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3-20 12:10pm Jason Williams joins Garland, NOLA police

Mar 20, 2014|

New Orleans brand new plan for paying off duty police work is already running into problems. Cops are not happy…they argue the pay is too low and many haven’t signed up even though they need the extra money. In the meantime, small businesses are caught in between the warring factions. Does lower pay forecast fewer police for private duty? Garland talks newest member of New Orleans City Council, Jason Williams, Council at large-Division 2.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Am -- saying the blood very easy to be a policeman in New Orleans and there were good showed yesterday. What would seem like. Not a bigger deal in some ways a policeman here and thousands of police all over the country. Or shorting where small little cameras which doesn't seem like the big problem did you -- what they do seems like. Would protective mr. marches that protects it's. But when you start looking at guidelines. And in what should be -- you'd tape to -- shouldn't and quarterly repercussions. Of his snubbed on the -- boring. Very little that has been set up now. We're looking -- off duty police officers if you've been here for awhile. And you remember windows. The feds came and investigated the police department. And they looked at detail acts that police were working work. Always from the police department what would be Jazz Fest with a -- football him a number. And there in the third scolded -- PD's. In order. Of corruption. And a lot of doubts -- So old they've they've moved that if I understand correctly out all along with the police department in tune. This setting. And it's and an office a department called the office of police second during employ him. And again a bright -- added to the the pay there aren't consumers -- more than it used to be. That the businesses. And the functions that reduced to getting all duty policeman. To work. Or running into a little trouble doing and the very police officers -- saying they need more money. Are electing. -- at least initially at least some of them not to words and because -- -- -- so much relaxed. We'll take a break come back CU we can get one of our newly minted. City -- with the securities and -- him. Councilman at large division to what do you think. If we don't. -- beliefs or liberal board if we don't play. Police or wage that competes. With the other parishes of the television of those states. Don't we risk not getting the high quality homes and the number -- we want. Cusick zero when -- so what do you -- newly -- -- troopers and with the securities and -- injuries and I appreciated the -- congratulations. Thank you very much -- an -- -- during a good look Johnson did she use to the office won't you give me your cell -- me and let me call -- bid shouldn't complain. Broke like seven -- and -- I just got like a different into the football did you what did he would immediately. Regretted your -- to. What do what do you think what what is going on this is the what office of police secondary employment. Explain to people Howland -- that was so. -- you know it was sent out. Because. -- this year I guess as a real fear that. That that there was pervasive corruption. In the ecosystem. And that that was -- that was premised. Part of the problem is that there's been pervasive. Corruption. And every facet of fueled power politics for very long time out of focus on the clean up. Is now on the on the Stella and blue food do a lot of hard work for very little pay. Some cool kid that frankly afford to live with out a legitimate. Instead ecosystem. And -- giving him that. No no absolutely not mean that the part of while we've lost so many veteran offices is that they can. Do less work less violent crime to deal with -- and saint -- Jefferson in black commenced. And give them a better base today. And it shared details system. You know -- understated and you know why the federal government came in and and why that's part of the consent decree. But when you look at the biggest scandal in terms of details it was high ranking folks in the traffic camps are not they got a period -- reading a book. I'm making sure and I think it's not a hate it -- the again at the high school football game. It it would just seem common -- ago with the with the problems that we -- city in the -- city -- for instance that one of the main -- -- -- educated highly qualified please. I don't -- -- fashion. Where offensive profession you have highly educated. Highly competent people. That that isn't paid commensurate with that demand -- what's the -- world we can't get his focus on. Let's get as many good people is weak and would play. I think we get we've gotten for the past eight years so distracted about some -- hairy. One -- here has been the residency requirement this concept. That we've got to force offices to New Orleans parish. Win you know it's a little experience as a whole Lotta things you gotta worry about housing can you afford to live I can you afford to you kids -- decent education. And did that -- all the details system but allowed a lot of folks assassinate kids stick. Private schools because they couldn't get in the way they thought were good public schools. But in in saint Tammany parish suggested -- that problem -- not exist. It's a huge problem. But part of Thomas how we've dealt with -- now we've handled it we spent a lot of money. In a lot of areas in criminal justice. There's a lot of areas boom and expansion and what their budget talks. And had -- not trickled down to the folks we depend on what everything breaks. And goes to hell and we need help of a paradigm -- And it but it did Hollywood become because some of it seems just commonsensical. -- -- -- Paddy day. They -- the cops every year about forty dollars an hour. Every police union represented -- talk to says they policeman that they're really struggling. Just to make their bills. But it looks like a number of pleased that usually do that detailed set. I'm Michael Owen and they're the gonna pay me thirty bucks and -- cells have always paid importing -- or. In the in the city came back considered forward -- -- the parade lynched -- importing blow. We're worse the blockade there and -- comments and. We -- common sense isn't common if you middle that's going to come to city government I found whether reasonable IRA and but the fatigue you to do -- think about that to get these guys have been make it forty Dallas the same guys who have a relationship with the owner. Know how to deal with this crowd knew about exactly what time people and be the most stroked. And an how to deal with -- and so dominion pay the same amount for very long period of time and now this which you the exact same job. True less because now. We are going to be in charge of the revenue dealing with the owners directly why would the picture applause there's no reason. People are drinking less green beer. It's not going to be less hours that's just one of those things that that that that really can can demoralize. Top offices law already feeling like. You know they didn't they didn't kick in the butt. I mean most police so you don't get into because of the money. Do they do have to earn a living. And in and paying him that much less to deal with a very raucous crowd I think they -- as an insult and decide to -- stated. And it correctly for wrong with the says the potential to really. -- -- -- in and in some of our small businesses are slow. Went knew that sounds funny but is that you went up and bought. Could trillion tons of green beer -- -- said who Melbourne scribe drew the next day they're -- they're they're buying inventory. And if they don't have somebody to protect the reinvestment. -- and you'll lose one -- Losing money and it's dangerous it's dangerous scenario to have. -- large capacity crowd was out the proper security. You know we do we account that prides itself -- larger jets. On large events that include alcohol at a combination of those two things his recipe for something to get out of control that will need some sort of police intervention. And so we've got to make sure that we have and not police officers and preparing them paying them to generate. To make sure that things -- stay on the control. So it's not just. You know going to be hard for the business owner. It's -- people participating. In the social event if something happens and it's not property. Proper proper police security. It's incalculable good play in the money is the money dared to take this. Hold issuable duty pay the off the table. I I don't know that we can take it completely off the table -- -- -- council's decision making process because now we've got this consent decree. Because it's been overlooked. And mismanaged for so long. The consent -- has certain requirements that we're gonna be bound to which means that. We've got to pay it and we're not going to be like do things the way that they've been done in the past. And we've got to figure out a way to peaceful. And so are headed to some degree but I think on a larger. Than them and come on a macro level we've got to say okay wait a second. We've got to figure out 100 got to get it right fast police force in hung up paid him. It may get based pay enough where they -- and where they can live a decent life. These guys taken a lot of risk and for very little game. And all we've done in recent years is correct. There and come for. More work. And now the consent decrees and had a whole lot new requirement to the way they give you listen to Office Depot. And just walk around and you see several police officer Gordon and about supplies. They've got to leave for their own supply -- their pocket homicide -- dead straight detectives. They uniforms. That it's taken out of their -- there's all these different levels of him getting money taken away from them. They have to do more every year which -- -- -- left office. All right we're gonna number of people wanted to talk to our -- City Council person who is -- Arthur Arthur. -- with counsel William. Hey here they're out there are outdoors and have to thank you. It correctly argued that want -- everybody you -- me. All prefer it not working at their bigger get more popular figure it out there. You're -- get it. Or not gonna walk out what got a didn't have fuel. So I think bad. Add them I -- credit scores -- nature aren't -- but I want to let them do you think your -- -- You know through. I really wouldn't do it is the -- area I'll let you know what. That would like to work. Grandchildren. If you -- -- -- bought when he -- and people can't be a lot already gotten your aren't you people are -- Although the column while they. Ought. It -- well what's -- -- there. -- all the -- that you might as well. They're -- up there right now. We needed we needed to have or authors solve the problem but he thing. W let me a little bit of that -- -- has never been a single complaint about officers who did their job -- -- -- about him being in any way corrupt. Yet there are affected by what other folks and I mean this question has it been in all walks of life educated throughout everything. Does anybody really know what's in that consent degree. Because on an applaud the role of issues when -- -- people and said the government. And it's a war how does that affect her -- were not really sure yet. What I tell me if it's it's something in writing I guess -- you read it to Syria would send it the. Ms. -- finished consent decree. No more changes. -- the federal government is concerned it's a status consent decree I believe that. The mayor's office is negotiating with cement or -- war or working against him with -- good judge African trying to encourage certain things not. To be required but I think this far the federal government is concerned it just finished considered decree and now we're duty bound. And obligated to deal -- -- in part of this because we have looked away from some of those deals for very long period of time. Had we dealt with -- improperly did during each administration. Then we wouldn't have federal government involved now tell it to mandate. -- a good show good day on infrastructure problems in the country in this city. And did lose the American civil engineer organization. And they said in a lot of cases is just can be cheaper their private companies do it in and charge. Whoever they control large. Too true to make a profit. Israeli chances then eventually this can turn to private security company owns. Debt is -- in the reasonable. Consideration and in a number of different areas. One. That can relieve some of the pressure on the police department. It is -- you about false alarms but home alarm business alarm systems police the police department required to respond. And those false -- and there are a number of them a day. And that takes. And these guys. Off the streets to deal with that problem and in usually. You know it it is just of politics. What faulty warrant would have reached what they've done North Carolina and some other places. Is they've they've required these security companies to. Together. Partner up with Chris Kennedy. That is just to be checking in system in which you've got. A police force that dentist is. So lowly. That is not right side. That's one way that we can sort of keep our officers on the street we need it took that's so that we can talk about -- there -- well there's also reserved. Police departments some cities have junior. Police -- that can handle minor incidences like traffic accident he might wait three hours. It's somebody may never show up for traffic accident that because we're so undermanned. -- -- -- -- explain to you how to handle the pain of your job do you you've got to read another pain. That's worst than the other end -- can get rid of that quickly. Therefore the other -- won't seem like much pain at all so every suggestion yeah judge you called the show once week. Put charm for are. They -- -- soil and durable. When you get all Hugo fuels so much I try I tried and I like I am Yoram. Thank you series and can -- relations could talk to -- appreciate. It in my car.