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3-21 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 21, 2014|

Dave talks about cursing on TV, 20ft saussage, and toe-sucking

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's -- twenties or. Of march 2014. It's TG I have outcome. Don't fry it and. How -- yeah. And I hope. -- in a way that is strong enough power quote data much oh. Double it up and -- Man. Brian. Grade. -- -- period due to arrive this weekend and the weather's been you know man Josh as Lori. Some people argue that because this morning I didn't have any battery no evidence that the. It was that nasty crash that they've now got off on the shoulder two cars completely destroyed and collision. On the night tan as you come in from Metairie to -- media on the Carrollton overpass -- jobs and just mangled completely. Very bad crash again uses off the side bit. Two officers sitting on the field with the lights watching them on slow one down through there. Text message and it's seventy it's at least -- the fog is absolutely terrible and -- hand are out. Belle chase quarter mile. Probably worse. And and bad at the airport but. You and I came in from Metairie no problem yeah I can see it on the Mississippi River but it's not in routing the Crescent City connection porridge. At this time it's over it's not one of those mornings were thickens up creeps in. And Todd watching TV last night. I was much -- Fever one shadow does smarts. Comedic drama about extended family. And the trials and tribulations of life it deals with law that deals. Married details with raising children all kinds of things you know much about that while most do -- have also a satellite exile is of some sort. And put it surprised me last night. To hear the a whole word used in in the wasn't used that way the tires. On primetime. News disease and nine as a network -- time -- tomorrow on NBC. And it was the premise was. Some kids have been -- means to an autistic. Who's trying to cope where bullying and -- mean they come with being in high school. Today and I don't understand he has a meltdown he he be throws with. He shuts down -- tipped them give him from an overnight field trip. And his dad turns to him and tells them that it's far. -- holes but he uses the entire -- And it occurred to me. Then if you can use that phrase now on primetime television to be words already been used frequently to hear that all the -- -- -- all parts of day in 98 orders even. Often pursued by Jack but often it but. A hole I had never heard line. Other than pay TV yeah well you know a table yet the Hillary Rodham -- and the -- was particularly the premium channels. You know Larry you come to expect. So it seems now the the only words that are off limits for broadcast. Television. Are the B word in the -- -- That's it I doubt about -- words that you cannot say or that they do not commonly stand television. And I don't know that's good or bad I don't know that's. Right or wrong I. I was just surprised to hear it. And I'm curious what our audience thanks and I'm looking for text messages and 87870. Should. There be words the word. Any hole the entire thing should that be used on broadcast television. During prime -- it wasn't the family hour from -- now eighth. But it doesn't even sound like you know this was a kind of show you'd expect to hear that word that context makes perfect sense it's. Paul somebody was angry it was a angry father out whose child is being bullying bullies and now admits. In situations like that -- used cars sure I I tried not to cars. Very much at all in my life but there are times -- all you've got -- ago. And had -- been that father and that had been a real life situation. I've -- I would -- maybe even use stronger line. But. It is still broadcast primetime time and time and I never heard that before. They're curious if people think about that should just the airport in the viewer the only word that should be I mean the F -- the password if the B word thirty being used the F -- and the answer. Of those the only word that should be off limits. Thank you David we'll talk to you it. A fifteen minutes or persons here at WWL am not Lemmon died down. Get a lot to file reports texted to mediate 7870 a share those with you and you weekend forecast right after this along with sports on Friday morning. 5 anything good morning I'm Dave Conan summoned -- made -- seven is that it is the S authorities used. All the time on broadcast television after 8 o'clock I've never heard that but it OK as I think it's unrealistic for shouldn't pick certain situations with out occurs toward. You know that's a good point I hear more cursing out in public and I've ever heard before in my life. I'll be in line somewhere restaurant tour wherever. Anti gas station -- -- -- -- two guys have -- truck and I would just drop an F bombs left and right. So more and more in public I'm hearing people cursing like crazy occurs more in your life than you used to I mean. I've always taught my children coming up we always you'd never occurs anywhere -- an adult of an adult can hear you just didn't do. And have and then once I was an adult -- cars anywhere they were kids around naked here you are trying to to -- and all largely because in my profession that I wanna make sure that. I'm not so comfortable using curse words that I averages used one on the radio accidentally. So I try to use them at all because they think it's -- horrible horrible habit to curse all the time. And two I don't want kids hearing -- -- my kids in any other people's as well Mike it's not like cars like an angry. But. So I'll share more of those text messages coming upper and -- take a look at your forecast. Climbing into the middle seventies again today with partly cloudy skies then tonight dropping into the fifties and sixties could see some patchy fog around early tomorrow morning the weekend right now that shows some rain chances on both days 40% for Saturday. 50% for Sunday highs in the afternoons will be in the low to mid seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out all right. I didn't see any fog in Metairie on my way and at CB -- here in downtown but I'm getting text messages from people who. Yes are telling me what Woody Woodpecker often tells us right there extremely foggy and -- faces one text message today 7870 getting under the -- cannot see. Any thing. And other persons as patchy fog Roger Robert Hammond and other ones says. The fog so -- and wagon and you can barely see. A house or two away -- heavy fog and man development speed and noses very heavy fog between airline and veterans and Williams. Bad here at home -- two says another text message today 7870. Visibility zero someone else tells us investor hand that's officially at the airport 116 of a mile quarter mile -- -- days. Less than a quarter of smiling Galley out -- quarter -- Gonzales and with bill so you may find some very 6 o'clock. We're traveling to sports now and we sing happy Friday to mark an -- Thank you for the job you've done this week filling in for Steve you know we appreciate it it was my pleasure as well tells all about support them this Friday morning. Sports on Friday morning is all about. The NCAA tournament first term -- full of drama with four of the sixteen games needing overtime and a number of double digit seeds pulling off upsets in the south bracket. The eleventh seeded Dayton Flyers set the tone in the first game of the day. Beating sixth seed in state rival Ohio State a thriller sixty to 59 they move on to face number three Syracuse. Who blew out number fourteen western Michigan 7753. This in the 89 game which theoretically should be a close match up. The number nine Pitt Panthers blew the doors off the numbering Colorado taking a 46 to eighteen lead into halftime and coasting to a 7748. Win. The Panthers advanced to face -- Florida who had trouble early on with the number sixteen Albany. But before pulling away for a 6755. Win. Over in the midwest bracket. Twelve feet and these state wolfpack opens up a sixteen point lead against number five Saint Louis with -- about two minutes to play the -- the billikens engaged in a strategy of -- backpack sending NC state to the charity stripe again and again. And these states free throw woes allowed Saint Louis to work there way back and stay in the game to overtime tied at seventy. The extra period to lose did just enough to survive stunning NC state 83 to eighty guard Jordan -- jet says it was teamwork and resilience that won the day. I mean we we we we are paying dividends at this -- -- less -- this is it loses all enough so we just have to stick together come come closer. And try to help. Now saint -- will face the defending national champion global cardinals who survived a first round scare into number thirteen Manhattan Jasper is 71 to 64. It looked like they would see a fifth overtime contest at number ten Arizona State bought all the way back from a 6147. Deficit. To -- their matchup with the number seven Texas that 85. In the closing seconds. But the longhorns Cameron Ridley managed a last second put back of a badly missed three pointer and Texas slipped past the Sun Devils 8785. Texas Coach Rick Barnes says his guys worked together to pull this one out. -- really great team win in. But I said earlier it's them he delighted and excited for our team that. Tough when you have so much respect the came back. Texas will face number two seed Michigan after the wolverines got by the walk for carriers 5740. I'm mark -- and that is your first look this morning as the NCAA -- Five point three hide your bracket holed up there -- and my bracket is doing well I am thirteen in three and I got the first ten all right -- that's pretty impressive. Yesterday you were second guessing yourself after you filled -- Iraqis that maybe should have done things differently you're wondering if you made the right decisions but apparently. Thirteen and 310 in a row he did just fine well that the second -- I should have changed it I was in North Dakota State bison you you'd you're telling me how often. Those number five vs number twelve matchups produce upset. And you thought maybe should of picked all of the twelve to beat all of the fives at that -- that really happened. But it happened at least and that it happened two out of three times yesterday I talked Harvard jumped up and upset number five Cincinnati. And North Dakota State. Got the forgot the upset their matchup in these -- the only twelve that lost they lost in overtime. Coming up today Stephen F Austin lumberjacks in the Southland Conference and the other twelve seed that we actually. Did you curse. When. You lost those three games. Not not a really cursing -- apparently the only word that is now off limits for broadcast television. Is the -- for. Give it time they hear the -- -- -- -- broadcaster held -- -- -- a hole one simple word last night on NBC on. Parent I might have let out of summer of all that North Dakota State match and you may finish that race. I yeah I probably finished trying that occurs but on the and then sit here and pretend it never -- Well I was watching the games for the most part by myself so there was no one to a -- bug -- me in the I was in the present that they've heard. The password. Major broadcast channels but not CBS ABC fox -- BC's apparently some of the other. What is off limits now apparently just the F -- and in most cases -- -- -- as a gutter baton do you hear more cursing everywhere you go with or talk about the -- you wanna get to back at 25 minutes more sports. I'd like it can help us understand what LSU baseball has not that this weekend. We'll talk about tonight's game and with the tigers face this weekend as they look to get back on track. A win this week after two losses and the last weekend's series thank you mark my -- Mottaki then I'm Dave Cohen the early edition of WWL -- -- coming up. Very thick fog in a few places some people say the worst they've ever seen I'll share those text messages with you get your forecast more of your comment today it's 7870. And -- introducing a new segment this morning here on the early edition of WWL first news. A text message says no -- on the causeway and others of course fog I've ever seen in river region 45 years so it's patchy and second places. Some sun and some clouds today and still a nice afternoon ahead with mild Temps in the mid seventies the baby killing a little bit more humid. And that go for tonight to his -- only sit around sixty degrees on both sides of the lake. Then Saturday we're looking at clouds increase seen a 40% chance for showers and storms -- at 76. And Sunday's rain chance at 50% with highs of 73. From the eyewitness c.'s forecast center and urologist -- but. Allied patchy but very dense in spots -- out their 56 at the airport 47 on the North Shore of big temperature change come across the lake. Hundreds of text me at 87870 says and high school track meet last night some of the children are using curse words I would never use. Now the president is no such thing as Stanley television anymore now its cursing and sex all the time. 36 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the 21 of march 2004. A -- and Cheney. IE after it gives me great honor and pleasure to tell you welcome. -- -- -- Now Barack Obama. Candidacy -- delivered drivers -- don't get out of received positive. Jump up jump up and get -- So not everybody Jeffords. Feels it as an al-Qaeda. Lap of the weekend as the -- at all maybe as we jump around although some people definitely will not be doing much numbering around. If they're driving vary very carefully and they took the time is the worst -- they've ever seen -- c'mon gas. In several locations river ridge hearings and have belch -- else days even at the airport 116 of a mile but. Here downtown not a whisper fraud okay now gone I can see from our eight Storey window always under the ground. Without anything -- -- a little bit on over the river and didn't see any coming in from matter recesses. A strange fog situation here is generally dance in some places North Shore is always -- blog problem and IC chairman clear. And while they're all on the caller according to -- Madonna's but some people. -- Thank you Woody Woodpecker are you had suggested to me. Yesterday that we starting new segment here on the early edition of WW offers ideas we have the of course want all three ball up. Occasion popular as -- yes yesterday and we occasionally we have the high high you'll never hear me dying that way. Segment we have several other files that we put things we have a dumb criminal file -- the US for this vial. Home alive. Hi I'm pretty good. I already do that my. I'm pretty huge. Thank you Jim for Carl -- a -- and oddly I found two stories today. They can go right it is -- how could they had filed this they are right so you suggested and like magic here it is. The first one. Is a fund raising event for children's -- in Michigan. Wondering how could that end up in the credit. That it fits perfectly into that vial. Participants. With big appetites are being invited to try to eat twenty foot long rot wars that way sixth round at all. Twelve competitors and hundreds of onlookers turned out. Last night for the worst challenge W URL ST but others made -- ballots differently yeah. Raised about 7000 dollars. One now. The proceeds benefit the creativity lab. For the children's museum. Of arts and anyway so hounds here's the funny thing. His articles written before the competition started that some if anyone at all twenty feet. The mayor even came out and attempted the sixth. Rounds twenty feet of brought wars credit and I don't think he could. If you six million -- -- the work that Iran has not even close. Now. Parents that they know are you ask for that file and I don't just like. Magic. There it is and I thank. There will be many more -- there's one more coming up that even better fit guy the file are coming up next when we get -- meteorologist Laura -- talent here but first I have to get your predicts at all. About what's gonna happen at the box office and I think there's going to be a heck of a battle. For the top spot the box office this weekend because I think there -- three movies -- -- attract. Very different audiences but significant audiences Muppets most wanted opens always it's going to be bears EG Ricky Gervais amongst those starring in this but he it's full of cameos by huge stars. Apparently everyone in Hollywood as a at least in appearance in this -- I exaggerate you get the point. Divergent opens this is saying that it was very successful series of novels that my fifteen year old daughter. Read cover to cover in no time flat loves the books that she can't wait to seize this. It looked kind of like Hunger Games. A little bit it's PG thirteen in a world divided by fractions based on virtues. The main character learns she's divergent and -- fading in and and its action adventures size five in Texas through that and then there's been the maniac who volume one. And it's not opening in wide release but in many cities and child off. Is the star of these that is not rated movie which is externally full of sex and ID yeah I thanks. With the name -- that's going up against the current all three of those are going up against the current top five mr. Peabody and chairman 300 rise of an empire need to force the and non stop what do you thin guy on his -- I'd I'd do for me it's no problem no problem. I'm garden with Muppets are right Muppets will take number one. You know them. Of the one the first Muppet movies of the Muppets take Manhattan and the Muppets take number one for some reason my brother who was 45 times caught the -- to man. I don't know why and hand them off the statement. Executive as sweet yet we'll talk to you and -- claimants more effort -- Chris Miller joins us from the side of this year's Luke do festival. Remember last year many complaints from the West Bank that it sounded like the speakers were in their yards the music booming across the Mississippi River. Now from the east bank to the West Bank have they done anything to fix that problem crystal tells about that coming up. Own god let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast and as. Happy Friday could. -- -- -- -- but now we made it we did calculation. Yes Republican accomplishment again but to some people making it -- Friday Knoll yeah it hit it either hit different. Internet messages from several locate thought is so thick on Britain's as the worst he's seen in 54 years I. Well he had died as a parent and river re asked him all day and but here downtown not a -- a flawed yet and it. You know it's here and there and kind of got everywhere so it's gonna be one of those mornings weary maybe five all the sudden you just kind driving -- wall of -- -- yeah we bail out -- -- at retail and the national weather services -- -- -- our airports about it sixteenth album miles as hero yet couple hundred feet they're so be very careful because there are spots with that -- north Italy now. Looking great 910 mile visibility. What we had a court today looking at least six today sunny. No rain that no rain today but that's not the case of the weekend unfortunately. Although I don't think it's going to be a -- I know it's not watch a couple of spotty showers. Maybe few thunderstorms both days right -- got about a 40% chance Saturday at a 50% chance Sunday. So you know we at the Louisiana crawfish festival of Saint Bernard if they're earning profits were -- we got -- Irish Italian. Parade on Sunday and we've got tons on radio weekend to get out and not a washout but just -- the -- the punches kind of close by case of a shower pops. Right now we're in a couple that's messages by the went after his body fog on the North -- -- twelve between Robert Covington about a quarter miles I'm OK so here in the air but definitely not everywhere like that run yet it's it's it's mostly I tend to points south where we introduced a new segment this morning okay early edition of Debbie. Here's what it's called. My god how pretty -- and how pretty dude. That trial at. And he's David Blake came up with the idea yesterday and there are two stories that data today -- you want about people trying to eat. When he thought long bratwurst a raise money for charity and begged the question of course. How could -- at ten and now I have another one at a price belongs in the affluent people file as well as the credit. File are. All right this one comes to us. From North Carolina where police say a man any Wal-Mart. Is accused of sucking it woman's coat. A year and a police say. I don't know where a guy that guy was it Wal-Mart in the shoe section. Was telling revenue was up -- diet treat students. Conducting a survey for university research. And that he wanted to see how different shoes fit on different women speak. He can view he convinced one woman in the Wal-Mart take off her shoes. And with -- having her try on several different pairs of many events stuck her foot it is about and -- -- hurt. Yet that we've gone too far and we've really gone too far to begin -- recruit. -- problem with thinking like the whole time. At that she's one of -- this is weird now I'll go along I don't know I recognize the other foot to kick him in the I wish I would have no yeah that would have been in that via a. A second woman -- -- -- runs away and I had a guy stays there a second Obama takes opera should have many cystic obvious fact that she says that's a man right here and she -- Police are looking for this -- sucking man yeah you know the -- there must be a lot of that lets people out there because. For some reason working on pelvis and the media we get a lot of -- weird that you give people people texting you and emailing you -- -- looking at your feet on TV. -- asking us to rub her feet -- she's. That kind of weird now I don't know what it is I just don't know who I mean the -- obviously the problem here but who. Actually -- you wal -- -- Celtic machine Douglas. Do not even that guy is nice like -- -- -- a diet -- student can you help me out with some and not yet. I mean maybe beat their -- their -- bad for the guy like almost sure you can help me out but that's within there's got to be a little thing in the back of the -- going. Isn't right. Now at -- or Latin at least six that put them out again yep I Nationalists in the red flags with my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that mark and are -- up Friday morning tells all about it they are. Thanks Dave in the east bracket yesterday the NCAA tournament the -- of Harvard advance to the round of 32 for a second straight year crimson coach Tommy and -- says he could get used to this. Wonderful feeling for us -- to win this game are. First term gain this for the season and having done it last year you know -- -- The amazing feeling it from having an upset type of victory. A real giant killers the twelfth -- Ivy League champs opened the number five Cincinnati Bearcats. 51 to 57 next up for Harvard they'd rather number four Michigan State Spartans who blew past number thirteen Delaware 93 to 78. So much for the white and blue hands in other east bracket action number seven UConn came from behind to -- -- number two in saint Joseph's. Sending that contest to overtime tied at 71 an extra period shoot out 8981. UConn advanced to face number two. Villanova after the wildcats topped number fifteen Milwaukee 7350 theory. The west bracket brought the day's second 125 upset as Laurence Alexander the art for the twelfth seed North Dakota State -- Drop one into the bucket to send their matchup with number five Oklahoma to overtime -- of -- don't know but it. We'll be quick -- so welcome. Don't know anything Buick didn't mean he's gained bounced that the in the extra session the ice and got the job done taking down the sooners 8075. They'll face another overtime survivor as a before San Diego State Aztecs needed extra time to dispatch number thirteen New Mexico State. 7369. Elsewhere in the west the number two Wisconsin Badgers had no trouble with number fifteen American University. Winning by 47535. They'll face the number seven Oregon Ducks who got an 8768 win over number ten BYU. More tournament action is on tap for today with sixteen more games including some local flavor as the ULO raging -- take on the Creighton blue jays at 2 PM. And that basketball is -- your fingers in baseball cap that we can at the box in Baton Rouge as LSU opened the home conference late. Post in the Georgia Bulldogs are three games the tigers are eighteen and four after Wednesday's nine nothing win over south Alabama. Georgia comes in at fourteen and eight. Both teams are one and two in the SEC. I'm mark Menard that your early morning sports rundown. So much for the fighting blue -- White and blue hands did not survive unfortunately. Well Ellis -- survives number one number two in the SEC good matchup this weekend for LSU baseball. I yes it's a good matchup and you know. They they faced Vanderbilt last weekend and didn't quite get it done they -- lighting and lost the double letter sent balls double or Saturday so they're gonna have to to kind of turn things around your little bit. But you know that they've got the bats they've got the pitching that they can hang with -- anybody's mind and not a prediction on what they win the series. I think he'll win the series as we can I think they'll get right a little bit against Georgia may be dropped one thing that -- please do I yes thank you mark we'll talk to entertainment or sports here on WWL I -- -- famine that now many people -- attacked him and asked -- where -- That come from how -- -- tell you that and get your forecast after this. All right by the way that Tim Anderson sound by as well as from the missed extra point after the river city relay in which the saints had that amazing multi lateral touchdown and then -- one point away from sending it to overtime and I'm Connie mix yes missed the extra point now it's a segment here on the early edition of WWL offers news and now it's time for your forecast. On this Friday partly cloudy skies and mild Temps 76 this afternoon and it only dropping into the fifties and sixties overnight tonight with a little bit patchy fog. Tomorrow though it's -- climb into the seventies watch -- showers and even a few thunderstorms up 40% chance. And Sunday at 50% chance with highs of 73. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and to -- to -- tell. Tonight we do have dense fog in several spots both on the North Shore and the South Shore now but other places -- -- no thought it all so be expects. Me and expectant. Is that what I meant to -- be ready. For some areas with patchy fog 56 at the airport and get -- 47 and slide now. Intriguing text message today 78 Saturday we start the show talking about cursing because I've heard one of the characters on. Parenthood used the A hole word the entire thing last night and and pretty much means the app for it. And the escort about the only words I don't hear -- broadcast TV they say why can't TV used words we use every day are we ashamed of our own vocabulary. It was a very real situation that was depicted honestly. An interesting question that we will let linger because now we have to welcome and Tommy Tucker find out what's ahead for the next. I was did they use the the -- on TV. Why word you know it Allen as. The white men have you letter sheltered life would be talking about smokers. And from lighting up and Airpwn apartments will talk about NO PD 11100 applicants only 21 approved. And it's not even enough to start academy class you've probably never even heard of the M word -- I know a lot of work to start with them we're did you go to school my goodness to give their children you. Odd crime stoppers official goes to jail breeding I turned myself -- out. -- you didn't help me that was it was a -- that you -- -- -- really outweigh I -- -- -- not -- -- would you go to jail before naming names and well it does the accused person of the right to base who it is that them that. Accused them and then a New York those workers thrown away a thousand pieces of mail is too lazy to deliver -- do you. Pay your -- -- ironically or by mail but.