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Scoot Show 3-20 9pm, Road Rage!!!

Mar 20, 2014|

How are you with road rage??? Hate when someone cuts you off or won't let you over? You do? Well be sure to Join this as he discusses ROAD RAGE and some good stories about it. PLUS: should all American flags be made in AMERICA ONLY? Would that help or hurt American businesses? And would how much would you be willing to pay for a flag that is made in America….$50, $75..$100 or more?

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Search planes are heading toward that area apparently it's four hour flight to the area than they would have enough fuel to search the area for. A two hours looking for those pieces of debris. Found by Australian satellite voting in the south Indian Ocean as getting any wintertime in that part of the world Southern Hemisphere has there winner when we have our summer we're moving into. Summer spring summer and they're moving into followed winner so I guess to be a rather rough because. This is essentially the area and duties between I guess Australia and Antarctica so this is a very remote Rauf part of the ocean the system -- in -- and in him in the in the earth system. So. They are they had difficulty getting there but it it looks as if they're gonna get there and start to search and again it's deal. A very advanced area and they may ninth. Find the -- if they do they would know almost immediately if they were part of missing Malaysian airlines flight 370 here's our Debbie if you up pretty -- my opinion poll tonight which do you think is more likely. Flight 370 had a catastrophic event and crashed or flight 370. Is part of the terrorist plot. Here's an update 38% think it was a catastrophic event and crashed. And 62%. Believe it's part of a terrorist plot to Richard -- regulatory website WW real dot com. Navigated update on -- -- coming up here in just a few moments -- we're talking about the American flag is a constant constantly controversy about this. American -- sometimes are made in China. What does American flags can be made cheaper in China and in our government is buying American flags and our government is broke shouldn't the government buy flags from the cheapest possible source rather than spend more money. In America and why are American flags more expensive in America. In parts because. Americans. A charge more and the cost of living here is obviously more we treat people differently than the people love for the Chinese. China are treated in in many different ways. But maybe maybe business owners in America. Should. Should take less of a profit. And sell the American flags. For less to the American government so the American government is an attempted to go to China and if American flights are cheaper in China and -- real is it just it doesn't seem to make sense to buy an American flag that is made in China. But isn't that the reality of the global. Economic system that we are now are all part of should American flags be less expensive here. And if it's part of our free enterprise system. To find the best product at the lowest possible price is everything wrong with buying an American -- in China if you wanna join our show tonight with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text numbers 877 and also because of an incident that happened. The second of march 12 site in Metairie started transcontinental drive went to -- and highway airline highway toward to clear view. A nineteen year old pregnant woman 174 year old woman got an accident. After a forty year old guy allegedly. Was involved interrogating a switching lanes and road raging. With this nineteen year old pregnant woman so we're talking about the whole art of road rage. Winner you most likely to feel that surge. Of road rage when you're on the road what is -- that people do with it so quickly makes you feel and I know exactly what that feels like is I feel it sometimes. And I know you feel it is well. And by talking about it maybe we could figure out ways to be aware of the fact that it's coming and in May be due more to. To try to ease those. Those moments of rage because if you really act out on the moments of rage no good is gonna come -- that. You might be the victim of that you might be the perpetrators of and we might not want to admit it but there have been times when we have actually been guilty of road raging. Again to join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. -- a text and receive 77 got a budget text to get to and I'm getting a lot of text about broad reach I hope you're not texting while you're driving. I hope you have a designated texture in the car from Tennessee Dan your on the scoot showing -- VW oil. Thank you Pete Dominick our -- on -- potential here ridiculous idea. -- -- appeared Mary. And Bob about the flag thing. I'm a little older Americans again from the old school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And broadcasting. And I believe that we think we should do. There's been many a time that I picked up a flag saying that was made in China. And I put it back down. The reason is partially patriotic. Partially I believe we should keep the dollar ball and that mainly because. -- jobs for Americans. Lord Oakley. Job already were -- Mexico and other places to outsource. And there are jobs that are wanted to hear America right now and we're not helping them because they've been shipped overseas. I'd like -- Seymour. American jobs for Americans here all looked at a high rate of unemployment right now -- -- American flag. Or any other thing should be -- factored in America. I agree. I've been told over the years unions outraged the great charitable profit. And but mom and pop businesses to. -- a little -- they want any kind of propaganda -- doors -- -- Troll I would vote for that eight billion dollar home as much as we possibly can practically it and. -- and that's the question Dan how much would we give up in terms of spending more money for something. To buy something American may do or do Americans really go out of their way to buy American made or do they simply by the best product at the lowest possible price. I think that last statement you made this. Unfortunately very true because look at all the cars that are on the highway and take your total. And an American group is something that is not only part of the American consuming public but it's it's also part of American business owners. That's true and they would traditional sport car because to make more profit. And well let's look at it. A lot of friends that -- born pars. Mostly east and west over the big pond. And their complaint is equally as much as two hours there's a big part figure from overseas. And that dealer in cart side that the longer that long and so forth or Obama complained about report -- whereas I have would be coupled Chevrolet. And I give parts order -- as local area. Look at the part -- and trying to I don't like that can. -- I understand that we're you know we are part of a global economy and that's that's not gonna that's not change. Out of port ability if Americans did go out of their way to buy American it might change things to some degree in English to Colin thanks for listening tonight Tennessee. If you enjoyed this with your comment tonight about any of the stuff we're talking about. Numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- a tax receipts -- but he it to some of these text about it road rage and I have gotten many here's attacked. If you try to pass some bodies it's going under the speed limit on it too -- single lane road. And because you're trying to pass them they've installed on the gas. To where they will let Japan as and then it. When you slow down to try to get behind them because of oncoming traffic approaching. Then they hit the brakes to keep you from from getting back over a -- avoiding an -- I I realize that I know I I do see that. And if there's if there's clearly open space this is one thing that really bothers me if attacked constantly. Say to myself when I'm looking in there in the rearview mirror a constantly say to myself really are you kidding me I'm getting over and I'm talking to myself in the car. There's there's party's base comedian over so I have decided to be courteous driver and put on my turn signal to elect. Everybody know that I'm gonna get over in the of the -- Quite often the car in the other -- Tries to tries to take up this space tries to speed up to prevent me from getting over when there was already plenty of room for me to simply. Ease over into the other -- I think our our our people becoming that territorial. It's like that that's your space. If somebody does that to me if I've got enough space between me in the -- front of me as somebody tries to kind of squeeze in at times. That I'll slowdown and give myself a little more space. I find it interesting that the people so often. -- picked these little battles. And and fight over over territory and I think quite often that's what idiots. Infringement of of the space in front of you. You're really not gonna get to your destination that much quicker. If I'm driving along and as somebody pulls in front -- -- and and I've got to. Slowed down just a little bit to have enough safe space between me and the vehicle in front of me. That's -- really caused me to get to my destination that much later and yet. They're people who rage over that and and get upset and then you get into the tailgating issue and that is the key for me. -- somebody gets beat I guess because I realize how dangerous -- -- when somebody gets right on my tail. That is when I start start to really stirred start to feel this this road rage. And -- you know what that surged feels like you've just get that feeling and again I'm not gonna do anything dangerous although I have to admit. That there had been times when somebody has to a -- -- and I'm not recommending that you do -- And -- is not a safe thing to do. But I have -- mavericks. To get started to back up again I don't recommend that you do that it's not it's not -- it's not the right thing to do. But a citywide. It works. Because then they back up. Tail -- is really dangerous. And you might not care about what happens to your car or yourself but I care about me and Michael. -- One -- safe distance and you're not gonna get to your destination that much quicker if you're a few feet closer to my car. If you're driving 67 miles an hour if you -- a few feet closer I mean on. I don't know the physics. But I'm sure there's physics. Equation that could figure this out -- not gonna get there that much quicker if you just a few feet closer so it really comes down to the individual. Road rage is the manifestation of people becoming very territorial. And -- if I mentioned on the air I I honestly believes that many of the road Rangers in the CBD in the French Quarter. Our cab drivers. Not all cab drivers. So if you're not one of those cab drivers who is. Aggressively driving to our streets. And honking your horn when you don't really need to lockyer warned if you're not one of those cab drivers than we love -- But he the effort of this city has been to clean up our camps physically. To make sure that the cancer mater are updated with. Things like a credit card machines it and the video screens sandy can only be sold because we wanna impress or terrorist. What about the it would about the demeanor of cab drivers. More needs to be done to address them. And I see this every day walking to the station from my apartment in the CBD. IC it constantly in the French Quarter. There's a lot of -- hawking does a lot of aggressive driving. Among many cab drivers and it's it's not good for pedestrians as I could from -- is not good forward the image of the city. So what is it that you really feel that sense of of road rage would bothers you most. And and by talking about this again I think what we do is it realize how ridiculous it is to get into a rage. You've got your hands on this. This potential weapon. A car. A truck -- feet whatever it's a potential weapon in in any situation at any moment. And so while we have this weapon in our possession. When we start to rage. There are so many people who just let things get totally out of control. And they ended up in jail somebody ended up hurt. Somebody and that a dead. And and you can get -- a -- had trouble if you. If you find ways to manifest this rage that you feel when -- players sold by talking about it maybe we can just realized. Wait a minute you know what that really is stupid OK that -- is wrong. That person was absolutely wrong to do that but why am I gonna get upset over -- And do you have any secrets for dealing with your road rage. If you wanna join Russia with a comic to write about it and they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is -- Seve sent a quarter techs are coming up -- are talking about American flags they should they always been made in America. If our government is broken can -- -- cheaper in China then shouldn't our government save money by buying American flags in China. Or should we pay more to buy flags that are made in America if they're American flags. This is the -- show and we'll be right back. -- -- -- This is stereo the that was. About the -- to our -- anybody else happens happens okay when are the Pentagon now. Vanilla Hadley mass match. Ninety miles an -- the most humbling and we believe in because I don't lie down and how much better go play. This is first friends I -- you so much bleaker that's that's as the subject of the sought. And we we see that all the time I mean you know is sometimes if you put on your boy there it's. It's a warning to other motorists to speed up and and not like you'll -- what's the incentive to use of -- of people are gonna respected what some people do. But in this part of the country they'll respect it as much as they do and other parts of the country. Today if you like it if if you're in the Pacific northwest in Seattle or Portland. And there's a driver in a -- like a Subaru. And you put on your pointer. I'm telling you there. He's going to be extreme courtesy and it's interesting how the or people in in -- different cars who who show more. Courtesy than the people who drive the Carson I know that's stereotyping and certainly there are exceptions but. But in general it's a thing I've noticed really not only here but throughout the country. So -- you well what do you feel road -- of what's your road race story -- it's good to talk about road rage because it it makes us realize how ridiculous it is for us to get. Into that. That kind of for a rage when we just did -- so angry I mean that's not a good state of mind to begin when you're behind the wheel of a car. -- to join our children -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a -- overstate 77 -- are talking about American flags. Should they always be made in America. -- what if they can be made cheaper in China or some other country. Isn't that part of our free enterprise system and their people. In this country American citizens who are making money on flags that are made in China. Or maybe there should be less -- with American business when it comes to profit. In order to make the plays more affordable for save the US government or anybody so they're more competitive -- buying American flags. That are actually made in America. And how far would you go. To spend more money to buy American. To join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- semi tech's -- -- 77 we still don't know about those a floating pieces in this south Indian Ocean. Discovered by Australian satellite. Body parts of a missing Malaysian airlines flight 370 we don't know. And you're -- -- WL pretty -- my opinion poll tonight you know what do you think is more likely point 37 he had a catastrophic event and crashed or flight 370. Is part of the terrorist plot. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that as we continue to track that -- throughout -- -- from the North Shore GA year under the W well. Palin as you've -- -- -- look I've been this. Driving students for nine years so I work for a drive and drive academy. Nor shall. To -- 50% of the drivers for the Corey. -- -- Dave Dave -- very good. And they pay attention like that the -- today. 58%. Of the drivers city. Think they need to -- crimes scooped it as. And they these are not not not your students but did not -- the people that you have to warn your students are. -- I got a break back in the news knowledge would have been and probably. About thousand -- accidents. If I didn't have a board. But of people are selfish. And they they think they own little lines. And they do what they want them and you know -- an instructor I have got to pay attention that. Cost him. So what are you what do you tell your what you tell your students and I'm I'm sure that a young driver is sent less likely to feel road rage than an older driver who's had been out there for awhile so. Well what what would you tell young student about road rage. Wrote if you got -- -- got to really control yourself through this topic we're right there must sell you know and yeah you got to. You got out -- can. Relax. You have someone -- is like which right microphones. It connects. Available. Area pull off to a light and just let that person pay Cuba as the best thing to do. And and and don't see it as. You lost the battle don't still see it as a loss I don't know I don't know you people do. I think people define stuff that happens in traffic is I want to be the winner I'm I'm not totally impressed 800 million. Work that way because people -- Brazil is to built built built. Built ramp about Edwards at six times in the last ten years. So. If you -- if your rear ended that's really their fault or. Of their policy wants to present at the little. They have no. Conception of how America. They're they're they're they're anxious they're could be you know they wanna get a quick one of those so were quick and they did they have no. You know they did. You make it become a rage right now cheering I don't know. The because it it if it's true and nobody's gonna get to their destinations that clicker. Actually the exact opposite so it sounds bill passed -- my car and drive in the student. They'll pass a caller we're right back at all. Yes -- did they get didn't get much further than you and ride so aggressively again. I I think the word selfish is T but why your drivers of selfish I think its territorial. -- this is -- territory and you can't do I I control this area. And it's it's it's it's. Scary how quickly people get -- 200. After real. -- -- it -- Go to -- world news and legacy inflation could be you know not that something happened. To make things better. And you know I don't know who's gonna do it I have no work without fear that this is getting worse and worse -- for. I would -- you keep doing a good job teaching the students how to drive properly. Or like Klitschko shows ritualistic here's a Texan Reid says he -- road rage is bad here in Birmingham Alabama. Because everyone thinks that they're good enough to drive at Talladega. Always says someone on your bumper. Yeah -- -- there are people who look at tail -- is and drafting and a tail gating their their their drastic. For the West Bank Keith you're under the WL. Yet thank you do. I don't column in about -- are -- that credit as. Go to -- and on -- BC news. -- -- popular Australia or that you wept but they actually one of the plains states they drop in these are bullies. You know in the war he -- yeah. And and not that way they got that the audit they wanna see which way to -- take it to get woman the because they think that these pieces all port that points. And if they aren't they're nowhere near where this plane crash to a thirteen days ago. Right yes thirteen days and also alternate on this show. One of the experts. I guess from the transportation state people. That that they actually law Bobby's. All of trying to arm you're playing because the Malaysian government. With telegram the plane -- -- know -- -- -- that to all walks house which where the plane would go yeah but. What he was saying -- after the second day they do this plane went to war he reputable web for. You know should all you know what that would. Yeah as a Malaysian government's. I don't know whether it was just total incompetence or whether they were trying to conceal something but they were not forthcoming with information in the beginning which might give. And have had done more to find has -- because obviously the more time goes by the more difficult it's it's going. It's going to be defined it. Right right and then detonate that it was to read the blade when he decided it will look out that was -- -- that state law. And they also and it she the issue. A cargo ship was patent and that every. And it's it's the Philippine -- it's that the crew was Filipino. And -- sold them to be on the look out they can spot anything in the war. What are you would think that pretty do you think it was a catastrophic event that led to a crash or do you think it's part of a terrorist plot. Opt out figured -- had to be several because. These -- people saying that claim programs could go one way and it vehicle like that. I mean if if it's cold rain and can can able you know an apology. All the rule program wanna you know. Oh I'm sure but I guess you -- I'm sure pilot tunis circumstance. Program from from the cockpit and then fly it in no manual. You know. -- go ahead and supposed to fly the plane. Right right -- keep Doug Christie calling. Look at that what what you had that I was saying earlier about how to get a polite 45000. Feet yeah I don't know at. It would ideas but -- go. That is. That that he can get to where they go because they're less resistance. Yet the -- here yeah right right and you I think you could travel was forced fuels concern you can travel a farther but 45000 feet for an airline jets. You know that's really high most of the most of the airlines that we've -- on in the United States and even around the world are somewhere between. You know like 29 in August 30000 feet 45000 feet his -- is very -- Keep the good health thanks -- listening. -- from Covington steadier and a VW elegant evening. And -- -- -- -- you Ira Cohen. Is the American flag you know. I think. You know the sort of global economy. Opera that I mean I think it in nature and more competitive and actually a true that we need those type of competition. So the American flag that's the one thing sacred. That this country ought to protect because -- and then went and put their formal. They -- served -- -- country. It will. They're they're out there for this country in an error. Jetlag it's simple they can take the country in doubt that -- -- like. Winning a lot of that is -- -- -- -- to keep it straight. At flag as a great. Eight fortunately -- me. And he. He killed. That -- -- what they want. There -- a little tough but yes Steve it does seem very unethical and -- quite ironic to buy an American flag meeting Japan when you think about what the play flag stands for. But I also understand how the free enterprise system works and American greed has. Led to flags being made overseas. And even the American guy I know there has been. I'm talking and in congress about requiring that the government by American flags from American companies which aside but if the government is is broke thin. You know maybe American company should be less greedy with the profits that they're trying to make off the government in selling them America reflects. I don't know that that that point. And I get which same -- that critical that this day in this country can't control one. All items that make in this country taking control -- -- say. Look we needed braces you know the government made flag and it's in -- is that the one -- it's sacred and I believe that they America. -- patriotic and I think -- company that would do it would cost it would give it would do you think you need to do that it does but. -- -- companies in the United States and I don't buy into the notion that. It's all about greed in all. I think that -- screwed applause. But there'll companies Steve it has been very famous for. Ripping off the government there was these years ago wouldn't you know that the Pentagon was buying toilet seats that cost 600 dollars rules I am so some American companies ripping off. Its own country. Absolutely. Believe that and I and I see that and that goal -- and has a lot of people that. That do those things that we talk to fly right now the question is should it be outsourced. And I have to walk item should not be outsourced. Everything else the perhaps that the you have to. Yet the Pete Best you can be -- -- that a product. In action it'll be better because. And come back in and away and do it right there and then that'll make it better company. And you aren't from that experience -- -- -- You wonder if it would be like if you worry if you increase and the the Greek government is about whether the Greek government should buy real Greek yogurt or if they should importing less expensive Greek yogurt. I realize it's not like it is different but it's the same kind of analogy. Yeah it's it's it's it's it's -- analogy it's -- -- agree. This nation. And we need to embrace that. That's 1000 balloons that -- -- -- -- and should be made right in our. And in this country music -- here. Steve thanks thanks solicited to be a -- -- nine I'm going to tentacles. If you and joyous with the your thoughts tonight are you ever wrote great story our numbers 2601870. What happened when you really encountered road rage and are you guilty of road -- yourself. 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- -- -- A text here that starts out to camp just ran a red light and turn left off airline highway in front of the airport to get back I was -- -- I'm gonna read that text when we come back I'm -- it's the first day of spring hope you're enjoying it. We'll be right back with more into the WL I mean I admit I've let the F bomb fly in the car when somebody does something. Stupid it's supplied sensitive I guess manifesting Mario and road rage. And I stopped doing it but I have to admit that I have I've sort of flip people off before it is and there are things it to make me -- Get into a rage on the road I don't when he goes to forest actually do anything stupid but. It was a fine line between feeling road rage. And not letting something happen and feeling road rage and letting -- but here's a text that reads it can't just ran a red light just came in a few minutes ago. Can't just ran a red light and turn left in front of me on airline. At the airport. To get back in the cellphone lot faster WT FPS I'm texting while I'm waiting for a train. At Japan us. That's as good idea don't don't text when you're driving -- what you have a designated -- -- if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And -- -- Summers 877. Here's a Texan -- -- BS American should buy American flags made in America. Should not be about cost China should have warehouses stocked to the ceiling with our flags. They just sit there. Went Olympics were in China. They didn't get our National Anthem right by design. You know they're always going to be people who are going to be really paranoid about that and and and maybe it's true but maybe they just really did actually messed it up. Here's a WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Which do you think is more likely we're talking about flight 2370. A flight 37 he had a complete catastrophic event and crashed into the ocean. Where the land war like 370. Is part of a terrorist plot. The gap is widening tonight. 33% say it was catastrophic event and crashed. And now 68% say. Like 370 is part of a terrorist plot you can give your opinion by going to our web site WW -- dot com. A tomorrow dug the vehicle be in for Garland -- he is in the think tank every Friday morning you've seen this -- parents get out of control with their kids at sporting event. As some would go even further than yelling at the officials some -- actually a salted them. Now what should be there were these parents Louisiana representative Cameron Henry wants to increase the fines with possible jail time for offenders. You think this would be a deterrent climb into the think tank tomorrow and every Friday from ten to one we've done to be here on WWL. This is -- joke ledger with this wind do you feel road rage what is it that people do that cause issued a field that surge of road -- for me. I think the thing that most instantly causes me to feel that rage. Is when somebody gets right on my tail. It is part of that the reason that I guess were all a little territorial. And you feel like somebody is encroaching into your territory or is it just affected if you tailgate you're just an ignorant driver. Doing something really dangerous. If you and join us tonight are numbers 2601872038668890. Point seven. In -- text -- it 77. Here's a -- reason don't have road rage. But have tapped my brakes. When being followed too close yes it does work I can't recommend that but I have to admit that I have done that. We'll be right back with more on every WL. Welcome back to -- -- show on this Thursday night the crawfish festival and -- that got under way today in a very pleasant night that it should be a nice weekend for that I know there's a possibilities of showers over the weekend. Look at your weather updates this weekend -- -- any time all you have to do is text the word whether. Too late 7870. And you'll get -- -- the weather update it's a free service from WW -- available on any cellphone you don't have to have the super Smart expensive phones. So is available on any cellphone it's a free service from us that message and data rates may apply here's our -- of you a pretty general opinion poll tonight which do you think is more likely. Flight 370 had a catastrophic event and crashed or was part of a terrorist plot. Give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com is always something new and our web site. I'm Bobby -- the ability we'll talk about the saints new fullback. Also. Can we get a who'd bet track all of the NFL moves with our free agency tracker that is at the top of the front page at WWL dot com. A plus some of our sports guys Steve Bobby -- Steve Geller mark Menard Jordan fecal. Held a mock draft compare their NFL picks to what yours would be. All of that is on our website at WW don't -- we have the latest on the NCA eighteens and the brackets -- you can their protests out that's for. On the March Madness which is underway -- she won last night the game was held here and on WWL. I Alicia please I believe Monday night they continue on in the NIT tournament so congratulations to the LSU tigers. We're talking about road -- were also talking about. Whether or not American flags they should be made in America a more protection more of your comments coming up next will be right again after the news I'm -- and -- WL.