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3-21 7:45am Tommy, NOPD recruitment

Mar 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Commander Kim Williams with the NOPD Academy about NOPD recruitment efforts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Commander Jim Williams joins us right now commander of the NO PD academy we've -- in there before morning commander. Come on -- -- undo it well tell me about the recruits and and two point one approved for the academy and why. Do you have to have thirty any academy it's better it's better. Okay I'll recruitment coming along really well there was area home free but some some point. A home from 28 and the 2012 there was times -- so the more actively recruiting which started actively recruiting again. Last year in July and now a web site came on line in November. We've gotten a lot a lot of activity from the web site 25000. People. And visit the web site since it went online play -- five under people actually download the application currently we have. Like it hit 21 people -- -- we have another thirty ones in -- background -- get on dirt background investigation portion of the process. Home. In -- terms in terms of hits to the website people downloading people applying what Tom do what is it that. Is the primary reason I know he can't talk about individuals but -- or is their primary reason why. People are aren't approved other than any applications are that many people responding only 21 so far. Well. Assembled our fiscal during the process of evaluating those that apply. Eight he'll need to have the base of the requirements of high school diploma TP. All we also have to requirement that they need to fix the outlook of college credit. -- -- Once they are pro -- -- service with that process. It fed up with that testing is done on the written test is done -- physical. Tech is done to see whether -- it suitable to move on to the -- -- -- simplest. At what point it was too we talked to captain Michael Glasser about a half an hour ago at what point. Do they become aware of the residency requirement I -- is there's still a tattoo policy in some of the other things. And it submission expert on the web site home they've they've become aware of the policy. As far as movement backed into the eighties whenever. We don't have any problems with that we don't feed -- recruitment at all. And when you say he'd come back to the city are these primarily. Seasoned officers that are applying -- people from the suburban area are they from way out of town like Cincinnati in those places. Well we've we've gotten a lot of activity from. Here and then New Orleans metro area and we've gotten a lot of -- also from all across the United States. In terms of a 21 now and I think thirty is the numbered. To have an academy class -- -- yet actor one OY thirty and just wondered why it comes and of that. Well what best practices this week and with information that was gotten the with a consent decree. We've come to realize that thirty is optimal or learning. Parity is is the best number. Have been the academy of learning. -- any timeframe on when you'll get to that thirty insert the academy. We are planned interest -- and they academy class next month. And from there you're talking how long because it seems in times on. I'm new to round on Wednesday and notably gone through their paces. From the time they start to the time they finish is how long. That cat is this point -- we. And -- that he -- at a meeting about -- -- turning in which is pornography lead after the successfully complete the academy. And -- training. And -- able to ride on -- hole and now. -- stand off the. So that total time frame -- from when they study academy next month to when they're on their street as an officer they. NA to say can be trusted but is experience enough to be on aironet timeframe. Six months in the academy in the not a couple months. During field training. So -- ten months. Get our act and it is continue handle a do you have the capability if there are enough applicants to run more than one academy at a time. Absolutely -- -- it in Japan. Are we can't be academy here on paired avenue and -- we also have the police academy out in the long in feet then about. And Lee and enough ample and successful this year. In the police department and we also has instructed that come from outside they give information and -- on their particular expertise. Do you get the sense that this is it there's just a log jam -- like when you get past traffic tie up and all of a sudden a traffic just flows like crazy that. Once this starts there'll be some momentum are symbols as -- -- to civil service gets through the applications. And Daniel have -- did not may be enough offices but closer -- We've gotten a lot of activity. Like that -- since we ought to be home. Launch on the web site typically -- at the -- in the tent every month. It was spotted their active recruiting cable services increased the debt from one has to police some. For each month. So we have another test Monday coming up this Monday and a second that the outlook Monday and two more tests already planned eight for. I guess that a man's kidney if you were to make a sales analogy to this would it be like you get eaten. You get in the responses are you in qualified responses the end zone and -- potential. It like -- if you're a sales thing may be -- out of direct mail piece and and half thousand people respond and only 2.5 percent of them are qualified to buy in terms of the response to the percentage of people that would wind up to be police officers. Give any idea what their percentages running and. I don't and like -- at the initial arraignment is done through the bills that are that. These issues -- and as far as the qualifications. That point the Palme and start the extra credit hours that the use this service and the military. The home. Passing of the written and and physical agility that holiday is on the civil service the last I don't Afghan. And it's when he won people have been hires a on the payroll right now they do and -- and -- -- just hanging out. Lleyton he'd go on he role in the academy's -- actually on the I get to thank you commander appreciate you time. Cattle and actually went and that on this and yet and I and our web site is dying in copd that or I'm by election to the law and check it out until we have talked. Appreciate you time things get around it weekend I could do about.

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