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3-20 12:35pm Garland, NOLA police detail

Mar 20, 2014|

New Orleans brand new plan for paying off duty police work is already running into problems. Cops are not happy…they argue the pay is too low and many haven’t signed up even though they need the extra money. In the meantime, small businesses are caught in between the warring factions. Does lower pay forecast fewer police for private duty? Garland was joined by Eric Hessler, Attorney for the Police Association of New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More more opportunity for the players voted one quarter of -- police officers in New Orleans. And there are bill -- indeed to get -- workers something they are always. News. Something they always needed just to have to pay the bills keep them. Once the -- came and with a consent decree and was highly critical of police department -- kind of changes put in place and I think. The the entities that control. The off duty work and today. -- department called all this so please secondary. Portman you. Because. Eric councilor turner report with the -- whose fusion fuel and Eric welcome back through or appreciated on. I've got that right does this is a city department. And problem to Uga running in two when it comes to adjust to supplement your income with the Borg did. What the problem is the opposite police secondary importance. And and the concept and -- the the conditions and an accusation that led up to. You know the -- of -- Our -- kicked off that. -- they have been accused of being dropped and so. To the point that. That that each out -- to be taken away and run by ground by actually agency. There were never any merit to that -- net never any troops to that. And the city took a good. A good deal that could that would -- -- -- -- to make a living at a critical about salary and they took that the only they screwed it up. And and to network actual paper because. What's -- city took over details. About they immediately lost about 50% of the customer. It wouldn't really does look -- if I'm reading this reckless and the paper moonlighting in police uniform -- wrong. 49 dollars loss for regular auction of 39 dollars for top general PD -- What is it'll PD brisket paid more for off duty or do they bring some kind of additional expertise to the job. Well and it's it's it's really dependent upon the person. The -- simply second -- employment setup that schedule and that that -- that's not what they Yasser terms that's what the city is -- -- the banks -- dollars and believes. 5000 White Sox sent out of that. And then and then -- the -- on stage. And it at this board there was a report that -- when the web sites. And that terrorist cells and -- and Tuesday. Usually the same officers every year a little -- the news -- there a couple of drunks there. And they get same officers imported books and or pay him yeah sported by an hour. And because -- -- was pleased chicken during employment. That was not true this year in this and you know we're born on Google like that crowd or that little money. And Europe ourselves. You're leave icon of -- it almost didn't happen because. Yeah that's unfortunate and it's incredible that that. This situation could be that bad that police such as what would take the stand at that taking. And international's. You know although they got. Police officers to ultimately show up. The other option and get sorted out our rest assured that you need to take their their cut out that money problem. Not so much -- just just didn't have a choice from an economic standpoint apparent -- now had stepped. I'm not even head and police just show up. But they had not played such -- certainly allowed the the event to take place but he -- sister network for. You know it's apparent assault and incurring. Certain liabilities you know that it. Make sure these option that would date they were they had to do that to make sure while it had to make sure that they had to. Hope that these options were spared not to deal with the crowd such a and and thank potentially or else they're -- relatively well. So bottom line is that could affect only believes that depicts small business and big events. Well of course and that's why that's why are small businesses and end and big venues such as super super dome in the arena in which. Contemplating going elsewhere -- that they're secured and searched records because. They're paying more and not getting that the service and got in the. As we all know a policeman and ordered to. Supplement very low income very low profit. They do off dude who works as they go up -- -- -- to a detail work and because of scale gold because of federal government. Because of lawsuits. They've moved. That system to this city in her apartment Corel office of -- secretary secondary employ them. And the -- are getting lifts them they were both four under the new system. And in there interviewing the -- up -- we've talked or near killed him and he said you know. Someone -- and businesses turning to the sheriff's office of law enforcement. Agency private security. And we have but Erica we would -- attorney Bora piano. Please whose fusion of New Orleans and Eric we have vote -- Jermaine. That I think the access to a real good idea Germaine you're on -- their. Hi Eric well. Yes my concern that this is the carpet is out today. Lot of Bangkok. The casinos. Would want -- officers who know. It -- -- Career. Well armored car. Online order Nomar. Exhibit and considered. -- -- from me anyway -- -- -- environment. And I have an opposite rotated through every few days -- few weeks. That's unfamiliar. You don't know who -- regular -- -- You don't know all you know and later the arm for quite dark and it kind of hard. In my opinion. About where. A different wanna see normal rotation out -- -- out on our new. You have been working. Opposite to no. What -- and you become and broke which are the common -- what they expect will become integral part of me clout. And no -- they are observant. But what ever you are an okay opposite track art that eight out -- an actor and come. They're not familiar -- not want to be and aware and change to what point call. -- -- Well it gently. -- an end. And you know it's and we rely on not this year. -- only a little clique of people that feel that. Know these things are. Out and the opportunity it into -- cultural heritage and several times. On the plate of the opposite no the client double compound there are people. Routinely have lost season ticket. You know it's a mile -- going to be more content of who they are a bit of kind of the W. Jermaine good point soon unleash them what you assume would you think Eric. Can Nestle writes I'm Eric and strangely enough some businesses are a lot to keep. There the officers that work and work for the they're not primary -- behind it. Because I think. I personally I think it's politics it's huge banking institution to school this churches. In a -- large -- that can -- there are options why it like that discriminate against small business and and and not allow those. A businesses to to hire the options that they're comfortable options that that even done a good job in the past. And in jets that particular. You know that neighborhood with -- -- crime that occurred and that gets that neighborhood you know look at -- Shall operate that car Berkeley and actually had a murder one. You know -- -- -- know from year a year where the Berkeley where the car -- you're gonna occur. And and they know where where patrol they know. Some of the charges in the neighborhood in the end you know these things haven't been considered or even worse -- probably be considered and discussed what. Looks like the bears -- City Council live below on higher paid. Or some events do you what that means and do you think. -- -- gonna come up with -- more money. Well I'd -- don't know what that means. I know that the city said that. They are to that you know they came -- forty dollars up because because this was a special event. However. I'll have got some bright -- that -- stepped their level of preparedness they only offered forty dollars. Had about 3 o'clock on Friday afternoon when nobody signed up. So so that's the way this office has been has been -- -- that this city government that. Just to take something that was -- perfectly well. Giving up on -- thousand dollar budget. And it probably end up. Looting and what they can -- no doubt and losing money but probably twice that amount of money in the business that the case. And in different stand correctly this city. Can't guarantee of police coverage dude to businesses or events. Because it's not required to please -- I don't exactly -- that means but they can't promote. -- love it let me read -- for more to have -- it's one thing New Orleans the city office and upper body and is a guaranteed supplies all purchasers for a bit and it's it's up to the officers to assign. Exactly an end officers don't trust. The city the date date the they don't trust that the fact that. I don't like the fact that they're making less now for the same work art and not even that same -- they don't know where there don't -- can't depict. And use the details. But apart and they want workforce they wanna work got to sign up again offered the job they did -- particularly good but they're still making an a 10% or 15%. So I'm 40% less than what they're making before. How many officers are or you're losing now is a daily weekly. I'm not they were about. One officer every -- that stage. And -- home here yet adding you have that. Not even close at that we lot and it would not put it we have eighteen police saucers that. Are are are taking -- troops that are scheduled start the next academy but that doesn't cover what we're locked in and pitched chainsaw. The first of the year not not not not to mention here that. The -- Bartlett street. So no -- may have to move that would seem like in the relatively near future. We run. Police enough. Even for the basic services. Think -- I think that's happened or out stock into -- client in my office say they called 91. Three times. Because of -- major spike marks out of business and have the option shored up sovereign debt. That's yet public safety is at jeopardy ops -- safety that jeopardy. And end. It's not gonna get any better -- until they address not just ecosystem. But more specifically more importantly. That's already oxygen and I think they should be paid 1108 where they don't have to go work second heat. And that instant City Council and mayor's office. Has has created this problem and it's time it's sixty. Eric Vick somewhere you have talked to hopefully the problem will be solved in men -- the other. Thank you for the time we have good thank you.