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3-21 7:15am Tommy, NOPD recruitment

Mar 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Cpt. Mike Glasser, the President of PANO, about NOPD recruitment and manpower shortage

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I'm Mike Holstein a friend over channel four WWL news. Eyewitness News story about the goal of getting a 150 police officers and 24 team. Is probably not happening and at a very aggressive recruiting campaign. But I think so far only two point one applicants have been approved and my concern is if we continue to lose offices with NO PD because there aren't enough officers. And you can't get any new offices and you can continue to lose them and union and keep trying to give them and this cycle and joining us right now captain Michael lesser prison police association all morning captain good army about the recruitment effort in and where's the logjam when it comes of this. Or whatever it is it is. In progress and if they're pretty good job of trying to attract people -- not having problems recruiting to. And -- lies probable and what you won't give you good indicator that key personnel you out if you can't keep people haven't. That have been here here here to keep them what makes you think you can attract new people and keep them here. -- -- -- And while evident prop attracting and they're acting that you know you're tracking. People who interest law. And me considering. Oh here but he. You still at the screen and that the people qualified candidate -- people we want all that and look at the -- back examining whether. He really wanted to make their move and -- career alike. You know -- people are changing their mind after they realize everything that's involved there. Psychological testing background checks what is it oral and. Suspect it's -- -- be probably equal to screen. Job what -- we definitely don't want to do is we don't wanna reduce standards that W that would. That's what gave it what it breaks and when they shall past. Debt in order load it. Problems like that what we're correcting. Into -- what form that's currently in good shape. And unfortunately kinky local people here in in the metro area and we -- crap that you don't know. What the -- at -- when comparing the numbers political occur -- get what they probably are accustomed to seeing there and locality. Misleading is a strong word but do you think it's not. Tailored enough for not enough information is at its opponents and is a few. If you try to get donors is something if you try to get. People would join a country club black and I'm just pulling things off the top of my head here they got to you got almost targeted because otherwise you have everybody that expresses interest in. In terms of yeah I'd like to join a country club than many realize how much it cost store our meal. Food tamper something like that they realize oh let's not for me. The problem would be attracting people from -- and so liking America is. State. The problems people to leave their -- their families that would cut to come to that city work are also you know -- -- -- -- like. Go back so. Well and that it can't that this. You know they really want to be. Something that they comedic career here and that war in case. So what's -- situation with -- attrition as it stands now well on the other side of it people that are already offices literally to. Well two dozen people -- -- with the people were -- or have already left for the from the first of the year where these churches holding. At one every three days what do you would have been on the average losing and of course we're gaining -- because. Even -- twenty people week. Between people who have yet to go academy. They're just -- fiscal did not recruit. They're not police there they're individuals we trade that brought it about -- It looked in the academy forward and seal training what they stepped -- by themselves would -- that hard. During 4014. Will not impact the actual definitely bought -- until some on the 62. Of the year with basically nobody coming here. And I -- coming up. And if that's the case I presume part of the hemorrhage is caused because. This is the men and women don't like work and does away with so few officers. Well that's certainly is an issue there's a variety of things that I can make people leave the lives of more common among them the biggest problem right now the big. Right now is he into detail issue. Look at the ability options to colonel. Better wait and keep them. Where they. And they're accustomed to earning a certain way based on their pay is a delicate pages but they also -- this stated -- -- we had the ability to generate income through details. And that has been severely reduce. That's causing the problem. When they these 11100. Expressed interest. Did they know about the Reza Weller residency requirements and spent it hasn't. Well -- We -- after Katrina and it was resurrected. Again so we do have risen to record in effect right now. And it talked about spending in Vegas again agenda and counsel. Are pretty. So when he comes in these 11100 that expressed interest date at the time didn't know about the residency required. Well it probably did but yeah again you know if you if you live in Cincinnati -- because you have to live in annual outlook that's too bad until you. Look at see what is the numbers -- actually the numbers mean what does it cost you live. Oh what is real estate tax what is -- property value. What -- what they could cost me it would it would kind of built like an applicant showered and -- And that's the problem. Sense of 11100 people. Those -- of people expressed interest in the actually. We're serious enough to fill out application and down for interviews investigative process. Background checks etc. The application sent -- so there's a lot that goes into the bidding process and all it did -- -- -- At this point. You know we recruiting people since he had the Alaska. We took last year -- about recruiting into the sport. We've been aggressively recruiting people should fall last year and this is what we've been able put together. And -- fix it Heidi it. And more officers on the force and and prevent the only news and it's well. That diversity back with the bursting at that prevent people from -- yet because whatever is that driving people also couldn't drive all the people you're hiring. A year from now they going to be -- For the very same reason so you have to -- leaving its success if you stop the person. Slow surgery. That is nearly as critical and there you have the opposite people wanted to do and stay and that's that that -- Average shift in a district at. -- during the day how many people. Like they would district the other night one patrol show and a resources. And the debt that it is not uncommon to see what you offices in this. Yankee -- and -- appreciate you time not a problem.

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