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Scoot Show 3-20 10pm, Road Rage!!!

Mar 20, 2014|

How are you with road rage??? Hate when someone cuts you off or won't let you over? You do? Well be sure to Join this as he discusses ROAD RAGE and some good stories about it. PLUS: should all American flags be made in AMERICA ONLY? Would that help or hurt American businesses? And would how much would you be willing to pay for a flag that is made in America….$50, $75..$100 or more?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Last night and you're the game here on -- Demi WLL issue beats ever Cisco and -- -- and it's -- L issue moves on and they'll be playing on Monday night so -- Derrek Lee will be right here. On net -- of you -- you want an update on all of that information we have and on our website which is WW real dot com. And that really is there is a great source for information and it's a very easy to navigate so if you just wanna get the latest on on everything we've got to run our website at WW real dot com. A we're talking about road rage there was an incident. I was on this morning for a Tommy Tucker at the last minute and there was a case of a woman a nineteen year old to pregnant lady. She got into an accident with a 74 year old woman. -- sharpen a forty years old -- and I was arrested on Monday march 17 this incident happened on March the twelfth. He was -- with two counts of vehicular negligent injury and hit and run. And reckless operation of a vehicle. Now according to this nineteen year old pregnant woman. This of forty year old man. Was aggressively tailgating Harris started at 8 o'clock in the southbound. Direction of transcontinental drive in Metairie. He went to airline drive and then headed toward clear view parkway. She says the driver kept moving in front of her as slammed on his brakes and attempted to force her. To hit his vehicle from the rear. And I I've I've heard of cases like this where where people do that on purpose and if you ran into somebody from behind its. It's their fault -- -- -- runs into you from behind it's their fault almost automatically. Respect I think automatically. So. That would to cause them to have been an accident even though you actually cause the accident it would be their fault. Now the victim also said that he was so rapidly changing lanes and then he it tried to cut her off and anyway if it led to an accident both the Seve four year old woman and the nineteen year pregnant woman are okay. But this just brings up this topic of road rage which we need to talk about once in awhile because it. It seems to be a problem it's -- People are very selfish on the road of people over territorial. What is it that people do that causes you to first field that instinct of of rage. Surging in your body and you know exactly what it feels like. It happens to me it happens to to all of us. Icy. Icy road rage or some degree of of road -- downtown all the time at the CBD and in the French Quarter. And quite often it comes from from cab drivers -- here's a -- reads a lot of cab drivers learn to drive in their country of origin. And if you had been overseas. You know it's a free for all and everyone for themselves while that's fine but if you come to America thinks are different. You do it our way or you don't do it here. It's really that simple so. That might be a reason but I don't think that's a legitimate excuse. And quite often -- camp look there are some great cab drivers out there always feel like after qualify this. But whenever I talk about one group it doesn't mean that I'm I'm talking about everybody within that group. There are cab drivers who are very. Aggressive drivers they're rude. On they are quick to honk their horn if you don't take off on us first of all I see people go through yellow lights. To the point where there actually going to a red light. It's not in your best interest to take off immediately as soon as the light turns green. You have to Paulus to make sure that there's nobody else coming through the light. Now that's not as big a problem here's it is -- a city like Denver where. That's that's a spectator sport. Running red lights running yellow lights and running red lights so you you you have to be careful. But if you don't take off immediately and I see most of the time when I'm walking in the CBD when the first -- you don't take off immediately. There are a lot of cab drivers now at all but a lot of cab drivers who hit the -- And you know I realize it's a minor thing but it's it's it's a necessary. And it's a reflection of an aggressive. Rage kind of attitude behind the wheel I realize that your camp driver you've got a tough job to do. I realize that you're on the street and that's your workplace. But that's still -- make you more important than anybody else. And it just looks bad to tourist it looks bad to those of us who live here. It's part of an aggressive attitude downtown it's not just cab drivers it's also residence -- and and tourist as well. But what -- see it when -- -- a cab driver or when I see somebody just laying on the port right behind somebody who's got an out of state license plate. They might be looking for their hotel. They might be trying to figure out where their goal. They might be looking for an address and and that's not just for people with an on account license plate that might be for locals as well. You know sometimes people are are trying to look for a dress look for location you look for -- they're supposed to pick up on the side of the street. Probably would have there's a -- out there that you're supposed to meet you might want to slow -- make sure you get anyway. But I'm sure that happens as well -- you just have to you have to be a little bit more patient and it it's it's it's a good idea to talk about -- Road rage because it's something that continues to increase -- if we can think of ways. To. To ease the -- that we start to feel surging in our bodies when summary doesn't he really stupid. And believe me there are a lot of people doing a lot of stupid things are out there driving. If we can find ways to ease that then we might just keep ourselves. From getting into trouble. Because there are so many people who have -- road rage go beyond a certain point. And that is led to very serious consequences. Soul. When do you feel road rage what is that the people do that make you feel that surge of -- rated do you have a road race story. If you manager and -- with a comet are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And it takes a receipt 77 -- talking about what they're not American flag should be made in America. What does American flags can be made cheaper in China. Is it a part of our free enterprise system to. Make the biggest profit and if an American company can make a bigger profit by having flags made in China and instilling in here. Is that on American. Or should American businesses may be lower their prices. To make it easier for the government and everybody to buy American flags. And cheaper prices right here in America. Again to join our -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a -- numbers 877. Here's a -- reads American flag is just a simple we cherish and we fight for what it represents. Our rights freedoms. And our way of life. And I would agree with that. You don't worship the cloth. You worship with the flight represents. For Mississippi Wayne you're on WW elegant evening. Good evening -- human I'm Goodwin. On the -- -- prominent Brooklyn or companies that come about. When you murder and somebody in government all about it all yeah you're right. But I'll just recently Alan Ball and in Canada on interstate where. Girl came in I was in the in the middle -- which you change it from clear view. Jetted in and we'll all topple the old -- -- our -- -- legitimate right for me to slam -- -- breaks. I mean trot back it up and universal all are not truck into the call and programs are the -- of forty well now more. So that bit and -- about total put call our event. She's got picked it I did not I did not -- -- out there that they police com FaceBook page to maintain well control. Good because it and it sounds like one of the many cases where it's not really your fault -- if you run into the back of somebody's it's quite often they're full. Exactly right that's exactly right because that you I spirit -- Wrote me they'll undoubtedly you know I'm a lot better with -- well I don't -- the -- -- -- -- But wait wait don't get out and fight anymore you mean used to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. You have what you wrote that don't work well. Or the label and I had dumped. I'm very glad you've played you've changed that because it's you know. These of these road race things -- -- so angry if you really just step back and look at him in the whole scheme of things -- their really minor things as somebody. Cutting in front of you for interrogating and many of these things are very dangerous. But some of the things that we -- rage over really are incidental things that we really shouldn't get so angry about and yet. And Darius is so much rage just bubbling up right under the surface and so many people today. It's like driving in an -- to do -- all do not the real lot of people looked a little while. Slow -- -- -- you know but it they. We're going to culturally. Right specialist and if you and enjoyed us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a sex numbers 8787. Here's a Texan reason damn people in new -- need to learn to drive if they don't get out of my way I will blow my horn flip off scream -- Whatever is necessary to get them to move it's mostly old people in the way. Driving privileges should be taken away at fifty. And we won't have discover station. -- How are you reacting to that comment. Actually it's not just older people but it's a lot of people of different ages -- just very very selfish and territorial on the road and it leads to road rage. This is the -- show today is the first day of spring hope you're enjoying -- this was their first day the crawfish festival at shell met should be nice weekend for event hopefully the -- gonna. Holdout but there's a possibility you might have to dodge a few showers we're coming right back with more of your comments on WWL. Seattle police have released previously unseen images showing drug paraphernalia from the screen of Kurt cobain's suicide twenty years ago. They -- to back into this case didn't find -- evening news still believe it was just a suicide. But several rolls of undeveloped -- were found. When detective reexamine the -- coping case this is in anticipation of next -- twentieth anniversary which would be April the eighth 1990 four's record opening. Apparently committed suicide there's no reason to believe it was anything other than suicide. The images found were released immediately today. One was of a large. -- large box. Containing a spoon and what appeared to be needles on the floor next to a cigarette and sunglasses. And the other showed paraphernalia box of clothes next to cash and a wallet it appeared to show Kurt cobain's. Identification. To this day I still remember the issues that Kurt -- Torre when he committed suicide. Because it was there was a shot. From above. His house which was a relatively modest house in the Seattle area I believe it was so overlooking lake union. But a relatively modest house considering Michael Irving has accomplished at that point. But they showed his legs I guess it was from the the knees down. And that was the only shot the rest which would winners. Covered him by a deceived adored house that was the only angle they showed. And to this day and remember he was wearing something that was very popular during the grunge movement that was appear. A pair of what is all star all star -- all stars like converse. And ended it with a low cut converse with with a big star. We're talking tonight about a road rage is something that occasionally comes up on the show were also talking about the latest on flight 370. They're still looking for that to -- it was -- found by Australian satellites. And they haven't gotten to yet to they said the Southern Hemisphere as we move into spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere the Southern Hemisphere's going into winter. And that is a very volatile part of the Indian Ocean average desolate. Area. And their winter can get very very rough and that part. Of the ocean so they haven't actually gotten to the debris yet they believe the debris maybe from like 370 but here's our -- to view -- pretty general opinion poll question tonight. -- do you think it's more likely that the flight 370 had a catastrophic event and crashed or is it part of a terrorist plot. 38% say a catastrophic event that it crashed. And 62% say it's part of terrorist -- division opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. The crawfish festival in -- that got under -- tonight it goes right up through the weekend here's a text that read some melody cool and scrap metal rock the crawfish best tonight. I hear -- attacks that reads but the American flag I only shop American. Whether it's -- for the house sold closed or for food I look at all the labels and I only shop the stores. That I know support America. As far as road rage I admit I yelled as someone who was swerving all over the road and just missed slamming into me while I was writing my 85 year old mother. To the doctor. -- to join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. I JoAnne -- on the -- chilling to BWL good evening. He does -- they'll graduate. I'm out here remember me ill from Harry -- Pataki your cap and hobble back in the our Saturday. Well and showing any -- germanic with a -- also are you still confusing is still ahead. Yeah yeah. It should let that I wanted to respond to that sixty minutes ago. Not harder to get somewhere. But he explained that child at the world revolved around her and that in October oh where did he choose to go the speed limit. Will impact that shouldn't have to wait behind there and learn to contain her little you know. -- -- It's an interesting that you perceive the texture to be a female win there was no pronoun that would identify their gender. And it felt like you know it's from the way the department express themselves let that could be wrong but the that kind of people it makes me go. I did not that there. I. And sometimes you get the feeling that that's exactly what's happening. Our people. Might not even as we speak out late. And and -- people behind and they can't OK okay put -- right out like. There mount what did he get in Japan because of the speed limits what else like Internet. Well he certainly and you certainly have a right to go the speed limit. It -- 10. If we are not you know. The white truck and that makes it more wicked witch Hitler. Well now. And it wanted to remind and they're. The world. View it really. And -- Issue. Yeah you're you're right about that and you know as long as it looked as long as you give somebody the opportunity of passion and text earlier and I've I've seen this happen to. Somebody wants that you're you're driving slower than others want to drive that you might be driving the speed limit others wanna cashew. You start to pass him and then the person speeds up and they don't wanna let you pass and that's really dangerous in and crazy. Just you know drive that drive the speed you're driving in what somebody passion be courteous about it. It may even need to hide and I I. Need you out start you know don't make me being. Chaotic that it's not gonna happen. It hit it -- -- to crack me up because so many you know extra I need to chill is way way way. While we are we do and that's why I think it's important to talk about this where the topic here comes up and we should talk about even when the topic doesn't come up because it. At any time we talked about it we might just help somebody become a little more aware of the fact that day. They road rage over something that is really very incidentally and it's. Quite often -- it seems like it's. It's a battle where people keeping score when you know what they're not gonna beat me to get over it and it's really it's not about keeping score it's about staying alive. I'm not you're absolutely right and and it and it didn't that the bank said the miners -- out that we need ago. Hurting each other and and are any card any card back -- more than we do and can hurt you really badly. There's just -- abstract in the world and is everybody take -- deep deep breath. I'll get. There honestly -- I don't get it love you -- Joseph -- Formally from -- any. Here is attacks that -- I'm feeling road rage right now I have to -- and people are in my way. He had you might want. You might wanna pull over I mean find out I'll find a restroom I mean don't just pull over and then an Internet from Gretna Jesse -- on this crucial and every WL. Execute that appear if you wanted anyone driving in the left hand -- that's going under this be done. War you know my my general it is there are more are specially with intersect in its own right probably the wrong way. Now Jesse you don't have a problem with the driver like myself and and B artist. If if I mean I'm gonna stay in the middle lane where the right -- depending on how many links are -- highway. And I but if they're -- if there's a car going slower than me let's say it's it's it's it's too late it's it's a four lane highway. So there's somebody driving slower in the in the rightly. So I'm gonna pass that person. But you might be going faster than me and so you're on my tail because I'm not passing fast enough but as long as I'm passing the car on the right. And as long as -- get over suicide clear the vehicle then I'm on passing. Then I've really use the left lay in the way it's supposed to be used. Erica and there are people who want you to pass faster so they they still get on your tail and it's. Really it's it's it's such it's such a territorial thing that I -- I don't think people realize how how superficial. It is to try to feed geared their ego or to feed their sense of power by doing these maneuvers on on the road. Will debate at the bigger that mine in I can Google places and achieved probably the most infamous. It is like when you're coming from. From high chance -- I can into the city -- on the east a year. -- -- you know and you coming over the Carol and claw our way. And what people -- going to the Carrollton -- and I mean or. Rather start and then. And over in to be a ruling on -- you don't and a the judo. And now they're constantly causing more traffic has gotten off eighteen wheelers are big slam on the brakes and are trying to -- -- Suisse and and it's not like nobody -- what it was and three miles back you know that tropics. Well sure that's something more important yet that congress musical wait a minute you know this -- is merging you know what's coming to an end. Now why is it that you think you can wait till the last minute to get over and I I'm not as courteous to those people as I -- to people who are trying to get over earlier. In for us. Of course should sold out of and then one last a small comment to ensure -- American by the end made in China Taiwan wherever yeah. The bottom -- figure it's a free enterprise country. And if it is an entrepreneur or decides he's in. Archie will make. Bigger profit but at her like manufactured in China also be interpreted consumers decide whether they're. And that and that is the -- I think sometimes we we just want to blame. Another country for jobs going overseas Specter of many of these jobs ended up overseas out of sheer American greed that is -- contributed by. Every element of the consumer world. That your community -- story about Olympia. The box stores are mostly killing small towns but would you know it you'll -- in their -- -- fact you know these precious little one in their employment on the other hand there and there. Just it was all -- -- on priceless thing. You type from Covington Kathy you're on WWL a good evening. Yes I do -- to -- again I have to historic long ago about people that had rat race for me in my grandson. -- -- -- -- My grandson of coming out of the pocket not unlike navy. With headed home. And he didn't go out there than not this woman I'm -- down the road. And on Long -- and imagine like opponent pummeling. Pointing the -- that. Google went. So what -- says she is so this woman was thinking about killing somebody. And what was the reason what with the reason for -- homicide -- It -- come out parking lot can't denounce. This is exactly where we're talking about tennis. In and my daughter jumped out car. Ran -- Tom Brokaw wrote down the pike place. Probably can -- the directed. He threatened to kill my grandson. No that's -- right. That is sick and there are a lot of people who commit horrific acts as a result of the race that they feel and there's never a legitimate excuse for never because it's not about protecting your life is not about protecting your property. It's about simply having this rage inside. And people will get into road rage on the road and and out of pulling over in confronting somebody. Right and then the other one was an agreement daughters have -- -- -- It was dark Kabul. And right on my -- hit a bright lights. I couldn't see where it's going to affect -- rearview mirror and -- it. You know the car moved -- a little light came out popped up in the air. I can't deduct that. -- and I'm glad you're okay and appreciate you listening to their turbulent night well I don't broke right. What are what are you what do you do -- how do you how do you. Approach the system because inevitably you draw if you encounter people who who make you angry so rather than get into a rage what is it that you think about it what do you do. Well you know the one thing and it's really nice if people pull out the front idea and he cannot open I'll under the speed limit you look behind -- -- at a carpet god yeah. And I gets -- any. And you Paris where it. On the night I admit I let the F on -- I don't 10 yeah that's a few minor Ers and seven victory is simply you might see you might see Gerard. You know I don't think. I look at the. -- -- All right specialist if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Your text Amber's late 77. Here's attacks that it talks about something that does happen on the street. And -- is now walking rage and sometimes I sometimes I have side -- guess it would be sidewalk rage. I spent a lot of time walking quietly downtown station is is downtown. And there's there's so much construction downtown that it's it's really re -- that I can walk from one place to another without having to cross over to the other side of the street because of all this progress because new worlds is growing. And things are expanding and their more condos and apartments downtown and there's improvement in front of businesses and it's so inconvenient. And so sometimes I get into a bit of a reach about that. But if you do find yourself. Two attempted to submit to this surge of rage. But you feeling your body when drivers do really dumb things because they're always gonna do dumb things and they're going to be selfish. Inconsiderate drivers. Wherever you go. Forever. The second ever rent the only you can't control them. The only thing you really can control is how you deal with it. And if you do the math. You're really not -- ever gets somewhere that much quicker. If you do the things that you do. Two to try to get somebody to move out of the way and -- rolling endangering your life. Anybody else in your car's life and everybody around you. And if somebody does something that makes you feel this surge here of rage. Just relax and think about something else. Think about your happy place they just think about. Anything other than what is aggravating you at that at that very moment because they're quite often that. That moment of rage a takes over and people end up in serious serious trouble. -- David you're on WWL. Did you tackle in the I don't you know I. Don't think so that movies I don't remember. -- -- Stores. -- It's been. Quietly urged. But later. -- that. Over. And covered body. In the -- but they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here they be you know and two. Of them. And. -- I don't you know we we do try to teach people lesson and and that's not really good but it's it's human insignia -- I'll show them and that again can lead to really that tragic events. Yeah. To be at Oakland let somebody acting that way and that it is clear that the -- -- the -- -- -- And they can safely get that should continue to stay in the Atlantic I have to get into the wind. Pat. That particular and he the development of options out there that you're well. David I'm glad to draw the show and I don't let the race gets he would like there are a lot of reasons to feel road rage but just don't don't let its ability get to you. A tomorrow Angela hill the newest member of our. -- if you will -- she's on from what -- four in the afternoon a torrential is gonna talk about robotics. Artificial intelligence and automation. For ever. Changing our our world. Also run -- Just to be great entertainer who has been part of the new world's community for so long. A he's got information on the jazz on the buy you benefits which benefits the Easter seals Louisiana association. And also -- gonna talk about ambulance chasers are they responsible for New Orleans high auto insurance rates. All of that and more tomorrow an open mind and Angela hill with the legendary Angela hill from went for two or whatever if you -- This is the -- show if you at a Jewish site with your comment about any they were talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. Pleasure talking about road raises a reason we shouldn't talk about pedestrian rage as well. Because you know you need to know how to act when you cross the street -- sometimes people don't. Will be right back on -- -- -- By the aircraft are looking for the debris that were spotted in the Indian Ocean by Australians satellites one of those five aircraft is the US navy aircraft. And China is sending in three warships to a search for. The missing flights. Nobody knows what happened to a tennis of debris was spotted in the Indian Ocean it could in the emphasize the -- could it could be from. A flight 370 wishes it disappears and I think thirteen days now so what do you think happened what is more likely the case. The flight to had a catastrophic event and crashed or is part of -- terrorist plot. As -- inevitably you'll pretty general opinion poll -- your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we'll update that as we continue to track that poll. Throughout Russia -- your text are coming up from saint rose author you run every WL. Think nobody -- don't -- there are. You know people fail to realize that we knew that term limit. That is recommended -- the status. The speed that he can safely drive. Maximum bets yet. If it. Were indications. Especially for him. Ottawa in order talk about shut -- get a global war shall. Visit sixty world doesn't that the problem Korea offered few -- -- And sixty in the boat shortly eagle -- And I'd shoot 6065. In people passionately like it's you know it's it's probably. Yeah you're right at the end of that dose dose opposed to speed limits I believe our. Based on the design of the road the angle of the road the conditions the potential of merging traffic. And and you really you know there there have been times when. I -- I have entered ramps. And I'm I'm going faster than I should and I I look at look at the of this speed and I'm driving and it's a lot faster than the 25 miles an hour it's posted. And I really should be driving I've -- nights I end up slowing down. But you really need to pay attention to those signs and and we. You know as as drivers we really don't pay as much attention to the speed limit signs as we think we do. What -- what are our favorite things to talk a lot of could ultimately be -- Whittier obviously Euro area. And please -- here and all school -- -- -- -- -- there will be sent wrote would the lights flashing in the middle school. Village you know you're schools don't slowed right. And I I have actually witnessed. -- courted by our outlook toward Obama people ask me up. And bullied and beat the depletion they have no mercy be beautiful ball -- wrote but it's it. People acknowledged social folds or just -- -- they're ought to crack that whatever but -- as -- -- I feel -- -- -- I don't give up 3540 laps at these sites popular marketing muscle bowl moment. Yeah and that's part of I guess that's part of the selfish arrogance that lives within so many drivers. The police side not the weak side at least. Yet but is it just a cost that it's on its -- -- in Japan's and -- Now did the police did that you say the police -- from. Well actually had no. The stated that you can -- year here at whatever. They would force schools no ticket. Actually curled her in and I want to give all camps or internal -- wish for there they're protect children. And they be lectured of this school. -- That they were hiding your ritual bought ticket in saint. I did it there is it they're there to remind you when you think that that would run a pretty blatant reminder in and you know who wants to speed to a school zone because imagine. Imagine how you'd feel as something happened. You're actually right you know in Europe. And I know they'll look at this artist has warned the the Wharton and it. -- -- -- That does very. Well be it is 55. Speed limit speed limit that is likely recommend. You know we just. -- -- Got a suggestion is if you feel. There. Author credit and Politico. And listening to WW ignited if you gonna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- text is a 7870. This is dispute shield and were coming right back for more under the WL. It's the first official night of springtime in a very pleasant nights in it was a great opening day for the Louisiana crawfish -- and she element and a to go last year but it with the year before gonna get encountered this year a from -- John -- on this -- show good evening. Good evening skated down. I become -- -- obsessed with the missing airliner. I mean it just is it is unimaginable to me that. You know this much time gone. And I think it's unlikely to write a book you mentioned at all hell broke the weather's been met here in the knees in. It could be anything they don't even take your career carriers and their most of the tablet so -- It could be containers so some cute -- -- to -- to correct them. -- -- I wanted it worked. What you're here how to reach one little detail there's so many strange little detail you can pick up. Here in their guy on the plane -- -- weeks. If you're buying -- into mechanical engineer. My belief he would -- from New Zealand living in Australia. But with the night before the flight the PGA is war right. It is a wedding ring in his or watch apparently period I watched and -- please keep the to -- Tucson and I don't were tar. It's interesting that some people do have those kinds of permanent since. Well many total war that we're what are. About it was ousted two down. It may have been more than a premonition that he may have been work. But you know I can't keep Monday night -- in the when he scientists. You know really wonder just now. How much volatility in and other work on different sort approach that the little twist. No you're you're right that you -- you start to think in one direction and something new comes John I'm gonna get to a new -- that are publicly that you are called the show. -- is fear and whole stay -- missile come back with a more vehicles also get to -- you're Texan we come back right after the news here on this cute show on WW well.