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Mar 21, 2014|

DON DUBUC: Rep. Jeff Arnold sees red when he talks about red light cameras. So much so he has 4 bills filed for this session. He wants voters to decide if they want to approve their parish or municipality to impose fines for traffic violations based on evidence from a red light camera. In addition, he wants to prohibit traffic citations from a speed camera for a violation less than 10 miles over the speed limit. He also wants red light cameras to use maximum caution or 'yellow light' interval duration of six seconds. And, he wants to prohibit issuance of a citation for a moving violation through the mail. He says these red light cameras and speed enforcement units are just a revenue making deal and are not about safety. Do you agree with him?

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And welcome a bullet on this Friday morning for a think tank down to -- filling in far Garland Robinette as usual glad to have you -- so we are experiencing some telephone problems right now we'll get that. Worked out much you know when the phone lines will be open but is always there will be open as well as -- Text message board up please remember the ground rules for texting and do not text and drive. Please text responsibly to 87870. I you name is not required although if you like to put it that's fine to shoot missiles texts in please remember when you're listening to meet. Read the text. Bear in mind if you catch me admits sense when you first punch in the button that may or may not be in my opinion you're hearing it may be that of one of my listeners who sent a text message it. Got a great lineup for you thanks to producer talents and -- and a lot of you here. I'm myself and Paula and Angela talking about it a lot of jobs she'd isn't getting these guest. I don't know why she -- and -- keeps everybody going but she doesn't she's done and again today. Are coming up first will be talked with representative Jeff Arnold. Talking about those red light cameras in fact he's got four bills filed this legislative session. Wanting voters to decide if they would want. Europe parish. Your city -- minutes -- penalty to impose fines for traffic violations. Based on evidence from a red light camp. And more than that he's got he wants to prohibit traffic citations. From a speed camera. For violation of less than ten miles over the speed limit also wants red light cameras to use maximum caution yellow light in several generations of six seconds that some and I was not aware of and always suspected. Will get him to elaborate on that and finally he wants to prohibit issuing of a citation from the moving violation through the mail. Mean he says that red light cameras and speed enforcement units it just the revenue making deal and really not about safety. Do you agree with that we will find out we'll take your opinions and calls at 2601870. Toll free numbers 866. 889087. Million phone lines all working after that we're gonna discuss. What really is. In -- Internet got some great things. Got some horrible things you know talk about horrible horrible things I'm talking about revenge point -- happened recently to a mother of two. We'll tell you a story -- maybe how it you can avoid it happening to you. I got a special guests Mitch but we're gonna talk to us about that. And then in the final owl calls out with some more legislative talk -- some of Cameron Henry. He wants to put some fines wants some increased -- and maybe even possible jail time. For offenders of what we would call overzealous parents. At sporting events -- kids' sporting events. Will that be a deterrent. That'll be questioned Alaska of both he and news so the stage is set welcome aboard. I see we have a formal joining us now Jeff thanks for being with a stake in time from recession we appreciated. It just -- -- to why did you decide to get involved in these issues is this something that you've experienced personally had just been hearing a lot from the constituency about this. While -- wouldn't be able not to talk -- normal. Record but it. And so Wednesday purple -- but I did have a constituent. Whose job -- school. All Lola backing him than than going to levee break -- -- brother -- school. They've got people that move one thing another. Mobile old theater ticket in the -- and would make them aware that they were speeding. And so they change their driving. You know behavior. Immediate point. Problem was it took at least two week we get that taken in the mail and they drop that regard in it and get five more ticket in the -- would you know which would have been one ticket in the -- -- -- -- -- where. And would change that certain drug problem behavior right then and there turned into almost a thousand dollars in -- You know because it was a -- and not immediate you don't predict you know there there classical law. You don't know you do it in the wrong. And beat you to bill and so. That is the -- policing and that it does not the captain. That should. That would Britain that they got involved about -- short and then. And there and talk with other people around Dayton of people who have done the -- of -- -- -- I would rather on the well -- specimen -- the red light cameras. Inspection you know the number one safety good way to reduce accidents that are prevalent yeah problem of people a lot of like. It could -- you know. Actor and they're now completely the problem with the Clinton camera on there were people on the campus there they slam on the brakes. And while people more cross section has -- and -- it down. The reality that Hillary Clinton snuggle up at the end -- the studies have an updated -- the -- our universe itself -- in the world that shows that red lights camera action in an increase accident a twenty. Independent study you know that this does put it on the world -- company sent conclusion. On one sided that you not agree with one. The insurance and that -- respect and support these cameras and want them reflexively yeah to order companies that actually well yeah. And I imagine that. We'll just let us take these one at a time first house Vilma before 99 this is the one that would require the in the governing authority of the parish or city. On imposing a civil fine based on Evan -- -- automated traffic enforcement system what is the polls salute what is basically the thrust of your. You believe what to do. Well I think if we're gonna give up our constitutional right to be innocent until proven you'll -- because what they do would that make these civil violation. I'll call criminal but -- every -- we usually your ticket would call that the criminal like Jason you are you to pay it or to appear in court. You were at until proven guilty you know not Greta by and it was done there's -- On the field but it in the fall apart and that they -- -- in the mail. -- -- the big problems -- the ATF and likable and but he would -- a problem in the fidelity and use of if your ticket come out -- well. And what the city -- that you're great -- in the world. If you don't say that it it if you do that you picked up -- -- if you don't pay that it in UN eventually -- threatening letter from law firm. -- -- On the as well we're probably could have. What can we do that well but but anyway. Money goes to accompany him and Arab -- definitely it and go to that it won't. So I think regular cup is all right. The -- of the group and you know it's not the -- that the city have gotten better than -- -- basically if you wanna like that to the end. You've got -- -- civil advocate for the law. -- I don't take it. And it that the current you don't do that it's your pick corporate office. Now mount which we we kind of know that there's money behind this of -- and wells politics. My house bill number 631. This would prohibit issuing a citation to the violated through the mail. Not a good idea sending citations to the mail me and it can get lost it can -- the -- it would junk mail even electronic mail to so much of that stuff now. I think if someone needs to be notified certainly -- it's got to be done and now more. Effective means so what basically you would you -- a change of past order. Straight premise if you receive a great -- criminal records for speeding doing something wrong weight problem quickly authors on the earth link and use that these. Kind of drug that'll change immediately. All they did would make it was -- but -- that it -- ballot. And morbid media collection backup equipment as valid and -- to get their money is too at the hip problem. Have the money from April but vision doesn't go away in Australia then yeah -- -- yeah it would it would pinnacle -- -- bit. More to dub album the other have picked by the -- -- on the else. That particular bill they say that the money in the deterrent and in the cult people change their drive. It does so I'm not loan amount of particular NAFTA has been a bit saying you need to get at least -- arm off of the court comfortable lover. To deliver that they can and person to the person being -- but again you got lit traffic I think it's about camera. They're not issued to that silly personal -- into the -- of the vehicle -- in the proper. Right Seoul could this though have. Kind of a backfiring effect to -- because of the increased cost and -- someone physically bring the ticket to -- It does and he accused that big and and the cost of that into it make the fines even -- Well the good amendment but on particularly now because in the end of the day. The big goal of this bill is to cost the city more and make it less profitable what -- their whole motive and -- players. And that they would not be able to do you know. -- we -- given program could around the country. As. Bill but -- being repressed and expel the characters are opting camera. At a faster rate now in the city put them on because there are no longer make commodities -- -- You know an American twenty million dollars -- year well for your hospitality. Yet within a -- is about opening on tomorrow when he'll make in ten minutes in and stop pretending somewhere else. You know if it -- that is what the bad press aboard the equity constituency -- And usually only the city of Tampa City Council this week. Voted down traffic jams and there was fortunate it and if Tampa no we had enough it and it is usually that'll. -- talk with state representative Jeff Arnold about four bills he has pertaining to the use of law electronic cameras for red light running for speeding. And also the in the method that they are issued those citations will be right back to continue that conversation. That's some -- coming -- we'll share those with you that's 87870. Please text responsibly. And the phone lines are working 2601870. Or 866. 889087. This is the Friday edition of the think tank on WW well and welcome back into the think tank worth thinking about these. What's called automated traffic enforcement systems'. We're talking about -- for red light to -- running for. Speeding violations the manner in which they enforce and and also the manner in which those citations of delivered. Witnesses representative Jeff Arnold he has four bills pertaining to this in the legislature would been outlining those with you and -- don't wanna give a little bit of feedback on. What we've heard so far from a -- is this is on -- on daily ready opinion poll asking should the decision. To have red light concerns be left up to the voters are cameras that is. A 75%. Say yes it should be the voice vote of the people 25%. Saying no. Some of the text that are coming in say one says I agree with all for another says thank you mr. Arnold giving the people voice in this matter. This is just a moneymaking scheme. Another says he makes sense that they delay turning the red light to green after the -- his turn red. Another says -- this happened to me to. The speed limit changed on Jackson about a year ago along with the same way twice going 31 in a new lead change 25 which is madness. Got two tickets two months -- luckily I didn't keep going that way. In another says I was always told the traffic cameras wore out possible offices can fight crime. Only problem is the crime has not drops so far you get a lot of support for this and I would anticipate. You would give even more I got some calls on the line of wanna comment too before we do that let's get back to look the other two bills that you have a house -- 8159. Caught on requiring traffic enforcement systems and automated to uses standardized. Content like time explain what's been going on there. That the yellow light. I'm not gonna physically he's in Louisiana. Shorten you know -- But it has been proven and other cities around the country that note to Mac about profits that appeared people do know little light cameras are. And it just. Driving behavior when they get is that are there and that episode before it happened but when they get there they do. So or -- profit but didn't have been -- and have been verified that they have actually shorten the length of microbial. And so this bill would in fact do what how would -- change. It is it standard according to our national standards based on the speed of the road. It's -- a condition of the road delays and everything else all what the minimum. Light should be the timing and they cannot go below that. It should be easy enough I mean this is you know and it's all laid out ways to do is apply -- -- particular instance and so. All of a -- it was double fault that is done by traffic engineers. And we ought to be doing -- do you know the the boast. Liberal. Not the most over the bout time. If we're talking actually about it because the studies that back. The -- over the -- like the puritans. Absolutely all right that's house bill number eight. 59 house bill number 801. This is the one that would prohibit issuing citations from an automated speed enforcement system and -- -- to describe what exactly Eagles -- -- more than one type. For violation less than ten miles over the posted speed -- I guess the argument here would be -- it's 35. It's not 45 -- you don't know over 351 that get the ticket. Well but if you leave incidents -- name street. Well one of the majority report and then and it was in the league with a bigger human element loss Friday. Automated traffic camera that is going into the matter what the circumstance. Issue that citation. You could -- something you're familiar people have written and to use and Dexter talk about knows but at least important. Other issues. But I haven't traffic -- or I argued. Today. Ripley as well but stopped but more you know they've made that one -- in the proper and legal in the vehicle and it's an old standard of alcohol. A number of different things and you are policing in yet that -- and all the street. By actually stop and or stop you'll never get Jessica. So you'll lose and an element a police policing. By relies on traffic demonstrative. I'd like to collaborate on two aspects Osce in in the digest of of the bill. One is on the exemption for schools -- and the other describes what exactly automated speed enforcement system would be is that strictly the totally automated set cameras on the different types. Well it is the number one you know school's own you know oppression children did you want to demo or you know you'd you'd let them alone. That'll you know you make sure that every one of those loan that is prevalent there anyway. Oh what a fool with that aspect of opened -- there's a lot of traffic camera is. Goes. Believe -- -- a prominent members and their vehicles. And as voters are likely to make sure that they could still use for evidence they do you know what you before. I'm not against them using traffic cameras or evidence. But it had to be part of the rebels by Asian. -- his civil qualities of workers to become the body so you'd. And cameras. For enforcement but it cannot be the only witness to the car. What is the status of these four bills right now where the bases in the legislature. There we over it's done its -- effect and we concession. They have been outside the committee and will be urged committee would the next two weeks probably move and move from my house of the senate. How electric -- in England supports the bill that's in the eruption bill. Called -- -- Clinton's stop in those Oakland local municipal committee because that bill has failed twice before and activity. Because you have a local political associations which have all the mayors of our president of local officials count the number. Who are part of this organization. Who do not want to give up the money. There argument is we're elected to make decision art institute and let them make it. My argument is this the deal build up huge value -- We should be doing and enacting laws and enforcement in this matter in -- -- ought to do it the way. Active people let's do it that way. Yeah this is definitely sentiments Kendrick far from the old news as it got there -- about form has a lot of money involved in a lot of political aspects to it too just in used to it would lead to the news I've got a separate call as a lot more Texas elected here. I will be right back state representative Jeff on also gets dean John. And 87870. You know join in the conversation that 2601878. Or toll free it's 866889087. In all of the latest results on ready opinion poll question asking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While checking up -- opinion poll question asking whether these matters should be left up to the voters overwhelmingly 79%. Saying yes. Only 21%. Saying no and before guitar called as Tampa got a couple of text and you which one count I think explains the other. No one says here that not knowing the speed limit is not an excuse. There's a sign that intelligent as the camera so what if it's a moneymaker on city needs as much money is it can get. And then on the other hand and got another one that says evidently this is from a secretary -- had just informed my boss. He was. Roberto looking that ticket is for a Saturday winner of our school's been in session. On Saturdays so I guess the point is yeah I've -- and enforce the law that's fine if you violated she should pay a fine but make sure that has done very fairly. -- -- -- you know and -- the problem. As far as who knows that schools assign the post an embryo they are -- businesses also in the -- -- And and and and so you've got to watch and whoever ordered all. And the that you're there -- camera pages but Dayton by the back of the of the second and you gave you know an Arctic figure out school don't pick on as. I get nervous but I drop those who own. 5 o'clock in the evening and blinking and the school -- science as you know computer will bury. And at 530 and nine. Like -- -- I'm not adamant that picket. From the camera in the silently in the notified read them out -- well. -- I'm not even be a school day for some reason schools may be close but they don't adjust the flashing lights and you can get a ticket. When Israeli no school don't know what you Coleman. Are exactly. -- -- some of the call us stayed at least he's in man and a long line law and thanks for calling Steve you don't represented Jeff Long. -- Responsible with my cards used in crime like to run the committee -- -- license -- whole hour. For example a parking ticket there and leave and -- -- and feel like -- -- -- that personally. But it's given to delight the blade and I'm not gotten the call I'm responsible for tell them who is correct. -- right at the civil citation. And that's why they've made these traffic -- civil parties and you know there are no criminal citation for parking. There have been crippled by -- -- simply issue of vehicles with regards to speeding and other movement violation that they move violates. Until he had been of these cameras all mileage that -- -- -- -- It was revealed -- -- while it was seen being used in crime and outlook and driving it. Right well you've reported -- stolen in the if I didn't know it was. -- all day without your permission and it was stolen and be verified via -- group. Coordinate the l.s parliament and could have been. In the cart element. That crumbled in Europe and Britain you know the united. You have to go so well which cost more than ticket. And you don't -- that -- -- well. Should be straightened out but not that you know it should be. If you -- -- should be able confided that same way it should be out by indicated good. I don't I don't I don't believe it odd that over five years we project included in the same thing that part -- We tried those last five years and so people buy these bill. They want them the money go look at -- legislature. On YouTube and all the work put -- blow it off and let Pete would have been traveling. -- Well I don't have -- but we haven't. The minister. And an academy. You know and we can't afford to -- Well while that would sit on -- wouldn't he be camera in the capital city. And and issues that they debates and map the Egyptian people and haven't followed with them and you know. And then then you know big boat watching it important that. About security cameras in -- -- that big actually out. I'll call one not again in Rhode -- It was on. And being that the evidence and evidence I didn't know what -- been -- They can -- the evidence to provide any criminal indictment. Prosecution. That is that the only one cent what that -- that should be -- Couldn't eat it but. You know you do it was single and -- the life. That's that. But I look at art you know -- -- Are criminals like page and let's go to court. -- meant that wouldn't you know these principles that the doctor was built. I don't have been 300 well while in law are turning none of which I did back. Not a big changes to encrypt and then I'd like that we tried that. We try to eliminate civil but I think the alum. And the mayors that are present about as -- -- they can -- -- in the bow out of this. -- -- -- OK let. Let you know -- let you know get our camp so that the one -- these security -- -- collective. Let's get let's work on net. Well that's a whole different that's a whole different -- And immoral Mormeck out of the -- advocate Bill Clinton except. And I thank you for the call Steve we'll be back right after this break again today in cherry will be up next were talking with representative Jeff Arnold. And asking you this question on up ready opinion poll on should the decision. To have red light cameras be left up to the -- you can find that -- WW dot com we'll be right now welcome back -- -- think -- we have on the line with -- representative -- our -- got a package of bills dealing with traffic citations from automated enforcement systems -- one house bill -- 99. Would require voter approval before allowing the government to impulsive or fines for traffic violations. Based on use of automated traffic enforcement -- house bill 8159 which would require traffic enforcement systems to use a standardized. Yellow. Caution light time and that says at least at a minimum. By on national associations of traffic engineers also house bill 801 which would prohibit issuing traffic citations. From automated speech systems for a violation if it's less than ten miles over the posted speed limit. And finally house bill number 631 which would prohibit issuing a citation. The moving violations to the violated through the mail. We're taking a telephone calls at 2601878668890878. And if he text responsibly and 87870. -- JR calling on line three thank you patients did you wrong with representative wrong. Patent issue. Also are we got -- on probably OK we get the wrong button to go ahead while we got Teixeira going right thank you so much time should jail let ladies before. Okay thank you so much -- given -- the sport built numbers. Now would like to know if there is that number of people are not all black like me can accomplish that the state representative. If we should be telling people need to know about this and -- want to do. Yeah there there are -- evidence Birmingham actually -- on it is called to capitol look at according to locals they were that it should be able to got to know. -- good and thank you so much for standing up for people against money grants and Big Brother. What Micah Richards -- OK thank you that calls -- OK okay -- now it's your time I'm sure you in my left the series stamp and. All the ball -- applaud. Representative -- world. It's. A bargain -- urged that we have somebody that actually. So applicable the people but they're not that it gets the -- long term all of -- do you think it's a slippery slope we're eager. Basically you know there's the -- and park avenue for. Extra cameras everywhere and our people for -- little sidewalk or whatever. They are now you kick return constitutional. The other thing that I don't -- -- -- there -- government always seemed to take a technology. And using. -- kind of manipulate. And squeeze money out of listens to the music. Just like. That we use the camera to regulate traffic -- we'd better traffic flow we get better gas mileage and the -- is increased the tax gap that would make more sense to me. -- we use less gas would be basically come out at the law. Partner they were basically you know police is that every opportunity. And alms are relieved that I'm I'm glad that there are these bills will be colored -- -- of there are encouraged everybody should it be that you know so the struggle if you were maybe it was Steve -- at work or two term limit legislation or. I think it would be our great struck. What -- structures. It would premiere elements problem current legislature overturned the majority. Back last year. -- daughter -- from what shall local officials like. Government officials there. And I. -- thank you. -- I appreciate support and but you know over your governor. -- -- -- -- I hear. You know we keep people in and yet someone gave an example earlier you know. Security -- or. Well I don't like it. Abilities and evidence that you -- -- feeling of been. And Wal-Mart and stop model you actually kept that but that all all of you to look at the video evidence that they did. And where they did that this is different this is that. And that we really need to step back like videos city's many other states -- outlawed them. What pulled back and say you know what we went to our government to. The media is viewed it uses that it's ever too well with rapid situations those arms and not use it agent. There at the bottom traffic when it accidentally of people rounded. One -- called -- Tuesday and if you don't like their WL. Accident the goal -- and -- and look at the traffic. So the good use and now this is not -- used. -- let's go to chuck be in mid city online for chuck yes thank you for your call. You -- -- his -- for you OK. There you go to a restaurant. He had a -- guy you know -- belly the belly port to cork the deli guy tries on the court -- -- it did. -- its commitment is that -- coming but he doesn't he just goes to mr. right. So what you -- Catholic university disregard replied. You have no real question how -- A bit more with the weekly using -- didn't she got a real life. You could you forget that the -- guys you know he won't even notice he went on the corner of the -- to go to Portugal and a lot. So. Sure we're Donald. WQ. But it does the pictures -- -- You like that but it still has to come out of your pocket if it's on your text because he'd never did never. Came to the right person in Atlanta might take -- individual deeply driver's license put themselves -- the vehicle that they try. Again in the missing human element comes in the play in this one too. So -- on you how you recruit. -- fairly you know what would you have to do definite tastes like something like that. You have to file its civil lawsuit. You have to prove that you are not the -- vehicle and don't you -- and so hypocrite you advocate that. And it obviously directed it'll that you are not. And that has been the case the -- doesn't cost you time in ethanol deal that -- you got to -- -- and so. And so you have to assume the bravura and and generally are more that you. That a ticket at the university in that war -- Jeff -- wrap up here and get an awful lot of text in in some of them has a central theme they wanna know how can they find out a list of the people who vote against this they wanna know who they don't identify. Spirit coaching while been over the years you've got elected as early -- that state that LA go. And at the -- web page Google would balance lecture you can look at past surgeon -- under bill's. You can buckle up I'll -- -- up Arnold -- the -- bobbled pass through to build up up now. Also look at the committee on. Also local political players. And that would give you all the people we're gonna vote on the roster bill. The traffic admit the preparation committee of the -- of the -- electric. Very good Jeff thanks for taking time to talk with on the Aniston please keep it up today it is these bills work that -- to -- Representative Jeff now will be right -- at this time out. In listening to the think tank on WW -- AM FM 1053 in world why we heard -- WWL dot com while looking out are ready opinion poll results are asking should that decision to have those cameras be left up to the voters 86% of our respondents saying yes. Only 14% saying no we'll see how that turns out as we get the legislative session coming up after the news. Gonna tell you about the story of a mother of two who woke up 1 morning to find an inbox full of emails from men all over the world propositioning a sex. The reason. Our image appeared on a pornographic web site is called revenge. Warrant. How to deal with -- how to avoid it -- back -- talk about that idea on the think tank on debit WL 870 day.