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Mar 21, 2014|

Ian Hoch: WWL's resident happening guy Jeremy Lawrence: New York actor Jude Bourque: Movie lover Let’s Have FUN Friday! BIG this weekend—the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, celebrating the life and legacy of Tennessee Williams…the New Orleans Home & Garden Show…the Louisiana Crawfish Festival in St. Bernard parish…and we’ll preview the Big Easy Awards. Also, what’s hot/what’s not at the movies…Is “Divergent” really the next Hunger Games? Will it really be as big as Twilight?. Also, spring fever movies—what movie can you see again, and again and again?!?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know what an incredible weekend ahead that we may have literally seen our last parade for awhile and we had a lot of parades in this area which is always fun. But it doesn't mean that there's not a lot going on in this weekend a lot is going on Iran is starting to stack up they argue look at that the things that are coming down the pike exit from the and -- -- material around and that's why we like to have this hour because it's the one hour we can devote to. What is happening we need a hole with -- happening man in hope high brings youth into my life good afternoon beautiful. We also and this is -- first because we're very honored to have a very -- well known and wonderful actor in the studio with us to talk about one of the biggest things that's happening and that is the Tennessee Williams festival. 28 years this has existed in our I -- an and that's a big deal -- -- and I think it says volumes about. You know we -- community of many things and many talents -- certainly food music which we do beautifully but to focus on the brilliance. Of a man like Tennessee Williams I would like to welcome Jeremy Lawrence guy who is hello. -- on New York after a playwright and I'm calling -- Tennessee Williams incarnate. Well thank you it has been my pleasure for about the last twenty years to present. One man -- of Tennessee in his own words. And in coordinating the men and bringing him to life for all of those people who did not have the chance to know him or who have known him. In. Through the press which was not always the best way to learn about mr. Williams. And of course the festival is a wonderful thing -- Owens was Tennessee's favorite place in the world he says this is the place that was made Floyd if any on this funny old willow. You know I moved here in 1975. And I worked at a television station on rampart street. And Marty's restaurant on ramp which is recently revived as Marty's. That is where he would periodically go to lunch and when I heard that I would try to go as often as I could. Thinking because he was my all time American -- period if I ever saw him I would pass out. I would never have the guts to go -- to even say. Mr. Williams you know how how -- is not such a big -- And it worked well in the that he loved this city is very you know he did tell us what you have learned about this man. Well I have as -- -- been working on Tennessee. For about. Twenty years. I come along when I began working not on and on Tennessee. I knew. Just the surface. The facts of this man but here is is a writer who got up every morning of his life and wrote. From the time he began writing at the age of thirteen -- -- the day he died. He was devoted to his vocation. Of writing him if he wasn't working on a play he was working on a short story was writing a poem he was writing a memoir he was writing an essay. He says I cannot imagine a day. Without riding. And is search for writing starts out very personally. Very auto biographical me. And midway in his life. When he lost his lover. Frankie Murillo. He went into a tailspin of depression. And ended in the Barnes hospital and in Saint Louis for a period of Freeman's. And is writing changed at that particular point in time and he began to experiment with different styles. I'm riding and he was very affected by the new playwrights writing at the time -- And then of course people from Europe Beckett. And the writing changed and people were not ready for. One of the things that's so interesting about his later period of plays. Is that now we are beginning to see the plays and realizing. How important. That changing his style was and how breakthrough. These plays where. No he doesn't write another street canard he doesn't write another glass menagerie but he writes plays that are every bit as visited. And shocking. In the sense of showing us our life. As we -- it. What are some of the names of the ones that you're talking about well. Certainly. We're doing. Who have his Slater plays in the hotel plays over the -- agreement house one of them is called the traveling companion. And the other one is called the green size. Some of that. Some of the full length plays of the time -- trains. Doesn't stop here anymore clothes first summer hotel the house that did not stand. And -- occur cougar day. He. Wrote as many plays from the time of night of the iguana. Which. My chronology is that I say never that great 1961. Of his death. In. 198283. He wrote as many plays during that period of time as he'd written. -- -- I believe none of the Gilani is one government is going to be playing at La -- this weekend night of the iguana is. Actually it its theater in them there and I'm sorry. And caddies at the -- is that it's okay. Canada hot tin roof at La petite and yes. Very good and that night of the iguana is at our club that's the space we were talking about last week and a -- fields previously referred to as Michael heartless. Yeah healthy art club simply stated street Carson before last she was like Ian is in my life -- -- -- -- -- now that's a very good thing. But it's it you obviously have enjoyed this. And and learn to lock yourself. Well I have been doing for the last five years research. In all of the major Williams collections there's some here are no islands. The biggest collection is in Texas. There's a collection in new York and as a collection of Boston so my aim. Play is now these one man plays that I have been doing lately contain a lot of previously unpublished. Words of Tennessee every word. That I speak as Tennessee. Is a word that Tennessee wrote or spoke in an interview. I don't I don't make up mr. Williams no one could. No but you -- you probably understand him as well as anybody who had never met him. Well I feel that I I have you know in in my years of doing him I have of course met a lot of people. Who knew him and knew him well and they all say. I I somehow I somehow have inherited. Part of him in my inner being. And I am. It's. It's not always an easy relationship between mr. Williams and myself. -- but. One of the early plays that I did was piece called 5 X 10. In off Broadway in new York and they were five new. Recently discovered plays at Tennessee they were early plays for the most part that they had been recently discovered in archives. Of libraries. And Michael Kahn. Directed that and Michael knew. Tennessee well and I played the writer who was sort of like the interlocutors. Throughout the evening describing where these plays came from in his life. Pickle when I would come in for rehearsal which I hope not you I can't deal which you. And send me away because I reminded him too much of Tennessee is. And that that's wonderful I just think he would be so thrilled that the city. Has created this festival for him and then its maintained almost thirty years it's a real statement. It is and it keeps bringing people. New people to Tennessee. And new new facets of Tennessee to people. I always feel in my shows that Tennessee must be in the back of the house tackling. Having agree. Times grade that is a wonderful statement and we thank you so much German Lawrence for coming up to the studio. Telling us about it's all all of the corner and the -- contest is on Sunday but didn't go to the various theatres go to the modeling on hotel where they're having a lot of readings. So it's it's the weekend for Tennessee. And my show is on Sunday at 230. As Le -- It's called on Novo which was Tennessee's battle cry forward. Wonderful thank you again very much for joining us will be right back will be talking about. Other kinds of entertainment like what's happening at the movie's -- activist well it's our special weekend time with Ian Hulk about what's happening. And I really love talking to the wonderful man from Jeremy Lawrence from me. Tennessee Williams festival and wanna remind everybody has one of my favorite things and forced to become an all time but I would love to see in person. Is the legendary shouting match where they screen for Stella and that is going to be at 4 o'clock on Sunday. At the balcony of the -- apartments. -- brings out the best in everybody is still fun and I can see their Monday and -- you know it's bizarre that I never tonic is nice I recent go down there every year back in I would see my friends do -- and I always thought -- can be. Always thought I could be a contender but I just never got around you put on that sleepless like T shirt and just belt it out yeah. OK I conceived via wire thin skeletal Italy and now noted it would be harmful because. One of our most powerful and wonderful friends is -- pork. Yes we look you do. And I -- That's cute like he's doing the thing he's doing anything. And he is here to talk about a couple things one the new movies now and -- -- talking about the -- content like movies yeah so. I'm -- and more fun yesterday. Two new movies -- around that people. Have seen advertised Muppets most wanted the new Muppet movie. Just people that franchise -- -- years ago of course it's gonna get a lot of publicity. But they got some great people on the cast Tina say we compared. Ty Burrell from modern family. So if you like the Muppets even a little I think it's going to be fun movie to bring the kids in the family to. Com it has competition the political movie in mr. Peabody in chairman. Lot of fund. -- the movies out and to meet the Muppets are on top of my list. Right who doesn't love the Muppets are you feel like the Muppets you need to go pitcher instant check. Or you go right next -- to there's another new movie in -- divergent. -- international. Best seller a tree he'll -- the young adult book. We have -- we have the Hunger Games and now there's the divergent. Views and divergent books people may not older people may not have heard about it but there are a lot of books sort of been sold and a lot of fans are awaiting produced movie. So if you or any fans of this young adult book theories that movie is. Coming up this weekend. It's cut at a lot of pre sales is got a lot of interest. And new reviews are mixed they're saying it's sort of it's he covered all the bases but for the first that's the -- Ceres. Them. Movies. Series I think that for the fan base they're gonna be satisfied with it. -- -- But what a cool trailer I remember now I've I've been seeing the trailer for a long time and it looks really interesting and it's it's not until today that I really put through -- the other that this is the same as the young adult fiction theories. Rice and take Winslet -- -- it you know a good man some good stores and it does have. We'll see -- as they say in the movie business lay eggs and it's a laughed for a while. But into that you made mention of this wonderful the moonlight movies theories here -- coming up in the Waldman. People need to get there blankets to readied their picnic baskets. And -- to Morton's wine and how about bunch of good bottle of -- to enjoy. For those who don't know what this is about the new -- film society. To the -- -- society very active. They have gotten these inflatable. Out toward screens and projectors. And they have arranged -- -- the city fun places in -- -- now to show some great movies for example. Over at the -- won't museum of art. They're going to be some Alfred Hitchcock movies playing notorious is going to be -- rear window it's gonna be over at. Matter -- a branch on think trolls. The law on public library there. And and battle one week and it's through the next several weeks. But they are just announcing the schedule now and I think that. He is. People like the movies. They wanna do something which is wonderful whether I -- today. Is so great everybody would be outside right now. And it is. The thing to do you think he's the rain is coming -- Over at. Museum aboard. Casablanca. Is going to be shown the next week at the museum abort. So I invite people to go to the -- film society's web site. Check out the movies check -- locations pack a blanket and have fun. Now this is a wonderful thing an attempt. This is the most beautiful time of your peers over hitting right I know that a notorious which is going to be at the end beautiful. Sculpture garden -- -- they did have a rain date so it's it's good early on Friday next Friday in March 28. At 730 but if if it rains and we'll have -- on April 1 I mean they're thinking ahead here. And we love Alfred Hitchcock. -- that I didn't -- indeed did it really is -- -- be outdoors with. A lot of other people bring back a little incentive to drive in days. And and it just makes it a lot of foreign. I think it's making the backseat. Was -- before your time yeah. At a drive in and might. -- this game and okay. Ha ha ha -- Thursday April 3 its rear window and that's going to be at the latter library an issue we're talking about singing in the rain on April 18. I'm just throwing him out because you're absolutely correct go to their of the film society website and give the whole listing of it. But it's just a fun thing to plan and you know could be doubled leading it could be family. You know as you say Casablanca some real real classic stuck at a price -- us. Model lines to models couple bottles. And. So we can go to the movies now watch some new movies better or being released the Muppets are divergent. And then planned what we're gonna do in the next several weeks. Yes and in the next several weeks a couple movies on during interest in and are coming out. And I know you gonna talk all about the assault preview for one today on TV Sadat got to see that one. With futuristic I think so you -- which -- -- I'm totally blanking me views of virgin never known and I'll never bring up something that you can't. And was it another -- to still be in use battle I can't I can see. We'll -- not a great time -- just -- that mean there are a lot of movies that are coming out some of the smaller movies that. Don't need a huge. Some relief. So you're we're gonna find a lot of little ball you know which -- good choice and that's what the fund think about it and so many outlets from movies. That he can get read by these interest in there. -- -- -- Thank you -- you were yet you make it exciting. Don't have a great week and enjoyed it's whether. And for all those cajun fans that are watching basketball. Go occasion. Yeah okay engines is right thanks a lot cute but had to go to and every one stay with this we're gonna come back and we're gonna have the great -- -- on. Talking about a super event he's been involved in but first we go to the newsroom and Donna on just Danson here. You're gonna stay in following whom this is it. Because expert Jim and John has set us up with some shocking and -- of a and I thank him for that because it's Friday and we enjoy Friday and we especially enjoy having special friends call and Ronnie Cole is among. Our most special friends with his wife -- together they have created such an incredible event. It what years this. This is year 22 -- While all of that -- -- out there. 22 years. This beautiful couple. Has opened their home and they had to jazz on the -- Now two day event it started as a one -- didn't. Oh yes and started to what debut. You were there in the early days. Yes I -- and I loved every minute but but the generosity of the opening your beautiful home. It's just such a great event tell us about it. Well. -- actually from our little backyard events. This thing has grown and grown grown although we keep -- try to keep it down to about 300 to 350 people he Tuesday. But we we have given. A little less than a 1200000. Dollars to our designated charities or little brickyard event that's it's pretty good record. Little backyard event -- But it's still very much easier Israel's. You're still working with Easter seals. Easter seals that's what we started out with that and but we've expanded now and and we're doing stark over here also saint Tammany association for retarded citizens. -- and there and and -- lesser amount to harbor a safe harbor which is for battered women and children. And and smaller amount. For the arts on both sides of the parish to. On the right variants for free concerts. So that's not the way we've we wish them now last year we gave. Almost 78000 dollars in the tour maturities and Boeing gets paid on the staff on the steps most capital committee people who work and like trojans out here today it's unbelievable. We gonna have gorgeous weather it's Saturday and Sunday. Is not too late to get tickets. No it it is there's two ways you can do with the easiest way is just. Go on line which is just on W dot com. Or you can just call me direct because. I'm. I did it is a unpaid Millwood gets played this so we have no secretaries it's a gardener by itself. And they pick up the phone and they say we'd love to have you. You have fabulous food and you have great music. Well that -- so we've got about 1516 restaurants each state different ones. Course Paul Prudhomme is -- -- daughter or cable sometimes most of the time easier but you never know if he's shall receive what is. You know as it is. -- -- The word. And John -- He does all plays out here. Andrea. There's so mentioning the start mentioning but that -- -- so many restaurants and they all do we don't pay one pretty. And champagne beverages that supplies as well all of wines and bobbled it's you know it's -- amazing on the public. These people -- and course gardener myself get the credit but it's -- committee and so these people that it is Cuban Cuban do. Well that is because it started with your heart and you grabbed other people and that's why it works and it's not 22 years old. And it will go on and on. I wanna catch up with you for a minute and what have you been doing you're traveling your playing your excellent. Well -- -- -- not gonna stop until I drop and I'll probably pushed it up but it insists. -- It though Gartner had neighbors -- stroke. Almost was four years ago April. And she's been partially paralyzed on the left side so that the release will be known in 2010. The beauty canceled. Everything except a couple of simply -- -- -- We're just too important. But -- America for the same routine that she goes with me wheelchair at all and there's been more she works better she's going to be in the she going to be walker and -- me. -- that's right and -- knew he married the perfect person near a great duo and I sincerely mean that and I that's not an original many people say the same thing. And everybody was very upset when it happened to -- but you'll have carried on and you and you continue to do this great event. But as she wakes up every morning. And with a smile arbitration. About half the time I'll go in the on the piano. Up playbook super low songs -- -- with a beautiful morning. And an evening -- a -- in the wee small hours of the morning in order to sleep. And I'll be doing -- Of French Quarter festival my usual Saturday performance there what was -- not we do and Jazz -- on the first of may in the economy hold in. So we're looking forward to that. We just got back from portion that it did the Washington lot of growth there. Is brilliant in France. In September and so. We haven't slowed down -- 200 to do that. Now you're too talented enough to get Ronnie thank you very very much and thank you know this weekend will be perfect. And now all good things to both of. Well thank you so much and again it is on the buy dot com just buy dot com and -- there. I will -- the full. Did you talk to chronicle. And that's what I'd have to say one more there. When you came you're worker. And I remember you like consistency in my mind side yet our kitchen portion that do issues and do our papers spiritual terms. You're very kind with that is one my secret skills I can wash bishops don't do it beautifully and on fast and dry. Him. It's -- Thank you Ronnie very much and our love to Gardner. It. Stay with -- We'll be right well once again. Our Ian hope this year and now we -- -- talk about something that's happening not senator Sunday. But Monday Monday and Ian is the co host yes the Big Easy awards and I'm very proud of you mean I reeling him it's pretty exciting it's very excited first of all is people know you are a winner. Of the Big Easy so -- -- I won my first award last year hopefully you know my last hopefully not -- -- tell me about the night okay well Heidi. I went to my first -- worth about ten years ago I was at Loyola university one of our -- gotten nominated and so I've been going going going over the years and and it's just such a different experience like now on Monday and getting picked up in it in a Town Car. Yes then that basically totally spun some -- -- we're gonna come pick up in the by water on Monday night. In it in you know black Lincoln Town Car something very fancy pick me up and take my girlfriend ninety via. -- awards ceremonies that's exciting I'll get there'll have just a minute to eat. And then I'm gonna be on stage introducing presenters and introducing performers we have. You know Leslie -- state whose costs without one couple days ago and Broadway star. He's come down here and created a huge following for yourself. So she and I are gonna -- the show together we have a bunch of funny bits you know uptown. Downtown and so you know it's it's a really it's vital to give away any of the jokes of people are surprised when they're there on Monday but. We have some really great. Performances and great names and just a lot of the nominees are people that I really care about her close friends of mine and I respect their work so. Looking forward to -- and it's always a lot it literally is our Oscars oh it's totally are obvious yeah and it's a there's a lot of stars there and the people that -- really even. Necessarily in the theater scene and in the weight I proceed -- you know you don't see -- on stage and you don't hear their name -- collateralized. But their patrons you know they go to see all the shows are there on the committee are they just love. Thinner -- they just love theater so those people come out two in and it's it's a relief. It's a really diverse audience with Watson you know older people and young people and artists and patrons and the deficit and -- him and we have a great. Theater community and we really do better every day every day and so good but I'll be thinking about -- Monday night I -- you're gonna make -- round and hopefully some of that video we can see pictures I -- after last year -- you know they kind of said -- you know what kind of feedback you have and I said I wanna I -- dvd you know I want to show my mom. -- does the speech that I -- -- I was out there and got my award -- -- I think they took my advice aren't I think they are gonna have. I don't know it's going to be available for the public -- as the emcee battle demand demand of -- this is an idiot parents right yeah yeah yeah Harris theater and and people can come. A hot yeah I think there's the tickets are like 125 dollars which you know people my pocket that but it would you consider. The fact that it's an open bar and not just like you know keg beer but like -- a nice open bar just about anything you want. Great food. You know -- I mean I figure I'm probably get a drink and eat that much you know at least fifty bucks and then you know some fun -- -- Fifty bucks just come in a wash the performances and listen these people get their speeches and and be honored by their peers I think it's worth every dollar -- would you pay 120 don't -- the Oscars absolutely yeah. And plus to see in Hulk yeah I do little song and dance and it pretty great and they're getting the tuxedo in fact in twelve minutes. After I get off the air here I have to go out to -- get my tuxedo well I want a full eight by ten -- that's coming -- -- -- have a photo -- now in the lobby and honestly can. All your friends and and -- -- we will be thinking about two on Monday night and we want a full report next probably known out yet can be a time. We do have some of the things happening this weekend and for all those animal lovers out there. It is Dog Day Afternoon from Louisiana SP CA it is this Sunday it is going to be. Richard city park and yes by the big lake let me tell you I was at their original one and this is like over twenty years. It is such fun because it's. People and their pets and their contests are the funky ones in the best. Tail wagging and it's people who looked like their pets. It is a wonderful day for animals and is a wonderful thing for people yeah so again that is going to be Sunday. Starting at him -- can I jump in real quick because I heard something about this on the radio not owning they have reschedule. Oh no don't do this I'm sorry to put this put this in funny I'm looking on the accelerator the Dog Day Afternoon has been rescheduled for march 30. And crestfallen and what can you still go. I'd like 01 ordinary until I will go on March 30 this is well I'm glad that we're talking about it we'll talk about it again next weekend. And Smart of them if -- Themes from the rain I -- in super Sunday the Mardi Gras Indian celebrations been moved to mark two marks the thirtieth as well guess people -- just being real particular about not generally not. You know what's the matter with umbrellas. What particular but he arraigned on a march like -- that's candidate we've met our quotas but that we're tired of being around them in the rain well anyway. It's it's a wonderful event to go you'll have a whole week now to prepare for it there it is going to be on the next on a couple of is the son stay with this will be right back on the future. We are not gonna have Dog Day Afternoon this Sunday it is next Sunday and we have something to look forward to black. On Saturday. At champions square it's the big New Orleans international beer that's. Yet buy tickets and you get unlimited. I'm limited sampling of a 150. Plus world class Beers here's your thing this is -- -- that terrifies me if ultimately go in there. -- are still not spill like kidney came to just take -- and suddenly it'll be 10 o'clock on our head around. All good international Beers now. If you're feeling athletic and just one of the outdoors on a gorgeous today and Saturday will be gorgeous it will not rain. The annual walk MS -- is going to be an attempt on have been park. And it is a way to help a very good organization. It is a constant battle against miserable disease so that Saturday morning annual one of the author early act on -- park. And we've already this week we have a great show with some of the designers profession. Loved yeah that was a -- -- loved them. And that is going on all weekend. And at various venues and if if we have some very talented people in this town. Some young dynamic designers and some ones have been around a while -- really showcasing as we have become sort of thing. Fashion -- you know people wanna come here and show off their skills they do that you tell me about -- Okay the -- music and art festival it's kind of I'll go ahead and say it's like electronic dance music orderly and that's mostly the -- -- going for the guy and and some pretty hot water last year your callers a big dust up because it was so loud. People Algiers people in brought more people all over the city where the heck is this music as you could hear from absolutely everywhere. Allen and you know people draw a comparison old Jazz Fest is loud and who confesses loud. Blue crew fest was super. Super loud so that was kind of the big take -- from. From the festival last year but they have a bunch of really great you know new young artists that are playing and I think they've got the sound engineering all sorted out that's all happening Mardi Gras world. Nine tomorrow. Well as I live near money -- world I would either be hearing at. But now understand after -- and you know is really looking. Yeah you know -- ability to literally go dance but the we do have to be respectful. And as we are all more sensitive to the noise ordinance. Afraid yeah not it's good that they are gonna keep it yeah I mean there's a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it and I think this year they've they've got to figure. But I also -- that it's it's the -- music and art -- -- I'll be a lot of fun stuff now there's you know graffiti wall and all kinds of ways for people to show off you know it's kind of -- like leading edge. Our John yeah that's really exciting stuff like that bleeding -- and -- you know I do you know there's a wonderful program -- its teaching kids how to be on Japan Norris hall and to think they call to an international thing but it's. Creating lemonade stands. OK and they're going to be. Packing backpacks for these kids that helped create their stance that's going to be at the saints facility on Saturday so you're -- should help these kids packed their backs. Itself in next time you -- it -- I'm going to be thinking about -- Monday and I know it's going to be two things are still I'm sorry couldn't make it I know I -- to an -- -- time but I wanna see is dvd. -- handsome everybody how -- we can't stay with this we're going to be talking about car insurance rates with our state commissioner to stay with this but now let's go to the newsroom.