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Mar 20, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Well this is the first day of spring it's a very very pleasant evening I'm sure you've heard the forecast possibility of some rain this weekend but you never know exactly how this -- ago so I hope it doesn't affect your plans at all. And this is the time of year when the festivals begin in Louisiana crawfish festival is going to be -- Shell met this weekend that have been effect that actually starts tonight. In -- -- you might be on your way there you might be on your way home. That's always a fun time effect ought to try to find some time to get out there this weekend also the -- meets twice a festival 2014. Is under way this weekend and if there are any other festivals that time I haven't mentioned numerous to mention you can either caller show. Boris and be taxed at 87870. It's time for tonight's top eight at eight to hear the topic things we'd like you -- that was -- to get our show tonight. On -- VW well number eight. Seattle police have released previously unseen images showing drug paraphernalia from the scene of Kurt cobain's suicide twenty years ago. Police now say that several rolls of. Undeveloped film were discovered as detectives reexamine Kurt cobain's case next month is gonna be the twentieth anniversary of his suicide. And they started to reexamine the case they really didn't find any reason to believe that it is anything other then that suicide which was the original. The original assumption Seattle police to release these two images to the media late today one of the images shows a box that. Containing a spoon in what appears to be needles on the floor next to a cigarette. And sunglasses. And the other showed paraphernalia box closed next to cash in a wallet that appears to show Kurt cobain's identification. Kurt cobain's body was discovered in his Seattle home I believe overlooking the lake union. In Seattle are overly brother of rhetoric rather modest house considering what he had at the time this was April the eighth. 1984. And these images have never been seen before -- investigation continues to believe that Kurt Cobain. I shot himself but to this day I still remember the kind of shoes he was wearing the type issues he was wearing maneuvers. -- -- -- I've remembers specifically decries the the showed the only part of the body that they showed. With the I guess here his legs from his I guess somewhere like his knees down. And I'll never forget that he was wearing something that was very indicative. Of the grunge movement he was wearing a pair. Of converse. Once -- -- done all stores all stars converse all stars and had there was that the low cut converse with a star on the side. And it was very very unpopular with the grunge movement number seven on tonight's list of the top. Eight at eight. -- The reverend Fred Phelps senior is dead. The leader of the west Borough Baptist Church that has received so much criticism and really is essentially hate group he is dead. I'd known for their anti gay protest -- pickets of families of military funerals died at the age of 84 his daughter Margie fails. Said her father died shortly after midnight today. -- she didn't give the cause of death or the condition. That put him recently in a hospice care in Kansas Phelps was the founder of the controversial Westbrook Baptist Church in Topeka. A small church of mostly just family members and and people beyond that. But does not very many not a large church but they always made a lot of noise and got a lot of attention because of -- and their activities. Because the year campaign of god hates and it's the F word. Derogatory word for homosexuals god hates that was their their campaign. They went so far as to protest the funerals of fallen soldiers because of the military's. A tolerance of homosexuality. -- activities also inspired a federal law. On federal pot picketing for funerals and also laws in in more than forty states concerning the picketing of funerals. And again that's how hateful these people are so you know nobody's dead you kind of wonder where Fred Phelps is and well when I heard the news earlier today we've been talking about this who showed the last couple of nice because I have offered. A condemned Fred Phelps and the west Borough Baptist Church it will continue to do that if they continued their their hateful ways. But there were so a lot of excitement on line when it was discovered that he was in a hospice I'd -- And there were people who were planning on line to organize a protest in tickets of his funeral. Which kind of box what they did in any event Fred Phelps is dead and a lot of people are unhappy about it. I if you're gonna join our shorter it would comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 in a text amber. Is -- 77. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Hash browns. Well actually hash brownies. Cakes. And other pot laced sweet munchies. Will not be allowed to be sold at the Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries. And this is drawn some criticism from those who plan on consuming medical marijuana and want the suites as a way of getting it into their system. The Oregon health authority -- Salem Oregon and released a draft to the rules for medical marijuana dispensaries. And these go into effect when they opened up next week as early as next week under a new law in Oregon. Although medical marijuana will be available in the dispensaries the agency at Oregon wants to ban sweets. Containing the drug. Because that could attract. Young people to the drug. Because we know that. Young people wouldn't. Smoke pot now meet the only way to young people would DuPont as if it was in sweet items. You know I can't figure out how this this company does -- but there's a couple of fans in the French Quarter. And every weekend around and they they pass out -- marijuana candy. I don't know how much is in it. And I don't know how they get away with it but it -- dig deeply -- these fans but the -- of marijuana candy and in the freshman I've never. Consumed. But OK yeah let's make sure we don't put marijuana -- sweet speaker is that way young people won't do pot yeah right. The dispensary advocates in Oregon State -- patients who take the drug -- Want to sweeten the pot products because it makes it. I easier to deal with the bitter taste of the medicine. Does everybody who who uses a medical marijuana isn't hitting a ball as some people ticket here in orally. And they're certainly has a history in this country of trying to make medicine that taste good. I don't know about you but nothing tastes better than Robert Johnson. I think he's better than vick's formula 44 all right number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This is just a bizarre story but yet a reminder that there are sick goes among us. Police say that a man in North Carolina sucked a woman's toes at a Wal-Mart after he convinced her that he was a die as a dietary student. And persuaded her to take her shoes off. Detective Dennis terrorist in link into North Carolina said the woman agreed to try him on several parachute is at Wal-Mart. And at some point during the process advanced ducked the woman's forties. The men apparently tried to do the same thing in -- And another Wal-Mart fifty miles away. -- still the woman who was conducted. Conducting a survey on -- a different races nationalities. Of the woman to remove first. She took -- she earth then she left after she refused to take off her socks. Police is still looking for the man is the -- Still on the loose you know I think this happening in Wal-Mart to meet a guy puts a woman's. Foot in her mouth at Wal-Mart. You know there are a lot of kids at Wal-Mart they are -- in Wal-Mart. These are families who are concerned about how to explain to their kids that two men are testing -- the -- who's got somebody's foot in his mouth. Number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Jagr has started making funeral arrangements for his girlfriend fashion designer and celebrity stylist Lawrence -- His longtime girlfriend was found dead in her apartment in New York it's believed to be suicide. It checkers represented in a statement said today that Mick Jagger is in Los Angeles with his daughters and his son. I she died she was 49 years old and medical examiners believe -- -- suicide to her death was a suicide. A statement has asked for privacy for Mick Jagger and his family during this very difficult time. The seven year old Rolling Stones front man called Lawrence god his lover. And best friend in FaceBook tribute and said that he is senate struggling to come to grips with her death. -- -- and Mick Jagger has and been together. I don't know whether it's continuously but they've been together since 2001. The stones have canceled their seven day tour of Australia and New Zealand. After her checkers girlfriend -- died she apparently were six million dollars in debt. Exactly I I had the same question you do. Mig Jagger has all the money he has. And she's distraught perhaps over being six million dollars in debt. If this is is a longtime. Girlfriend lover and best friend. I'm just curious why he might not have taken care of her -- number three tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Still no word on those those pieces that we're discover I would I was up last night until like at 230 watching this breaking news that started about 11 o'clock last night. The Iran satellites from Australia. Noticed some debris in the south part of the Indian Ocean a very remote part of the world that are very very rough part of the world. It's is getting to be spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere but in the Southern Hemisphere were a stroke he has they have winner when we have summer. So it -- restarting in the Southern Hemisphere. And that leads to a lot of rough weather places like the south Indian Ocean. But this Australian satellite found two pieces one was about eighty feet long the other was about fifteen feet long. And based on any possible projected flight path of Malaysian airlines flight 370. These pieces could. -- emphasize could. Be part of that the plane and again they're still so many theories about what might have happened did did did everybody on the plane and -- Either unconscious or dead in the plane simply flew until it ran out of fuel. Was it commandeered -- -- somewhere being prepared to be some kind of a weapon to be used against the United States or our allies. Again all of these -- remain. And CNN continues with wall to wall coverage is something that we -- talked about the show. And also did did the morning Joseph for -- interpret this morning we're talking about it this morning just that the media's coverage in general of this this human drama and it is indeed. Human drama we still don't know anything I believe I heard earlier just before coming on the year. That there is a search pulling in the year the weather has not been good in that part of the country. That part of the world. And they've had a difficult time getting shipped close they have not actually found the items yet. They're still searching the area but I believe a search -- was in the year earlier. It won't take him long to determine. If these are indeed from flight 370 once they once they find them. But apparently it you know I see this all the time when I IC cargo ships going on the river and -- their pact. Its cargo ships on the Mississippi there their they're packed with containers and the containers are. Are just high on the decks of the ships. Well apparently sometimes containers just fall off into the ocean. So there's a possibility even though one is much longer than a container. Possibility that this could be just some debris it's coming from shipping lanes. In the that part of the Indian Ocean but in any event we still don't know anything and what's going to be interesting is when is the coverage going to start to subside. If we don't find anything soon. And if we still don't know what happened to this point. But even CNN which is it wall to wall coverage of this -- disappearance of this Boeing triple -- even CNN. Will will move on. And while the story will not they've changed. Once. Once the and the networks believe that there is total audience fatigue with this this news story when this happens quite often with new stories -- news fatigue sets in. And people are tired of the story they'll simply move on and you know we love conclusive answers -- we're human beings and that's our nature but we may never know what happened at this point. And we may find out in and I hope -- for -- issue. Had twelve points on that flight inference on that flight I hope that they'd go because that would be closure for them and they're still. I'm holding on to the idea that may be their loved ones and friends are still alive. Also this morning president for a for Tommy and talked about the the woman I'm sure you've seen this dozens and dozens of news cameras are still cameras sand and video cameras surrounding this. This trainees relative of somebody who was on flight 370. And she's just absolutely distraught. I'm crying and screaming and she shows up because she wants answers like so many of the friends and relatives they want answers from the Malaysian government. And the Chinese Government as well this woman is in some kind of a press conference setting -- she goes in. Anyway she is totally distraught at one point she's she's crying and just in in total. Just. And totally desperate desperate state of of of emotion. And she kind of leans back almost as if she -- and she -- and at that moment. The cameras are also -- to get a closeup of her face. Try to get that closeup and this is not. This is not the way the media should operate. However they do. And they they want to bring us the the visuals of this human drama. And how it's affecting people and that leads him to totally. Disrespect somebody's private moment of just. Total stress and and an anxiety. I have. I guess defy what was in that aspect of the business I guess I could do that. But. If you think about it you step back and you think about what they're doing. And you see the cameras and yes you wanna see her face and you wanna see the faces of this this this drama. But isn't really fair to those people who are going through this. -- mean certainly is legal. But also this is happening in another country and and we might criticize the American. News media for doing it but other countries do this as well number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This is something else that came up this morning. When there's an -- every WL. A motorist. I've got into an accident she said nineteen year old and she's pregnant. You had to annex of the 74 year old woman the -- resulted because of a road rage incident. That. Allegedly pulled shown -- and a forty years old of Metairie. This started to early in the morning on March the twelfth 8 o'clock in the morning South Carolina trans continental. And this woman who's -- pregnant nineteen years old said that this this motor -- aggressively tailgating her. And tailgating continued all the way to airline drive towards clear view parkway. And according to her story she pulls in front of him and then began to slam on his brakes. Trying to force her to run into him. And legally that would be her fault although I don't think it's always that person's fault if you run into some recent times it's the person in front of useful. But law says that it's essentially your fall. The had a victim then claims that she tried to get it to a different lane. And then the driver moved over tried to cut a Roth sort of all of this ended up with an accident. Because this guy was involved in road rage. And it just makes me think about the time that we. We all feel road rage and you might not admit that you do it but you might not do anything wrong or you might not get involved in any kind of a direct verbal or physical confrontation. But we all feel road rage. And and why why this why is road rage so so quick under the surface to it's come out of of of most people I mean I flip people off. I have let the F bomb fly when I'm alone in the car and somebody does something in a car I'll let the F bomb fly all the time. I don't confront them directly. But also there's a lot of road rage in downtown New Orleans. And there's a lot of road rage that seems to come from cab drivers. Now like cab drivers listen to the show. And if you are not one of these cab drivers and a -- value. But there are very very aggressive cab drivers who seem to get road rage rather quickly and something should be done about that by the city. They're so quick on their -- they are aggressive drivers. And I realize that they have a job to do that is get somebody to a destination or try to get into position -- to pick up a new fair. But there are a lot of aggressive cab drivers. Who I'd do not. Act is good ambassadors to the city so we'll we'll talk about your road -- and I won't win. When do you sense that feeling of rage in you whether you act out or not when do you sense that feeling of rage and you. When you're on the road. -- -- It's what somebody tail gates -- -- other things I don't like. -- when somebody gets right on my tail. That causes me to feel this sense of reach inside with what he's doing and it's almost as if somebody is invaded my space by getting too close to. To my vehicle and we'll talk about that tonight if you wanna join us with your story your comment. Windiz road rage most kids you can what do people do that really causes you to road rage. Also by talking about this I think we give ourselves a better chance of dealing with a and -- and realizing that if you act out. In a situation where you're feeling road rage. It's not going to be good and here's a forty year old guy who's been arrested and charged with a road rage incidents. Alleged road rage incident that led to an accident. It was really and what why. Because somebody cut you off or because somebody was driving too slowly we think about the the superficial reasons why. We feel road rage a to join our short numbers 2601872. -- 38668890. Point 78. And a -- ever is a 77. And finally tonight. Number one on tonight's list are under -- yeah. Should American flags. Be made in America. What do the American flag to be made cheaper in China -- are free enterprise system encouraged buying American flags. That are made in China. Should American businesses lowered the prices. So all American flags can be made in America. It has been a big controversy about this because even our government in the past has bought American flags made in China. But if our government is absolutely broke. And needs to spend as little as possible. In an American flag can be purchased for less in China. Mean is there anything wrong with buying an American flag. It was made in China. If you're gonna join Russia with a comic tonight's our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines early seventy. -- number state 7870. This is the -- show live from New Orleans on a Thursday night the first official day of spring and it's gonna feel like it for the next couple of days. And we'll be right there for your comments on WL it's a very play as it tests bring night wonderful time of year the Louisiana crawfish festival is happening in shell met it starts tonight goes on all weekend long. As for the most part I think the weather's gonna be really great for that also the AB oyster festival is happening -- this weekend servicer. -- too funny eventually she could attend a five I'm missing a festival is going on annually to talk about it. An expansion on the air justice -- -- text at age 7870. -- -- WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Which do you think is more likely. Flight 370 had a catastrophic event and crashed or flight 370. Was part of the terrorist plot. That's a W if you are pretty general opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. And gave an update on that coming up in just few minutes as we tracked that throughout our show tonight. We've been talking about dissent and renewable and in Metairie who was involved in a road rage incident did it really brings up the topic of road rage which. Is something that is quite common and at -- even those of us who consider ourselves to be very tolerant. Calm people. Do feel a sense of road rage -- do you most feel road rage what is it that people do that make you most. Feel like you are going into a rage on the road and it really added amounts to what is it the thing that motorists do that bothers you the most. And I'm not trying to be critical of cab drivers but I can tell you that there aren't too many cab drivers in downtown New Orleans who are. Very aggressive. And they need to coach represents. The the attitude of this city they're so quick on the -- if you don't pull away from a stoplight. If you don't pull away like you're starting a drag race -- a drag strip. Don't want the Hornish. And then I seen I've seen -- on -- street during the day when there's traffic on Bourbon Street. And is backed up it's a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the traffic is backed up and they're hoping their -- Me what do you think you're gonna go. The people in front of you can't go anywhere. So just you know back off the horn and you know if you're not of the the that that type of -- personality. The you can deal with these sort of things than maybe you should be a cab driver and what I'd you know I'd take has all the time so I know a lot of great cab drivers and most of the camp arms I never really great but I do see some that are very very. Very aggressive and they don't always pay attention to the laws. And they don't do the city of New Orleans any good so we're if we're going through this process is a city a trying to make our cabs looked nice physically. Point two update our camps for for visitors. That I think we got to do a lot to maybe make the demeanor of camp drivers a little more congruent with what we think should be representative of the city of New -- If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is a 787. Here's a -- -- Chinese American flags you radical moderate view. Love you suit. -- -- talking about American flags should American flags being made in China -- what if an American flag is made in China does that really. Does that really make a difference. I'm from Georgia doing -- to -- showed good evening doing. That they orange group show their due to. You know our country. I'm 67 now and I'll watch our country. Go into every -- -- Tokyo. The bottom line result matters. People go average spectacle for it and they got a peaceful what are your questions that are about a world. Andy. And as far as the American flag there's no respect for the American black you could -- -- Ever more war for all 24 -- Tuesday. Just traditional personal respectful flag at war and well in the military. One of the questions I would ask for a -- -- bullish. Where can the American black people -- four -- Mayoral election explosions like that you -- grave to Olivia old battleship -- You go to -- at -- much -- terrible lies shall. That's for sure I can America -- actually edged the ball well and you know -- on Google Wal-Mart -- long ago. Pat and I will not -- these -- its commercial Walcott was alive or of the show. And now. -- In the last week against popular -- -- -- wrong way -- order George Herbert Walker Bush it changed the military and army. They want to offer for -- Force -- army for a man to Wear a -- area grew -- there were only certain select few people who could. -- that operate. Be special forces -- -- You have goes to crucial ruling traded it was mental and physical training. It is foolish to. Actually match evidence rappers are the people fail that course struggled through it well it was to our program where were right. -- -- bench press and Earl Clark and Herbert later bush won the vote -- Changed forever about it or it won't arranged but the -- -- -- watched baseball the barrage from Chapman. Yes and I guess the question to me and I'm glad to call the show I guess the question is okay well if it's if it's cheaper to binding China. Then should American businesses. Lower their their prices may be forget about trying to gain a profit. And make the flags more affordable in the United States. If the flanks are more expensive here than in China how much of that is is the result of of American greed. If you wanna join our -- are right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. -- -- -- a 7870 here is attacks that -- just watched a blank. A tailgating and -- side to side like he was going to pass. Arnold one lane ramp. Case of summary roadside XQ should. And here's the text when people behind you. I'm at a at a stop light hawk as soon as the light turns green they don't even give you time to take your foot off the break. That is totally unnecessary. And a lot of cab drivers do that every single day in New Orleans. And sometimes if there windows open I'll tell him back off the ordered. Not necessary give people a break let him have a chance to get started before you -- your lord. I astute if your -- stay -- this sport your comments are next on WWL. A place are now all the way to the area where Australian satellite found two pieces of debris they don't know what it is a floating in the south Indian Ocean and that is a possible. Area and it -- which would be the end of the projected flight path if a Malaysian airlines flight 370 simply. Rain out of ran out of fuel and I was reading earlier -- -- chances are one of the engines would've run out of fuel before the other one. So is that what is meant that one of the engines was still going which would've caused the plane to bank either severely to the right or to the left. And then I guess going to a spiral spin as it is headed down. To the ocean here's our W a do a pretty general opinion poll tonight which do you think is more likely. Like 37 he had a catastrophic event or flight 370 crashed. -- attitude had a catastrophic event and crashed or was part of a terrorist plot. 40%. Say that it was it was a catastrophic event it crashed. And 60% say they believe it was part of a terrorist plot or it's still part of terrorist -- give us your opinion regulatory website WWL dot com. Fred Jackson job on your on the -- show under the W elegant evening. Take a call on. It wouldn't talk about trap -- should. KJ. But not a bad -- -- two dollar debt. And. I don't know I wasn't play in a summary destroyed disarm -- talked about it the checkers say a girl Francies trees quite upset over his long -- girlfriend. Committed suicide apparently she committed suicide she was six million dollars in intent on not I'm not blaming and nick but I just had a question that if you're that close to somebody. Why would they be six million dollars in dead if you had this much money is Mick Jagger it was a question. -- But I play the G-20. Adam are out there and it's unfortunate. Me right to shore up and it's. While we might be members of the media John that we don't have to be apart of it we don't part of what they do. So sometimes I do sometimes I do distinguish myself from the media in general. -- outs. But got. It up -- And keep. It at all here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know who didn't -- stay out here. No John there are a lot of good drivers here but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't talk about the that the bad drivers and and yet there are people who will actually chew over effect is it's quite a shock if you're on the interstate for example -- you -- -- bleaker -- to get offered -- actually slows down to what you over as opposed to speeds up. -- to make sure you don't get over -- that you really there's room for me to get over I'm letting you know I'm getting over and you're gonna speed up to try to stop me from getting over. What does that -- out. Worst day. Oh. Yeah. It. Checked out. -- -- John I appreciated -- -- Ciara and -- you're -- -- thanks for calling us from Jackson tonight if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And it text number is a 77. If your -- stay with us for coming right back with more of your calls here's a text and -- how would you know that one of the engines ran out of fuel before the other. I I read an article earlier somebody who knows about planes and knows about the fuel flow. In planes I said that there's a good possibility that one engine would have run out of fuel before it the other engine and I don't know maybe about -- the arrow aeronautical. Aspects of of a plane and fuel flow. But I thought there was an interesting observation if that did happen in the play would have gone into. A spiral and crashed into the ocean. This is dispute -- will be. Right back -- to be WL news Fred Phelps senior is dead the founder of the -- west Borough Baptist Church died very early this morning. I guess your calls here in just a moment a 2 -- morning Tommy Tucker into the WL first news we'll talk about. Smokers should they be banned from lighting up in their apartments elegant apartment building downtown. And smokers can't smoke. In the building that to go outside and smoke should you be able to smoke inside. Your building it's one of the things -- talk about tomorrow morning so wake up. And check out Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning and every weekday mornings from six to ten here on DaVita Q well from the mayor and you run -- on this -- show good evening. Hey. Do they run. It. In all went 0245. Thousand. Ball. Pretty. Yeah I heard it. And and do you know why it. -- Dame today. Not. Give it all up. At all. Honestly it was pretty -- -- And and then. Maybe two -- and something also things -- to life. Now. All know about the book. Those people. Have heart to beat. If you ever feel like you higher than you should have been. All and so. I'm Ron I've I appreciate the call it's. It's -- observation. I here's a text about it on a road rage. I drive a tow truck for a living and my road rage problem is when I'm trying to loaded vehicle. On the side of the road and drivers will not get out of the right lane -- give me some room to work what is that about just move over. Now we're talking about road rage where are you most likely to just feel that surge of raged through your body. When you're on the road. If you manager and Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. To all free 86688907. Your text numbers they Seve -- -- are talking about whether all American flags should be made in America or if they can be made cheaper in China is that part of our free enterprise system. This is the -- show and we'll be right back on WWO.