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Think Tank 12:10pm,State Rep Cameron Henry

Mar 21, 2014|

You've seen them…parents out of control at kid's sporting events. Some have even taken it further than just yelling at the officials. Some have assaulted them. What should be done with these parents? Rep. Cameron Henry wants fines increased with possible jail time for offenders. Do you think this will be a deterrent?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actually it is Don this is the Friday edition of the think tank down to be filling in for Garland Robinette Arnold -- back with you on Monday. And welcome aboard for a third and final hour you know back when when I was a kid in the Jurassic period -- thank -- Wallace. When I used to play baseball in the summertime. The playground. Which did not have lights actually before I left playground ball we actually got lights -- able -- night time games but it. All summer long we played day games we started the first game to start the morning in the last week would go into the afternoon. And it really wasn't conducive for parents to get out and watch their kids you just didn't hardly have any parents occasionally you might see a dad who had an outside job. -- stopped by for a few minutes pull up in his car and get out watched a game but moms basically would stay at home moms do was stay at home moms did back in. In the -- -- at work so was pretty much the the coaches the umpires in the ads and that was it in. -- seem likely had much controversy is certainly not only ending at all from the stands in I don't know if that was better or worse but then with the -- lights and now we get in the travel ball in youth athletics is a whole different animal now and of course if you've been to any of these and this has really been a pet peeve of mine over the years I've done a number of programs on this but. I really have a problem with parents who go to these games and just act. Juvenile worst in the kids. The kids behave themselves generally but the parents sometimes you know I'm talking about -- in the ones. There either screaming at their kid this screaming about the umpire the screaming about the coach not playing right now on different calls -- infant. In all twelve year old ball that is going to be enough money -- for an -- to be on the take. At any rate EC InBev behaving badly and it really has gotten worse I believe over the years and as more than just screaming and yelling at the official and causing disturbance actually intimidate and scare America and the kids in some cases. There's actually been some physical confrontations. -- And joining us to talk about possibly await to prevent that added to turn his state representative Cameron. -- thanks for joining us Sefton appreciated. The other guy Greg Greg alleged taken this topic up telling what they did you decide to it to handle listen in try to do this was a some personal experience -- -- talk with constituents or. Just something you see is a time that maybe has come. Well it's a constituent who live on Bobble came into the office and brought it to my attention. An after it can be able to shelter after discussing if you could keep your view example. And like I have young children would bet the ball -- -- -- -- -- that the parent of the -- just. Global board and a Little League game and it's it's not yelling in the -- obviously the legislation can't affect that. But what it can affect you know we get increased the penalties will be in just try to make parents aware that you can't physically cut the refereed the -- Pitted it embarrassing for everybody and it it that I think it is it affects the integrity of the game. That would try to you know would we -- what do trying to give you know we care. That you know but you if you touch a referee in any way shape of all physical contact -- -- -- thousand -- -- in the PPP NG. According goes up you can do is -- power. I guess people might say that this would be covered under some all along is that now. I'm like -- just an assault of physical assault. Let this just make its specifics or evaporate this bit again we're trying to at the end of the day were trying to prevent from -- So we want parents and guardians and so -- to note that if you physically have contact with the rectory. This is the penalty on the books at a minimum which again. And that that that that that the goal and I've had experience is beyond me I had it. Was when I was much of them fought football -- And. You know I remember going watching camera back and refereed game after the game would have to hurry up -- -- back to caught. And we didn't understand why Q well you know parents there of somebody might decide to have a provocation with in the parking lot by that the critical but. At a call on the -- term cabinet when he went. And the general came off -- kind of altogether you know I'd be happy and. I got significant. And a surprising amount call that support but it's beyond. I'm not surprised at all it's it's very prevalent and is certainly. As a negative effect on the kids play in the gaming experience for everybody that's involved now is your bill I haven't seen that the abstract of it but is it. -- was strictly regard to refereeing his autism also cover coaches in the opposing players and things like that. It it is that typically it's been a degree battery -- the school recreation athletic contest in -- -- so you just dealing with the with the reach this point. Now if if if if we if we had been you know up our staff to include. Coaches all of it. I have no problem here and everyone must detection. And that actually good point that will probably not it's already got it capped at 220 it. Party it's out of criminal justice committee and how shot that we could do that on the pool house and -- to yet but so that opportunity to justice. Also got a text in here and I think this might be some in the considered to this Texas says they should give fines for some of the language you hear. As some of those games as well. I agree with that which you know that -- you know you into his amendment right side and yet and he -- that but that makes it. More than it needs to be hopefully get that first step in getting parents -- -- and -- understand what you know how to act. And a Little League being in it it some partly. What are seeded everybody lifting the you almost bare for the -- give -- -- for the parent which you almost wonder if the child. Associated with that is that you didn't know what -- -- -- -- you -- you talk about them Kamal so I think that again that there wildly through. To India I schools so what -- mean really see the vote should some people who became just. It's embarrassing. I stay with me -- -- state representative Cameron Henry about his bill house bill I believe it's 220 -- -- that -- equate that to 27. Which would increase the penalties for a assaulting touching rep for resent. Used games on playgrounds. Also understand that they may be some. Is it impossible -- and we'll let too we come back if you got a question a comment. If they -- a few witnesses stuff do you see it going on in what maybe it was the most outrageous. Case of bad -- behave you seen. At a youth ball game 2601870. Operate 668890878. And if you text responsibly it's 8787. And this afternoon -- thinking about house -- 227 by representative Cameron Henry this one would increase the fines for a battery of officials -- sporting events kids' sporting events and possible jail time. For offenders and -- Cameron if you would explain the jail portion of this in in his this would this bill create. In two a charge that they could be eleven against the wind it's still come under assault matter. But at unless it was built on assault and battery. But relate to the sense that the kind of it. No less than ten days no more than six month jail that you've elected. I'm getting a lot of text in in just the kind of paraphrase several of them a lot of people saying this is bill -- a waste of time and money they're accusing you -- grandstanding on this that we already have enough flaws. Opera already providing protection for this why is is different and and what made you decide to go forward -- Well that would follow -- -- constituent that of that I think you saw the article in the paper can be added couple days ago. Late yesterday they interviewed -- -- brought to who actually correct read and seen it firsthand and wanted to do something about it. In addition the penalties include yet forty hours of community service yet you anger management classes. You have to you know -- is that just that simple you know that what options there. That the the soul the main reason was the constituent came to me and asked me do it and as a -- that's one of the things that you do and I agree with me. We have to do something about this particular type of activity. And that's it for the first couple and then let your opinions and you know but you know. I'll gladly be a sharing that with you. But I still think it -- the -- because. You know we'll move -- the process. Well we've got a lot of people -- do agree with -- because I'm not ready opinion poll right now it's a 100% in favor of yes as far as the fines and possible jail time for the on relief -- behavior. Also ahead at Texas that mentioned some things that you -- covered that part of this would be. Banning the hand from a ball bark for a certain amount of time in Europe and your anger management classes and maybe even. Some good community services a lot of these playgrounds could use some clean him up and up keep things. An epic game apparently in the ball market probably you know be the ones that get people the most they get the most -- The whole thing. And ideally you're not gonna cause united attract a -- And you knew you local partner consult him but but the simple fact you can be buried at the ballpark can be prevented -- blocking out what cope with -- really. Really signal to people. So if people agree with you and obviously a lot of them do how did they voice that of what did religious go contact or legislate to at this point is it's out of committee. So when physical up before the full house. They -- got the full. In about two weeks. Should be up not it's currently but the following week it should be -- -- will the vet clinic in new widget rejected a local state represented a local senator. And you get -- support up to two point seven. If anybody in question about it they they called the office and Caldwell put -- on beacon directly concerned that my aunt or things that we I would add to it like coaching. So that I think that that that's a good step as well. I had 260187. Yard -- free it's 8668890878. And if you care to send us at Texas many -- you done you can simply text as at 87. 870 would talk -- was representative Cameron Henry talking about his bill house bill 227. Which would increase the fine for assaulting officials at games children's games. A possible jail sentences are following up on the out of there is an injury as a result of that. Let's go to visit. -- -- Hula -- on line to you -- thank you for calling north Cameron and. Yet to -- the kind of reflect -- on -- because we have already. Laws on the books for that it found me. It only in regards to -- in and that he and trying to get more fees via. And trapping people. -- and also sounds like he wanted to take away the right. A fair trial for a person and you the person is accused of something. They have to be -- prosecuted for it and to tell somebody that. You can get that and that attention it should decide dad and not a law that we outright. Who tries to the the net. And try to. Control the masses of the people think you can get more money and and that's all I found it really they have enough laws. Let and interpret those them that the board. Somebody hurt if somebody that let the date with what we already have on the. Well we'll explain what you meant by this bill would promote entrapment. I'll be there because we have we have a lot already that says. You know what really hurt somebody physically. Eight -- we already have laws but that can takes somebody. And and put somebody in Tampa that possibly or we don't need anymore let them and that's -- -- reminders that when you're putting more laws. In regard that the state. You're you're taking away the right before -- the book fair prosecution. -- -- women out how to -- represented Henry does your bill circumvent the normal judicial system of you know fair -- you know appeals and the whole process that we. To me you still have to go to the same same legal process that you would go to if you commit any car. And what are creating a new law -- increasing the county because clearly as it once he's helping them on the books right now. All they're trying to type of activity that would get to increasing the wood on it trapping and I think that jeopardy Shin -- a different payment -- We're not doing that. -- this isn't a judge enjoy it right there used to go to the entire standard legal process that you go to -- it -- make parents aware. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah sure so though will go ride doesn't that just ultimate game. More revenue and data -- There process it's just more revenue that you need more revenue and that I think that the debt should be -- that -- should be able. You know I mean a lot. Why would you need before -- it's not about the about the crime and and the -- -- do you believe that they stiffer penalty could be a more effective deterrent. Not really I don't think -- I think I think it's just the way of legislators and and politicians to try to line their pockets and that it because it's really not helping obviously the five -- about the elect after the punishment except that I didn't help. So maybe we need to look at what actually provoked. The so called. The fighting and all of that maybe we should look at that OK and that what you're doing is you're just trying to get himself while avenue where is now as you're not helping. The people and Matt that people and and that the -- OK Lola thank you for you call but I really think you should visit is bill and read into it check out the definition of entrapment. See this they'll really if you agree with a circumventing the legal process and is there are some clause in there with a money goes to you -- and analyze your. Yeah an and that that out of one who what the the -- have a chance and I mean obviously I don't keep the money in the goal is if you increase the penalty people won't do it. The goal is. Not to receive the funds because they're not gonna do it anymore because the fine is so -- And they will lose the ability to go to all that goal attempt on -- increased on that looks like the people would stop paying attention to. I hit it the best thing that would happen is they'll have to get in trouble for which means they don't receive any written for because the -- incidents so. Just thank you justice Equus total current. I'd like amateur is there a little longer you got ago I I got to go 1 o'clock out of you know but I appreciate all now be nickel back on -- -- any -- HM what Brian thank you very much for it to her and thank you and I don't we come back Christopher you wanna put 22 cents and let you do that. Also got a lot of text in some -- regard to our last call little comment on that to stick around will be back with the rest of the Friday edition -- -- think tank right after the news.