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Sports Talk 3-20 6:35pm, Jeff Palermo

Mar 20, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Jeff Palermo about the NCAA Tournaments and other sporting news

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk indicating -- -- Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia with the LSU tiger baseball team came up big last night. And then gone on the road to take on Georgia three game -- starting tomorrow. And the basketball team. Where they took SM it's as though they move into the second round in -- take on the favorite. And moody coliseum Monday night at 730 at them AT&T. Against the Southern Methodist University. Mustangs to a memo -- and Allen. -- you know Johnny Jones talked about. Playing in the post season tournament and if -- had to play you wanna win it's -- team when they went and it's no hostile environment last night. A GM logic they had that was right on top of them. And really from out kind of controlled his ball game and a real Marten. Really -- -- his best basketball right now. Yeah absolutely. We've we've seen that he latches. Onto well mark and we saw that again last night he scored fourteen points. In the first -- you know he didn't shoot -- -- after scored fourteen in the first half and that's what I've seen him one. Which he scored -- like he's scored in bunches where he did you know 810 points. You know he got -- dog then there there're couple -- That would -- and there. It seemed like. There -- no it didn't take into account -- athletic ability what he can do. It obviously paid more -- over the back after. You know we scored two more points the right away but the back in -- he got off to a really good start in game. Took the crowd out of the talent that you mentioned airplane in cozy confines there in the gymnasium. And trying to copy you know. That never had a chance to get it to the top and that really got. At the end of the game when they are trying to. Comeback from a sixteen point deficit but by that time too little too late -- Judge -- looking at Ellis -- baseball. To me that that's it. I guess a good confidence bill that. When you look at rallying a number of runs durable to score against -- south Alabama when you get back in SEC play when you look at relishes that right now. In obviously you know the thing -- take -- to the woodshed by Vanderbilt and their pitching. What -- they have come about with them against the face -- SEC pitches pitchers candy and a hitter and a consistent basis. Well I think they're gonna. Game that -- where you know only they can -- -- -- or maybe two or are you want it. Yeah I think there's a lot of teams in the dead ball there -- state by I think there's a lot of means that. Adult night. But it -- or Ellis unit Yzerman and -- -- -- Almonte power there. They don't really have a double digit -- hitting guy like he did last year it is -- -- and -- really have a 345. Hitters in that lineup right now that. -- really get it scare opposing teams now indicate that Beckett and my game what I would recuperate. I mean he continued debate -- if he can continue to keep -- and as well. You know he can hit it -- enough proper part of their schedule. And all that Ellis got a bit of a 12 punch in the got to continue to have gotten much on the ball and get on base. And mark there you know they're -- that -- leadoff hitter the biggest problem and he can strike out a little bit too much. But they can get those two guys -- very decent setup for Bragman and so bit. And hopefully Christian you're barking dip tobacco a little bit more material you can be more. -- in the office and you know. That's weekend -- guys -- an -- from one extreme to the other. Last week and they rate -- Vanderbilt team that arguably might have the best pitching depth in the country. That week and it beat the Georgia team that statistically ranked last in the Southeastern Conference and ERA. It yeah I was look at and it's like night and day obviously yeah. Knowledge at that -- back to basketball. There's -- CB come into play. You that you go out to San Francisco but next game. And right here on a backdoor. When you look at all sports Ellis recruits Texas playing a team like as -- in the Dallas metropolitan area. Does that help coach Johnny Jones you know and -- does it. That's kind of -- grounds. That help recruiting are not a via a great show and that exposed. Well I think yeah I think there are excited to go play in in Dallas -- Jordan -- where. They were able to get into you know. So -- about it. Keep it you know -- to have a good performances in north Dallas. Or in north Texas so it's. It's a recording -- -- -- for all sports are appalled that -- a lot of great Napoli. It's going to be answered in the the that they can actually put together. To back to back good performance then what's really hampered them all these blogs they got a -- -- -- -- they just not been able follow up a win with another night's win. They obviously got that night when last right now can't make though. That view which isn't that guaranteeing. It. You know that's -- -- -- were you blind about them. The other night and he said their -- a minute -- thought he entered the -- been. Quick guards. But then again -- he's racked up 10 and can keep it the art out Padilla C tournament so. That it -- you know right now I think. I would call this team it feel like they're playing with house money because of their it was a bit surprised that they got -- and he could be you know it. So. You're basically there growing pressure on you you can go there try to get in and try to keep this thing go one or. The other two seniors that are on the team and Andre Stringer and Jabar called. Now Jeff. Looking at Louisiana Lafayette and the challenge they gonna have fourteen feet playing Creighton. The Blue Jays on number three seed. Do you think you have a chance Bob is reading where if you look Doug make garment. Two point seven points a game. The Nittany nation's top scored -- just look at their team in general of what they keep jacking up -- Great all five starters make at least forty presented at three pointers so obviously. You know. You don't want him to shoot three pointers but the big there educators have a chance to what did you take on that considering. You look at of sets already I would Harvard in Dayton. Well the Achilles heel for this great engagement team that years there in the fact that they -- struggled defensively this year now. They've only lost two games since the start of February and a big reason why they have played better. Is that they've defended better that. Yeah well Latvia it's gonna score you score pretty much any team in the country and they. Well maybe at some critical stop what they need to era. I bet that the big key and it's in that game in -- somewhere you know 8884. Like I think. I've indicated the parakeet this one Colo. I got the job that I haven't seen too much of Creighton. I have indicated sported several times. We've got to NBA prospects on that roster in a shot long and Albert pretty. Well when you got that type of talent and it at a lot of other guys really start to lock step up -- lightly. Well I'd probably Arabia forever. Some guys that that really started scoring the basketball with a a lot more did you see him. Scoring a lot more here lately then. With with that it distances to grow already great players in -- pretty. -- -- K gonna get their pockets now again come out there and not mine. -- in the -- the -- well Corey between. Based on what coach Bob Marlin. That run. You know really good half court -- They've been cut very well scoring very well so. It's gonna be up for the cajun beat and get critical about that -- would pull off the upset but. You know the way -- -- started besides Z can't you gotta think anybody got it out of Albany. Gave Florida a struggle that extinct these. Yeah Jeff how can folks probably all a Twitter. At port. If the limo columnist at WW dot com -- in network's sports directed yet always a pleasure thank you so much -- -- time. Are. Raja all right we talk about that on the comeback opponent -- that -- -- open not so to speak bullet holes into the mix. He's the fifth all time scorer in the history of college basketball. Will look at his numbers compared to the all happening score in the history of college basketball and next hour. Who do you think with the greatest college basketball player and what you hear these numbers you know he was great but when you consider what the numbers well throughout Knicks. It adds to his greatness is a sports talk listening to WW.