Yeah and they had a lot of trouble stringing multiple wins together and I don't know I think as -- to be too much. -- -- -- -- This it would be as well I've I thought the -- and everybody else I thought the road trip all the way out to the West Coast was going to be tough but they claim they weathered this analysis -- they do in Dallas a month. You mark we'll talk about fifteen minutes from sports -- and -- WL IMF and your forecast. Right after this. As we get ready to -- frolic rabble some of those jump around now that tomorrow morning so with the tennis interesting discussion. -- am very master control has a hot pocket costs for breakfast -- and I was. Saying how she had to go all the way across the building go use the microwave and the -- come back during the commercial break. And I said well at least that way you won't burn in the crap body yourself you everytime I make a hot pocket I just can't wait to get it out of my equipment either because they're so darn good. But it says right on that he's supposed to let it -- at least two minutes before eight. As -- pointed -- and I do the same thing either eat it right away and burn yourself where you let it sit and you go do something else and and you come back and it's called against and any battery he'd. And then you get run to the same storm I guess. Anyway just a little what's going on it's that's a little behind the scenes do what's happening when you can't here's hear that VW we got a really important weighty issues. We have been talking a lot about the debris found south of Australia in the Indian Ocean is it indeed a part of that missing Malaysian. 777. Jetliner well they don't know yet it's so far away from Australia or anything else for that matter -- taken this. You know jump in the speedboat and -- take a look at it so that got aircraft on the way out there there's some visibility issues. They're trying to get eyes on it from the sky. Before they actually get them down there in the water but. The best -- they've had so far while the latest coming up had a wonderful first day of spring go frolic --