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3-22 6-7am Don Dubuc

Mar 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome back and our number two of the outdoor -- logged on to bugle broadcasting today from the banks by UVM to -- gulf -- -- this is the side of the H the -- -- series tournament. This one five survivors from the left a couple of days of vision. They won't go out compete today for merchandise in prizes and the chance to qualify for the final championship on a little bit later on we'll have some more. Details on that for you and give you who those contestants on maybe chat with a few of them also directive that won't. You -- -- muggles to view who are. Mean to duck -- in getting -- involved there is a green -- used date taken place later on this morning. Going to be at the Crawford landing campgrounds Slidell. And that's going to be pulled to safety training conservation seminars. Would -- box building in the whole lot more so. It was a drop by over there today it's a free event -- out with the ducks are limited in green wings are all about that is the use. Involvement of the Ducks Unlimited. All right we also got the 2014 Louisiana crawfish festival that's going on right up the road from where we are. Forest Park in -- met. Right there on judge Perez drive. That is went away and it's going to be officially held in the awards will be given out later on this afternoon that probably is going to be. If you go out there for about 3 o'clock you'll miss. Those guys will be returning here to gulf -- arena. And then traveling over -- bit to Wayne -- Also want to take you back a week if you -- tuned in last week weren't punches -- look. For the seventh annual gumbo cook off and I do have the final results or you know -- guy John and when you -- yacht the volume woman will partaking in the judging with just we actually had to have. Two different sets of judges and then we had a Ford out -- semifinalists. In this -- from those and here's how win the best decorated. Was the McKinney family cooking for hole. Op people's choice in this little different this was a the one where the people who came in and got the Gumbel in voted for their favorite they chose an indeed due date is the winner of in the chickens hostage division the -- to the Rotary Club that third place second place with the legal all orange on ball. First place went to the brother team -- -- now Gomez with that tiger Gumbel presentation. Seafood division third place was Florida parishes bank. That was prepared by less -- a little but the Kosier who has roots over here in -- but on average second seafood a second place -- strawberry festival board. In the first place in the seafood division was the -- to look. JC so head to head competition between parts to a JC's they won the seafood division. And tiger Gumbel in the chicken sausage. The overall grand champion. Probably tell you -- you know Gomez after the this year with that tiger grumbles and congratulations to them. I was a great turnout and thanks to everyone -- makes that big successes for the project July high school football boost is they haven't injured players on. Where the proceeds go that I also look at on the calendar looking ahead though the walled city park big bass rodeo. And vegetable. One week from today if you haven't signed up yet -- can do it big bass fishing rodeo dot com. I entry fee is only fifteen dollars the bass red fish. Trout and trash this categories in the new division called boats on the buy you. Issued by -- Saint John you be able to take kayaks canoes any non motorized vessel. They were eliminating 200 anglos and I don't know where they aren't reaching that that I know they would. Probably very close to a by the end of the week. And of course in the big bass rodeo you've got six categories. Use the adults that's with a bass junior -- which is 124 under. Catcher in the heaviest -- Fly fishing division also or Rio Grande roundup that's the team event union between one and ten members and it has many of those Rio Grande sickly as a colony and and in the champions' challenge which is only open to the past winners of the best category. For best division. Then there's also bonus sketch category fish the fissionable goals on its going to be -- wish to finish -- You know -- Danica Williams is going to be out there with our group from the department by helping present exhibits on wildlife boating fishing kayaking. And in the have a popular -- brought talks with a throw out the fishing tackle. To a -- awards ceremony wrapped reason. Just a great time to be out there hole in the of the music in entertainment so that's Saturday march 29 when -- -- today. In new Orleans city park. -- -- are situated at the water's edge right there at the gulf outlook real nearby UB avenues that cities starting point for the final day for the five finalists the contestants who've qualified patient read these series. They'll be looking for the heaviest wearing a five finish between sixteen and 27 inches more -- Details element coming up. But right now brought to you by dockside bait and tackle the boat launch live shrimp located at the mouth of the canals -- whale -- them talk about -- It's the -- with the matrix shed in the apology here as we. Say that his reports that brought to you by docs I'm talking about kept Mike Gallo a million -- of Louisiana kept Micah you don't. -- there are much self critic I don't know. I'm happy to see it looks like spring has finally arrived brought ruled that a fall but. Hopefully and bring in too many desperate prologue -- Rodney weren't those guys this week. I taught a bunch respect Trout on servers -- Probably five to one ratio. I catch before he'd keep one. Lot of small I was out in the and a coastal waterway in the same area that you and are just with Dudley. Right after Christmas. Tension along those rocks all you talking about that reviewed trip that's right -- only. Where we corporate big giant blue -- and do it truck. We finished. We didn't lead to 8 o'clock in the morning and so we have some aren't sure that we went to this could be it. Appliance or stay in -- -- Road from here in the audience. In Asia at 8 o'clock walk into -- larvae consulates are so -- Wear him down on bounced plastics and then there's a lot of triple bottom. I think we end up with. Seventeen speckled Trout. We -- until mid morning and 11 o'clock and we ran him into the local -- there and look so bad decisions. Don't vote. So anyway back -- next days. I think until the next. One Trout and partners. And as of march -- he just that we do the small ones. We also called old archer hybrid. -- -- caught thirty votes. They were in their pretty sick anything from Marcus scored just maybe territorial in -- and -- We -- the Biloxi boxes really -- a lot with this warmup. Actually it's been so over that area start distancing crowd. -- current lines were popular court to Dudley York. -- -- -- And that's been successful some small social their do is -- liberal. And I you could certainly come back when -- -- a -- Well couple things you know a lot of people don't realize that that the limit on those hybrid strikers the same strike mostly talking about five finish a person so. When they get sick like that a lot of those folks need to be careful remember to practice catch and release. The other thing models Trout and in -- coleslaw we worked on the same way we warn you concentrate on those -- in. And make you might one explain how to find and how to work -- so those legs because that's. It. Well I wouldn't do the same technique. We ran -- -- vote on the rocks I was an excellent awareness of rocks. Obviously -- too close to Iraq -- in the week here the law walks toward the rocks probably to Barbara and they took sentiments you know. Let's start Mosul -- in this area we will throw out in the war and war and opt alleged. So -- ought to -- -- there -- few minutes and it didn't take lone catch and then watch -- catch -- we just -- -- in the same area with patrol boat. Probably stay there a couple hours. Did you go to catch all the fish that we caught but where are a lot apparently. Slowed to bite down quite a bit. Actually decided to switch to the the good organize spinners and it'll blow to the martians duplicate jet's wreckage. That customers going to be here through Sunday so he's planned on going back in his vote at circuitous and area on Friday. And I had a pretty decent catch says there's a good number bishop there's just matter of Gordon and state movement president transition period. When you do arts and letters -- you can't do it plays out. And then -- a similar. Situation. A similar type of structure and in that area and work here over into science. What's the latest word on the bridges. Trestle bridge and -- anymore. -- -- -- in morning. It got out about this time -- over the life was pretty good until the -- of surplus. And he said the bite really slowed down quite a bit. Because much louder eight floundered that he donated to the twelfth -- And -- -- much on magnetic album by. Boat traffic. Moved around -- response. So that's what I've -- the year anywhere from. You know six to twelve years it's somebody that you're in respect and -- All the bridges. I just here recently. As the year. I guess -- ties with that. What we did go in the marsh pursuant registers on Thursday. We -- several speckled Trout. With splitters. Are in some of the turns in the borscht so a lot of those -- still haven't migrated. Marched. And made their way into open water here. And that seems to be what we're currently in late march turned. It's gonna happen it'll take two -- couple weeks I think things will be much better and only punched. Canada Mike you going to be appearing in the teaching seminar. -- -- a week. That's correct I'll be there Tuesday over a much other characters -- this year -- that in commercial and turn a people search British. That you're going to court to all -- -- -- -- make him now wouldn't mean some but he needs to get old you'd check now availability. It gives me in the ways to do it. -- We could start me on arm the outdoors. -- or you can call me -- my office line which is about it. 7817811. And I don't want to. Make a guess -- amounts I was talking to Christian and so. And we were still on -- -- he was and expand his boat shows special to your list those for another week. So they can call him -- his number. Which I don't know Austrian in my own genetic person -- But you're -- you're vote shall offer which is 169. And instead of the ears servers yet. Fourteen more sort of. That's wouldn't it have been better of it and argue that once 69. And our right. You know to get on his phone number you can either call 800 the number four seat so or if you go to see this total outcome -- numbers listed there. Right into the extent that -- offered to your list -- thought that was very generous very good very good thanks to mention them like we appreciate it. Good luck to you talk to you again next week. Our dark and all right that might downloading lenient benches of the Louisiana -- -- for our panelists report brought to you by the backpack they've got two locations in bad on them one Jefferson highway right across from -- -- in Latvia on main street of ranch. In what they offer is the largest selection will be -- anywhere in the state all the top brands matter back in tons and tons of accessories. To backpack Brendan -- -- -- -- about the reporters. Did you at the British rumble on them wrote -- diamond bella. -- you know I'm actually doing a -- cub scout camp with my -- and we're gonna -- it. -- -- Yeah yeah I'm looking forward to have been here are some good reports of the -- -- start to peca. And so -- we're gonna go to vote this week to spill area. And good a command later on this afternoon. So a pick me on the rumble or how many people signed up in quality going to be a couple. People -- out. Most of them opted for the optional pretty red -- Calcutta. Those guys are all looking for a pitched -- a -- read -- -- one kick back. And apparently. Are you enough paper. Are there including. Lack of fear -- lol there on the east side of the river there are spread out although there don't grow rich yearly. The east Latin so I'm expected to really great record at one of the what. They that -- this and the reports have been permanent break from the pretty fish out there other race there. -- can tell you from being down here -- some excellent weather conditions there's no fog. Pretty much almost dead calm in moderate temperatures and no rain in the forecast for awhile so it should be a good. Yet it hasn't been hit really haven't that this week in the crap they're. Really this the perfect on the year before. They really is or get caught in there and another -- a -- go out and that it's and -- Couldn't read this in the 44. -- for any of Sweden from the guys and get to those -- Point six and a half disparate pieces what they are. -- expected in February when the. Brandon went down and now on Thursday there were you kayak is slipped and in the all on the road off that between. Guccione grand now with how they do and. They're doing great we we actually went down that -- in. We really well Trout are under oh but there has been experience -- a lot of little Trout that we caught. You all will the limit between Myanmar are impatient to knock Garnett in we have. We we we just alone all the different periods we'd like you look. Check out or cattle pollute the coming up the -- -- week's top down and now we want. The leader -- amendment to look at -- late in all areas. We -- -- Trout. Small piece about fourteen inches in the largest seed in the almost all count so there's a lot of. -- this there. As some excellent results in New Orleans we were real must've been did not been an -- is whether Babel haven't been able reach. We've been we've been in the march deeper there -- inside the bar. We started in the late lord area. In the morning and we found low areas where content grip around the small island point. An account underwater. Kind of -- the broken. Altered and so like bent and just anywhere we keep on clearing out that this line everywhere we would really concentrate on and and -- triple pretty. Would start of the morning kitchen. Eighteen inch fish and then we moved the police don't comparable troop fourteen inch bit. And the -- especially in the water was. You know really -- a little bit where we like it. Not quite with it it was in the morning and that's really when the current term where -- And just workflow and maps from the patent sort -- On has some really good news as far as our listeners -- western part of state big lake cal is too late pre and what are you -- over there. That the big -- is still coming -- and you know go out there. The best con is our bit to wait until the afternoon when you can aren't fluid content. And ties are all that's when you wanna go up when -- rule -- spot. Thank. And just work hard and they beat the alt key ingredient she needs like a mole. You -- -- -- Clean water and keep it positioned itself you know where reaped. -- where there's an area marked an MP and out into the lake. They may get some really nice official there. I'd buy you calls kayak fishing club commitments rumble that -- up next will be the next and the next tournament is. For. Our old turner of the coordinate how to lose them but let that. But it's hard to believe world and number eleven. And that we -- We have a hundred people registered. We have great -- bank that you -- -- -- -- -- And meals for everybody teacher and -- -- prizes that are probably valued at over 40000 dollar to post and again. It's going to be great to. Very good and they can register at the website BC KFC dot -- BP the organs that are going to be all the links. You'll see right there will be paid that you can click read the rules would use the paperwork if you order mr. All right very good movement and enjoy you fascination about the -- of education and boy scout. Yeah I'm on the record we're going to be some probably mostly sounds like a fun time all right down take care up out here a couple weeks. All right very good thank you Brandon. Branded a yard one of best news tonight and a bass fishing he talks about pass the -- -- reports only place Sino -- yeah I check -- out our outdoor calendar one week from today it is one of. Going to be at 6 o'clock the lake house reception Centre in that group of why would you be there well that's because that's the site. Of the fiftieth out of fifty even years the governor's state conservation achievement awards banquet. In conjunction with the Louisiana wildlife federation and I'll -- him -- out of it receiving awards will be the cajun prairie habitat. Preservation society they want conservation organization the conservation communicating the year goes to Greg pure raw. Problem Michelle Clark say the president terrible parish wins the elected official conservationist of the year award. The educators the year will be on -- dean in Jamie Griffin. Op -- historic habitat that's the business conservationist of the year. Youth conservation -- -- solution Shawn turner. Nathaniel club as a volunteer conservationists in the year. And the governor's award for the conservation a year Garret graves who headed up the a coastal restoration. Division of Louisiana saw those folks will be receiving their awards. Albion seeing and if you wanna get tickets they're fifty dollars per person. That's going to be great night against the Louisiana wildlife federation and you can get more information. -- from the Louisiana wildlife federation you can check out there website LA while life. -- -- -- All right now we also have come -- up on April 5 the character's viewpoint landing. That's going to be you know over the Lake Charles that's the side of the next 2014 Louisiana salt water. The series written speech trail while we have the first one was in -- agree -- it -- to Slidell let dockside they tackle that will be the may tournament. With a way and by the way at the boat fishing show which is going to be seasonal shall corpus. That's short range those go all the way until the two -- championship that's going to be held. And -- Got a reported that says that this -- winter -- -- and deal with that is that hard on everything. Floating water -- populations that rely on fish. For portion of their diet. This -- -- locked beneath the historical amount of ice on the Great Lakes and other areas. Red -- the -- seemed to be the ones hurting the worst but -- Rios off campus facts greaves also affected. This quote comes in saying that biologists say caucuses are piling up by the hundreds. That's ordinarily January after the plunging temperatures ice over the entire Great Lakes. Preventing ducks from getting to the middle the main source of food. The cause of death according to the bankruptcy warrants starvation. Connie Adams who was filed biologist with the DDQ. So that they all had their stomachs there half the way they should be. And that it is unprecedented. Biologist who worked here but 35 years and never seen anything like this. We've seen a decline in -- of thousands in the weekly water follow sounds. Now the dead ducks are also being found along Lake Michigan. Where they suspect zebra mussels little blame that's because the starving birds turned to -- invasive species. What other food sources the -- gas and perished due to toxic levels of salinity. Commonly found in the box so because of this evidence of the direct opposite effect of global warming on walk of life. And a lot of other examples of fish bones being delayed war woodcock in the migration that I've seen since the 1970s. All those who preach the gospel of global warming or now they actually changed the term climate change. Including its leader Al Gore. Are all on our bad boys of the Al duels. Yeah so much growth climate change global warming. People see things that they haven't seen the three decades due to cold -- Hard to believe I just up back from a trip to Argentina's. Captain Riley -- the cajun fishing adventures and Ryan how is Argentina did leave it in better shape. You've found how they hit that he would tell you is important to ignite you know people look nice and friendly and artwork in like a like that means. In a Condo together we'd get a perpetual winner because there was historic right now just -- and so I think it is just pick up a few months ago there red button he pitched well I'm just on buttons so that's what the -- You know I think it's important player and try to divide. What did you do what you would then -- on both. But we just we just under 100 it was on its one of black book you know some guys really went off the wagon hunted buffalo which -- and ears and everything else I just went to us rich staggered like. In people realized but. I'm thinking you'll score but recently. -- you know is beautiful. And I got to post some pictures and news. -- -- -- I think you know very spoke go straight from one site get a little. Real -- they can't lose them it really nice and really really do so -- he. Yeah well Argentina's given via popular destination for people gonna men aren't you know maybe like you say you can do it and our offseason is to actually get cranked up. Is really difficult guns I mean it was it was horrible pain with the guns brilliant mind -- in the next some -- as it doesn't get down there. You know we got by the Lebanese and that causes -- -- You know I've been there done that. Well you -- -- back in wouldn't you know we got the -- down there would captain Joseph and -- Cody and you crew they've been work and while you were gone plain and know what's best in the latest over the last couple days and you've been back. Well I just Helen Wright sounded -- -- the first day in. They don't -- -- -- if you target whereas in and we did real -- -- you know it's really really nice strip -- on one about thirty pounds. A lot of big -- from the other at a luncheon items. And it was a picture of the -- and catching Trout group with -- you know that were wounded the great. They stayed with the big club -- -- it's been huge drought in Madrid shall we have a lot of really have -- -- huge. Well we give out little -- on the west side I was amazed at how clean water was only -- it was a beautiful water consider me a little bit of wind today. Well you know -- This time of year you know the winners and end up until they actually wanted to stay like that. To the -- but she's not that out just put. You know going back you know what was called it fuels that all the largest crystal clear. And that's why -- like a lot of nations say -- -- about -- Is to prove west Austro despite -- -- -- clear water and TrueCrypt in what. I'll always think we've -- seen some really good top -- and you could probably do all right got -- all those issues. When the waters warmed -- -- that would and the locals now common unit being -- -- sweep I think it is. This time we get to know without water it. It was pursue these detect movement of sport. The work it out -- -- -- Yeah how is the river affected anything down. -- dog teams working on on. If you do -- of -- -- this is already there is Apollo Group kitten on the net shall. You have been coming -- to a -- dollar -- a little bit so you know is inseparable. Shall and that's about it as opposed but position -- -- -- -- where a lot of the girls -- he would also shortage spots. Then. Will go with their Clearwater and don't anymore so you're out. There rebate that petered out. And what sweetly -- what would. Bill that -- with it would have become to go to a quick wash and and that there it -- turnout of people chart. -- -- -- I would screw up to a delicate. So she -- -- You know there's a lot of people that on interest in the view about how exciting fly Asian capitals big red fish can be a lot of movement intimidated because they they see. On TV that that the professional fly fisherman and take -- enough episode with a fly -- how long does it take you to giving it -- -- -- become proficient enough -- -- It shows he nose out of you that on local memory rod. You know a lot of this one with a -- and what will you go back you need to feel the -- that line for a week either Scotland but all or go forward a lot of they won't wait on line. But the most important thing about. Registration person keep that station new river that would passionate group we -- that you -- that it goes downstream dish of Kabul to pick. When -- -- change is that. In that position like this week. -- -- -- -- On the other side of intent to put it sort of been in stroke back some them and then we don't. And -- slopes towards European Court. Did that used to read on this page in if you could present the you can just petition most people think that. It says its interest thing in the a lot of people wanna give it a trial would you have some suggestions made before they come down -- get -- fly rod and practice a little bit with a New York this. Didn't -- our ability to them a fly on the line -- learn how to KS salon once you learn how to I can teach you to rest. It and when you get to 38 Norman -- about. As it is yes it is we'll run a welcome back in from out of the country. To give back to work and -- will be look at Ford put some -- visible but it's. You know allow it to go pro Ross and actually put them out of the country and they haven't. Lou dormant that we Norton Graham from our -- And written this in his book about it. All right it. Okay thank -- has -- Brian Lambert cajun fish and it mentions that you inject you modeled my web page. Where you calling on his cellphone when he's in country -- Bible 45595111. Get ready to wrap up our network edition of the outdoor show more -- will be coming up the bills that you listening to a song three WL a mile away at the -- it done in the outdoors guide dot com. We do have some. Local contestants who made the final cut today and it doesn't change in this HT -- V series no one at the punishment official loan. It's a single -- -- and I'll -- bass masters now. They also have increased the limit of five page which is the statement on relatives so that's too big changes in this year's tournament. Five this it gets a little bit sticky because if you remember now you got to have between sixteen and 27 inches. If you bring a 27 inch red Fijian. It's disqualified if that's over 27. The problem being if you bring in two marginal. And you -- possession of to finish measuring over 27 inches. That's of fisheries violation which disqualifies you totally from the tournament you don't just get -- -- -- so will be added trickery into that. Anyway -- they're all got to deal with a opposition in his -- Charlie Thomas and he's a local guy here from saint and Mardy Fish is not a whole dale area. Also captain Britain or as qualified and captain chain passing game that's -- it was in competition between. Cheney Charlie because those two guys have worked together for a long time and saying it was only just a few minutes ago he says well it's. Been friendly competition until that day and it's -- it's not -- little bit ugly gloves coming off so. I will hopefully be kept it up with them after they get to this spot in fuel efficient. They do and I'm in his final day of the HD repeat series by the way the way in if you wanna check that out. Is going to be later this afternoon and it will be at the 2014 Louisiana crawfish festival. That's not the Torres park music and art. Judge for resident while you -- itself some great -- is there's going to be some live music in in the payment. A big goings on in his -- series is one of the highlights. I look and at the calendar as we move into the month of April. We got a lot of CCA banquets coming -- one for the North -- chapter will be Thursday April the tenth. 6 o'clock it's going to be casting senate. That's on pelican boulevard in man to build doors will open at six. And you know the drill at the dinner to follow in the auction is sixty dolls per person that does include -- membership does not include. -- star rodeo tickets and I'm given remind you you can beat it beat duke does for the next couple months. Make sure you get that ticket it's an insurance policy if nothing else every year somebody catches -- fears that a tank. In the -- -- miss out on the truck horrible gruesome other prizes and nobody thinks there haven't really catch one in news -- windows so anyway it's a good. Certainly a worthwhile organization to be part of the CCA Louisiana. And you can get your tickets on line -- any of these banquets if you go to banquets they'll have the sale there. Or any of the events that the coastal conservation association participates in. But we also have another CCA event coming up that same week this is a two day event April 11 and twelfth. And it will be a sporting claims class those of you who like to. To shoot as well as fish. It's gonna be a -- arise. Friday the eleventh Saturday the twelfth a Friday or Columbia warm optimism dinner included and no overnight stay at the lodge in. It's going to be a great time there are -- shooter. The different levels of sponsorship again if you go to CCA Louisiana. Dot com you'll find out details there in the bank -- -- and and will be able to use in on some of the information. Also making a presentation -- going to be called field to table. That's going to be presented -- -- job should guide that -- John -- Dominica restaurant in -- rice farms in. -- great opportunity this Friday April 11. And the twelfth all right so we're about ready to -- sign off here those of you who will be staying with us. Four more outdoors with Todd -- on that's going to be coming up in just a few minutes you -- -- on thirteen 50 AM -- new lawless on three WL. Or if you wanna listen by way of our. Internet connection go to -- the outdoors guy dot com that's my website check out the radio photo. We have an outdoor opinion question for you some articles -- some listings of great information there. Good luck to you Turkey on as I hope to join you all tomorrow the rain doesn't mess up. Season just opening up here in Louisiana had used weekend last week and as. Reports say it is going to be good number of mature problems out there based on the the number of Jake's that was cited last year so hopefully we'll get some nice Turkey running reports in what will be back again next week. Was more efficient reports we say good -- to our affiliate station -- Invited to come back again one week from today Saturday march 29 and other -- the outdoors with Don W radio and.

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