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3-20 5-6pm Bobby and Deke, Saints ranked 8th best

Mar 20, 2014|

A week after free agency, Vegas updated the odds on the next Super Bowl (XLIX…49). The Saints are at 22/1…8th best in the NFL, 5th best in the NFC. Do you agree or disagree with Vegas? (Interesting note is that the day after the Super Bowl (2-3-2014) the Saints were 18/1.)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk about the case you can't -- -- a bad time Deke Bellavia lot enemy today college basketball. And of course NFL football we're talking now odds are always out there. According to the odds after the first week of free agency the Saints at the eighth best team in the national football league's fifth best at an all conference. Do you agree. Or disagree with Vegas you can casual online at WW dot com body. We've been talking about Jared Allen now this a must come down as you say a money issue could hear it. Allen has left the Seattle facility with -- feet and -- it is his second trip. So you know you always did just try to strike second bit of values really big cub like we do rheumatology errors bird don't let -- get out of -- You know it in theory is likely if you got the player you really wants you wanna you don't want him to leave when I'm getting a deal with the so there's uncertainty they don't want to say yes and Jared Allen left. And then. You know who's in Dallas and -- came back to Seattle so is all I go you know a done deal but is is told him money. When you're looking at the contract. And is probably. It could be something -- I'm just speculating now but you never know but -- pie was gonna speculate. He's still views himself. Long the lines of -- and I yet to investigate Theo would be -- -- paid -- The likes of the guaranteed money of the Marcus where are -- Julius pepper. -- you know if you look at. OK okay what are they getting guaranteed cash and and if Seattle. I don't know there's salary cap issues that. In in the Eagles get involved. If you're still being you playing at a high level. And he's still views cellblock I'm averaging twelve and a half sacks this season. And now all of ascendancy Seattle's guarantee in. I don't know I'm just -- six -- seven million. Vs -- DeMarcus Ware and gained ten million for the Broncos you know they kinda have a players' egos get involved but then. The give and take you have to look at the team you're going to and ultimately. You know before you retire are you wanna win -- doable. -- obviously. Jared allens chances. Of winning is to avoid those tough to go back to back that you have to Seattle on odds and having a third youngest team. That a whole lot better him when he was playing with the Chiefs and Vikings. And then also about the Eagles on your home clubhouse the that you just -- Michael Bennett you gave him some money so you know I don't -- -- I was always talked. As long as you're OK we're with you guys that don't worry about the next meant that I sat there worked there and I mean I have el duque can't advance so you give Jake out of all his body to aggravate it might be saying okay. -- you think it's going to help him get out of. -- is indeed now also hard headed aren't dedicated -- their -- could meet. That you're all players -- tell -- they get to be honest. That 28 teams and knowledge of a three year period. I was ranked. You know in days gone up and -- -- you know a -- local star -- are narrow -- as high as on the before. The number eleven. But Alice paid like number eighteen or nineteen. So. You know Lamar Cox I was -- -- said OK I'll while market value this is -- follow. And then that's when. Depending on who you dealing with the old school and -- the things as a hard headed Els who general manager Tom. Hart had a cage and I'm like saying no this is what I want this is market value. And then I had to players on the side. And you know it is going bag for a free agency where. Kind of trickle down effect dealing with the quarterback. You know pat -- the likes of Sam mills in everyone's saying -- -- is if you. You know he got to set the trend that you get paid and we all going to be a -- exit the time leading have a million dollar player. You know going back to you know that going in in 1990 season we had big -- that still did end of time. And and dealing with contract if you had success in the NFL. You gonna compare yourself. To the players around the league that play the same position as you and -- you look at the numbers are good the production. It's all but to me that's a Jared -- doing. And guy and but I think he won't take anyone BS yeah that that's the players at that. Early in the -- boat team and it is yes yes but it probably you know -- I think it's I think you know in the last few minutes. And has drawn us to a conclusion maybe thought that out there. Windy you win do you look at it too from a standpoint it is hard to put his Japanese players shoes but has put yourself -- -- -- you looking at Minnesota. They got Adrian Peterson has a piece of defense and he's a huge piece. But there in in an individual whatever put -- I'm Matt Cassel you won't get back so -- -- -- few -- behind. So do you take a little less to be what -- Super Bowl team. All right did you say what I want to get paid and be would -- -- team could and not be that call instead winners and often up. You gotta take one -- team locked into like a related note did they got into you and enough is enough. Come about the middle training camp and you don't now's not the time to panic if you try trying to get paid and stick by you guns. You did -- tell me. Now and sometimes teams do is go forward. Would you that it tell me of the -- Jared Allen doesn't get nothing done and well no it's to me it seems like is worth -- if he stays -- shake you around. That the window of opportunity is close of come middle of August tell us -- little. He is traded Kansas Darnell I give you that it tells me that of Jared and out Allen's -- is called the money's gonna come into play. But what team what 200 talked to Jared Allen's agent. We did well it is the middle of pre season and imitates him right now although a bit nit team -- What you look now. From a standpoint of structure of the front seven -- out front seven Dallas. I would take it did that would benefit greatly by the other players and as the only thing they ask me including Michael Bennett now since. Since the end though the Cowboys have added a lot of -- in the NC a defense that -- Henry Melton yep forgot how I would fake it now. That Dallas. Can tell come back to Jerry balance our -- -- what we get this well we got the play you this is opposite political spin -- any it's it's recruit and -- we wanted to come it will right off the year. And I know right now if Jerry Jones who's like he's got -- tickets chanted Gary Allen -- Michael AM -- with the money right they always go in with the money I -- I did -- here right now because earning power. And and Taylor players is not about the money to -- crap that is -- -- the truth that that it ends the Cowboys paid Jared Allen. A guaranteed money more than Seattle and and is the Saints a few million that he's not gonna say oh he's going to Dallas. I did that then I'm just -- you. Now you know they might tell the public in the fans and all the you do play for the love of the game. Police again and you 33 trying to get why you can't these one -- big -- -- -- -- the real world he commodity you don't have that -- that earning power league all you wanna get a contract -- to where you don't have to go to -- yet exactly and that is a big ticket and if you -- always go right Parse every day. Yeah he'll play golf whatever. Goldfish in whatever that Beckett that could be a life and. -- you might wanna be like -- little Italian Anke -- that was zone in an all conference Amazon -- -- -- go to Mayo by the ATP uprooted -- -- -- take -- down on the you can do whatever well. So it's -- that you talk about recruiting. And then you know you have investigations. With the players union everything you talk about tees being better. The wide receiver. You know that that that in them going to the Broncos to take -- plays a lot of sand Sanders yet never Andy Reid and all that they've -- added deal. Worked out with the Chiefs. And and kind of call on the broncos' old Bulls shady and sanders' agent not being truthful. But good luck -- you sign in name. That dotted line you know you've got nice cross -- tees. There's a lot that goes on. Where you -- have a deal and he says oh it's 80% done by good bills it could be 80% done 90% done Benito Jared Allen signed that. And then you read the fine print and then all of us onion that all of us all of you know and and Jared Allen's agent is telling. That somebody's on the phone -- married to talk to you in your hall. And it's Jerry Jones calling the Seattle. RW you gonna -- got a call and isn't what they say. I don't -- -- we -- reading to -- -- Adam -- at Seattle twice in an even now that deal. It's not a good sign it was not a big Pepsi who was Somalis who you know doubts his and arrested. But who else now is that he seems to be on the market plus this thing to consider that eighth best team in the National Football League right now do you think that's right it what do you do out there to put yourself in these players you -- my pieces. Is it. -- you needed 20 would you tend to take a little bit less to be a big team that team that you thinking that you. It -- you've been in the league for quite awhile one payday. And -- all sacrifice -- lucrative payday. And get -- during Monty Williams -- by 8 o'clock on 1053 and -- it's that you take him out. Scoop on 870 mean welcome back to sports talking -- Kasey Kahne Bobby -- I'd be the -- 601 point 786 weeks. 88908. In a tough one last night at a smooth makings of -- Bobby is the Marta Rose and comes -- beat 31 points. As the details fault that the Raptors 107 to 100 Toronto Raptors -- a ballclub that is. Some people think outside of Miami Indiana. Well they've done that they've had success against the -- yet if you look at it they're now a fifty at thirteen. I mean so bottom line is they can hang in and bottom line and also they've had. They had the pelicans number if you look. The they have now beaten the pelicans that -- to Toronto Raptors of the last six games and they want three in a row in New Orleans. So I mean come on that that's. His elbow you know we we we think -- -- -- -- -- what we should be better and at Toronto Raptors well you look at that we're not says they've won six straight in the one thing and so frustrating when they won an overtime. Against Boston. You know -- listened to JD and in its unbelievable. How well we've been not been able to close on gains in the fourth quarter. The -- we -- now score like double digit. That's Niemi got outscored 26 in team last night and the full yet it's been even now says that a Saint Louis one. Is not because we got it done and in the fourth quarter and and and and that's frustrating I think it's something and honestly about some would say and rightfully so. That's a sign of a young team and some also say that's that's assign us some questionable coaching yes I -- -- about it. Yeah I acting -- as both valid points and because you know we always kind of joke and a lot of casual basketball fans well. I don't normally watch the NBA are all I'll watch NBA charges basketball in general wise in any game in the fourth quarter. To see when they -- -- really -- on. Problem. That's been -- very discouraged and as of late with the pelicans and the yeah. I don't know what you playing at home do you like. A better showing. Now I know Toronto the third best in the east and in how well they play they gotta be. Unbelievably. You know impressed with the Rose and in all stars that he is and what he's done it. You know as of late to beat as that. Heading in the right direction. And -- against Toronto. But when you've lost six straight to them and -- street -- all that has to be unacceptable. Yep and of course I and it Davison didn't play about the idea because right illness so he was out. Of last night's game coming off a career high forty point one in the victory Sunday over the Boston -- you know what I noticed like I guess you please how many games like. Like ha -- deathly sick. Now for blowing they gave this away eagle at figures you do hit the nail on the head of because there's so many game right and you think about because of football you never is that they they'd be giving you -- -- the oh yeah is it that bit today. -- You know I can remember you'd be like you walk in that all of us and they give you some kind of steroid shot. And he figures there's no way I can keep V fluids in my body pagan IVs in on the you know play in the next day I remember one time in Anaheim against the Rams. Oz thing I know I I do it like -- through with yes I can Nike been eating in my body and I know almost a loss eight or nine pounds. Well lo and behold they have met tonight V. He shot I mean I felt like and you man in Lance in about 1218 hours out ready to roll the. The man you know way back how I was always one. -- forward to what I went through just couldn't stay in the Eagles could standings and Angela you know he think of the Lola and I hate it. But man lately when I've had to have those Aggies couldn't blowout I don't know. Other than like you know -- that you just feel good you look forward to some excited about some -- you can feel well at the coming off wanna without these and they put him through at big canyon. -- -- -- I'm disown. Gone off a little tentative -- not you know I'll tell you orthopedic surgery. I was the best thing ever have a two sports at the recovery when you have an injury. Well I don't know exactly when the ivy got in -- and -- when -- -- when you're dealing with dehydration and in -- -- there's nothing better you know I mean. Naked dripping if they went what -- the last time I had negated by getting into the game soon by the put some balance some vitamin. They contributing your body fans in a -- -- you Beisel felt like you almost freezing cold you know what I -- it is slow to -- don't. Like I'm sure thing athletes you know it just depends all -- and -- got to have all that fluid in them you know is how fast they -- -- the -- Vietnam could be -- the plate was big I. I know whenever they vote wired about and we had that awesome truck that unbelievable training camp awful should say training camp and -- -- Louisiana 1986. Yeah and they may erode article about a since Sports Illustrated we use. The most I'd be back in NFL history you that he is it looked like. -- Just -- hospital ward full of guys hooked -- -- visa and it was unbelievable. That different to continue to build a practice day in and out of two days when people lose at all this week is in the dehydrated. And because I -- if it was it was on. It is -- -- make you feel. Operatives at whopping info where we can -- free agency. The Vegas odds -- the Saints at the eighth best team in the NFL's fifth in the NFC do you agree or disagree vote online at WW dot com Devin Hester is now a member. Of the Atlanta Falcons at the -- visited the Seattle Seahawks. Jared Allen leaves with no contract. Now. -- -- also visit with -- Dallas earlier this week that Dallas basically Toto is the word out -- wasn't as Jim Allen are reduced. Or lowered his contract demands the Cowboys cannot pursue him after the -- what's out there right now. Julius Peppers got 830 million dollar deal a Max deal a thirty -- Max deal. With the Packers over three years but seven and a half is guaranteed. The Marcus way -- with the Broncos three years thirty made. Twenty million ain't guarantee that we would have to think that somewhere in between those two is what Jared Allen is looking for the veteran in ten seasons as. A hundred in 28 point five. Sacks including 85 point flap over the past six seasons with the Minnesota. Like well -- did you said. I thought it was only in the largest -- twenty million guaranteed instantly and it's amazing I -- imitating because I thought it was like -- -- both in both both Peppers and where I get three year deal it was thirty million dollar deal right vote but the discrepancy in his panties. The day -- was -- mean again tee and Peppers is seven point fact guarantee. Well as their team talked no the -- that that big bad Jared Allen might be say mom -- be looking at. You know ha ha -- on the world DeMarcus -- got all this guarantee where I think Timmy if you -- try to be fair look at the market value in their age in everything. That being you'd be more in the lights and is Seattle's not around and his -- assured -- -- down and the -- the likes -- like Julius -- When he says seven and a half million dead to me that makes it. Wire that the Marlins are now. The when you're guaranteed him twenty million he battled that he's healthy and he's you know giving Murton. Well you know I think -- -- if you look with the Dillon's. You know defensively. -- to leave in you know -- saying -- would have well. Because I they get our about AFC. They're looking at -- Q what it would take the place Seattle again. R.s and how their structured. Right and their look at it also may be gains. Because Peyton Manning was unbelievable this past season they look at a game so -- -- offenses and likely can. So what -- you know what it can out defense when a -- cannot defense truly be good enough. To where we can lean upon them and a helpless when I think that's why John Elway he's making all those moves on the -- it's aside because he looks at it. That window of opportunity look at Peyton because I they -- bring in a Peyton Manning -- -- -- a suitable. That as a failure yes and that I'm I'm not saying he's thought you and I actually Brady's season in a fair if you go but. Right when a suitable dating and that is suitable anyone wanna so -- and so I think John Elway you know let Decker go to the Jets and and kind of how that are structured. I think he looks at it well offenses wake him up and try you know we don't have to be good offensively got to get a said that told more deep bits of -- And you know looking at the likes of Seattle that's why I think. That I don't know what kind of season Peyton Manning it's gonna happen next year. But it'd be hard pressed him to match what he did in his. For the 2013 season that would be unbelievable. -- when they became. They surpass the Saints and it was the Rams in this thing is now the Broncos sending all these records so they could still be a great offers but what of their off. For a handful gains and armies trying to get. You know the home field advantage how can you bettered a defense where they truly -- maybe Q when you game and did difference maker solicit you and a championship game again against a team like Seattle again. Okay well we're not doing that and against their defense but let's say did I do that they -- -- the pits. -- and more to be have an opportunity to win a game where it's only 163 team. Are 1713 EZ go slugfest with. Not -- -- I -- Seattle. Depleted San Cisco between the forty niners and the Seahawks. Are are kinda. You know we Carolina. And almost okay if we had a game where we got blown out -- body cannot defense truly helpless wins and and I think that's always think in. I'll look at it -- to leave the -- were going in that direction in free agency to help me now. And the Atlanta Falcons about this offseason they've been active. Also -- from the Dolphins they -- the incident Tyson Jackson from the teasing guard John Asomugha for the Chiefs. -- defensive back returner Javier Arenas and the gentleman Bobby who is going to be a first ballot hall of Famer who broke Deion Sanders. Most career returns in NFL history and last year he did it in what and it's the fifth. He 65. Less games that being Devin Hester has agreed to a three year deal with the Atlanta. Yet big and -- and I still think. I'm more scared of and they brought in they have brought in Arenas I've been kind of loosened since a special teams yeah yeah yeah yeah have wariness if you look at him you know SEC fans remember him as a second round pick out of Alabama. In 2010. And a and he kind of a role player you -- to -- he's plated 63 gains but. Just twelve starts over his four year careers with the Chiefs and now with the Cardinals but like you said. Also brings -- table as a punt and kick -- Or not you guys Nevin Estes so you know that they got all that. You know covered but. I still if you look at the NFC south as a Carolina's. Defensive front seven. -- boy who was happen. -- their offense is cam you know when his ankle injury. The new receivers they gonna have. But the sides but I'm still it's over the beavis and a look at Atlanta. And now look at the Falcons. And now they are make you move they are being -- proactive. -- but Devin Hester nafta's. Because I'd looked at by the need you know you lose a difference maker like Julio Jones. You know kind of like when Roddy White a few years ago wanting Devin -- is that still on the Q ability. To be a divot difference maker now pass rush and I think that's an apartment and address in the draft. Human -- is he gonna show up in hindsight vision to do is -- John Abraham. Considering his production with the Cardinals in and not even bring in. You and yours so I think that's the direction -- gonna go. You know it looks like they're trying to get better. Obviously on the the -- of line. And pronounce his name right. Paula so Lula as so ally he died when a symbol -- -- I think he's going to be style. In the middle Tyson Jackson. We all remember when him and Glenn Dorsey. Went to the Chiefs now. Darcy you know I think now's a good move for him last year already there with the 49ers he had -- Goodyear and our rotation with -- trenches in. And I think Tyson Jackson -- when he was drafted. Being that every down our procedures that every down. Davidson and not just pass rush him and obviously. How well he can play against the run in. But -- today considering -- was drafted. -- not easy being a good player but he hasn't been a great players so be a great opportunity for him. Hopefully doesn't that's not the case with the see what he does. With the Falcons because almost like a second life. -- to see if he can play at a level in lived up and about today. That high first round pick when the Chiefs and have taken him but -- -- Devin Hester. You know you never want to be in a game. That. It's a punt or kick return. That caused you to lose and I think Devin Hester is still has. You know that explosion. And the living and Millwood Morris did though he still -- control punts and directional punting. You know guy getting his name now program from Illinois when I'm -- they -- -- upset. Weatherford Yemeni well. Got an idea. They -- that inclement weather it was cold in the way and and like coach -- almost to the Ramada told you not to include kick him the ball of the bug already took it to the house. Well I think when that happened. I just shows -- demagogue against. You know control -- to whether it would still be Kagan in the league but Morris that can be of Devin has is on a roll. I think he could control. That being -- to get the distance and also kick and an angle planning he can out of -- and -- Devin has to have a big return to be. LSU basketball victorious as -- as well as the baseball team we'll talk about. LSU matchup with Georgia on this week in on WW radio tomorrow night the first game of -- -- -- no issue at SMU in the second round. -- the NIT tournament Nextel -- and MO columnist at WWR dot com and the reason that sports director. Is with its now they did tonight folks good stuff it's dispute you are zero tolerance policies in schools going to fall. There is being suspended for bringing and views -- or using your fingers to make the shape. I'll vote on it rhesus even once they -- in Spain -- thirteen days Ngo planning a pocket knife in the trunk of his call. And we replaced common sense with zero tolerance and unemployment rate in the -- and drop. For five straight months out to four point nine the national averages six point six in the local economy better than you might think if you're looking for a job locally or having better success. All of that plus is the media doing the right thing with the carpet of the missing. Airlines. Is it too much or is it -- Are that tonight on the -- show from eight until midnight on. This guy away beautiful week you know whether this weekend by many as you said -- things happening in you know my hometown Amy -- -- -- -- -- -- These week involving two people who audio at Kean and have always thinking and it and it queen in the Padgett. Was it's ironic -- -- Collins with a father of course I'll hold on it and and the team in the Borough who is the pearl is like the lady became the team. It's coach coach longtime coach at -- has a principal in the B team covered tennis principal. At the elementary school and both educators. That should be a great times we can't get any meet Bobby is such a thing as weight of the well it is canals and knowledge that or he's well above them and say what you know right now -- people who in -- legalities. Yet. The it's it's been difficult to get August a spirit of good -- or so hours semis today and then people you know who you -- that. That a sack -- by 85 dollars a week ago. And that's it is did yeah there really hard to come about right down there had been having trouble -- that they don't have any of the of the festival but. EB used to be per capita. I'll always the -- ours to houses in -- always industry in a -- here in less than. About a Clark a mile Bobby had four. Fully functional -- the house it's. Now than him in the and it trying to get one open Raanan. Of course that time officially know because of the and Katrina. Obviously the all spiel and all that has been in the -- telephone fisherman not -- Austin. But but don't fisherman in general and well we hope we hope none in that -- -- confusion -- -- -- -- and I take my hat off to them when it was -- but the best the Eddie guy. I don't know where to get their choices that I'd in my neck of the woods Libyan league you bleacher areas. You have a -- a Weston boulevard about land is that you rationed that's elevated like you camp that the blue -- he had heard never have been on -- I've I've beaten -- awesome awesome voice is there and -- you -- yes rather that of the Schiller one debut team in. You know you know it does -- longer you know I -- -- taken -- that. Eat eat like the signs that you always fallen. But -- always cuts is this week he would in any meat in them ball -- you know we talk about. This accidents always kind of -- -- March Madness and men already we've seen some bracket bosses without batter over the team they -- into the most. Consecutive sweet sixteen Ohio State is out and insult to injury they lose to a team. A smaller school and their own state in Brighton sixth defeat in that and the -- Ought to crimson they defeat. -- today 61 to fifty -- Well digging you look Tommy amateur what more can you say the outstanding job that he's done at Harvard. You know at third consecutive NCAA bid. You know they -- the Ivy League player of the year and Wesley Saunders. I mean -- -- this is in his in his little tidbit on their team it's about. They think and in the same way believe -- four members of the team. Played it the same high school and L game at Harvard education now they went and art field mount Herman in -- Massachusetts's. Got a freshman forward Xena. And in some line I think I'm pronouncing that right -- sophomore forward Evan commons. Junior guard Matt brown a senior guard mark room guard. They always do the same -- than L game at Harvard education to be talking about Tommy AMOCO Woody's done. And it is kind of speaks for itself when you look at this right now. You look last season they knocked out -- member New Mexico yet and that was their first tournament win in a 102 years of basketball. Look at a significant wins now they've had back to back. It took him a 102 years to get their first tournament win now they've done that back to back seasons. He would -- Kasey -- -- Bobby -- I'm big Olivia. NFL odds -- they right now the Saints at the fifth best team in the national football conference in NCAA bids in the National Football League overall and FAO. You agree with odds -- vote on line. It's operated jaguar opinion poll at WWL. Dot com.