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3-20 8:10am Scoot, missing plane coverage

Mar 20, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks about the media coverage of the missing Malaysian plane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yesterday was just a sensational day a great day for the first day of -- and leadership council here Tuesday at the park Wednesday at the square series Lafayette square. And just a really delightful day it looks like we're gonna evidently stated they possibly some showers left -- dodger over the weekend but we'll worry about it later. The next robber who tries to hold up the coffee shop Jeter's job in Spokane Washington is likely to. Be looking at a gun all really they've had three robberies in a month and the owner says. Then it's they always have a gun at the coffee stand. But now some employees are bringing their guns to work with them. They're there they're taken the guns to be an ocean going to a job and the -- police officer somewhere like at a mentioned. And needing a gun to to simply go to work. On Sunday a man aggressively tried to open a window. And appeared to have a gun of the reached -- I've kept the window locked. Grabbed her gone and called police. And and then took off before the police arrive but. The -- deserve our packet out came very close to probably. You know taking a few rounds of this guy. So somebody really attractive comes in there to order. Coffee from somebody and get a latte or cappuccino and that really is a pistol in his pocket she yeah I'll have to really just hate how many would you said three robberies and monsters -- via a they must regular got a lot of money a lot of coffee drinkers and there well and you know how much golf because these days. Got those places like -- box I gotta be honest with you here's here's the coffee and Tyler some guys are going to pitching goes in in mentoring insisted that kind of a home away from home for me yeah. As I live downtown actually -- -- memories of the difference it's. So people go to and on the diesel Gallagher is actually go to another. I order. Medium. Latte -- and caffeine. Decaf. Medium latte. So wind did coffee actually become chemical spear -- exactly. These people have to be chemists. It really is it's amazing how complicated and that you know they've gotten all its you know skinny this in skinny that in. Got all these these anti freeze is for how you should order right I can't keep up with -- all of that but. I almost apologized to them every Time Warner coffee because it was a time. Most recently we -- the news this part of the country just going to get coffee and doughnuts and it was a really pretty basic about what you would get now it's it's quite complicated artists -- in fact that your of drink he talked about -- too healthy for me. Yeah knock it really do like -- -- and in there you via went to decaf. Get rid of regular sugar sugar -- also I mean -- area ago a basically mine has no flavor. What. It is warm and relatives -- extra -- I just heard Libya Cuba pretty general opinion poll. Have you ever had road rage. I'm 31% say no I question whether or not there really being honest and 69% say yes give is your opinion go to our website WW real -- count. Are coming up we're gonna talk about I'm zero tolerance policies and how they're essentially. Are really hurting -- country. Once you take away the ability to -- human judgement. Into a situation. I think you have robbed Americans. Of something really important it's if it's zero tolerance policies are not making the schools the workplace any safer. And you had a negative experience with zero tolerance with you or with your kids. We'll talk about that when we come back excuse me for Tommy Tucker and every WL. You know as solid as the favorite witness stand in the other room. Jordan feel Marc -- your exports. -- They're all bad -- I think it's like I'm watching the video with the other world. So there's no little -- coming. -- -- You gotta love a staff that most advanced through the safety dance by men without hats. And what are you guys people without brains -- -- in four Tommy Tucker glad you're with -- still actually I loved the frivolity of the dancing. Certain songs in the other studio it's just it's so all inspiring -- today's the first official day of spring that happens after 11 o'clock this morning. It's gonna feel like springtime today it was a beautiful day yesterday in a great day for the first of the concert series Wednesday to square near the leadership councils. A concert series at Lafayette square on the breaking news overnight and you may have awakened to this news two pieces of debris located by. By the Australian satellite off the coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean could. Not sure but could be part of the missing Malaysian airlines flight 370. All the cable news channels I interrupted their programming went with wall to wall coverage your last night in the middle Atlantic -- wash until about a 2 o'clock this morning. And again this there's a lot of attention being paid to this because it is indeed human drama. Blog that I wrote on Tuesday for the -- -- -- is a still trending it's on our website right now at WW real dot com. And you know I love to put the media -- on microscope. I don't think there's enough on analysis self analysis of the media by people in the media. It is something that -- I'd love to do the schoolchildren died here and every WL on the blog is titled media is giving us exactly what we want with the missing airplane saga. And you can read -- give us your comments and then share with others it's on our website at WWL dot com. So there's a little problem with. Zero tolerance policies. -- to get into that here in just a moment from vocalist Elton Euro and every WL. I'm on good morning. You sound like. Did an all out to me to go to war making policy people that we're college degree. Well you know or at least you should have had one of those chemistry sets when you're on you or is it just seems like it's become a chemistry expired. -- It it's a dollar out Colin that comment about the oh the -- preacher used talk about him and has. Followers. All felt senior was now. Surely they'll probably. Which shares. I mean not where it matters a Christian. One new -- saw the bubble and -- what is it. And it teaches us that we should love the senators also want to do all but hey what they do. Yeah I understand that -- I I have to admit that is as a human. I really don't like this guy and I don't like what his church stands for analyze it. Have constantly talked about them on their shows that are due here and -- to be real because to me it's just a very vicious hate group. Although they haven't been officially designated a hate group. And I joined in with a lot of people when it was announced that Fred Phelps senior the founder of the west road Baptist Church is close to death and hospice in Kansas. The Internet is -- with the excitement over his. And I he is impending death. And and I struggle with that answer as a Catholic it -- ago a Christian I know we're not supposed to. Once somebody to die but there's a little excitement in mean knowing that he stuck -- to be part of this life anymore. And I admit I struggle with that. Yet it is a struggle because you have a -- of what he'd do. Very and there were a lot of people who celebrated the death if Osama bin Laden. We -- on the -- it in another city win. Timothy McVeigh it was X excluded and the the radio show that I did we had a a public celebration with a on birthday cake and candles and ice cream it was a big public celebration of Timothy McVeigh's death. -- the law beat the other part -- those discussions and talk about the rope yeah. We have they haven't thought it was going to church 1 Sunday morning. And now they the young man but on news in his thirties. I'm grandma. Sixty. And people. -- out front and that was okay I didn't -- But he I guess in the end people out sodomy. Gale watch means -- will moderate action -- any. And how corny about it and calling not very close. Travel at all. And it got slower and slower like get it -- outlook tailgate am -- of economic. Outlook. However it was not had been. Well people stopped in the middle. We need -- are all about ego problem. And it -- at all. And I told him -- says you've had trouble. This is not going away that this is you have trouble. Art I've got to get to the traffic break yourself and tell me what happened at the end. I'll be it'd police data in a red -- and I told about that well there. I help solve that problem might get it don't matter on Iraq 48 -- an object is. Record out of talent on here yet. Well I'm I'm I'm glad it turned out OK and I appreciate you sharing that story -- this. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker we're gonna talk about zero tolerance policies have you ever had a bad experience either you or with your kids. With a zero tolerance mentality that. Has I think infected this nation talk about that when we come back it's a Tony to a Thursday morning first. Today Anderson with a WWL traffic update with Gerald Robinson. But I hear this -- will be again John and if you dislike of the dance don't worry LO village. Even if you couldn't see -- I wouldn't wanna. Do that in front of you. It's good blog today trying to governments are indicative of that comes titled media is giving us exactly what we want with the missing airplane saga we're gonna talk more of. I'll -- coming up in the next hour you can read it and share it give us your opinion also by and they come ending our and so our website at WWL dot com. -- some checks coming in about my comments about Fred Phelps senior the founder of the west Borough Baptist Church you is reportedly very close to death and hospice. In Kansas. Here's the text -- read says -- protest the west pearl minister's funeral with me. Here is attacks I am a Christian and I am happy that he -- minister is dying. And I here's a text please. People should picket and protest the hospital. That is providing care. That they hate group minister. Is in volleys there. And here's a comment about road rage which we've been talking about this morning following an incident that happened recently in -- with a nineteen year old. Pregnant woman a -- four year old woman got into an accident because a forty year old guy. -- road rating that he was arrested and and charge this text reads work on the causeway. A couple of miles traffic. People dealing with it some jerk behind us on his horn beating his steering wheel cursing out of the window raging away. This is said this is so typical of how old. Road rage is quite often the manifestation of of ignorance. What are you gonna do mean I I see it in the quarter all the time. Especially on -- streets and if it's a nice afternoon and there are a lot of cars suburban street during the day. This there are people who were just raging -- in their ports and and quite often it's cab drivers who are very very impatient and look if if you're a good cab driver I'm not talking about you. But I'm talking about those of the cab drivers who are regressive. And -- gives it the city of bad name. But these. These people who feel the need to have everybody get out of the way. -- there's nowhere for everybody to go and you hate it if that's the way gonna -- you really shouldn't be behind the wheel of the car. An Ohio high school student he's a senior he's finishing up his senior year working at home because he was expelled from school and he spent thirteen days in jail after police found a pocket knife in his car. Parked on school grounds. Jordan wiser. Is finishing up his senior year home he is an EMT training student in the pocket knife was part of his EMT cute in his car. And since. Having a knife even though it was part of his EMT kid. Broke the zero tolerance policy for weapons on campus. He was expelled police were called. Spent thirteen days in jail I know that there are some parishes are around the New Orleans area and if you get into a fight -- school they call police and year year. You're gonna go to jail you gonna be arrested. Zero tolerance. I think is now working. It's really not making our schools safer and -- or something about it that you know that I don't know and I'd love to talk to you any negative experience you've had. But with yourself in the workplace or with your kids concerning zero tolerance policies. Zero tolerance puts everything in terms of black and white. A weapon is a weapon whether it's a butter knife a pocket -- part of an ENT cute or shotgun. Barrel labeled the same. Cocaine marijuana might all -- deal. Believe all categorized. As drugs -- seriously how ridiculous is this. When we remove the ability for humans to pass judgment on a particular situation. I think we've really lost something when it comes to justly. Punishing people. It's it's absurd. When that when a kid is suspended from school. For forming his hand into the shape of a gun. And pretending to shoot somebody. That kids suspended. Because his hand looked like a weapon. That is against the weapon policy at school. I mean this is absolutely absurd. If you at a shares story -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. And a text amber. Is -- 787. I'm -- -- for Tommy Tucker it's 8:31 on Thursday morning for stayed straight visit WWL news updates we have David Blake David we've we've all heard the stories about -- zero tolerance policies have led to students being suspended or expelled even arrested. There have been numerous cases of kids who. The use their hands to former gun. You know you're you fold back the bottom three fingers you extend the -- under the -- is up in the gun. It is a reason your hand is a reasonable facsimile -- at the shape of a god I used to do. That's for hours out on the playground running around with my friends playing cowboys and Indians at one point upon. By one point I had actually killed everybody in our neighbor. Yeah. And today people freak out -- that the finger there and then there was the case and I assure you -- talked about this it was a case where. A kid had. Just he was he was biting around -- like a pop tart or something like -- and -- it ended up. Appearing to look like a good line and he wasn't trying to do it but the teacher said that looks like a gun on -- the kid was was eating his. And we all do that we all have neighbors this tragedy on a yacht you know he got he got in trouble because that. Popped charter whenever. -- it resembled the gun in the mind of the teacher it broke. The weapons policies school which is he's zero tolerance policy for weapons it's not a weapon. And when we lose this idea of human judgement in situations like this like that we've I think we've lost a lot Ted doesn't make sense -- I got a got a text here from psoriasis at my daughter has severe cramps at that time of the month. So she has to make sure that she takes -- all or ad deal or something before she leaves the house. And it's something happens during the day at school she has to call her dead. And her dad has to bring her something to school but has to go through the school nurse. -- and girls have been kicked out of school. Because they've had might well I don't had simply with a big for for cramps or -- my god that is just absolutely ridiculous zero tolerance our guests on that. So no last for Nomar and all your out of here. And I guess to some degree it affects people in the workplace but zero tolerance policies are -- are are wrong and I think we need to develop a zero tolerance for zero tolerance policies are not exactly sure what we can do but first a ball. The people of this country. Have to start to understand that zero tolerance policies are wrong and they're not working I don't see how the use. In -- judgments. About weapons and drugs and things like that which or any of the above now I don't see how any of this is actually making our schools. A safer so. It was just a complete overreaction. -- to a Anderson and it needs to end have you had an experience with your kids. With zero tolerance. And -- turnout. More -- zero tolerance policy stories coming up and if you went into an issue with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. -- -- -- received 77 here's to next. The guy with the gun tattoo. Oh yeah I saw the guy with a -- intent to organize a tattoo of a gun on his side. And we wears pants it looks like the gun is stuck in his stance and actually. Draw the attention of the police. All right I can see where the police might wanna know -- -- -- to real government. These things that we're talking about zero tolerance policies at school are absolutely absurd it is taken. Hysteria. To. An unbelievable limits. On students in for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back on -- WL. Welcome back to our show on this Thursday morning hey today is the first day of spring it's gonna feel like and I hope you have a chance to get outside take a walk during one sure. And a decent timer specially after work. I'm -- -- for Tommy Tucker here's new WWL pretty general opinion poll this morning do you approve of the way the media has covered the missing Malaysia airlines flight. You assured by going to our web site WW dot com this is something we'll talk about in the next hour. And at the -- blog go on our website right now is meeting giving us exactly what we once with the missing airplane saga. A lot of people are quick to criticize the media but the media actually gives us. What we tell them we want believe it or not we're talking about a high school students that was the victim of -- zero tolerance policies. And there are far too many zero tolerance policies that simply are not working. Opera Mississippi Denise here on Debian -- real good morning. -- -- -- -- -- How -- -- and how well our. Own. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to call. It. Might bring up. -- -- The shake up a lot. And eat. Eat. Eat out. But they aren't. I would think that they could find something else that would be acceptable for school to hide its heels in winners there their pocket error or whatever they would need. It would need might caller. Oh lead bottle. And the effect is going to bring -- it to school you can't keep an eye on them. Every moment they're gonna go to the bathroom and -- -- mean when I was in high school kids were smoking in the bathroom so if they wanted it they'll find a way to do it. Two to make everything. Part of zero tolerance has just -- to so much and justified punishment in my opinion. -- got it. Right but at -- he would. Be. He got the call. Any. And the and -- -- On. The net ought to. -- You -- yeah you don't. Want. Try and you know. Not yet. By. -- -- Google. Talk. About. It and yet -- Yeah and Danny says that that obviously there should happen but I still think it's wrong that kids can't bring. Over the counter medication to it to school and I still think it's wrong for a high school student. And doubt in jail for thirteen days. And expelled from school because the pocket knife in his EMT. Training kid and he was in the NT student. -- violated it is the school's zero tolerance policy for weapons these -- cultural. If you wanna join us this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. In a text number is a 7070. I've stood in for Tommy Tucker on this Thursday morning and we'll be right back with more after this WWL news of -- Robinson and this is such a great song with such a great message you know if you get knocked down. It back up again. I'm security for Tommy Tucker here's our WWL project opinion poll do you approve of the way the media has been covering the missing Malaysian flight 370. 44% saying no and 56% say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWO dot com also this new blog on our website is on the media's giving us exactly what we want in this missing airplane Saigon. They're covering it this way because as we are telling him to cover it this way a CNN's ratings have gone up. And yet the critics are blasting CNN for wall to wall coverage now there have been two. Two new pieces that have been discovered in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia this is breaking news last night many -- woke up to this news. -- early this morning. These pieces could. Only could be from. Domestic flight 370 so we hopefully learn more about it later but again nothing is conclusive at this point we're gonna have this conversation coming up in the next hour. We'd be talking about zero tolerance policies stated that it should infuriate all of us that. I'm zero tolerance -- -- -- a lot of control. Lawmakers and Texas are trying to change the state zero tolerance rules. I'm in Utah they're also trying to change the zero tolerance rules when it comes to drugs Sosa and students can carry -- was with -- the American Bar Association has recommended ending zero tolerance policies on the American Psychological Association wants that. Want some of these codes changed as well so finally -- They -- soon there is a move to have. Zero tolerance for the zero tolerance policies. Mean there's just there's there's there's something wrong when we are human beings. And we've removed the ability to humanly judge a particular situation. And when we do that and kids are unjustly. Punished. For reasons that they've really should be punished. How does this how does this lead to young people having respect for the law. If you if you if you are not doing anything wrong and it it is it is. It breaks the rules that really shouldn't even be roll it again that the kid with a pocketknife. Is part of the -- empty cute getting expelled and spent thirteen days in jail. That's absurd. Here's a text -- -- my friend's daughter lost a major scholarship to an Ivy League college. Because in her senior year she forgot to take the nail file. Out of her purse going to school. She was suspended for weekly -- for the whole week and it cost them -- scholarship. That she would have graduated top of her class. -- from high school. But this little incidents almost ruined her life. And when kids' play when a kid. When a kid eats a pop tart. And the teacher perceives it looking like we've done so that violates -- agreed that the pop toward shaped like they've done because the way this kid -- it. That violates the school policy against weapons. Don't we come to realize that these zero tolerance policies are absolutely. Absurd. This is a topic that will not go away we'll continue to talk about it. There are new and tougher classroom standards it's called common core it's a battle across this country do you really understand it. Well you'll understand that a lot better if you climbing to think tank with Garland Robinette this morning ten to one here at WWL. I'm student John Tucker and we'll be right back yeah.

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