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Mar 21, 2014|

JOin Mitch Butler (co-founder Image Vision) What would you do if you found your face on sexually explicit photos on the internet? That's what happened to a mother of two recently. It's called 'revenge porn.' She was a victim of a new extortion scheme where they take 'innocent, fully clothed photos of women and crop their heads onto another woman's naked body. Then they post the photos on their website with all of the woman's contact information.' If the woman complains, the owners of the site often want to charge a fee to remove it. How did this woman find out about it? She woke up to an inbox full of emails from men propositioning her for sex. She contacted the website to have them removed and they wanted to charge her $400. What can you do if you find yourself in this situation?

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And -- -- down to be -- you on the Friday addition of the think tank thanks for tuning us in this morning. Another couple of guests joining us great -- Jones and Tammy has put together forced by the way you can continue to cast your vote -- not ready opinion poll. Which is asking you should the decision to have red light cameras and tactic if you could expand that into. Speed -- cameras anything automated with regard to traffic violations. Should the decision to have those be left up to the voters overwhelmingly. We've got about 88% of our listeners who -- texting in saying yes it should be up to the voters only 12% Singh -- so you can find that on our web page at WW all dot com. If you care to participate in the program we invite to -- call us at 2601870. Or toll free 866889087. Of course we have a in studio text message board would soon issue to text him here alive and direct his go to 87870. We ask that you please text responsibly no texting and driving if you going to be driving in. You get so move that you have to communicate with a -- please have the designated text to do that are designated primary if you text evil. This topic god dealing with the Internet and you know although the further along we get into the use of the Internet we find more and more wonderful capabilities that it has. But we also find some horrible capabilities and examine on -- and that's what we're gonna talk about this hour. -- case of one Melissa -- -- she lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and she blogs on the Internet she's a colleague of -- She's also a proud mother of two it in if you believe everything you read on the Internet. Well she also poses for renewed sexually explicit photos on the Internet. In her case. She woke up 1 morning. And she found hundreds of emails in our inbox from man all over the world propositioning her for sex that they were responding to a pornographic image that appeared on a website. And she was quoted as saying. Like what's gone on this this is ridiculous while she found of photos. And her contact information on what is known as a revenge -- website. And she was even more shocked when she saw it and saw that some PG photographs. That she had posted on the Internet. Had been turned into pornography was her face superimposed. On the nude body of someone else. Well she contacted the web site. Asked that the photos be -- removed immediately. And she was given the option to have the photos removed but unfortunately it would cost our. 400. Dollars. How do you prevent this from happening to you how do you avoid at what happened what do you do if it does happen to you know. We've asked Mitch but -- Mitch Butler who's a co founded a company a technology company called image vision. To talk about that win this this morning amidst Anchorage on things we appreciate it. Well thank you for the share -- union audience. This tell us about image vision you company what is it you do what do you all about. Well that quick start it is or straight -- the years ago a greater. You only need to protect from choppy so he gets cool and it was inappropriate text picture is. Our jobs jealous that. And now fortunately. Plug taxpayers should lose their bed and that may knee. Start looking with my colleague Michael or even why. Or solutions true all of these Smartphones capabilities of generating. -- where our users we felt very confident. -- person -- out there on the big security company so we started the company. Debt has the ability to look -- images and videos. And determine what year. And it basically we started we. Interpreting. Can we identify. Nudity in images and you computer to do and so today that award will -- -- We provide image abroad. And visual search and image ballistics. To some of the world partners but you're. Some of the world's largest all manufacturers. And goes out there and more we're trying to do was more or certainly gives -- action news. Continued -- Pushing our technology or are there will be intelligence. Community instead the government authorities that we work. Hoping to stop what we call in which. So how widespread. Instances of like what happened to Melissa as -- obviously has got to be pretty widespread if it spawned a business that you've gotten the deal. Well absolutely and you know we -- obviously an -- comfortable with. Should be right now and hear how widespread it is from a personal perspective. -- and aren't there are others that happened to become advocates or online they. In their own way and in part. Small business. That a little bit what were is protecting. On the Internet also wireless communication devices. Not -- -- here but in this case. You know for a dull because. As you hear your opinions change kidnapping world hear some Cornell. Took -- photo superimposed it over other images and that will hear art technology that working with some of the intelligence communities and legislators. Should have our law continued to call up wit the evolution of technology. In order shoot on lap one like to have recourse and so that we. Work -- and hope -- do Condit have law changed it the same crime network technology. Available where. As an example is the authorities would be. We would have domain in this particular situation. More issues have those legislators passed laws that require. Collective. To do it and now as -- every photo quality and with some of our technology we would be able to tell someone. Strategic computers how to determine the photo and Alter. And that's where it in the Butler image below the -- looking you know someone Photoshop that image should let people there really. Human it well -- Because of the technologies that are companies develop. We're able to the pixel level and image could terminate anyone. Agency. Cheaper for and in case that we. Providing work with them that the social media -- in order in these that are out there. Even in this area in which brought war as an example banking industries and the insurance industry so they're like yeah how life rated image spam will call and email him. If your audience just think about. In the -- and they use them every day what the easiest form of communication and point click and then download or upload and share. Vs sending text images today. -- communication is the biggest -- easiest way. It is going to be enriched uranium and all -- probably seen it in some form or another want -- exit. In other as well. Do you say that the eventual solution to this is as being some way that legislatively. Can be. Gotten under control something that's imposed by law. Or is it gonna have to be something that each individual some type of a filtering software that don't have to have on their own system I don't see how. You know it's such a vast. World out there on the Internet and prompted to be policed not by government I think it's. Probably and have to be done on an individual basis -- Well it comes down to an individual. Absolutely and again we can take some safeguards. But in the case that we just. Lucky hit taking images all the purple on site that. -- men and I'm sure she didn't think about yours or whatever uses for the purpose that they do it. And so what changed in that regard. One quote in there. -- usually -- -- -- -- get that. It is which was reported. And then there's oh web site and see if something like this that you called see street are. That'll cute cute trial complaint. But the best quote -- acceptable -- Yet. Egypt and potentially statistics show us that problem Mac daddy back these security. 45% of don't have. A start -- 94%. Of Americans. Do not put in the on their vote. So you're suppose there -- and someone who knows whether that these someone like C a life partner and then there's a separation. Maybe someone has taken photos that I -- were being -- So there are some personal data protection basics that we all should look into it and figure out for ourselves and that's where it would start. Regular admits they would they were gonna take a break Q where you come back and wanna talk about the the company that. Wanted to charge of 400 dollars to to have it removed certainly I think they can be some culpability there also a possibility of -- of building close to being passed in Georgia with regard to revenge point. And also -- bit more about what exactly revenge porn is and also cyber bullying. And really what can the every day PC user he used to avoid it will be right back with talking with. Mr. Butler. -- is the co-founder. Of image vision will be right back after and is now welcome back in to the think tank today weren't thinking about a new scam on new it is that is certainly an Internet scam called revenge porn now women now photographs of their facial images of being superimposed on two nude bodies and posted on web sites. And then basically being held hostage for a -- Removing those joining us to talk about does Mitch Butler he's co-founder of -- vision technology company witches. Kind of working on preventing this through -- use of recognition software which would scanned. I guess millions of images in recognizing one on what is not porn and that -- itself may be very difficult. Mitch in looking at this case of of Melissa -- and I'm sure she went total law enforcement to the authorities to report this was there any. Recourse that she had legally or something it can be done to the website is which contacted them. They've got their hand as a well we can get rid of it for 400 box and in and make it go away is this really revenge one where. Someone for whatever reason wanted to get even with our cause or trouble or is could simply be. A money making scam by the web site that's gonna obviously be contacted by these people and then. Most of them are gonna say rather than gold through legal. Avenues and and hire lawyers and attorneys and dragged his thing not just pay the money and have a goal. I think either scenario that there -- at play here. But you know at risk in this where Melissa future just -- on the energy in the month. Because who's to say it in there. Or put it back up. So you know it real quandary. But one should live in order. House of Representatives in Utah has just recently. -- -- in -- bill now goes on. And it will go to the senate bill state upstate New York is -- and has California. As well junior senator's statement today. And that is the patent now. You know technology. Much faster than legislators can laws to keep up with this type of activity in in that. Actively what happened back in a couple years ago in the very first. They checked the occurred in our country. Two miners seventeen year old working eating -- picture broke out. The boy turned. Consider legal he -- those pictures with some people. Unfortunately because the Wall Street the way it was. She. Convicted. Being a child predator and now tested so the age of 43 registered as an accident. Well. Seventies but he didn't make the right decision turned eighteen. So again it. Now -- expect the technology developed and applications are put out there for the market. Are Walsh stressed aren't keeping up. However you know I looked it up water -- Keeping it right mentioned the web site -- being able to go online to the Internet crime complaint center which is. C three dot. And Sheikh Ali -- year. One individual complaint violence is not going to stop this if others will be the same. Law like the warning you'd call will continue to propose passed and then they're Indy or cook it. And there's other pieces that were being warned it lawsuits have been filed. There have been perpetrators brought to justice. And where -- -- am -- one by one collectively. In an aggregate. Go to more Internet. We can't impact it. So what is in that laud them their revenge point bill when is it to make the site illegal -- -- to you know give some recourse to the people who. Have been victims of this rule how was in do you think it's affected. All of them because. You know being. Proposed and going through -- -- don't know about the effectiveness. You know one Tuesday you know -- -- -- -- beating. Or. So what troubles -- it this really isn't effective approach. At the same time some of these. These web site are being taken down because. Convictions and because of legal cases that are. Going to the court and decisions being made at the you know it is -- as best they can but again goes back to. Am working -- that legislators. And the legislators being impacted by people like analysts you -- your. This particular site meant that posted the picture of Melissa. Are they still up and running I have they've been shut them. Now that's still up and running. I understand. And guess it's gonna take that bill passed before anything can be done. I guess this is momentum began and we have had some -- local law enforcement agencies around here started to beef up -- I guess you'd call an Internet vice squad and particularly with regard to child pornography and pedophilia cases they've been pretty successful and in being able to kind of -- that little bit but it seems like there's gonna have to be an expansion of that. If we do finally get the laws in the next step as we gonna have to enforcement that is going to be no easy matter drop in a while western world of the Internet. Exactly. Where again you know to go back in in a little bit of our technology. Well we're dealing with. These government. Agencies. Just from a standpoint. There I think child pornography were all wearing it recently was. Taken on the and you know at some of the things with being able even a bit from happening and you know what there. Scam was that as -- -- -- in the end we're setting up a hill. And acting as young teenage girl. And contradicting you on -- -- and potentially may younger. To lure him and in the conversations. And the competitiveness and photos have been as. Obviously work will put you. Different child pornography accurately kind of the world actually. And so. Again working with some of these government agencies. Technology like we've developed. Along image ballistics. Can help them bring conviction but at the same. Over the course of time we hope that with our technology. Being able to do -- pollsters -- only four. -- -- content we're talking about he's in our way as well doing the F. Like Google right now I'd. Like it and you know -- description of something they want the mine they'll have their image search. All of their search engines. The challenges they use that. Data that is into the imagery will work into the marketplace to Alter. Intelligence communities in the government. Will also help when we can draw and track. Image into racer. Fuel and that we return. Like in similar images or products. Goes. Same thing that you're looking for doing basically their usual. Cockpit vs actual content. Management we've got to take a break if the news can you stay -- -- -- through them. -- -- can we come back I want fun out of any security systems such as McAfee that offers some type of an -- -- -- -- -- Also just personally sensed that she could just suggest to some of listeners that might help them avoid. Becoming a victim of revenge porn on his image fraud and cyber -- will be right back -- listen to the think tank on the big 870 WW and welcome back into the think tank this morning where it was thinking about it's as scam on the Internet called revenge porn some name of -- -- this was all brought about by well in more than one case but now one that's receiving a lot of a media attention in the case of Melissa Aslan who is a blogger mother of two lives and you talked woke up one day. Went checked email on the box full of solicitations. Propositions from men. All around the world and this was in response to an image of pornographic image of -- showing up on web site. When she contacted the web site to have it moved. They told of the 400 dollars they would get it done talking about that with buses. Mitchell Butler amid choosy co-founder. Of a company called image vision it's a technology company that is. Basically trying to eliminate image spam Mumbai. Process which would have. Corn actually recognized through image scanning. And all became a passion of his because he was him personally affected by one his daughter's marvelous device. I had some image spam invade if he decided to. -- get into promoting. Online safety in the in June confronting issues of cyber bullying imaging fraud sixteen in now what is known as a revenge. Warren and now we took the break. Mitch I wanted to find out is all right now more than any security system -- to McAfee and there are others. That would include some type of the net and -- in there service that would prevent this from happening either Ewing images going out. Of those coming in on someone grabbing and using. I don't know how that would work -- I'm Rick -- -- that much of it. Technology gate that is there anything you can get commercially out there and now that would help prevent this actually apartment issue. In the case there's not seeing this commercially. Yet again that technology continues to call and the you know at some point I think there will be. Technology that requires law the law that it came in there is some in the market these days. But not widespread for sure if you're -- to go on line I. What -- -- pecking order. Or your mobile device. Visual. Action you know the new iPhone has fingerprint security. So the technology continues to vault in order view of war or some of the issues like -- with. -- And you know and it really starts on with each -- just having some common share you know field advantage of commons area is so common. But you know as parents helping our kids understand that their personal information. Is really something that they need to protect it and you know that the social. The world. It really changed. Upcoming generation. Young people -- going to go with regard to being open. Inquiry and in the example like here is one dollar terms sixteen. She got that -- that table -- -- players hurt looked the picture. That the yeah. Well that number one we call her whatever you put on the Internet never goes away people are. So -- -- someday someone will be fine her name her address. Or driver's license number which let my check out at the same numbers like well. So that hasn't changed in Vietnam that information out there are so as appearance. We need to be vigilant or our kids understand. Know what long lines absolutely. Will be there could come back. To argue -- you shatter. The same thing -- vote she oh. My kid. Don't post anything you would -- your motors G or -- other -- And again it goes back to common shares which is. Pretty common. I'm getting some text in now wanted to know about the legality of those sites and -- believe you comic covered that in that as of this time is just don't have the laws not keeping up with the technology that. I have a medal and in that want to know how would you know what you're on one of these sites. -- if you get in the inbox. -- soliciting emails that would be one tip off that how else could you object. Well then that's something where. Today they'll leave it there but what are the things as technology. At all. Just thinking out of the box and looking into the future. What they took our facial recognition technology and it was available. Both parents that they wanted to do it can't worker. Just even you know where's -- pictures shelling out on the Internet. And so again there are some technical limitations to bet that they may see in the future there will be but. Being able to provide you know they -- -- and well today we can do it. With it and working directly -- FaceBook. Apple directly. On is my image showing up on these web and so I think about eight. One of the things prayers that people images -- used to create for artwork called and there's a law actually well several. On one particular. Oh that a young woman is kind of the weight of the law because of the number of Portland. And we're working with a double -- -- right there to help them. -- -- -- to -- from being use to create a candle that -- if your audience and you were committee with the terms fishing. Where her yet so there's account except that you know if you look people -- and get personal information personal data. That they use that you proliferate -- are. So again. The they're different even care or so we have some technology -- and where -- There were intelligence. Communities in the law -- and a teaser interest rates. Applying technology for. I edifying. Or if this is your church -- or its -- I was even you know Smartphone that has been discarded. The peaceful. In the when they're manufactured actually. Is it is created with its own unique. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kind of the DNA of telephones and. Yeah exactly it's so we're developing that technology or. The marketplace so that that can be usually help thwart some of the type of activity. I'd 2601878866889087. -- a phone -- if -- like to speak with them it's Butler. A co-founder of image vision now will be back to take you call Stacy you'll be up person -- also we have some text that are coming in -- 87870. Woke up to those with the two right after this time -- -- just tuning in to the Friday edition of the think -- our guest is -- Butler -- is a co founded a company called -- vision there working on technology -- and development to deal with cyber bullying image fraud and also what we're -- the latest scam on the Internet revenge porn web sites whereby. Innocent people their image of their faces superimposed on to nude bodies and sexually explicit photos posted. On the Internet Austin for a ransom Ian was talking with him Obama how to avoid it. And suggestions of what the future of at all is first up is Stacy in Canada Stacy thank you for you call you wrong with Mitch from image vision. Well my question -- that. Different then what that talking about that was open maybe you'd have a suggestion that is forming. And the -- and the honor. And I have a competitor. Mind. It is going on line have been in business for fourteen years as far as NAFTA my self regularly on -- -- perfect ratings across the board in every site -- that protect -- And the competitive mind has now on a Rampage. Trying to discredit my business. And it posting blatant lies on multiple sites and I'd buy that been -- and -- -- is really not and I can do about it. Yet that. That is an issue my. No witness. Particular. Sites are run by particular organizations that he'd been able to contact -- -- them directly to the owner of the sites. Well even if some of them are now which is very get the car there it there is little -- response and you know and and sometimes if he -- the response to that you know raving lunatic if you posters odd that makes you look. You like you're engaged you know and the same type of behavior can back and forth behavior. And that wanna look like that but you know. And then a couple -- government and well you know everybody has the First Amendment right to their opinion but you know what -- -- posting blatant lie about view. Well the next -- have you it could go out of the Better Business Bureau. Well honestly don't have a lot of statement that it didn't I've used them and the paths for another issue when a car that ahead and it. It in my -- -- joke. Now there much to conclude that it's a bit -- It -- about your business because that your livelihood and yet Melissa's case. That we were acting she's on might -- she makes her living. And she just chose to move forward and you know try to you know. You know it matter if you hell yeah open sores and a lot of people turn you. And I agree with you you really fine point. Do -- respond in its in Dubai in -- A package for which it reflects poorly on me. And it's just a matter of report it even -- -- the -- -- well I would I would suggest that. You do that eighties and -- registry might be called have four or you have maybe even your local chamber of commerce. But again if you Google doing the proper filings in. I would look into the icy street. To see if there is the an opportunity pre YouTube. Nobody. Or prayer. But again if you do that -- they. You know your back into that back and forth in windows it. Stopped. Right and meanwhile. Of this stuff is just out there for everybody agency you know. In multiple places none of that is to. You know and it's at my reputation Indian band its most listeners. Successes since this is false and obviously malicious could slander and -- gonna come and play good to get an attorney may be pursued those -- Absolutely if it is the case worker that you and the so. That this it is now live all federal -- you know there are still I don't look -- -- talk to an attorney at this point for the protection of your business in your case. Well we look we lost days unfortunately but. She's got an honest and you just about out of time you gotta go thank you -- -- -- management really appreciated. And again if people wanna find out more about the work you're doing on this image vision dot com would that be the placed ago. And no revenge point shown there right. Now our post cards are -- -- should be examined an audience. Thank you very much appreciated. I will be back to wrap up this hour with -- think tank right after the aren't coming up on next -- -- well you've seen -- on talking about those parents out of control -- kids' sporting events. Some of them and even a salted coaches and officials and other parents what should be done. Well representative Cameron Henry wants to -- increase with possible jail time for the offenders. Do you think -- is a good idea do you think it will be a deterrent. That's what's coming up on the Friday edition in the think -- state representative Cameron Henry joins us to discuss it and take your calls comments. And text messages at 87878260187. ER 8668890878. Will be right back after the noose on the Friday edition of think tank on WW well.