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Scoot Show 3-20 11pm, Road Rage!!!

Mar 21, 2014|

How are you with road rage??? Hate when someone cuts you off or won't let you over? You do? Well be sure to Join this as he discusses ROAD RAGE and some good stories about it. PLUS: should all American flags be made in AMERICA ONLY? Would that help or hurt American businesses? And would how much would you be willing to pay for a flag that is made in America….$50, $75..$100 or more?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nick Jagger has started making funeral arrangements for fashion designer celebrity stylist and his longtime girlfriend Lawrence guys. She was found dead at her apartment in New York City on Monday. Apparently her -- as a result of the suicide. Represented for big jagr sent a statement earlier today. It to make this in Los Angeles with his daughters and with his son. They're making these funeral arrangements. They have also asked for privacy is Mick Jagger to Stanley in a deal it is very difficult time apparently Mick Jagger. And Delores got there have been together for -- since 2001. There's some ways with you that long they become part of your. Family and your kids get to know him very well so it's there's quite a lost the stones canceled their seven day tour of Australia and New Zealand. After his serve his girlfriend was found dead. -- jagr -- says that she was his lover and also his best friend dean and a FaceBook tribute to her. And said that he is a struggling to come to grips with her death and there were reports that she was six million dollars in debt. Now this may not have been the reason for her her suicide. But you know if -- again this is just a question that I don't mean to be unfair because I don't know the situation. But it was a first mentioned that -- -- six million dollars in dead as if that had something to do with her. Being distraught -- morning to commit suicide. If here. If your longtime girlfriend. For six million dollars in debt. And your Mick -- I mean wouldn't you -- and believe that that deaths. I'm -- if you had that kind of money you would help all the person that can. Was considered to be your lover and your best friend again and -- to criticize nick Jagger but I just thought that was an interesting thing to us to think about here's our WW. Pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight -- which do you think is more likely. Malaysian airlines flight 370 had a catastrophic defense and crashed or. It's part of a terrorist plot. Right now 39% say a catastrophic event it crashed and 61%. Say it's part of the terrorist plot. We still have no idea their search planes that are getting close to the area right now and apparently it's my understanding that it takes four hours for planes. To get to the search area. We're this debris was spotted by Australian satellite so four hours to get there. And they have two hours of fuel left to search the area and that it takes four hours to get back. And did this is a very isolated area of the globe it's. The southern part of the Indian Ocean and I guess this would be getting kind of in the direction of Antarctica between Australia and and article at the Southern Hemisphere right now we speak getting their fall and winter so the weather's getting rough which is why it was as difficult as soon as it was a announced that the is our Australian satellite had had found this debris. It was difficult to initially. I get and search planes in the area. -- there are fights are planes in the area one of them is the US navy plane in China is sending a three yes three warships. To search of this area. Again we still don't know. And and -- stay at -- this is just quite a mystery. And people are intrigued with the -- briefly talked about the media coverage of this we've talked about how CNN -- at wall to wall coverage from the beginning. CNN what -- find itself by covering a breaking news in CNN executives have described this as a human drama that it's. They wanna cover. And because it is such a great human drama. People are watching. And while CNN's ratings are still low. They have actually. Seen an increase and it may be the result of him going to wall to wall coverage of this but all of the networks are covering effect. I was so I was up last night. And it just after 11 o'clock the -- started breaking and I was up until two to thirty watching submitted some breaking news during a few other things from my apartment -- I was there watching the news. And I saw Shepard Smith last night on the Fox News Channel without makeup. It looked pretty good. Dallas to let them make you know I -- ship of the pack it all like he usually do. But it looked to -- with the idea -- and I am assuming that when there's something like this going on in news to break at any moment there's always somebody there. You know he might it didn't crawled up the quarterback. You know actually. I believe those networks have liked sleeping quarters -- nice places for that talent to stay in their engineers and producers to stay. Because if there's a possibility of breaking news. You know the gonna have to go wake somebody up -- get -- we got some breaking news so they go back in the back and we can mop and then I get a money here bright and Susan near them make up last night and -- -- -- I can often be critical of the media and if you -- issue and a regular basis you know attempts. Apart when I'd do I'd like to analyze and and I can be very critical of the media to compliment the media as well. But one of the things that bothers me about the media is how news media focuses. So much on on human beings who were absolutely distraught. And it's the job of the media to bring the faces of the distraught friends and family members. Who don't know what happened to their loved ones because this flight is still missing and -- this point. There really isn't a Trace of it. This debris in the Indian Ocean. Could be from a cargo ship and apparently those those containers fall off a cargo ships sometimes. I see ships going on the river all the time and absolutely packed. With these -- they're stacked high up on the deck. And I've always thought he delegates count rocky out here sometimes I wonder some of these things -- awful apparently they do. Now one of the pieces of debris is believed to be eighty feet long the others fifteen feet. Said the eighty feet long would be -- bigger than a containers again we don't know what it is but so far of people don't know there was this one woman and I'm I'm sure use notice. Some some relatives who showed up and they were they were demanding information on on what happens what happened to this flight and -- we can demand all they want to I would hope that all of the government's involved. Are. Transparent. And giving all of the information. That. -- is available I I would hope that nobody's withholding information is something doesn't come out I would hope that it would. Not be for malicious reasons that it would be more result of of of incompetence and the Malaysian government is. Faced with a test that they're not they're used to facing. And in our government is a lot better with dealing with the tragedies like this than say the Malaysian government that's not a criticism it's just. Reality. But when these. When these relatives are grieving and you you see it that you you see whenever there's a tragedy. And and cameras it right in somebody's face. And I realize that it's the role of the media to to bring the face of tragedy. To everybody else. It makes it relate to pull it makes it real. It's something that bonds this week we may -- have never been in that situation but justice issue and being sweet. We we can bond with those who -- going through this because we imagine what must it be like crazy year. Your loved wonder your close friend takes off on this plane and you have no idea what happened. I read a comment from somebody who's. American boyfriend was on the plane and she said. She is prepared. To hear about a crash and death. She's not prepared for the unknown. And you can understand that people would have some. Some closure mean obviously they don't want their closure to be. -- so if there's any reason to hope that somebody's alive -- they're gonna certainly hoping that's great but there was one woman in particular. Who showed up demanding information. And she was absolutely distraught. And at one point in her. Crying and screaming and yelling -- she. There was there were sort of people around or couldn't tell exactly what was happening but it seemed as if she kind of fainted and she fell back and she was being carried out. As she as she screening and falling back the camera so even getting closer. The -- cameras. The video cameras they're just trying to get that everybody's trying to jockey into position for the best closeup of her grieving face. And I realize that's the right of the media. I don't know if it's always the right thing to do it's not gonna change. But I I think it's it's clear to. To be critical. Of the attempts to. To grab those moments and and if the news media does that. Because that's what we actually won a seat because we're we're interested in net. We don't want anybody degree that doesn't make us bad people -- and they're talking about you were me specifically but just in general as an audience. It doesn't make Hispanic people. But if we're so curious about things like that and we have to. I think realized that he is our curiosity. That often drives the media. To. To try to capture these these moments in in somebody's personal life and the the of the more. The more grief the more distraught somebody used and that the better the visual. For the news. If you wanna join -- show with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601872. All 3866889070. In a text numbers 877 attributed talking about road rage I've I was in for Tony -- the last minute this morning. And we talked a little bit about this case involving a nineteen year old pregnant -- Metairie Borland. Who was it an accident with a -- four year old woman and they were in an accident apparently because it was a forty year old guy who was involved in road raged. The woman said that if she was being aggressively tailgate into the guy was following her for trans continental to -- highway -- towards clear view park way. He -- got in front of her slammed on the brakes according to her she was. She was very intimidated by this driver it ultimately led to an accident now the the two people involved in the exit their find the guy ran off. This happened on March the twelfth he was arrested I believe march the seventeenth. So. He's been charged. But he brings up the topic of road rage. And it's something that most of us feel it it one timer of sometimes we feel it quite often you're driving and and and people are aggressive on the road and they do really stupid things and you feel this surge of reaching year. In your body so we've been talking about road rage and and and hopefully by talking about it we we -- we can realize how how easily. We become upset over something that really is. Insignificant. And it's almost as if people out -- keeping score it's almost like they're not gonna do that to me I'm gonna win. I'm not gonna let them get over and get a look at I get as frustrated as you do. Win a merge on a late this merging. And there are people who don't think. That they should have to try to merge in before they go right to the end because they're flying down that lane because everybody else like you would mean we've all gotten over. But no they're selfish they think they're special so they go to the very end of the merge lane and then they wanna get over. Well I have to admit that I am less courteous to those people. I mean ultimately they get in because they would like literally trying to have some of them seem like they're willing to crash into it to your carbon. I guess I I guess selfish people. Depend on people like you wouldn't be not being selfish. And if they know that ultimately we're not gonna be so selfish as to block them out then and why shouldn't they. Why should they disregard everybody else and just go to the end of the merge lane and then just get over. I respect of people who try to get over earlier and I always try uses a driver -- of lane is emerging -- we try to get over earlier. And we've also talked about how disheartening it is when you put on your your -- you signal that your changing lanes. And what happens. They speed up there's plenty of room for you to get over and you just signalled that -- moving over and then somebody actually. Actually speeds up to get you to stop you from coming over so again did there are things out there that will make you. Rage. But don't -- it. Get to Ewing and certainly don't lately to anything that would put you with an unfortunate situation and a lot of the tragedies results for something as simple as road rage it. Again he don't have to be an engineer in physics and to understand it. If you get right on somebody's bumper if you are making up a few feet by getting right on somebody's bumper interrogating you're not gonna get to your destination that much quicker. And how often do you NIC people who are just aggressively driving through traffic in and out of flames jumping in front just. Being very aggressive. And what happens. They end up stuck at the same red light you were -- yet so all of -- regressing to -- driving was a total waste of time. If you and -- -- -- -- comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And -- text numbers 877. Here's a text about their road rage while sharing a road rage moment with another driver. We each pulled in front of one another. For about five minutes. We got to a red lights rolled down our windows and yelled at each other. Turns out it was a really old man I laughed and yelled we are giving each other road rage he smiled. And laughed. And I said it was fun while it lasted. Waved and drove away laughing. I guess he enjoyed the excitement targets -- text here just a moment for. OK. Good deal. -- Do you. The girl like. That it is. The come. On me I'll bet. It would. And he did. That keep. Me. And you can't you can -- I. And even. Current -- Egypt Egypt -- They -- -- -- -- aren't in the irony is. It not trying to see. -- it. I -- Kelly I see it I see it all the time I see when I'm walking Alessio when I'm driving and it's very prevalent in the CBD and in the French Quarter and it's not every camp driver but there are far too many cab drivers out there who were very very aggressive driving and they're very quick to honk the -- And I realize that they're on the road and that's part of their business but did they have they have really no excuse to be as aggressive as they are. -- -- Or. Call eight you'll blowing. Out its hotly. -- -- -- -- -- He'd been eaten. At. Any. -- You're you're you're right it's. It is crazy and it's totally in this series like really having -- and it. You're not really holding up that much but it's part of this. It's part of this this mentality of get out of my way this hey this is -- get out of my way -- You know we -- we've got a release that kind of attitude we get on the real McCartney. It quite a -- -- -- You know Kelly he didn't. He didn't curse him out too much and burn your I. But. It did call you before. You know it a little bit impatient. Actually. -- that it is. How they. You ever. Seen and then I meet in the Craig could reach out. -- -- -- You. Call -- that they will call it a cat that it can. And I. Am not -- it that it did it the app is on the -- that. Iowa Kelly come down I'm glad to Conan thanks solicited WWL -- night. But you know if I -- only if Kelly was talking about this earlier work. If she gets in the car we're talking about it on the radio and -- happens to work that obviously this is happening a lot. And again -- I ride with camps. Quite often and -- might have my favorite cam driver went like for example I did to show this morning for Tommy Tucker and a because of what happened in the year ago -- I no longer walk at 4 o'clock in the morning and gonna take a camp. So there's some great camp drivers out there who really courteous. But there are far too many aggressive -- camp drivers and is this -- been on the campaign to try to make our camps better physically. Too impressed tourist then we should do something. About the attitude. A some of these aggressive cab drivers were on our streets every day. And every night. To join -- show with your comment our numbers 26018782038668890. A seventy. A text numbers they cities having this is this -- show -- we're coming right back -- -- -- -- well. Players and -- her son from a very popular current fans and for those of you think it's it's -- It's terrible. This is very reminiscent of that eighties sound so that we talked about additional lines the music that seems to be -- this decade which is becoming very popular. Right now it's music it's very reminiscent of the eighties and that is his relating to a younger generation. Colonials and particularly to younger and that have adopted eighties music as their role. And saw them -- groups are responding to that. Love of the eighties music by younger generation and creating new music that sounds very much like the -- this is still -- do you like -- more. Really believe I saw that it would be best. David Williams -- tigers. Team that little crazy but look at some times but she's a cute anyway. Terry you're on the -- on that VW elegant evening. Yeah. It's kind of -- in a -- ready to go low wages and people record them -- -- Atlanta. We usually demand blue and the years go out there. When people were hurried. And they don't make other people in consideration. And it is a can escalate and the black as collateral when -- turned in Hershey battle to ready I've met. A program it was really -- you saw it there. Yes -- was there that happen around that teen -- Warren. On 280. That sort of bank civic opera GAAP or call eight -- run the ball pretty straight out. Think you mean it would winds around the courts -- -- -- you what don't you ready I'm actually electorate there it was a lot of course would be encouraged. -- -- about why you would chutes deployed over a traffic incident you can shoot somebody over and over disagree don't have merging or driving too slow or whatever. Which are disagreements are what has been -- like people. People that. Are printed on external I mean. You -- a Russian man on it -- receipt or you know Russian steel mills united. There's one year. In. Start at the end and all the guys right there think about just shut Albert or -- -- -- I'll -- meals they do that you'll be happy or. We're preaching you know a religious college. They ranged in other words -- just -- spoke that quality of course as well just like the -- And it Terry your -- right in this is the topic there will be talking about -- -- show. Gluten obviously wants to be back on -- the world stage and I don't know maybe he is easy go got a big ego boost from having the Olympics and in Russia. And recently but it. Who seems to be trying to position himself to just be on the world stage by by doing things that. Infuriate the United States and and on it's it's it's hard for us to relate to what's going on in Ukraine and crime and you know action it's hard pressed to relate to that but it would be is if it would be -- if every state -- it is because -- some states broke off from the United States in the United States is trying to take a state bank even though that's state was totally independent. Read overstated takes -- to effectively and we didn't get abolished and there's one other story. But you're but particularly at pebble popular vote -- -- -- That's the only site up -- immediately can they. There was an attempt to do that India in this past election. Maybe it was two or maybe it was a presidential election 2012 there was an attempt to. For -- parts of Colorado to secede from the states. And the country -- -- do it but. You know but the -- Though Albert rushes in the guy rushes it has like -- I mean he -- a war I mean you've got Russia. States. -- -- We -- we yet Russia is the energy independent and you know completely others you know. Energy just haven't the bulk of the years and I mean we or energy in the that we would be you know -- money. Well as you as you know it was it was cheaper to go halfway around the world and that is to say it was easier to stick a straw in the sand to get oil that it would be to drill oil in the Gulf of Mexico -- in the United States even -- the oil here than they were so many environmentalists. Who never who who who want all the the oil for their fancy cars. Or whatever they they doing their lives but they don't want to get it from the United States because it would be environmentally. Compromising. But I don't think this deal Israelis -- because you manage it more so I'll still they'll -- forty. Yeah -- go you know I can't imagine that happening. Well. Mean we you're we were put sanctions only purchases I should -- -- Already out of Russia I'm -- you. I think the guys covered at all but still -- you can do all Russian match I ever -- -- So you know it anymore but I should do it but nobody can sanctions 80 poignant story it in this ball. -- so -- -- you know better major. You know what you are. Well and you also need to know the personality of the people -- are yours you're dealing with and -- -- and I don't think there's anybody who's going to be. Who's gonna be. But bullied in terms of just it just threats that don't work again there's so there's a lot still to be played out here I. I would hope that the president -- is handling and and does handle this in the right way because you know I don't think we should never forget that. You know Russia didn't get rid of all those nuclear weapons when we were -- in this whole war with Russia they still have those weapons. Would be that aspect -- major blundered it Obama did so you never grow in the major Latin it was here. You can never think it was when you go it was something you don't have a choice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know and we did I needed to -- chemical weapons used some old people -- -- you know particular. And the only country it was so I don't in the whole -- still there but it was Libya it would still there man. They look good don't. Well I don't know how good -- Lebanon into. Well it would only only country. In air conventional wondered did did not a government. And it -- the pace. Military I I agree I agree with you this is say this is a complicated issue I talked to. There are a number of girls who worked at a coffee shop and eager to a quite often batteries at times to to do work -- itchy nose -- I went there when I first moved back to New Orleans and so what I've I've. I mean I enjoy read the environment denied they enjoy their -- well. And a number of the girls are from. Places like from media and the day via their front rush from that part of the world and I've had conversations -- them. About what's going on in in the Ukraine and they are very very passionate about. The Russians wanting to take over. It's they don't really know what the United States can do to us to stop it and I don't think food is gonna stop right here. A total in the bubble which you agree with -- -- -- world -- like a local groups to about. Military goods -- show. Right thanks listening to WWL a from Tennessee Daniel is cute show. Place with a professional Kurdish issue. That the New Mexico where through years. And that we have a good friend schoolteacher next door. Two days. Why in the world people drive like that as you well lately so -- -- the country and it is our academy -- somebody asked me. And I can't stand it and then days. Today we were tree tradition in Mexico and El Paso -- mile interstate in it -- the little guy came. I've -- and crucial element quietly and the left language pack shout out. So he come to Obama. I'm -- start pushing me. -- his -- he'll pick up truck literally put should be on the upper try to make legal or he almost -- that's what we copy it to the road to -- And anyway it only ordered that the saw a little down what happens smile real good. I know they're clustered in the -- about it seems like a more aggressive they are. I never understood that to life at -- -- that it -- the matter LP. But I want to be in -- they want to -- -- burst hollering too. While we are -- territorial wanna be first but no matter how much to the front you think there's always somebody had you. I mean that fight it could be you know constrictor by hand if you're -- let's say you're going across the chapel at base and and obviously now lies you're going across it javelin -- and you think you're in the lead there's Ali you don't see card -- equally you know what around Houston is a card -- You'd -- there always all the way across -- -- the ball well well. But anyway a public -- know that you know there are other straight what actually. They're courteous drivers and I've ever met in my allies anywhere. Was -- -- round -- water treatment and the way out there are those people actually the most targets that they anywhere I've been in America. I don't write Nightline lived in Seattle briefly in Portland as well and die we stated that part of the country does have the most courteous drivers -- -- I've experienced. I'm glad did you have some similar background or do dinner I'll keep up the great work but he. -- tonight at Tennessee -- and Mick Jagger and his so long time girlfriend Lauren Scott Drew Lewis found dead in her apartment on Monday a -- -- suicide. And I -- talking about well if they mention that she was six million dollars in -- don't know if that was the reason she committed suicide issues distraught over that or not. And I just casually -- if this was his best friend if this was. Is longtime girlfriend and apparently they've been together since 2001 I just wonder -- all the money -- jagr has why would she have money problems. Here's a -- re -- Mick Jagger is notorious cheap skate. Jerry Hall news storefront along time ago complained long and loud. About how he wouldn't give her money to raise her kids. When they were together. Here is. Another comment Mick Jagger might not have known. If they kept their finances separate Malia may be he did know but. Is somebody is your best friend. How would you not go -- and that I had such a source of a baby and she took out -- Hearing -- about her taking it alone -- but I don't know what happened but. When that went by I hear about something like that I just can't help it then but wonder and I'm not blaming the jagr because I don't know what happened and what the situation was and maybe he he didn't know. But it is interesting to think about somebody that. Is having financial problems and your longtime boyfriend is. Mig Jagger I was thinking of all the problems you have -- -- it I'm sure there are problems associated with dating Mick Jagger and being his longtime girlfriend. But I would think that money would not be one of them. A police say that a man in North Carolina. Sucked a woman stones at a Wal-Mart. After he convinced her that he was a dietary student. And persuaded her take your shoes off. This happened in Lincoln to North Carolina the detective says -- implement agreed to try and several pairs of shoes at the discount shoe store. At some point during the process the -- stuck her entire foot in his mouth. And the man apparently tried to do the same thing at a Wal-Mart about fifty miles away where he told a woman that he was conducting a survey on the feet of different races and nationalities. The second -- -- decreased to take her shoes off. But then she left when the suspects said please remove your socks as well police are still looking for the -- of the guys out there you know how often do we talk about. That parents have both parents call issue of people called a show horse and texted -- bring up the idea well. You know homosexuality. And you know how am -- gonna explain to my kids. If they -- two men are two women kissing in public. Why you explain your kids if you're at Wal-Mart and some guys got some woman's foot in his mouth. I'm -- will be right back on -- VW well. I talk about music a lot on this show. And I don't just a waste of -- music going in and out of three cents. Like to make it -- solar electric buttress his music it started out doing music radio -- talk radio and I think that music is always a part of our lives. So I'm talking about music just a few minutes ago and it's a Texas that you should hear the group and -- -- And this is perfect -- royalties so it was called wild. Yeah. -- There is so much. Great music coming out. The UK there's like another British invasion and much of it sounds. Very similar to. Some of the eighties stuff. If you gonna join our show with a comment tonight about anything were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number is 87070. You know you could actually hear audio highlights of the show at any time. Go to -- WL dot com look for the big podcast button at the top right hand corner of the front page. Find your favorite host. And then you find and it shows in schedules click on their name. And it's a real simple convenient podcast -- WW dot com we it's a classic moments earlier in the show one guy called. And he was -- talking about how the plane the a missing flight. 37. Why is senate which was too high. And the guys sounded like he might have been. And tonight I wished to say if you ever been to a list of funny conversation. I hear is attacks the reason gotta love the Wal-Mart guys and so what can they charge you with anyway. Gives new meaning to the term having. A dirty mouth you know here's a text my sister and I spent a day in downtown Tokyo last month returning from -- while -- poor Malaysia. That's where the plate to 370 originated. A comment to her at the end of the day that we never once heard a horn hawk. That that day in in all the traffic. The text goes on to say I can't stand selfish Americans mean Mimi. I -- I I remember my trip to Tokyo. And Japanese people. Are extremely. Considerate of each other. And we can learn a lot. From Japanese people. And if you think this is bashing Americans I I I can't help that but there's no reason to think about how we could be better than we are. Now in the Pacific northwest in Seattle and Portland. Honking your horn is. Is a drastic -- you don't do that in -- it's really drastic it's very inconsiderate talk your. It's a common place in in this part of the country and but they would really bothers me when we drew about road -- earlier. People talk in their horns and NIC a disproportionate number of cab drivers honking their horns because they're just impatient. If if there's a car and I'm at a stop -- There's a car in front of me. That cart takes off. I'm supposed to come to a complete stop we're like come to that stop -- the card for enemy is gone. I'm supposed to approach the south side and come to a complete stop. But if there quite often if there's a camp behind me. That Campbell hall. If I come to a complete stop. Or you could just tell -- they're distant they're really they're really antsy. They're really -- Because. They don't like you're supposed to fully sappy you're supposed to fully stop so if somebody's in front of you to stuff side give them the courtesy of of stopping completely. But when you think about how crowded the subways or a crowded to Tokyo is with the with traffic -- with people. They are a lot more considerate. And we are quite often. If you haven't heard the news the founder of the very hateful west Borough Baptist Church Fred Phelps senior. Is dead. He died at the age of 84 his -- daughter Margie Phelps said that her father died shortly after midnight today. She didn't give the cause of death or the condition that recently put him in a hospice care. -- in two in Kansas he found the west Borough Baptist Church a very small church. But yet a very vocal church they have inspired a federal law on funeral picketing. And laws in more than forty states about picketing funerals. It was a major free speech issue in 2011 went to the US Supreme Court. But declared that -- church and its members. Could not be sued for damages. If they protest a funeral. And and I I bet I agree with the Supreme Court I I agree that they have the freedom to do it but it does it today it doesn't make it right and you know the west Baptist Church which we've talked about quite often on the show is the church that has gone so far as to protest the funerals. Of of soldiers because of the military's tolerance of homosexuality so somebody dies. In service to our country Afghanistan and Iraq. And they will protest the funeral because. Of the dropping of don't ask. Dotel and the acceptance of homosexuals. In the military. Here's a text. That reads. All it says that. At the group royal teeth. Blanks and hostility to say there -- in the year they were on American Idol tonight Harry Connick junior endorsed them as the from Louisiana. I know I like this I I I like the song I'll have to listen to him a little more. A -- we've also been talking about whether or not American flag should be made in America the other something unsettling for a lot of people about American flags being made in China on. There was legislation that was part of -- 2001 appropriations bill I'm sorry I'm -- 2014 appropriations field. Dance and required the flags purchased by the Defense Department be made in America. However. If our government is broke -- you want them to go find the cheapest flight possible. Much. Why wouldn't Americans. Go out of their way to make the flags more affordable. The American government to see how it's all decided to greed. This is this -- And we'll be right back and if -- us. So what do you think is more likely with flight 370 that something catastrophic happened and it crashed or that is part of the terrorist plot that's been our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. And his final day of the -- 36% say something catastrophic happen and crashed. And 64% say is part of a terrorist plot a place in the year they're searching four that debris it was spotted by an Australian satellite. This is breaking news last night about 11 o'clock our time. And says it still they haven't gone to its part of the reason is because of a lot of rough winter. I here's a WWL perk of the day the gulf sewn on veterans highway in Metairie get a forty dollar certificate for only twenty dollars. Spring is here all season in full swing what do you need all new clubs or repairs are just a couple of things -- freshen up your gulf war drove. The gold zone is got you covered Goldstone on veterans highway in battery that Perkins of the perks are on sale right now at my new world it's perks dot com. Cash brownies cakes and pot laced -- munchies. Will not be allowed to be sold in or again at the medical marijuana dispensaries. And this is drawn some criticism from the pot shop advocates. Or against health authority released the draft of the rules for the medical marijuana dispensaries to follow when they open up as early as next week under a new law. Now medical marijuana will be available at the dispensaries but the agency wants to ban sweets and it's a very popular and in Denver and in in Colorado sweet things with. I mean he could otherwise premiums -- one anything. But anyway the the Oregon health authority. What's to ban sweets containing the drug. Because they're attracted to young people. Yeah the young people are smoking pot now. Because of what they can get it was sweet stuff. Yeah unfortunately -- Clinton. -- it anyway. And there's a lot going on this weekend at Louisiana crawfish festival began tonight all right the -- might be little on the small side might be a little more expensive at this point but. That's a funny then I'll I'll I'll have to try to get out their sometime this weekend Belize and across a special children going on all weekend long also be meet. -- oyster festival 2014. It's happening this weekend to get out and enjoy it there's basketball on tomorrow night so no school children you know will be right back we're on the Monday through Friday investors -- sporting event eight to midnight graduate -- one -- John quicker studio producer have a great weekend love you New Orleans.