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WWL>Topics>>3-21 8:15am Tommy, anonymous tips?

3-21 8:15am Tommy, anonymous tips?

Mar 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to legal analyst Tim Meche and Darlene Cusanza, the Executive Director of Crimestoppers, about a Florida Crimestoppers director who went to great lengths to keep a tip anonymous

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Darlington is Danza joins us right now the executive director Darlene and crime stoppers. Good is that it executive director. Brett and Alex -- wanna give you short -- And imagine. I WWL legal analyst and the darling counselor with the I guess you saw this story of the guy that he the name. -- -- We -- your thoughts on that -- to explain -- illegal crime stoppers thing marks. -- are correct every you know the -- -- look in everybody's ears back and truly. Agree. And I appreciate what the director and import -- -- -- drama thought the point that we do take that extremely period. The current topic the entire proper. He has been built in our organization -- victory here though it's been ill or in the -- on procedures. Follow to the point of information taken to what is actually recorded -- achieved in that point. Unfortunately in there information our nation never would call me. It would never include call to get a locations. It would need for the next door neighbor. I immediately that the only thing -- -- because there really aren't sure what the working at the track pack in which brings the Qatar and the other thing probably for people understand that there -- inflation protected. From the information -- So we got it. You know not only how the -- and economic relation. The only way that we know the person who called by spectacle that hole you're going to be in the tip number. I can number -- -- knocking -- in chief on an organization to chronological number. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- important. To call -- record numbers everything degrade content get a little. On the everything's been batted in the market that we know. Which brings its connection to him and trying to find out in Florida why would they have an information when it comes -- -- -- being accused. You have the right to find out who it was a drop the diamond I mean at the jointly that is mean it is colloquial. There out of circumstances of that for -- charming but yeah. Or were here pretty soon we're. Courts have ordered the disclosure that information. Out because the constitution. Although there -- statute storming right that he has switched. They're protect the privacy of the tipster. In a rare case where the tipster is actually and it's the war. Many have mentioned that are at school pay. Two courts have older. The scorcher that it relation because. That that it has constitutional right to receive. -- -- The usual but it has to happen or call in this district. -- a decade ago so -- right -- There was an incident where that it order -- that it could they be released to the war. And it alkaline and you are certainly -- -- at the captain. Of the nation actually acquired. You've been in review I'll bet -- -- on match. At that point it would information journal which you don't know the -- report it could be you know are currently shooter. Heard there. It could be -- actually cut in Munich on. -- -- -- does this condemn the probable cause of the Canadian Ian anonymous tip -- before you know -- that's enough and presuming you know ward and yet. You find out who did written. It does it -- itself and I criticized in the crime stoppers program and all but. Maybe you don't get the anonymous tip and maybe the police and think it's -- let's get more. Oh yeah and so I'm not real plumbing. The fact that somebody mentioned on the fitness and make that we -- its. To the actual trial. -- in terms of probable cause to get the evidence again. Yeah and I'll quote sometimes that's a real limits to order. For purposes of the trouble sometimes yeah. It just didn't that not all the time. Would that be considered -- and throwing right the jets this problem we would not. Order the disclosure that information. What it looked at what they thought you know help the he would. And it. Are you say partly here. In terms of the whole. The probable cause they know if if somebody calls in and darling I might know about this and and it it tips crime sub is often often and crime suffers calls the police. Is that sometimes what leads to a search warrant. They have the police do their due diligence at their investigation. Into and ever make in part -- in the proper note you can go break in the store to educate and cremation using. He built OK in any case the collection that was -- public to understand your opinion is open to do. Well at this point in the profit in Q collaborate and make sure that the information should that it is accurate range. -- -- very important to get the the police do their job and don't pay any. And for people at would be hesitant again you could Internet name over. If you don't know their name is. That's correct they're not been packing up and -- while the blood he was in the clergy. They're not gonna get you back collar. And I tell people repeatedly been here along in the organizations. And they along you'd never retaliated against because we go to greatly. To make sure that everybody legal content on -- -- -- important of the commitment. In anything. Hectic walker burned. Bigger picture but protecting the and anonymity of the tipster. Never. In circle K since we're at the tipster. Is they were. Talking. Provide a moment to LCQ's. The constitution. Are schools that should it should -- I appreciate your time as you know lighter note since it is national -- -- -- which they were -- -- him. -- -- Broadway actress favorite kind. For a strep underling an idea. I think -- that every weekend. --

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