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3-20 4-5pm Bobby and Deke, Saints ranked 8th best

Mar 20, 2014|

A week after free agency, Vegas updated the odds on the next Super Bowl (XLIX…49). The Saints are at 22/1…8th best in the NFL, 5th best in the NFC. Do you agree or disagree with Vegas? (Interesting note is that the day after the Super Bowl (2-3-2014) the Saints were 18/1.)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to sports so quality Kasey -- embodied -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program we want to hear from you 26018786. Weeks. 889087. A couple of big and match -- have already gone down with upsets in the NC 88 tournament a twelve beating a five and eleven beating a six. Would you comment just a few moments and also today's topic of conversation we're looking at the odds in what has gone down. Now and those you keep -- -- -- the odds are released. For one season. That day at the Super Bowl meaning February the third those odds. Wore out to see who would win the Knicks who gogel who both Ford and Seattle came out on the day after the morning as who -- as the favorite at 92. Never second eight to one. While the odds -- updated two days ago. A week into free agency. In arrest. The New Orleans Saints going on a day after the Super Bowl. Well they had I -- the odds of eighteen to one with puts him at fifth best in the fourth best in the NFC. And apparently they odds have -- as Saints a 22 to one. Teams that are ahead of the Saints in the AFC Seattle San Francisco Green Bay had surprisingly. Philadelphia. And then that has been movement since the first goal came out of first odds came out in the Saints -- eighth overall AFC teams ahead of the black and go Denver and New England. And now the Indianapolis Colts would bring indicate he can and Bobby Hebert bowed out of a surprise that a I don't know if you -- odds that that that should be surprised that bit. Philadelphia made a little bit of a ball off 125 the one to eighteen the one. And they -- team now when you look at how they stack up in the NFC. The oddsmakers have Philadelphia. Couple of the things in the NFC. Yeah. A big Metallica still look at they abuse the -- is a playoff team the yellow card winning NFC south but. When I look when you look at odds and an island maybe you can. Enlighten me but to me when you look at. The Saints to 22 to one. You know if you looked. Compared to -- product that is suitable. What they were eighteen to one -- that's in the same ballpark does not like that right. A drastic. And I think. The teams because doing these -- -- on the on the board by the Eagles I think we beat the Eagles in Philadelphia argue all. I think now Seattle. And -- -- now that's a different animal I think doing they structured. They'd be important that you pulling him in the superdome landing along with Carolina now Carolina. As of late be in his in his see how their odds and change. All of that is took a different seven on defense but canyons ankle injury and in. The receiver look at receiver -- treated agents sign right but he got a number one is right. Airline about it but it is interesting now because remember I'll go to the dates again these are right. The first out came out today activists who vote in the after the Seattle trounced the -- Broncos 438. And you updated. On the eighteenth which was right around that time so they have that readjusted the odds they'll they'll readjust them again I think right around right before the draft Soviet Ressa C where Carol city ethics -- defense Carolina they did that -- Carolina state this same point 51. And how -- how it may affect Atlanta giving -- a down a dynamic player like they did actually Atlanta. Went worse Bobby they were at 25 the one day at the Super Bowl and they have a long the odds now it 33 to war. Well. I still think you look at the Falcons -- that they don't scare me either the way they structured. How the Saints going far how are they gonna put him out to be talking about the rich getting richer. Come on I think he has a lot let -- attack Jarrett attained Jared Allen. Yes crushed ten man rotation with the Seahawks. I think that's a great fit for him the high energy he brings. It's almost not fair you know I have the past they might unlike my -- -- -- guard to sea Hawks are now coming out and I'm not. I'm not I'm not saying that I'm not crime infallible when I look at it it would -- with spent the last offseason and look at all the players they have -- brought them -- at least over the camp. And now look at Seattle area that some players though but he just Sam Michael Bennett in an inning you bring in Jared Allen to me is still gonna have that clears rotation. They might they might be better yet. I'm the -- behind. No daylight Clemens go to Jacksonville. And right yeah I'm trying to think. Jared Allen a guy like he says a lot left to take about a change of scenery. What William you also let his stall it was to get a rain and the eulogy was outstanding with the Chiefs outstanding with a bike is the with the doesn't have as money. And he doesn't have a championship. So he's looking at it was my best chance this opportunity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah a good pond out and can't see me -- over Minnesota and how he's a lot of big cowboy ease him and then I'd be in Beagle and a tuxedo -- and I think he wants to Wear cowboy hat. As you know got I think he's. He's one of those that idea that -- rodeos seen you classify him as a Bulldog. And in and cars back have an ability to be a calf rope. And I think -- a multi dimensional but definitely a man to make kind of a deal and outdoorsman so. Yeah I'm sure he'll exploit to great northwest. Had an opportunity to go to the field with. The old Andrea we looked as we -- and overall -- to free agency. The oddsmakers say the saint that they eighth best team in the NFL fit as about a ride as they did best in the NFC and whatever and I knew I was sixteens. Sixteen as well that's what we were last year we -- we will we will we with a sixty. So we -- we fear now so if you if you top six in your conference where you could have been a play off. The dominating yes I do you -- yes -- well line yet the big -- Gailey should call on your opinion daunting have a major problem wit. Is that Philadelphia. Right you know life whether you re would you rank in -- NFL would you look at the the NFC the Eagles should not be ahead of us so. I thought I know how to play we laugh of Tokyo a -- or that Green Bay and it's a Green -- I'll let like it of where that glove there because of that that could be a shoot out a tie game. But the Eagles. Did the Eagles got to convince me the NFC's gotta convince me what -- -- -- in it sees as well as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If we go by what what has been transpire when there's been transpired. That we would have to say that. The reason of that movement. Were positive beat caused some of the players that they brought in. Like within a little Malcolm -- EM out the Jay's gonna put him over the top I mean and a little of the DeSean Jackson lining up with the Carolina Panthers. I noticed -- the Bulls -- That there is you know rumors that he's not -- they're not happy with him -- -- with them to pay him. Well I can't grow know Darren Sproles now we would face him in and in the playoffs. And thinking of for the ball went -- a doubt I think -- drove it to be defensively. -- better have big guns defensively. But I I think I would trade was common that we could run the ball forty times against the Eagles and have success. And I think they look at OK who got better and what neighborhood Ewing meeting OK yeah we all agreed to Wallace got better but -- neighborhood. I'm neighborhood is -- water in the neighborhood of the Philadelphia he. Yes in the end and of C solicit and and an -- they win the conversation. Where more competing. What -- style division like the NFC west Iowa when you look dubbed the Seahawks forty niners. The Cardinals the Rams but they did that to me that that's the kind of ball you gotta be played in. If you order a -- and it seemed to suitable than that and now I was going on and and the NFC east or even NFC north. I mean look look at the Bears they want the Bears to be relish the Bears choked. Down the stretch and he truly trust. Jay Cutler allowed the lines they late in the day the Packers because Aaron Rodgers -- always put the Packers in there dead dead dead naked paying. They get the right people around him and obviously they got that the right quarterback I think the best quarterback. But that if you look at their defense. They've been up and down a kind of very similar to the Saints. That but India and they can turn around like Rob Ryan did scoring defense. That that is so critical. But I -- and I'll look at the Saints trying to get back to consumable. I -- to -- I still -- would do we have to do. To get better. With the likes of the party niners and the Seahawks and is clobbering of the 49ers. 'cause if you would have to go. Well on the road not 2011 erupting coming. We were -- -- were better than them is amazing how you know we we did is gave that game away but the 49ers did listen they haven't been in that. So -- minutes each damaged the game went three years that are on now opened up and so. That kind of speaks for itself. We will continue to we count. Josh around the streets of of the bid it right now and in the case you can't always keep a few notes and he's Jankovic strikes again and I remember yesterday today or with him things he without -- the most with what team had been the most. Consecutive sweet sixteen -- in on the whole body -- -- by the state by the state vote Dayton pops Ohio State six that if if you know. Well big you know of the -- view and actually to bring that out because of I brought up at -- pop up that you know when you look you know North Carolina where it all started when North Carolina you know has made the most sweet sixteens at 25 and then. Ahead of followed by Duke you know with would 23 Kentucky 22 and on and on. And -- have been as of late Ohio State has been to the sweet sixteen the last four years is the longest current streak. Yeah not to look at that I've Florida -- is a market they had three seed -- that -- -- hole the but that was set. Is it that I denied pick. But I have to save and I'll look at my bracket in in the eighth inning not in -- till. I got one I did pick dating to beat Ohio State is six to be eleven but I did not have Harvard winning. I had Cincinnati. But even USA today with the guys indeed do a great job break in his down. That was and have said it looked at potential upset yeah Harvard is not your normal number twelve seed to crimson. Every -- -- tournament three years in a row a top 35 deep -- coach Tommy -- -- The will know his basketball knowledge in. And it went on to say -- Davis might be an issue for Cincinnati. Which of the deadly was the case Sosa will be able to -- was an upset. You know it happens every year of five. You know five verses twelve Harvard coming out on top. I like I said I'd concede -- comment. But ID get -- look at it like. Almost like when you Peking. And and where are you coming of from. As far as. You know the momentum you know going to a tournament like. If you look. You know Harvard where they rat. And how they were close and out things go to the Ivy League MVP in west Saunders when you look. And a Cincinnati. And you know you think good people I see them play to mediate an -- of scores. And nine and that was the thing that was job. Likes I don't know come tournament time. You play great defense but he's still gonna become the case in point. Would you gonna have to -- to score. And nine and I and and looks like I think was 6760 some the score righted -- -- But then you look at and you know Dayton in Ohio State and we it would data is that now you look would Dayton and Ohio State. Look. Look at the Buckeyes -- finished 25 and nine and you got to realize though they started fifteen in no. And it is terrible and they are ranked as high as number two in the nation of one time. During the season they've been as they were fifteen you know at the beginning -- -- -- finished. 25 and nine where if you look like a Dayton well where dating to down the stretch they got hot at -- you know they won ten of twelve subbing at all cousin the play. And I know what they do you think about this. -- in Ohio Ohio State you know Ohio State alumni -- -- think and they no way -- world but they added that they should be a beaten us. Right you know a big but I've big guys I had seen this. A biggest -- -- Dayton has played Ohio State it's about 500. It's not like our highest they'd been to dominate -- to state university. That that Dayton plays would -- like comets and and and they've shown that enough beating Ohio State but I know that would be. Unacceptable presidency for LSU fans. And you -- playing this kind of game. And -- and you're living -- you're losing like a city you look good at the university New Orleans. I mean at colonial where -- state school solicited theory. Ohio State that's supposed to lose and did being. You know the fan base that they like while those great players whatever -- the went -- -- Beagle and a Ohio State but as of -- like we had at Ohio State. -- years making the sweet sixteen and now obvious signal in the case. Well it's good night for Louisiana last night -- schools picking up a big breakthrough hit on Eddie in just the moment and at the top overall seed determined 5056. The left in the first half second half he has. Number one Florida 37 -- those great things -- anything you tell us at thirty thigh occupant on that 11 of the top players coming out of high as do. Showed up last night in prime time. Guerrero Mon comes up big as the LSU Tigers. Defeat San Francisco seven on a 63. In the in ninety -- -- they would take on -- this in view of the top overall seed -- dummy UC Irvine and had to be at 8 o'clock tip off 730 air attack Monday right here on WWL. Is remarkable sixteen points on your front third and so Ron Coleman had thirteen points apiece it was a good night pretty much. For Louisiana up about it last night is -- Louisiana with two out of three Louisiana Tech also beat Iona. Last night and -- are tight -- the -- bulldogs come out on top and they advance to the second round in the interacting they went eight and 88 Austin. It to blame -- about one. 56 the 55 to prince. And then things that you know -- coach ministry. Big game against a Tulane baseball. Yeah you know come what a win there and -- Deluca LSU baseball -- oh watch them and I think is south Alabama gets him it's a lot of if if if I'm miss -- based -- he had it going. Local universities. Playing a lot of a lot of ball and and they weren't I think people are more interested though right now I mean. When you look LSU -- San -- there might Seattle also won all of LSU's baseball. Is heading in the right direction and but you know listen this can go and come into play I should say in going to next season whenever. You know you win these games and you know you going in hostile environment well on the West Coast. And then now this will be a different challenge -- you know because people view. With Coach Brown has done at SMU. Has that has been amazing. And they thought they should've been a tournament team at faltered down the stretch losing. Regain so that'd be a lot more impressive. -- -- she's able coastal they were able to beat this and you must thing's fuel and facility you know if it can happen. And glad to see now. We even talked to you know as much -- Louisiana Lafayette I think journey it would probably talked about a Louisiana Tech basketball. I can recall thing. I'm turning in -- game is to land owners seem to be among forty point one time and and -- on that knowing. Until they actually play the game it will be and you kinda look into it and I wasn't that necessarily a fluke -- -- Louisiana Tech you know was that period but I like going on his brain right now. Look -- at Austin day's beautiful days out there. In. Nobody that's almost when you watch him basketball and March Madness going all I'm via the weather's so nice though you kind of almost. Tape delay our team voting games and you watch them later as you wanna enjoy -- a beautiful weather. And. It got Louisiana certainly coming up and yet we can run -- Lotta Lotta. Lot of outside activity in the above -- I was certainly had an issue that we seen -- -- have impact players we we got our impact player in this mode. Going to the eleventh season in -- Darren Sproles. I -- I'm not comparing them but I'm saying that type impact type he makes. Atlanta has that type of impact an impact type player now as Devin Hester go to the felt. While you look at Devin Hester mean everyone. Who follows football they'll -- -- explosiveness. I mean colonies in the NFL history books and what he's done against us yet and -- look at it Bears uniform as a returner in. And assuming he's capable of being on the back in a receiver that can contribute. That -- so he's another one that. I mean I don't think he's going downhill I think he can. Go to Atlanta and and still -- -- against the Saints with. You know break a kick return or punt return -- a touchdown. He was a long the lights compared to when you look at the return game in the numbers. You know records and all that would Deion Sanders so we in their conversation. You know people are gonna be aware of who Devin Hester is. And -- -- goes to show you play long enough and have success. Even with Devin Hester in the record books has done for the Bears and then now he's on another team. When the Falcons at. -- I'd much rather put it this so much rather Devin Hester. You're going to Falcons and Jared Allen. You know Goran a -- in the Jared Allen now with the Seahawks. And not too different to have a players but I think. Jared challenges does. I can say well look how long he's played at a high level we Kansas City in and the Vikings. And whatever they pay them these kind of lived up to that. You'll look overall. And now almost Annika. Hello pep in his step in his second win. To close out his career and I don't know how long. You know with a one year deal kind of like when you look at the markets where. You know going to Broncos and all the in. Julius Everett when you have those top pass rushers. And you know it's almost like one year deals and you -- OK you got. Let it says thirty million. The three years but you look it would kindling guaranteed that's almost I don't know the exact structure of the contract but -- threw like one year deals. -- he was gonna happen next year in and instantly. He averages twelfth. On the -- with twelve sacks per season bugs -- 28. Had sex in -- seasons any any coast to this it was scary Eagles to a Seattle defense that may have the NFL's fewest points allowed. Are created most turnovers in the league and that was -- fewest yards allowed. And that last triple play was a comment by the nineteen while I've Chicago -- big colleges tell you. Considering his supporting cast that Seattle. Then and you talk about his average says sacks. Per year right twelve and a half since he's been in the NFL. That. I'd be shocked if you don't get to double digits thanks you don't get to at least ten because of the supporting cast. And you know obviously we talked to Renault and tarot and we were asking him about it amber in the big teams in free agency what with that a move to state. In one ANC says he says that's a move was Seattle whatever -- to get DeMarcus Ware. I'll say trot but they certainly meant to Seattle next as they've -- -- -- would you -- kids here now. And now and now and adding Jared Allen that if you play NFL football and you. And you have to be tough I mean if you wanna lasts a long time. But to me Jerry challenges things more rugged. A Seattle type player in the markets to our message to Martin's words finance. Write a book by its a good fit for both well yeah -- -- -- and ask that I'm IQ RC I see where -- evidence Seattle and I certainly Seattle Moyer in Seattle and now see where. Yeah eight AJ is saying is like big and I'm speculating here just observe and then. Let's say they had the same type of injury that Jared Allen and more likely to -- played in the markets where. I feel like tomorrow's where we sit on the game -- -- That's just maybe in my mind I'm thinking when you view both players and their ability. But look at the markets -- has missed meaningful games and it could be rightly so for the Cowboys when he heard. Became play at a high level but. I think it's a great fit out the -- players. Listened to Marcus ware said they held the Cowboys that we know window open. You know -- he appreciate what they've done nobody's trying to get a suitable like Jared Allen tonight that you could see why. Obviously begin every case you needed to DeMarcus Ware. Now I Jared Allen -- got to look at a I don't think he got the money. I know leading the money that the boards -- as far as guarantee it. He feels like he's going the right place to win a championship. Top NFL news that obviously as the rich get richer Jared Allen said it's on the Seattle Seahawks. It AFC south -- or halves the greatest certainly one of the greatest return -- electrifying players in NFL history. Joining the south division as Devin Hester come to terms on a three year deal with. The Atlanta Falcons -- -- today in NCAA basketball number eleven Dayton sixty -- 59. Over six seed Ohio State and Harvard. 61 -- 57 over Cincinnati right now top overall seed Florida. -- sixteenth seeded Albany 46 the 39 1155. At the plate. In the second and you know Bob it's one thing it hasn't happened to determine a sixteen to knock an awful ones but. You gotta figure one day over the course out one day -- -- -- yet and don't have a one day and the Iguodala surprised nodded pig pit Pittsburgh. The -- and that is to beat the Colorado buffaloes that was nine vs a debate Christ. -- don't have points the advantages beat him they crushed in salon I was able to get. You know that one right at -- faculties of living that -- pick so far haven't you. All of them all the only only miss one -- mr. Dayton won the no no dazzle when I got right don't -- -- Cincinnati Harvard. So you -- they know I can't I had I can't you can't talk to run it that it did it it's that I don't I'm biased towards a pretty easy because. I could -- -- Jenkins of mil is because of -- -- Dayton is because how they've played against Ohio State. You know just looking at that and I'm -- it's been like 500 is that. It's not like. You know the big state university Ohio State you know. Did you say big about this could be good news San frosting on the -- casino drive these thoughts -- I think it may well but you always do you do pretty -- -- -- -- a comic -- of -- -- that's what I do with the -- -- know look I look at their bodies mock drafts and that's how you you know five is exhibit mock drafts and and and how you narrow it down saving with the NBA. Mean I don't know India college talent in him being. But the ego my claim to -- I'm never get forget how to navigate you stated -- and there a coach Byron Scott yeah I am it would and then he says man we need our youth at this. But out to start all that travelling had to G -- Gus catching -- And now he is though he was so proud about his NBA knowledge he -- a QB get a bit. A hundred dollars every round a -- see who's gonna you know will who's gonna get drafted. And -- Gus quit after four picks when oval and when I got in. And it is across shoots photo yeah it was a process of elimination but it does and how the hell you know Russell Westbrook. Bodies silly -- at all on those and I read all of this did research used a best. It's -- guard. Coming into the NBA draft then they will know what he's done now as a scorer also for the up on -- By the end on an island -- -- -- -- about a laws Gus would expect that 400 dollars and I'll let him slide Al to get a you know because of the resource -- to make -- pay that but it's just a matter of process of of elimination. And but -- if you look it. Become undisputed top doll and say they like in Texas miserably there's no there's a lot of big universities in Texas. But still you universe in their people believe this but at the University of Texas. Voters high expectations. -- the same thing what Ohio State. I mean you -- like -- big game -- -- to lose. -- -- -- -- -- both lose to Miami of Ohio or Ohio I guess it's that Ohio University to date on the hunt babysit what what happened you know that's. Is kind of like. But then you know game to the sweet sixteen for -- -- all levels of the longest streak in the country but. How big has had success against them in the past coming out. -- A year ago they about an hour talk to the mix who could be a surprise team needs to advance the playoffs in 2014. This is sports talk. On WW.