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03-23 10:10 am - It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic

Mar 23, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic talks New Orleans Saints offseason moves; LSU football and baseball and NCAA March Madness with WWL callers.

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That's -- ever -- Dallas good Sunday morning. I'm Kristian -- welcome into it should sports here on the WWL and gentlemen WW well dot com NCAA March Madness continues. Who had the biggest upsets so far in the tournament about the run but he is right for that knock off Ohio State yesterday they stunned Syracuse. Truly March Madness of course wants to talk about the Mercer upset. Of of Duke on Friday the eleventh seed Mercer fourteenth seed in the players have Tennessee. This evening. Now also so. And as the biggest upset. In the its importance apart is that they are is that Mercer about the body of work there in Dayton as. To -- wins. Marshall one right now -- -- -- you mentioned but you weigh in at 260 -- seven told Corey. 866889. It's nearly seven hour. WL who had sent Dunlap will join us here awhile recount suitably tournaments the first weekend of action. Or decency that wants to the sweet sixteen and also in admit that I of the saints' thoughts and trades this off -- who artists say. Audience to. The black gold several roster moves this offseason -- veterans and treating. One Darren Sproles traded to the Eagles plans more Jonathan Vilma. Roman Harper Jabari Greer Will Smith also -- this offseason. So which what was the toughest it's ego. 260187. Your -- -- 86689087. Also X 87870. And and it appears that pollen. Every team -- ego issue obviously news at the epicenter of the Miami Dolphins bullying. Scandal but in the NFL's as yet be evaluated. Like psychologically forty. To be clear back we have -- once that happens and if he is cleared should in -- you don't get another chance to play new era. World society of second chances. You look it would. When there's the Saints the Chicago Bears whoever Dallas Cowboys what. Which he won on the year and a block from your coach would you take him and -- you think about potentially with this could mean for your football team. He comes in and I could mean a lot of things -- get -- player. But he also had to deal with the constant questions about how even -- in of course locker room. That that is your teammates or his teammates as possible that he -- is reaching Gagne goes if he's seen this those that go on it. Allegedly went on Miami I think about the distractions that put. The talent there but I'll profile one. I don't -- one that kind of distraction -- speakers that he may. Mean I wanna be distraction but does everything that's happened to him in with him. Provides four potential for distractions I don't know that an outlook that in Iowa Obama echoed the would you want want Richey -- -- on your team. 2601870386680. -- -- that -- 18787. Hat's off to the world pelicans. -- down my -- last night 10595. That throughout the next four new world as Ellis baseball. Look for sweep today over Georgia noon at the box here posting pitching the Tigers to a 21 victory. Yesterday over UGA it's just sports right here on WWL I am confident that we can do well -- how I welcome back it's just sports it's not life or death it's just sports giant -- they'll sit tight. While talking about the Saints first though said Dunlap RW well hoops college basketball. Guru if you will. Joining us now now set of more than an hour it. More rate for Saturday. The man that -- -- the right. Yet Dayton. Actually the restaurant. Oddly enough but but like they the first round and at Syracuse just was was over -- never remember -- started 250. But -- on the last two and a half we truly went to -- five to finish the regular season and their proper tournament. And a they played well on their opening round. -- -- They played ten times and Eaton who went 45 of those games like they're that close talent lies. In that game and street Dayton again and survived the younger keeps it in the first round game pre game and that almost -- C span. Open arms this morning about. Could have banned after that department start. -- of the two I guess you know would you say. Dayton and Mercer right now they're the darlings of the tournament right on the would you would you agree there. See why the -- yes but. Big teams like San Diego State who. Beat for a while of people know about that Iraq went out -- on the fourth line. Nobody religions and shot and -- -- really good their senior but it seems so sometimes that's look at she. Could think of Darlington this tournament certainly Mercer and what they've it will keep that continued today. These mid major teams that have these run and Wichita State on another one line. Eighteen months ago and missed out in Wichita State. Where they are now so decision that a lot of lot of mid major huge team the long term right now trying to make around. -- of those two Mercer. And Dayton which one has its sustainability and make no real run here I mean it deep run -- maybe even a final four push. The guys because they're gonna be playing either Stanford. Or can't pitch and and the two that you'll beat today it's a production hampered probably gonna win that game. Because that's how much and beat means -- -- so that you at Stanford that'll be at 1110 matchup in the sweet sixteen and so certainly shop there even at camp that comes out of that game with a win there's no. And put it with them I think this is a heavy favorite game against Dayton. Without ethnic. And to top that after talking about. Mercer to play Tennessee today and that certainly winnable game and the problem. From Mercer is Tennessee it was a very similar style get up and on the court the better style. Of it yet Tennessee has gone. Their outside perimeter upshot that they could run -- -- look for mercy but against Tennessee Barea and after that -- The all SEC basketball knows that Soviet and that it -- 1411 matchup. He also mentioned a Tennessee and Mercer day which saw -- and Kentucky Wichita State in Kentucky this afternoon at 245. Keys to the wildcats because of the effort he talks much about coaching in Calipari has been -- so many times I can't can that be deciding factor is that enough to put them over the top -- -- switched off state. Coaching figure out a lot if you look at the sustained success of programs in college basketball. It's not based on talent -- players it's it's the coaches and even when making the pro am like -- are your pitino. Or Sean Miller success follows the coach is that in the certainly all school like more than even football. The coaching carries big weight in college basketball and -- there is one of the best recruiters. I think he's always been on the record during that that is. -- stadium and then. -- -- market amateur and also in Memphis so that's the problem for Kentucky today is. They're not the best team to be frank got the most out -- not the best team and they're playing their Kryptonite which topped -- he's giving. Next the majority of people nationally are actually think Kentucky is gonna come here with a win I think most such -- name recognition really breakdown. The film and what these two teams. The style that -- along which got it perfect style to combat in that in and it -- slow it down. Really physical grind it out very disciplined ball oriented team I think that for street back up except in. -- actually see what that's become a running away and won by double digits. If I put myself up there is -- that I just think that style that they play against -- what's beyond the great count maybe one of the best recruiting classes ever. But -- -- -- -- content economic which stated they're. There old and there whine about it physical that I am actually electrical fourteen point one which -- -- That midwest bracket though potentially Wichita State it's by UK. They'll be taken on no rule -- -- defending national champion and now be a great match up and that's a team out though you know better than me but. The way they play that defense -- the Cardinals the way they play defense I guess that the president presents some challenges but what a tough. Well at the bracket that midwest and not be whenever I kind of forecast that Iowa State. And UNC. I had Iowa State I think make in this run a little and the Iowa State I had them. Making it to the sweet sixteen you think that's gonna happy need to get past UNC. You think playing really well down the stretch and -- a little bit coroner -- -- and as well just. Edged by Providence and play exceptional in -- opening round. A -- good matchup for North Carolina it's going to be interest in a little bit of contrast -- -- most people like you I was statement here on the sweet sixteen actually. All the way into the lead ages because it's east correctly spot Japanese racquet. It is one of the weaker halves in the entire tournament actually actually would give whoever comes out of this in a pretty good shot actually. To make all the way. To the final four. -- I would actually favor there does to teams. Against state Virginia who let's face that -- struggled in the opening round and -- have the athletic talent to match up put it back games. Visiting with set -- here on it's a sports WWL -- FM -- dot com normal four before yet. Run it who who would -- if if there's one game today sets that you would encourage everybody -- the casual basketball fan to watch who would be. You ought to be later in the evening at 840 -- time. Arizona in the act and this is a really intriguing matchup Arizona and most people out here haven't seen -- -- yet they are paid. And they are talented maybe that. Most talented starting spot in the country a lot of people have Arizona. Winning the -- -- thing this year. That meanwhile they have gone match LeBron since their two guards in the backcourt Kevin thank you Gary -- have gotten help the Jerry built. One of the best defenders in the country. And that absent history equity triple overtime game in the NCAA tournament. About eight years ago that -- that the classic games in tournament history. I've played a couple of times in the NCAA tournament there's only -- those games is going to be really good game won eight games typical pregame work. The one seed is gonna luckily they didn't act -- peaking at the right time Arizona a little bit banged up. But for the you have seen the talent out there. In -- or haven't seen in that they saw empty in that. This year it's going to be interesting in and one of those two teams the real shot to make it very be crowned here -- mr. Right in his wheel house college basketball the NCAA tournament -- Dunlap thinks about that time sentinel chicken with the against him I'm sure. I sent them out there yet Aaliyah I John -- failure on WWL thing to win in this morning. It. Elliott look though he recovered it for a long long time he go to for long long time as a play by play guy in. As a reporter out to really out of the West Coast for awhile and I know he's been all over at that he -- is college basketball game up pretty well. Yeah I haven't seen them I haven't seen -- I'm glad I'm glad that it they have been approaching. Yet. So what's on him. -- it was so it's all about scenes. You want to -- -- relationship to the Orioles. Took a trio at the moment she's. He's ergo it would -- I don't. Am -- going to analyze. It. -- -- -- Talent on it's it might explain the first off Tom what would Mark Ingram present anybody about will be present the Saints nothing. Now -- -- -- from Pomona and come up from another team. He wouldn't -- -- update on the lasting no immediate and go low or at at best the seventh at best. It would estonians though it now. He he came one -- in the last year not to mention you'll look at their salaries. Look I know I know that if -- don't -- that it's about but look. You have less dead money are you more money that that's a factor -- salary cap combined for Robinson in marking him. Wasn't close to that there's rolls so that's part of the reason why teams move players veterans also. I hit the move nine -- when you can turn and talk about it when it happened. When you can turn a player like that -- value will use up there in age and you know I think clearly lost a step. Different player than he was. Terry edits -- I you'll pick. In today's NFL with the emphasis on the draft I -- significant in in the get a fifth rounder at that -- selected in the fourth round nine years ago. You only get them for one round later -- that's tremendous compensation yet I like the move well hole I know it's difficult because he's a unique player for for the Saints and what he does. The them I think they can find ways to. The -- that somewhere else I mean I really do trust Sean Payton -- reason -- though that. They'll be able to spread -- production Al elsewhere and now -- look there's goals dynamic here I'll -- dynamic last year. How are very. Fortunate and it should play -- one quick point guard. -- -- after the group that we got rid of the first group which it and coached preference to acknowledge him on the. But -- what do you mean what do you mean. Well it's ever that we -- we wouldn't and and good. We don't grow which -- which -- Yeah I think what. Yeah out -- -- to welcomes I'll break it down to come back from the -- that's a good -- to get topic I'll do that well do is welcome back from -- to have Jeff Palermo coming on -- -- baseball football. And after that ala all star break that down for so to -- I. They shot -- -- -- time with Donnie are welcome back it's just sports 260187. I told 3866889. 0870. Thought NCAA basketball. Big tournaments Cinderella listen. Also of the saints' offseason moves -- they waved good bye to several players count at the world -- Will Smith. Jabari Greer Lance Moore Darren Sproles -- house even. Which was the toughest this ego and what -- you like the most obviously. -- bird would Dominique -- but 260187. They're told create 66. 889 is nearly -- -- him in the last minute got a break down the players that left. And and the players coming in and -- when -- how I -- -- that's -- a difficult thing that usually because you know you look at where they lost an army players at Lawson. But I here here's here's my thoughts are so Jed Collins signs with -- Detroit. I pull back the saint upgraded there and I'll explain more about Eric glory but Jed Collins goes one year deal. To the Detroit Lions talent Nomo released early in the offseason all Roman Harper will Smith and Jabari Greer. Players that and I think played their best football already all four of those players Will Smith is coming off an injury talent -- really hadn't been the same player since 2000. Eleven. Point and maybe calm. Feeling when that knee injury constant that chronic knee problem. Roman Harper who saw his -- sort of drop off towards the end of last year -- twelve and really done this year he was injured a little bit at times -- but also. He saw the finances. You know opposing offenses really target him in the passing game trying to. Left in quite a bit. So. Jabari Greer. Gruesome leg injury. That I think you know -- pretty much had -- he he went and I don't think he's going to be ready. For the start of the season so you and move -- be a lot of since Lance Moore again the production dropped off last year. Is this your point well. Darren Sproles. And if if that hadn't ranking AI guess. Of those names. He's the the one that I still think maybe as a year or two. Left him and -- Lance -- does too but I'm Obama being dynamic there Sproles and it it was that -- to Philadelphia. I think both sides want there now. Eric glory the fullback Saints brought him in free agency I signed from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is this is a heck of blocker the fullback position in the Saints. Apparently wanna get. Better. At this power rushing attack anyone they want if size that a lot more -- kind of focus on now a lot more towards the end of the season a year ago. And into the post season. Their running game improved I mean they ran the ball really well against Seattle that playoff loss. So the net now a lot of teams to do and I think some of that had to do with. The move that left tackle. With their arms that -- he'd made that huge difference -- about the continuity. Along -- off that line. I think. Proved to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- running game and -- air lord the addition there he's a versatile guy can play at eight back. Played little cited -- you know he can certainly gives them versatility there. But he's -- of the athletic guy and I think that's an upgrade over it Collins -- -- Maybe the best free agent out there. And nobody thought the Saints will be in the -- form. But he jumped and -- and the Saints to open area and grab them not just the best free safety maybe some do some folks feel like the best player out there. And done what he's gonna be able -- do. For the Saints defense. A lot like Drew Brees apparently are. At least that the projection is that. He's gonna make their -- better. On that side of the football. He's -- turnover machine that's wanting to Saints lacked last year the last. You know twelve games of the season especially the last half of the season they couldn't buy it -- I mean Malcolm Jenkins had one on deflection in Carolina late in the season. That. I think helped kind of turned that game a little bit in and not win a football game but they really couldn't turn a ball over they start out force some. But ultimately the turnovers were the big key and I think Derrick bird. Ultimately he's a guy that comes in here and makes differences forest you know interceptions. Fumbles. And his ability that the the play that's in a field and that's -- Rob Ryan. -- covets from his safety positions. And at -- when he was with Baltimore and what he. Now what he wanted to do there and certainly. These past these and that -- the back there a place that feeling goes and gets the football now sack streak was also brought back. I thought it could be a good deal for. The Saints and how much do you really want to tinker with. On that line on the office -- line potentially losing to. On restricted -- Bryant they'll put the exact street. In the center position and a right tackle position two out of those three he got them. Recently the continuity along the offensive line I thought it was a wise move bringing actually back you know he's gotten a player he didn't break the bank. And he's team captain he steady he was their best Dolphins linemen a year ago. And Neal at right tackle. When you're trying to maintain that continuity. Along the offensive line item that you wouldn't necessarily bring in the guys you don't know much about. The Saints have always been they placed an emphasis on. When they -- player. Have some familiarity with a player a lot easier and oftentimes those guys -- brought back if they can still play in that certainly outings actually -- So that's another I -- I thought solid move and of course Joseph Morgan. A one year deal which is. Not all that I don't think you know uncommon for. A guy that's coming off an ACL injury that looked like a year ago and training camp that he was going to be. Maybe much more polished receiver. And was on his way to haven't. Potentially a breakout year. But a one year deal coming off an ACL injury let's see how he does. I don't -- movement also Smart because it still gives you the ability. To have a bit of a deep threat in your offense -- also think that -- you address that position wide receiver a deep guy. In the draft as well compete with so -- like Joseph Morgan. But that's another Smart move -- oh by the way. He gives you some return ability which he lost and Darren Sproles and you know. The return guys these days those return specialists are devalued. A little bit like a Darren Sproles he's not necessarily especially with the return specialist but so those guys like that. They're not as valuable. As they once were because of the rule teams. Teams keep the ball you know nine yards deep in the end zone through the end zone. Those guys don't have nearly the impact the potential impact because. They're taking a knee or the ball sail -- out of the end zone. So that that's another factor I think in -- crystal might have been shipped off because of his impact. With the rule changes the became less and less for the the world 6260187. -- told 3866889. 087 we have triple MO would WL dot com columnist Jeff and LSU baseball. Didn't. -- in the first two games against Georgia but LSU football having their spring scrimmage yesterday just tells a little about that. I'll spring scrimmage. Still work -- progress. On the opposite side of football via. Brendan Harris and that he Jennings and you know on not only that but the Shipley and different -- You know -- another returning about four starters and an out at the line. They have some options here with the trade partner and Internet cattle in. You know trying to replace that like our position -- turner and got. Multiple guys that have played better gardener. So trying to figure out which might be the over there. But. You know -- smile that that both. A Smart quarterback killed Jenny and her group were. Less than 300 yard earlier this week in practice and Cameron. Relegated and that is really. Certain route and at quarterback. Really try to put them and you were the past the halfway point has. Well now. I think what the coaching staff what he is. You know these guys continue to take a certain stats here because we only have so much more probable or. Basically are up when it's still as far as practice time it's almost targets so. -- trying to you know offensively there I think -- -- work in progress. That match in media defensive line. Coach while -- to be pretty excited about what he's seen out of there scorcher try to replace somebody got about it the -- the blinded. Trying to groom some young guys. I'm camel back court in some time at middle linebacker and that's been the storyline to watch throughout spring football they'll. -- kind of where we're at right now yeah parents -- turned that ankle a little -- Out period that might be and whether we'll see him in the spring game which would be -- that unit and the DE. It basically right kidney failure it year. That your main running back reported Tuesday Internet spring game because there are a lot of guys -- is yet come on campus so -- Well now we know -- as we -- a local two sprint football -- the spring game. WL dot com columnist Jeff Palermo and Jeff Ellis who baseball -- today. -- an absolute gem yesterday the Tigers. Taking the first two games against Georgia and 21 victory. Four LSU they go this week today -- just talk about that I think maybe -- you might have found their number two starter. Yeah he definitely says that's solidified his spot and that we -- rotation he went eight -- -- yesterday allowed one run -- had struck out there. Grew up Saturday and two pitches and and joke retarded. Really come on -- -- that he's a pretty good closer he picked up the specs say flat -- Restarted on the ability to out strike out hitters which of course very important. There is your role -- could be the quote -- but. You know there was a little bit and certainly after -- Vanderbilt series well who is going to get wind. On the my umbrella you want to get pat there and -- We get a chain probable and both struggled a little bit in that series against Vanderbilt but that. Policy it threw well and you were both surprised with the snapper because he thought it is. Ultimately up to. It came time you have to draw the ball very well it was like boy I'm going to be -- or -- updated by. Eat some opt out of all together and you know Jordan fairly decent hitting team. And so the -- that just. Three hit it very very impressive performance by him. Jeff thanks much for the time we appreciate -- going for the sweep today in the will be at W again down and -- -- Yeah Palermo. Sports Radio network entirely dot com also. Are going to be well dot com -- it's a sport right here on WWL -- dot com I welcome back it's just sports. Life or death. If -- lines vital before those 260. 187 it's all 3866889. Nearly seventy of the seats offseason moves players that. Sent -- which was the hardest kind digest this thing. Talent -- Roman Harper Will Smith there's rules Lance Moore oh by the way it's more. Years he'll tack on Friday with Pittsburgh Steelers. But the locals that -- -- 4401447. On Twitter. That you think -- leaving. Passed me the thing that leaning on the off on the line this offseason like it was actually obviously you're looking more toward the draft and the Saints have always done that. Drafted. 11 or two players later in the in the selection process and what this their sixth brownie. They've done really well -- makes Jahri Evans actually. C'mon with rod -- All those guys have been selected. Past round one into Grubbs the only first round pick on the AFC -- on the line he was with the Baltimore at that time so. Now that I think they'll they'll draft a player or two later. In the selection process. Nine -- Round 456 and it'll have a seventh round pick last year. This year because of the -- trade. For Parys Haralson and that 25. Round -- With the trade roles for the Eagles so. The real recoup that those selections but yeah -- on -- line in the draft another player. Com -- war. Tackle. 2601870386689. Points and also hit me up on Twitter at Kristian -- one. Pulled up next hour. -- -- Signs last week with the world Saints obviously he's back a five year deal for number 64 reporting eligible once again. I visit it would mean the bottom. On Tuesday. Oh last week about his. Return to the Saints on our show double covered 69 month review their team if the at 3013. -- the council you hear from -- street next our game. Phone lines liable for -- to have a conversation 260187. Years old 3866889. 087. It's just sports right here on WWL eleven dot dot com home in New Orleans Saints -- pelicans and the LSU Tigers.