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WWL>Topics>>3-21 6:15am Tommy, smoking in apartments?

3-21 6:15am Tommy, smoking in apartments?

Mar 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Doug Sunseri, WWL legal analyst & host of All Things Legal, about property law, tenants & landlords

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We tell you about this apartment complex in Michigan. Where they said Nike and smug in the apartment. And you can see a concern there weary if it's your own home. Apartment or not you'd think -- be able smoke there and end. The other side of it is a -- of the landlord unit property. You know after smoke lives there you gotta do a lot of stuff to re mediate that doesn't Serrie joins us right now our friend. Host of all things legal here on WW LR WWL legal analyst they -- you don't. Are gone and done very well thank you tell me about Louisiana. Law about. -- tenants about smoking about leases about violating all of this. Well I think in the league and -- if you put it written stipulation in the least. Stating that you're not smoke. And terrorists fiscal -- fire department our landlord was ever shot at all. It's forcing their particular provision it's written stipulation opting to question would be. If this stipulation not in the weeks. And they're candidates smoking then I'll include being forceful put up a pretty much contractor and you know we have a lot of -- that he can't. Can't dog can have animals. So I I would say given. The status smoking areas and and and in the fifth you know against. The -- -- -- negative connotation. And they'll probably be. The course cold outside landlords and not do that. Because we want -- there. If they want until at least but and that they can maybe last terrible. On client and they should but I think you keep good. -- specific provision in the -- -- science. Can't smoke and that you can use it and other provisions aimed -- you do or if there's any type of you know residual from it or mediation. That they could be charged for our I think it would be fair game. Does the law get kind of funny and picky when you talk about tenants and addictions and those kind of things. Well it's not -- -- law in the pragmatic aspect that would be true charge out line judges do not like you people out of their homes. That's something they'd prefer not to -- -- they renting an. Oh Richard I mean when you're -- And egotism technical violations regarding beliefs should not -- better not to -- -- minor. With the judge you know we tried to try to work because they don't like that talent on the street and so. You know. It's got the law you know. As you issued you know -- -- applied. And what it's applied a lot of child -- -- -- -- -- addiction earned a lot of judges -- to make sure that the landmark cross eyed Dutch are all strategically the good talent on street. It showed in a lot of -- to try to work things out -- Informally. So all you saw I'll probably say that. Sometimes. In practicality benefited outposts that Tenet. And Italy in order to have all the I's dotted t.s crossed. I don't want to put you on the spot here's what's not talked about judges in Louisiana because I do business. Would not do business what you try cases and and our conferences -- judges it's let's talk about generally speaking. Around the country if you go in with a complain about. Tenet that smoke in and you approach the bench in the judge judge just reeks of cigarettes smoked. Any NC -- thing as the yellow instinct from the naked teen date do you think it's been a long day for you if you're trying to represent -- landlord. Who has a problem -- with smoking. I should generally I think this has nothing to do with Louisiana price analyst. Or not. I think judges. All of arms and some decisions are viewed in space ought to be hearing. And they optical habit of people likes and dislikes. And I think in some way. That would maybe. Could possibly effect on how they would be of particular situation that's not common because you know. We -- you know and part of would. The border issues and try to figure out for proclivities. Challengers and we're all human and we all. We -- as Serb likes and dislikes certain things should irritate united irritate. Judges more than -- -- secretary judges and other charges. Certain things it will four and so you know human being so you looked -- as a commodities and and those are situations I think that could possibly be a problem. -- appreciate your time tell me about all things legal Sunday morning under -- seem proper I'll pick out. I get to -- well I don't get -- at 715 and you know. In -- inaccurate are also all I get a new green room make they've built forming a video at about 74 but in order about it -- my Antarctic which has to be our go on air at eight. I'm dictating it to drop area. Not sort of set on your driver to get there around seven it's no I don't know I haven't. Well and so arm you're talking out of -- church ignite structures that they're forming target on the air at 8 o'clock we -- -- champ. And in my truck bring -- back -- -- don't want to talk by the stations exactly. Is maybe a which means they escalation against better lightly in the contract but it's funny you look at contract yet you wind up with an easy drive. -- right -- duke it out to special sport. Org on oh well I try to keep one -- -- Rhode Island next. They did. Why did -- everyday Qatar Europe.

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