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Mar 23, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic talks Saints offseason football and NCAA March Madness with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So are by Dallas. Our number two. Of -- of sports. Right here on WWL anathema WWL. Dot com a crushing Garrick thank you tutored and NCAA March Madness. Weekend of course the biggest upset so far in the tournament. And probably Dayton right to. Take down Ohio State yesterday they stunned Syracuse. This is truly March Madness though of course don't forget about Mercer. -- talk about their big win back out Friday overdue thing at Tennessee the Seton. 260187. Years sold for 866. 8890870. And other Saints cuts and trades this off season who was the hardest. To digest which one was the hardest that currency. And and get over. The Darren Sproles Lance Moore Jonathan Vilma Roman Harper Jabari Greer. For both parties there Sproles is because. I some folks felt like he could still play and I think he still can but it's good value I think for the new world Saints. A text message here at 87870 says. Do you feel it's time to start preparing to find the successor for Drew Brees missile from 1037 politics 18787. And we get this question a lot. I'm not been asked that several times but I'll recap. My thoughts on. Basically I feel like with what's in store right now the mood -- -- the -- are trying to win right now. Any need all the draft picks they -- Continue to build a defense Q -- recent compliments along the office football well. I think now is not the time to start looking for those that that heir apparent to Greece in a way college quarterbacks have come into the league. A lot now cap -- Russell Wilson Cam Newton and others in the last painful years. It played right away I think those days of you know having a guy like Aaron Rodgers hit a couple years learn behind. Drew Brees or -- Aaron Rodgers sit behind Brett Favre I think those days aren't as common in the NFL and I know everybody wants that. -- William look at the success there Rodgers that as. Has had and is certainly -- Ron Amadon but I mean those are rare fines for both those organizations. And I think. Right now the Saints are best suited. To win now and worry about later later everything that's happening now it's happening now where baseball's. Put on knee hit my point years I think it. They've got other priorities that need to address was our way about. The heir apparent to Drew Brees and oh by the way -- Griffin who's still is on the roster that -- gave him a shot. The C won't cut belt and he. Has here next year -- so. Of course last year coming out to him as an undrafted guy. -- another very high on policy taken. Make him grow bitten in the round in and develop them what they necessarily have to decide on. And heir apparent for Drew Brees I think you're probably 33 years away from. Having to do that anyway certainly not this year they'll spend a draft pick this year on a player. That. Not a play you want players this year because your name your all into -- -- trying to win another championship now. Players -- come -- -- contribute. Right away whether it be in the fourth or fifth round now -- they bring in an undrafted guy yeah I think that's possible. Undrafted got to add. I intractable grade on the sixth or seventh round he he goes on selected. That'd make a -- Adam and dreaming here but as far -- a draft pick and I'll think it's always necessarily needed also. I'm not trying to turn it's just sports and do the food show without the more I don't have any -- got to go phones there are mall colorful but. So double to Crawford yesterday they were tasty. Republican today with March Madness and sit down Watson some hoops and a look at today it. Cook -- dish that is not a positive -- Republicans see what what I can do with the crawfish tails maybe over state here. So like that so it was get a suggestions. Easy recipes are easy ways that could go up and crawfish tails. Com. Now all -- That I can be some suggestions what I should do them obviously I don't want to -- across which -- it seniors on that -- stay with an -- Lotta Lotta partisan now I'm on -- lose some weight nagging but. Wants them opinions are maybe some suggestions on. On how to prepare crawfish -- Eagles steak -- Maybe aside dish or whatnot so. 260187. Little 3866. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sports of food you had an especially when you're watching in the NCAA tournament -- when he speaking it's obviously Super Bowl -- So now yesterday once again -- couples crawfish and we'll conducive with the -- they not crawfish bread there are and -- hospital and a -- throw -- stakes are some like -- but. Are any other suggestions and I got one here from 366. On the text message 3666. Olive oil on you dealt pepper garlic sought today with a little makes spice in a little cayenne pepper. -- -- Over the top pretty simple like it. But you can also give me some suggestions here -- -- recipes and though I'm not Tom Fitzmorris oh the food show put. What can do something with the crawfish tails so I'm anxious to see look at what we come up with -- 260187. Here -- 3866. 88908. Semi appreciate the suggestion from 03880 on Crawford. Crawfish bread but once again trust me. Away from the -- as much as possible at least for now. I'm Gary and RB Iran WB well Gary -- -- But Patrick what about -- yeah Akron whatever that thing at saint did okay -- some of the opera played a little. But we will miss seeing in the park returning game because not so much on the returns just field in the ball. Yeah he was pretty sure into the could have. Then fall wobbly this year -- re not accurate to Austin. You remember when he was -- a couple of games and we had to put we put back blatantly stolen ballots and cheese and cricket it's quite -- you have to hold your breath that report. Yeah you're out. And I think you'll -- Dillon hands. The answer but I mean. I'm sure they can -- -- well one out of a retiree Dejuan. He was first job as the catch the football obviously but. Those guys back there I think the key -- that explosion. And a willingness sure you -- -- -- they'll listen to a degree but I think he'll. They'll find a way to replace that production. But -- I looked in the paper that small and popped up which you wouldn't want that important that we might -- are not. I mean yeah -- play LSU I put a little back up we have a chance to get -- And you do you try to replacement as -- and they say. He's going to Kansas City and they're going to. Yeah he's. Yeah -- -- ago top fifteen honestly don't know that the work that related. Don't think that will dispose of them means you need to -- back you've got to have a big back. And not thinking of it come true sport this year you got their at all. Yeah I into most excited about seeds that honestly is I -- I think oh yeah. Yeah I'm but I doubt about you know put. Just they spoke of again I'm in people's gonna give it up just like -- Nittany nation got within two years. Two years and it is now I want to. -- -- now I'm hearing them beat Elliott out right. Now it. -- -- -- -- backdrop it may and I mean every seat and placed down to it that will find Saints. When you let. Now than and it really wasn't -- it I didn't put I didn't put the whole bill you know I don't QB always. And you -- operation like I'll learn in the inclusion must be or right there just. Now that I got to throw a pretty good price in they won and its contributions. Are. Crawford well so are what are. I'd take -- Garrett. I like the months and a week -- doing the -- week in yours on him in it what it's been awhile and then. Yeah I've been around what's gonna own grip and how are you. Did do on the important want to also probably -- would have done probably in the big change but is being. You know I was how is gonna. I was thinking about heading over there. The oyster festival has heard the talk about it. And on Thursday in man. Oh I love oysters raw oysters for me I like -- all the more so raw but -- -- head over there to couldn't couldn't get over there. You know an agreement that -- -- about everything. I think it was a -- -- rolls. But I -- I do about Barrett do it could get a little war to get back and he would -- Detroit Lions -- was hitting well. Any you know in the department button do I mean retiring do you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it I am again -- -- -- by over the top fifteen maybe top twenty picks of course the -- at that point seven. There's going to be -- that you'll be you'll find there's a number of receivers great depth in this draft at wide receiver and offensive line. So that there's going to be a player there that they're alike an ambulance draft. And a deal coming in and contribute whether it's wide receiver. Or cornerback. Or -- -- line. I think the deepest position. And what I've read volley on analysts all of the draft experts including our miked today. Is that and if you look at for a wide receiver -- the draft for. You know. Isn't it once and what you remember. What Jimmy I appreciate the phone call before your run -- which side it was a crawfish tails I think it recipes that. Wouldn't want want to play. I need to do and Tuesday. A lot of that out right and -- me but yeah. I meant. -- -- they telephone call 260187. It's all -- 8668890. Weights and put over brown writes notes that David. Aren't that it's possible that possibility. Are right so I got a couple of text message here. At 8787 -- from 3030 -- that well I did but I have against left -- got about. About ten pounds or so so some things on -- solve and obviously. Freeze those and duo. The little Crawford fettuccine later on become a couple weeks now. I'm trying to. Limit mine. Carb intake in certainly cost them. But I'll I'll get around to that but -- -- some today got a text message years as a for 4112. Has used the quantitative sausage mushrooms and tales and -- Paul's crawfish I can. Well offered by also. Crawford steals loss reduce them a cream no butter and -- it. Dillon tie in to details and put over the yeah blackened chicken easing up don't blackened state season. On that pretty pretty -- that sounds tasty. 2601 point seven here till 3866889. It's early it's -- -- taxes well eight Sony -- 3632 -- -- Collins was the hardest swallow. Of all the moves. Lose a fullback in Europe -- upgrade. With Eric org -- -- -- Jed Collins. -- he was one of the analysts a fan favorite starts at fullback is necessarily -- report certainly you know -- actually -- I like him as a person he was. He's. A big time reader range that would -- about when he -- almost a year he reads a lot in Smart guy. And really thought a cerebral. Guy in. And -- sure I character but when you upgrade. It's skill. Notes I think he did. When their glory in -- religion Collins from me. Would via is that difficult swallowing -- that are. Now you know what they got returned obviously replacing. It counts but certainly it was a high character guy and it makes a lot of sense for -- hours ago. To Detroit were Joseph Lombardi is now the office coordinator Marty familiar with Collins. As the quarterbacks coach here in new worlds to 60187 it's all 3866889087. -- back in the news. You'll hear from Saints offensive tackles actually he visited with the -- Bob. On double coverage a six to 9 AM. On three to -- -- thirteen fifty weekdays assists and Manny on three of to a thirteen hit it 3013. If the dot com -- is up with the news headlines welcome back it's just sports. Zach -- Stop by double coverage of -- you -- earlier in the week at thirty agreed to terms on a five year deal with the world Saints he's back with the black gold here is an interview with -- about myself and Zach -- Situation I didn't think they're being and so. It's a little bit sur real I'm extremely excited and really -- -- -- that's for. For more dugout and norms. Zach kind of take us through this free agency process. What's it like from the player's perspective can you eat you know you've gotten really your whole life to -- about your New Orleans. There's a lot of unknown heading into this period how do you deal with that on a day to day basis before you know you got that contract worked out. You look at yourself but a lot. It's you know the free agency. As a player. You know it's. Kind of got that that would sort there's if it is -- thing you want to get to me never talks about getting free agency and becoming a free agent having an opportunity. To be on an open market plays certain. And yet you know it's really fun and exciting for the guys that are done this for hours. And can be pretty negotiated three guys that got -- -- so important. You know pretty fortunate. You know we really had spoken in place on Saturday. -- so you know my way it was five days. But there's guys that are still waiting and and on top of that very typical as a player to see your teammate. And up and other places so. You know -- -- that are not come back. You know it's it's really tough. Do you for a long ago that you are. You look at things that happened to as well also. It's a little bit -- a lot of emotion. As a player. You know and and fortunately I was on the kind of the positive and that's stick. Zach Christian here first off congratulations on a deal -- glad to have you back in the city and how much you love. That team is certainly the city -- also congratulations. First off -- humor I appreciate I you know listen you know. Along that offensive line he just talk about the continuity aspect of it to -- that was the big. Conversation that we had a lot with Brian don't -- Dave being a free agent and you being a free agent as well but at least right now for those guys. Back in the mix in you guys really played well towards the end of the season and I thought you know the running game really cranked up and certainly the pass protection got better. Just talk about continuity aspect on the offensive line. Illicit use different for -- Cuba to tell you what you know -- -- and around the job as long. Some of -- having played together well enough now you know. It's really important in the communication. Aspects. It looked really doesn't limit the amount of communication has to Kirk. You know half of after the call I mean John Baker literally each other. Just kind of be that I care if he's okay and so that I can look at -- Judy she's. You know and and and that helps tremendously over externally outside of the road hopes and big games. And not have to spend that time talking to where it's harder talks. You know makes big difference and and also. You know every -- a little bit different every guy does. Everything a little bit different and and you really kind of learn each other ten years -- I can tell pretty easily. Went jog -- -- leave accommodation blocker earlier when he needs. You know passing me a game in the pass game you know I can I can feel that I act like its kind of like you're. Here I remember saying Jeff Curran of corruption. You know that that that you know maybe -- except that it gives you as often times and actually the difference between making the block and not so high. It's big you know it's extremely important. And I think that the teams in this league as there have been. Perennially successful -- have done a good job of keeping continuity and and we've been able to do that. Visiting with Zach -- year. -- solvents a -- on double coverages inking a ER. Five year contract with the black and gold and -- that five year deal I know nothing's guaranteed we've -- my NFL contracts in terms of the length of it -- they can change rapidly but. He's got a pass to give you peace of mind knowing that in all likelihood you gonna finish your career where started that's rare. And today's NFL. Yeah I mean I think we're really gives me is is it allows that to be my decision. Then yes it is it means a lot to me. I actually. It was it's really important for me to make it ten years a little back story for you guys. The day I got drafted by the same. Charging call me. Can -- after they announced that. And says hey I just wanted to let you know you know you you your car draft or which is a really reassuring thing to have your coach tell you. That's okay. -- that you are draft board but Randy walker who's my -- Head coach in college and let's be coached that could pay her first often coordinator job under at Miami Ohio -- -- -- flustered. Head to head culture and told him. I got a guy if you take him a place for ten years. And and coach walker -- a lot to me was an important person in my life and he unfortunately tragically passed away. Com shortly after that phone call but a week later how come it's always been very important to me and and something -- -- established. Was important it was to make brand new right you know and they can correct and end. Honestly one when Willie came to terms and I realized that that was going to be reality. The big deal for me in and -- Colombo. Am extremely happy to to be out of perchlorate. Well it really is amazing man to make it. That long in a league as competitive. And just I don't know debilitated sometimes as it -- congratulations. You've now. With a five year contract. Came out pretty nice payday sold guaranteed motor looks pretty good did you celebrate any way did you get yourself a state. Wouldn't what did you do after you signed. I do a lot of hugging out. And had a problem with my family my girlfriend and so there's a lot of -- I think morning I think it was just surely you are you know yesterday -- actually write that -- Good work -- and so it's not you -- the trees and a trash but this game. At this level because of the financial security that it can get here and you know I'd be lying to say that that's not a life changing situation that I'm not going out to spend it all could -- like -- doctor for a a few years that that's a life changing part first of all the next three years wouldn't be quite as much change in -- about. Yes you know that the commitment and they're -- and good. That that commitment from the Saints -- a lot to me I'm told there's been asked the -- and I didn't know Purdue back how much I appreciate. Them you know trusting me and it. Articulate chance suddenly in there and who then obviously change in my life of course -- And in this just kind of I guess the final. Sign of trust amendment and something that you know I'll always appreciate that and you. Try my best -- for granted. His act as a reporter you know I'm gonna count or remain neutral at times but then you may -- hard just -- -- -- in non Elijah back. Crucial some I do a lot of burgeoning new reporters. At half. Nights just took you so well. No I'm I'm excited -- you know it's. The very beginning it was quite -- ago where all did you call a -- tell -- other teams are allowed just kind of -- was so please call him and to snag and you. We got we -- run. I appreciate and now things are going on Davey Derek German I Zach -- on double coverage three to be -- thirteen fifty would be it the about earlier in the week. Good to have him back in net than 660187. It's all 386689. 0878 -- in the seats and NCAA tournament also although crawfish and an -- do with Crawford still looking for. Some suggestions on dished out there with the pasta or bread but he called me are text me at 87870. On a full lines 260187. -- tool for 866 -- -- through weights and the it's just sports comparative to. But the food show radio on WB well. Are welcome back it's just sports Kristian garic winding down here 260187. Their told 3866889087. Of the Saints. Players that released this offseason are treated. What was the toughest swallow was their -- Jed Collins. Roman Harper. He's going to be playing in -- -- division twice a year now with Carolina Panthers Lance Moore. Agreement two year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Back on Friday. Jonathan Vilma Will Smith with so those were the toughest. -- deal with. The Saints being. Right now looks like. There's Sproles -- the popular choice. 260187. Neutral 3866889087. PM Meet the Press coming up here about five minutes. Course -- -- baseball. -- -- for the sweep over Georgia. At -- today at the box and took the first game here poetry pitching gem last night 21 victory. Over the bulldogs and Tigers now three and two in SEC play. Point four overall. And giving a lot of suggestions. From. -- on Twitter and FaceBook. About what to do with some -- good recipes for crawfish -- outside of Crawford and eighteen obviously -- -- -- Think about. More or -- along lines of sauce crawfish at the post states are like that. But -- a lot of -- objections. Obviously yeah crawfish -- And also make Crawford potato salad. And meet and potatoes of the from the blow -- beastie. Crawford stale it's sausage gumbo. Makes eight to face with rice. Number of suggestions Rolen and also a text line and 87878. Another one more Saints related from 7408. Do you think in -- and it will find it the way. Studio final roster. And be contributors this year agreed to meet the final break now that's last year after we won the saint at least. And put on a practice squad the elite scanners and guy that I just don't think they got. Guys on the roster that can do what he does he doesn't do one thing that's. You know especially -- he catches the football. But I mean all the receivers on the Saints the Saints have an issue with guys that are dropping a ball the -- blazing speed where does he separate himself. From the others and take a receiver and I think it's. Very much on -- this year is asked Libya Nixon in in play hardly at all pictures of fourth round draft pick in 212. Didn't contribute much last year didn't contribute in his rookie season because of an injury this is third year going into the going to the NFL and he's got to do so he's got to separate himself off he had pretty high expectations although -- -- a fourth round pick. About Wisconsin twelve but really as Olivo let them to -- What they felt like we were pretty good expectations in reasonable expectations. When he was a fourth round draft pick it too and I think is a very much on -- Bobble. But he's on notice. He's he's now -- I don't -- make this roster you know which got Kenny -- obviously contribute quite a bit last year. And of course Marcus Colston Jimmy Graham fitting in the long term deal done you heard Drew Brees -- FL network that Jimmy -- and a hybrid players didn't. He wasn't gonna be boxed into the conversation whether. -- tight it was truly excited or wide receiver but. It got some they have some players and in going back to any theater I just wonder. How much he's different. From these other players it's just talking about now think he is didn't do that and that dynamic quality so I think he'll be there competing in a lot of chants. He catches the football and he finds ways to make plays a mean you know they don't get caught up too much as a vice -- right less -- another -- great example of that. When he went 4740. But finds ways opening -- -- similar to that. I just wonder in -- alternately. -- depart buying guys are -- -- had guys -- are they looking for that kind of receiver and I think that -- indicator but. I think that he could play. Someone else's roster com and the different offense -- someone else's. Offensive maybe. Does have the talent that they have currently the -- you positions of course the Saints might look to upgrade that wide receiver position in the draft when seventh overall. Today of course the draft pushed back. Couple weeks about a week later than it normally is he's been able now first week of may ninth and tenth inches the other. And the difference time difference about a week what. You know. The marketing -- that aspect of it from the NFL they stay relevant and they find ways to stay top line topic conversation. Almost all time. Year round I Meet the Press -- next David Potter master control makes that much for your help also -- or oh. And set the laughing you the callers as well thanks for weighing in at a that we -- next Sunday tentative right here on WQ I'll check out double coverage Amaechi about Monday's. Are all week -- use me. Six to 9 AM all three of you well thirteenth at the end three ago thirteen fifty dot com on Kristian garic simplify I am --

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