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Sports Talk 3-20 7:10pm, College's Best Basketball Player

Mar 20, 2014|

Join the discussion with Bobby & Deke as they breakdown who the college basketball player ever.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk a final hour along the Kasey -- and Bobby -- -- Bolivia big upset today college basketball is it wars. Robert defeating. Cincinnati 61 defeat he said a minute and Ohio State falls to Dayton sixty defeat to top seed Florida has no problem. And we're talking about big moves in the National Football League Devin Hester is now a member of the Atlanta Falcons -- it looked to be bet. One of the all time great sack leaders and -- -- in FAO Jared Allen was on his way to Seattle have a he has not with the Seattle Seahawks at Seattle with. Out a deal even if he's saying you'd hate to -- moment about all that was -- without. It down who operated jaguar opinion poll online at WW dot com we are asking you. A week into free agency of Las Vegas oddsmakers ranked the Saints at eight best team in the NFL get this an NFC do you agree or disagree cashew vote lives. Interviewed that you go dot com and we'll open it up the bit to college basketball. Rates. Who all the great score the top five scores of basketball history in division one basketball history are. Government -- the action he scored 3105. Points. In a total 143 gates Alfonso -- from Mississippi Valley in the late eighties. He scored 316509. Games that -- trying -- sentence. He scored 3270. -- that -- 13106. Games Freeman Williams from Portland State in the seventies finished with thirty to forty man in the all time score. Without a three point -- out of three point only it to the top spot in at three points because they weren't. Judy reports that -- Freeman wins -- Pete Mavericks in 838. 3600. And 67. Points. And amazing feat that Pete and Pete had the most free throws made. In the history of college basketball as well as 893. In three scenes that Bobby looking at the top 25 scores. In the history of division one basketball. You know I think he's the greatest basketball player ever and -- college basketball player ever but just shocked. 2000. It's not point 50 all time scores. Kind of shrugged it. But John it would it would spread that well the eager -- team well the teams are so great they won seventy some games and -- -- and -- walk out again it bigot and I remember the story to me blows my mind because their bagged and had a freshman team yet a varsity team. And you came in out of high school you could on the varsity. Well. I got to look at the exact year. But when little -- Cigna we could do Jabar. Was a freshman that freshman team. -- beat the varsity by twelve points in the varsity -- national champs. That was the night I think the they opened Polly pavilion they're opening -- -- called the brew -- but they -- -- is because if they did he could play Bossidy. Yeah right complaint -- If they did did night out a freshman team won every game they played about average I think it's about my fifteenth when he points. Maybe more than that in -- say they beat the two time defending national champs. That night he couldn't even play last in the could even play Boston because that was the right hand I mean it out -- that -- everything. That that's -- John Wooden Polly pavilion. UCLA. -- we mutually. Look at like suddenly gets legendary like pistol -- legendary. -- UCLA's program. Legendary. Yeah I mean yeah and activity yeah it just say you know. You know I think as of late. I think his teenage social meeting everything you'd almost need. To truly people -- where it's must see TV almost to have modern day. There's the Pete like I can tell you. Gaga. Carmelo Anthony what would you when he did it Syracuse. You know walk him to talk and bring in a national championship there at bats and that you wanted to see. NBA level a step -- the -- from Davidson. You know he's -- yeah it's a wise he -- at Duke and North Carolina. And he's at Davidson but it but he might go down in the conversation. In his coat things Lamar Jackson. Wanted to great shooters and not the greatest shooter of all time. And you look what he's done and now a big -- I thought he'd have. A nice -- BA career but he's even taken it to a different level I mean is that was a legit Dell curry ABA player. -- but not on -- Curry's level. About knock down shots. And now you know -- might argue that the college three point line to close who has should be more. Like the NBA because to me that's a legitimate. A three point shot but now roll with that being said. You look to a pistol Pete did. The we are gonna be long gone and in the influence he had. On basketball. And then the magician that he was that something you be talking about that -- from. Welcome back at some -- that I expect an up and we are going to be talking to Marshall and that's going to be -- saw Tom about great. Great college basketball players. In NCAA history on day one of the -- this is sports talk on WW the fifth all time Doug McDermott all time leading score. And basketball history. When you look at his numbers he's number five in a 143 games he scored 3105. Points he scored 200 in Sydney 23 Pontes. With 3667. Points. In 83 games played in three year. And no three point the next gave his two. Is all time the school to the boldly go to Marshall on line one Marshall thank you for calling WW. And they don't look at it wanna comment on their best scores or whatever in college basketball and. I go back in my childhood Chris Jackson -- rejects a -- But Lugo yes but all this city air ball got what I mean the guy averaged thirty point two points -- person -- I think is still a freshman record. I sold it and come back the next year and averaged. 48 so I mean Disco. He could show you a good idea that ability yet flat out shoot. Free throws a varsity does is to. Not that. He'd talked about it. I don't know what is it was -- reds or somebody is twitching. -- -- Yeah it is ugly public talk about the -- it -- If he wasn't very easy to get knocked out and a basketball he was a freshman all American you know. That team is sad that they'd do better in the right through 27 opponents Wayne's hands are announce -- Robert. Six and it rabbit that was the final four team yet it's -- Got to play about where -- -- -- -- -- -- Follow you every Q earlier on my mind yeah it can. You know he had no I -- that we don't know about shooters. No not only -- though Chris Jackson. I still -- Chris Jackson as the name our member. No one and a great is it in college basketball history. As far as I mean he can flat out and shoot. Max on line to Max thank you for calling divvied -- Uga. Bobby I got today a good show. -- saw. I'll put my little boat in net for a really great shooter and scorer graduate from US -- 1972. And I got its -- I'd like old ball like basketball. All listed delight boulevard that's what I think Louisiana Lafayette and I got in trouble if I can recall Max I think I had four starters from New York City. And the white ball Lamar I mean he was shooting he cross half court and my the thing I've ever seen in my playing college parity -- jacket. And right and and naked -- just cross and have. He clearly what he clearly was a prolific scoreboard like -- say when you think of some of the greats though do you think Joseph Mays is not to score on but you know what they did he he's not even at that point five. Yeah well public think that he'd be. It's got a unique you know US -- obstacles go back and and somewhat today like. Still in division two and he led the country and score and when they what Indonesian too. Then US they'll move the division -- and it led the country and score and get out. And it may have been duplicated but I don't know that we ought to do one player to lead the country has scored in both divisions too and that this. And now Max of trying to think I don't know if -- loss or a bit of set that's what it was called Memphis state. And now Larry Keane in -- and those great teams either. It was in tournament play if I can I'm trying to recall are regular leg -- you know you bring up to like Bo Lamar. And AD though you have a bad team and new jacket you throw by jackets San Diego. Yeah yeah well yeah. He would he would the first -- -- eight BA draft when he graduated at Iraq what the San Diego County complete stability and so Datsyuk. Players and it's not only five of division one that played Louisiana ball and we -- talk about one and we could probably see him Bobby. Until. I don't know them 12 o'clock tonight and then nobody would figure out who the second player in that top point five years now well -- I guess -- -- -- because as we've talked about this we talk about the top fifty NBA players of all time. I know Louis. At some of the best all star NBA All Star Games of all time while talking about had it. I'm talking about -- -- we talk about Ty Cobb drive -- division one all time scores their two guys who played college ball. Are in Louisiana. Data on this. We know 10 the -- I Calvin -- Louisiana Monroe. I see it on a -- here -- a thirty minute you can gain an alligator. W try to think of great. College basketball players and I am doing in a -- okay it will give you actually get to his name you actually made his name on sports talk on Monday. How does believe it then let's go to Deion not not that night he got a hot to be on lap 3-D L thank you for calling W did you go. They'll probably -- -- about a guy like Deion all of a bit of -- -- -- to compete with them there was made just meant to submit to close that they wanted Mickelson to Portland again accountable right now. It is completely C Mahan had ever been put them to sporting event because right now. But the commitment that he's suitable. -- big commitment you know there. But -- you know I was crazy in real games you talked about his passing and -- like Harlem Globetrotters. He need to do a trick shot. I seen -- made it Emeka trick shot against a cream Abdul Jabbar -- Where it was like kind of one -- one where -- scooped it right passes faced any big jump in those like a trick shot. And anybody's seen Dion and they got or does he he's old school. And -- they iceman George Guerrero was talking about it when that diesel cars competition. And at end and had. Look at that of the -- KB do that he was doing like trick shots. That nobody -- -- could be you know you play. We call if you sort of played out long you've played paid you -- play along these fell hard scared at that nobody can beat. Appears to be just a visited trick shots he had in his bank -- Oh yeah without doubt that the eagle on number one we got it -- -- -- go to full attendance this year and I got Florida I got slaughtered. Don't know about regular yup but don't really well let got slaughtered to Obama out of the B you know bracket but I think it all went on -- -- -- -- I have. On the odds aren't so much we party. Through -- so point 7866. 889 he rates in the isn't coming -- about a escorted -- on line forward -- -- thank you going to be WL. Cat. You know I. Quote out of -- and well and important coach in Jacqueline. I'll go out camp but -- -- in the summer and yeah and and then and this we -- -- -- that. -- an iBook and it kind of a clinic out -- at it. Out there and it would -- and I'm. And it was really. Important and I am -- would end up but you know. And well well under director -- lot. -- -- incredible but got up there chaotic ranking. And equipment out or back in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right you think about even though you had all the protests in the Vietnam War all you know going on. The whole hippie movement you know late sixties early seventies but. I think -- to you and African American yeah it's so yeah. Yet knowing it those appeal while with smoke and trees out there yet again. Dug a -- bill a Bill Walton is he being investigated by the FBI who you actually when he was associated. Yeah -- hit it very -- and I. Can. In -- wage but at bat I had the privilege of being able to go to. A lot of the Laker and not -- And -- that and let you know cream Crain and Matt I think my one my. Tell you when you went -- has played great west and four. All of -- big a deal as good general good chance good stuff did the and it's you if you originate with showtime. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at about Jazz that you did all the great players you witness. Do you still watch college -- Walker's a lot of young generated -- all -- Reflecting on the past and I is. And I think I'm being objective I just don't think it's as many great players as than the likes it like to Wilt Chamberlain isn't. And then blouse and -- and I. Yeah I mean. And we help would tell me if I'm wrong I I mean I -- LeBron a -- in the bronze in that class. You can have a Kevin Durant but. It just say -- like for every one you have now they had half a dozen Baghdad. They're a spectacular either between. Now. And yet I and -- I don't know but anyway when you're talking about and beer and a bad. Thing in my heart I can elaborate a. And you know Janice how about this it hears you so -- undefeated nobody never could beat him. They decide. You know look at the TV that played the Houston Cougars and after -- Hitting a basketball game and now has been broken since obviously the -- Omaha but fifty public 5556000. People. And they Houston they Jabar got poked in your eyes some and then they'll also one point to beat him in a tournament twenty points. -- did think about what UCLA man. That exposure college basketball. And his people wanting to witness him firsthand. Your share with their -- and incredible back nine and now. Right well it my. -- a bit beautiful a campus Beverly Hills -- great call great call great great to have you on a program. I think and I can live like everyday. Thank you Janice we appreciate. And beat them old school basketball fan but at the -- is back in the great west and -- and the wizard of Westwood and -- when you look at conference all time leading scorers. But Louisiana is well represented. The all time is easy score I mostly the Louisiana. The all time Southland Conference score Louisiana the great -- too long. And I'm overly heavily giveaway by Beck told earlier that day. There -- two players very Louisiana College basketball that in the top 25 of division one all time leading scores. He is also the all time leading score. -- the conference. The Sun Belt Conference Bobby humidity remains of the day the winning titles overseas. It being au pair walk us all in you know. Well okay Bo McCalebb yet played them on -- of -- agree on where would they want to straight yeah. Or 23 now all I know he's big and a great Livan. It took me any time you it does about the piracy not making -- -- game you get paid six figures. He had big. I mean that that's a guy that took advantage opportunity Woody did you know. And -- OK I'll keep -- all options open might have to live in Europe while whatever and and in inaugural you know when. Obviously people aware of me in European basketball because in those kind of out of sight out of mind when you look at him now. You know not being in the statesman. I did not know that the athlete to win mean to him on Monday. Yep and as we would come up -- NBA players and plays plays that -- you know a season making them. You know they did you look at big man to -- as Louisiana you know I mean. -- I like to brag you know while Louisiana football players NFL. Apart -- the most players but you look at. The influence of Louisiana basketball players in the NBA you know we talked about this all star shows we did. The top fifty all time. NBA players in in the history of pro basketball. Look at the -- Ellis shoot peca Dario yeah who'd have three yes. Bob Pettit pistol Pete and execute O'Neal has not football -- in the -- it's basketball you look at the big man. I'm like nothing we. -- couldn't have been abbey was a bit about not only the only school with three players but I thought the always Ku. With thirty players. Don't have an -- attendance. It you -- gainfully Delgado played fought -- can you dig at you look at the big man look at especially the north Louisiana influence. Calvin that Louisiana Monroe was northeast in. Willis Reed. You know going to the Knicks. The mailman -- -- Paris did you sit now cynical outlook of Karl Malone mailman it. I mean we did and we yet I mean it's unbelievable. Influence just athletes in general that you see cameo Louisiana him primarily focus. One basketball right now the guy to him by Joseph -- -- a -- it was he's from packaged program we're playing in emerald city league basketball he's -- like at the end greater. 515 year old hanging out -- dealt assembly and we wanna watch a team. If he was unbelievable. As like fifteen year old aunt in law a bill I don't know what northwest with things in but he has to go to Manning needs. And 1988 and found in the with the this -- is that the judges heard. -- about a month ago. That he might get far you know he's been running -- -- general manager. Yeah they skated it to eight Jo is gone I think a long time. On he has on his reputation obviously right he'd be that he built some good teams there of course tournament now. When he was first there you know they want to championships. In and organizational Coach Brown was there it's hopeful but it's. It's been a while so it may be attending you know what one thing about Detroit and -- about it. They stand pat went on lose what -- people mean look how long before fans that he was with me at -- yeah I -- -- a lot of loyalty. Lot lot of loyalty there so you know with -- the -- -- but does that would be who I am that would be what warning point value career that would come to think about as a player. In the front office and GM of the Detroit appears yet that doesn't say big my relationship goes back to him early eighties. Yeah that won't not the time it is indeed -- -- to Jerry on line 3 -- good evening thank you for calling W do you go. -- -- what. One thing I remember growing opposite that's pretty polite. And I'll. How about that and it -- -- shot clock that's how could not get out or always be. -- shoot their throws the ball. A so old that hit the shot clock when it couldn't freeze the ball how many -- and. Well -- you don't you think about a shot clock and a three point. All -- -- -- -- that that I mean come -- that's a forfeit. That he would average sixteenth at a party for are you want things here he wouldn't got. We talk about averaging three point but what it will would have would have shot clock -- and now we're talking about. Haven't -- On the Kamal who you don't have to pass the ball biblical use him dribbling the tackler because there's -- people like to take the ball away from. -- out there but yeah it did you know that back Garrett and obviously put our. Took third fourth page of sports page and -- at this school. District Beatles. Page eight K -- sports section at the south there's. What is there at seven straight MBA. It -- like -- -- ESPN and right -- Oh. Different ball. -- principally in England not much. Well you what it would it it was solid OJ Idonije were in the -- first thought I program and as you're coming up Watson when he's a whites. As -- as Aaron as the the seventies. Would I used to watch ice the last tape -- at them like that I -- while the West Coast games and make an out and it was tough but that was playoff. Gain public Jaret Wright about it now just look not every game's all -- the commerce is a game until everything's on TV. But -- as far as primetime noted Saturday afternoon CBS look how many times. That CBS wanted to get John immense talent Johnny fumble while best of Pete would have been. Every at least let me just always been married but yeah with a rating of one -- -- on the debate debate got me. No doubt about it out for six and eight PG yeah -- -- it right or do. Yeah. Yeah a dollar a right -- -- as the most difficult Biloxi the big John I want big John thank Colin WW yeah. You heard very -- scenario and it. All more room. Curriculum. As far and. They used up by the Bo McCalebb the that's who thought maybe that I was Altman abide by scores yet we are actually actually when you look when you look back on it. It caught caught had a great career but would you look at that top 25 scores in it it can be deceiving because you think that some of the greatest that they have a plate. College basketball. What they have not. -- not in the top 45 and not the top thirty as far as scoring is concerned on the team that's -- Tom bucket late. At Louisiana institutions that would in the top points I was I was the pistol Pete. And then Bo McCalebb that you know it now now big John how about this you bring a -- -- as we talking about you know men's basketball. Think about the Big Three. Going on -- entity in BA. All playing -- Louisiana Tech Karl Malone PJ brown and now mills sat. Yeah. And what he did at the Jazz they got parlay got paid by the Hawks. I mean that's. You think you know about B I think it's their -- I just think if it had been it would have been a WBA and early 80s70s I mean that we take women at the I had you know and it goes bear -- they won two championships in four years -- Louisiana Tech -- so what was Tennessee reports in his seat yeah even known it to a trend setter. They were -- in women's basketball. After the game. Did you -- right now they'll go oh. All right I've got -- on our team order. Obviously you want your classmates when he got in the moment demon. Yet that's I guess you know because Saints fans agree one another -- -- you know -- to welcome one another it's. That's a fellow low moment iron and not listen in -- aren't. Far far falcon team cheating yeah I don't watch holly comes out listen to. Is he -- Got to watch soccer that I do want him Paul and the back of the initiating a big unit and they want him -- The yeah always you know -- Ohio State do do play get those Buckeyes. Yeah we get a load demon had everything that we -- give among them like it. She's -- they had all those little Devils on your health and. It we'd -- while back frank continues to have their -- might not west the whole thing on each it and change it to a different located at bottom me out. Outcomes you know like it economic game -- the joke with while -- -- I was deceived so with an eight. Some people think is but it is correct it's like. You don't attain that deal with that these to be the bullets how how they I think that affected something that somebody at how authorities more educated in mean Wright is so calm as could -- him to go commit a crime because they called it wasn't that they have sort of Baltimore bullets -- game every year and -- that's politically correct. He indicated to anybody badly -- -- it is -- sports talk on WW 8 o'clock tonight it's who's coming up -- just a few moments and Monty Williams who gets out of what some games in progress in the tournament. -- mild upset in the making them a chance Angels 6662. All the Connecticut 315 at the plate in the second second seeded Michigan are a ten point cushion 4333 oval Wofford. Is NC state MM ENT thing was one of those playing games earlier they've led throughout this contest. They had their biggest thing right now a twelve point questionable pick forty for a 32. Over saint. Lou I don't have that and he. -- have sales -- -- -- saint Joe's. USA. Yes -- seven and -- they day they -- the football program must be rubbed off on a basketball program at halftime. North Dakota State 37. Fifth seeded Oklahoma. Want an answer a couple of twelve and five Bob -- artists in a twelve round happened to date twelfth lap always -- -- you always see a couple of twelfth five. That that -- of suits him or seen that -- today between Harvick and Cincinnati. Later tonight it's Milwaukee and Villanova Arizona State and Texas play tonight New Mexico State San Diego State. An interesting -- Manhattan and move a lot of ties between both coaches over Rick Pitino. And Manhattan they run the same stuff out on the same background basically the man and coach. And Bob out of him his name in front of me at tagging act came up he was a ball boy for the Knicks when Rick Pitino was there and early eighties. Follow pitino in his college days played farm with a college as a coach under him. So that's you know my NFL matchup Eddie's team is silly in the studio so there have been terrorist who wanted to watch the big upset today succeeded Ohio State -- the Dayton sixty defeat in nine. Wisconsin the badgers of the Big Ten pounding Americans -- 75. The 35. Pittsburgh all of a Colorado 29 point victory 77 to 48. As we sit -- of six Cincinnati 61 at the -- seven are -- over BYU 8768. Syracuse oval West Indies in 77 PP three. Missed -- state no problem with that -- in the Delaware and I three to 78 and somewhat of a struggle. This game was tight pretty much about it tee an eight minute mark in the contest with Florida did pull away late. As they beat the Albany great -- 6755. About it albeit a great game mascot. It is also a slight Obama Duke in -- you've got to go facing you outlined in purple in the purple and gold big -- -- But great gains that they fall date to the Florida gave the course alone Louisiana team in action Nomar with -- uncle Bob -- on -- -- they -- sports talk. At the -- decades of Lafayette to a better scorers in the country including L for Peyton there the twelfth I scored team in the country they take on the nation's. Leading scorer this year -- outstanding score -- Doug McDermott in the Creighton blue Andy you're talking. About all of his mask out the great -- bit talked about this last year remember. And then obviously in the news only undefeated team -- -- a tournament and Wichita State shocker is now I don't know look at a mascot you know using a crazy man. But now -- -- Packers I was reading where that it reflects the university's heritage and what they meant by that is that early students. Earned money. By harvesting wheat in their -- feels that they would say early students earn money by Shockey. And you know week in their -- feels so to make a bug in so that's how they got the Wichita State. -- -- you always have a history you know -- so that's. You know get that done on and now on and off the field so to speak in. To so are you maybe if if you're saying it was. Fall fall come up demons that would be shocked shocked -- -- Not what's considered I'm though we'd feels and here's who my but it we might be -- shoot at try to do the things we got some August. Robert -- I want to thank you for calling WWL. Hey guys. No -- press retirement as one dimension accuse you guys weren't where for the people wanted to. Spoke to a one to do is actually the they copied about -- broadcast of the game -- -- scored 69 points against that accepting to you know. Local broadcast and that every that I found out I happen to be looked at fort. Goes tonight Carmelo Anthony's got the 65 and had no -- -- Wondered if I mean this American kids that Packers are without thinking about -- yet. Six assists and -- it out I thought he was always under rated as being in a pretty good rebounder and -- -- play much defense but I guess with the height. I remember for someone who spent a lot and -- gore in that he actually it was a pretty don't want average -- -- Brought Robert to be you know it blew me away I mean unbelievable. As -- at a time like warm up. Be it from half court make three out of five shots or anything -- cycle would mega church or do you know shot and it to me though if you are playing with pistol Pete. You better have -- hands Randy the big about how many times have drags everything to hit people in the face with the ball. Oh yeah because then what I know with -- -- that the B is passing. You know you peripheral vision to every describe it. At that that big yelling eyes in the back is that you don't hear that saying and I appreciate it as -- you lead people you know be a quarterback and throwing it. In understanding. The angles and -- trying to get the ball in there that was truly amazing you see a lot of great shooters. But to be the ultimate pass or trick passer that was accurate I mean there's nobody even in the conversation. When he was able to do what about basketball. Some of the unknown players in college basketball division one history Alter how many scores -- -- -- on pistol Pete. Number three on the final sentence of L trying don't have a good career in the pros. Also the great old Diego Oscar Robinson was in the top points -- of course with the Cincinnati -- -- -- and also everybody average a triple double. -- let's see that and it's a W at point it's an entry points. He's seasons at three seasons at the university of since -- Danny Manning is there. Elvin Hayes Callahan -- Larry Bird oldest burns on. Allan Houston. Is that in the mixed team is where I want to say Allen was the if you call them the score and it's you know that he your second second in in the SEC that -- be -- -- Pete was. Number one. Other notable ones Bobby JJ -- Hank Gathers and him him him and get a -- great at right Loyola marymount. Reggie Lewis was and then -- at Notre -- that routes when it is -- the other Louisiana guy we talk about these are outstanding score. In the history of the -- son bill. And now oversees -- playing well in two on his own bow McCain. And -- imagine Danny Manning -- note that these are -- in -- he's the head coach at Tulsa right now. And in itself the region at thirteen as the tournament yeah yeah the -- -- -- -- Kansas 1988 national championship. As a player to twenty years later he was. Part of it next jayhawks -- team as an assistant coach but now he's head coach that -- -- Welcome everybody. Rabbit this is WW all right it's a must big Chadwick. Also want to thank sealed an -- Chris Miller on news I'll mix it EU's scoop out big Bellamy has always talk about that cajun cannon Bobby -- ban on the -- resolve goodnight people.