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Mar 24, 2014|

Dave talks about weather forecasting, talking & driving, and cocaine to the Vatican?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL for a snooze on this the one that we employ twenty -- sunny fourth of march 2014. On almost gone. Wow that's amazing it's Monday gated. Monday weekend went way too fast my brother was in temperament and that it just came from the airport all. And you heard -- saying it is more traffic at the airport. I dropped my brother office for 40 this morning. And there were thousands of people at the all come on I'm not joking there -- lines and all the ticket. As people we're checking it and they have these -- chase -- and things. Outside the ticket scanners and lane and then sleep then in July on those. That's amazing you used to be like you know a ghost town dad lives in historically over the years that figure dropped Moffitt. You know before 4:45 in the morning and I can be anybody I agree yeah I mean who have -- there were traffic and we took me much longer than I thought it would. And it's is it for saint -- this weekend I'm trying to think what else we -- going on here so probably the Elton John concert I I don't know who music. -- Our role -- asks asks. Political area ago I went out there and man. They were people from all around the world. More from you know more national -- in -- gal but all of the country. Young people it's become very hip when he says the hip thing to go to -- -- in the people like -- -- talked about the fine. To divide it's a laid back during the day on a cop and a crazy at 9 o'clock this effect. And that's how they described. Every one after another is and I just love coming out here again today do in the -- saying any yacht complaints about the noise like remark Kentucky. This sense -- totally turned the stage. They moved it two ways that shoot across the river management. There -- complaints from west bankers about that. But you have big weekend in the city and in now I got that idea. I really feel for me in this. And they try. There they do try and they have computer models. And they have historical data and they have radar and they have all of the available to yeah. But. I wrote in the Irish Italian parade yesterday. Shout out there -- amplify fantastically one rate people on float -- -- we -- time. Miss did for about ten minutes and when we were setting up the float it to about 10 o'clock in the that's it we didn't get a drop of rain. Last week on Sunday it was the parade through Metairie now I'm on Metairie road old yeah yeah. Also high likelihood of rain and it's 60% yesterday 60% usually that's gonna mean you're gonna get -- We were ready for it all the rain gear and everything in. -- into the -- the sun was shining and never saw a drop ran the same thing for this Saint Patrick's Day parade and Metairie road from the pain for about. Four minutes and it was just drizzle. And both weekends it was a high likelihood of rain predicted. And you know -- likes to joke. Moon you're going to give that drove you need to be rolled over to the news. But -- -- it very difficult thing well there's and it's not funny to them when they when they blow it now and they take it very seriously. And they try very hard so we lived. On a frontal boundary we live where the warm. Moist gulf there meets the cool air coming down from the north. And almost anything can happen and predict exactly where those two where masses are gonna meet at any given time and where the rain is gonna fall it's very difficult. And it -- like crazy across parts of the north -- in the Mississippi early in the morning now. But. That it dropped today. At least in it. And I didn't expect this little chill in the air this morning I'll that I knew it would come here and there about. That they called -- -- against them. Anyway. -- I'm meteorologist on you want but I challenge you to do better at the very difficult thing to do here even with all the fantastic tools of the tree. We've got fantastic sports coming up next and we -- checked it would be I would Thursday's forecast and it -- We think is ahead to the next three days thanks for joining us here on this Monday morning. Sources I'm now on WW well he took the whole week off to reconsider the caption watch nothing but NCAA basketball for a full week like what. Sixteen hours a day Steve Taylor. You have though -- really get that much basketball watching and mom was in town for a little man's fourth birthday I don't a lot of time with her. And the day at school who -- yesterday which is actually quite. A lot of fun for a little guy he has heard that he proclaimed you best party ever so I was happy dad gets a golf stock. Now achieving -- -- star for sports here on WW local morning and happy Monday everyone the LSU baseball team couldn't sweep their series against Georgia. As game three ended in 822 tie. The tigers had their chances streaming seventeen batters include pulmonary is obviously not happy with anything but a victory. -- feels like the last thing is that it was very straight news -- felt like you gain that we could've or should've won. And we didn't we weren't able to do it and so you know we just have to deal with -- move on them. Tulane baseball dropped the third game of their series to middle Tennessee five to four. The blue -- spoiled -- attempt to -- their first series against conference opponent in two years. Pelicans look to extend their win streak to three road to -- when they host Crooklyn. And that may be worn out as they come off a 1072104. Overtime victory in Dallas last night. Tip ball on the flagship -- -- 53 WWL FM is at 7 o'clock this evening. Oh Kansas schools went -- for two in the NCAA men's tournament yesterday. Kentucky beat top seeded Wichita State 776. Ending -- shocker is bids for a perfect season and the national championship. Wildcats' head coach John cal Perry says this was a matchup of some of the top teams in the country. All understand this was an elite eight game this wasn't this was an elite -- game the winner this should go into the final four that's what this -- -- eleven seeded Tennessee cruised to an 83 to 63 victory over Mercer cops either Virginia shot 56% to beat beat Memphis 78 to sixty. The cavs haven't been in the sweet sixteen since 1995. Third seeded Creighton fell 85 to 55 to Baylor. Number three Iowa State beat North Carolina 85 to 83 meanwhile UCLA and top seeded Arizona both want to reach the sweet sixteen. And Daniel ballots were 244 points in -- and led LSU wire to wire. In in 98 to 78 victory over Georgia Tech in the first round of the NCAA women's tournament. Therefore on sports talk more people watched the NCAA tournament and what's the regular season of college basketball. What other sports do you watch the playoffs or championship game but don't watch the sport regularly. At 630 it's the pulmonary show followed by LSU basketball in the NIT tournament at 73870. AMR. Steve Geller and that your early morning look it's. Ports -- so after all is said and done that big weekend of NCAA -- out your bracket held up I'll just. I I kind of -- right now because Creighton I did have in the final four and they've been eliminated other than that. My main team is Florida I've winning it all and they're still alive so -- a life support but not -- and it is doubling the number once it's gonna win all nine. Yeah acting Florida's been the most consistent team to -- the whole entire year that's why deceive them and you -- to single game this right and they just they have they've been consistent like I said every game. And just have what it takes I think to be national champion so it stays in the SEC at least about the pelicans over the weekend beating the heat not his beauty and LeBron James he was gonna set after the first quarter is back with a little tight. But he had to come back. And he played his heart out trying to get that victory. But it. Anthony Davis and the rest of the pelicans were not to be denied I was impressed because all of the team was -- Eric Gordon who is dealing with some these spasms so they were without him. -- Gordon Tyreke Evans. They they really played a complete team game. I mean -- Davis and Tyreke Evans right but Davis has been a monster over these last couple games. And just seems to be putting up thirty points at will lately yeah first. Ever in franchise history to go with 13 games with thirty points and ten Reba. Pretty impressively Shaq might there is done better man there -- several national analysts think this is going to be one he's going to be one top five -- players in all of the NBA and it. Next year yeah everyone talks about LeBron James and Kevin Durant well folks Anthony Davis is in that discussion while thank you Steve we'll talk to about point five minutes more sports here on WWL right now typically do you forecast. Cloudy skies around for this Monday and some spotty showers kind of off and on throughout the day to go ahead and grab the umbrella especially south of the lake. 40% rain chance heist today it's 62. And then turning a lot colder tonight 41 north of the lake and 45 on -- South Shore by early tomorrow morning then skies clear on Tuesday will warm up to 68 but only briefly a little bit of a cool down for Wednesday highs of 62. And part. Cloudy from the eyewitnesses forecast thinner and broke just lock myself definitely chillier this morning folks you -- feel it 55 degrees under cloudy skies at the airport scanner northeastward at fourteen miles -- hours cloudy and 51. At the National Weather Service office and slide out coming up I wanna hear from near the legislature starts again debating today. Whether should be illegal to hold a stamp cell phone while driving. Do you think that Louisiana should make it against the law. If you use a hand held cell phone while driving text mediate 7870 we'll talk about it after the right so should be illegal the whole phone while you're driving. Can't hold it under this proposed law but. The difference in this and the one that has failed every year for the last several years. Is this year it's a different lawmaker and he's proposing making it the second area -- and captain pulled you over for holding a found but it here crash. And they fine you holding your -- could be simply could be ticketed sport they stop you for another man like speeding. They can I'll -- -- you for being talked we're talking about should that be the case affect -- at 87870. Not why you're driving because it is illegal. Right now on the Louisiana to text and drive. We'll talk about it coming up after the news here on WW wealth of promising played with still no confirmation of the plane wreckage. That's an act gave -- more than two weeks since that believes in jetliner vanished new developments live to CBS's -- Letterman in -- the -- what Dave we've had a 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's -- -- the 24. -- 2000 sports in our monetary gamma and a hundred again here's a great weekend and I love that week yeah. Mr. short so much good stuff go on non. Now it's over the threatened. Cooler air is a drive to go back to work and it is what it is I tried so hard. To Steve I tried to give you hints and clues you really -- had a night to legitimize fifteen year old daughter was so excited about the divergent movie. About how I came from its series of books that kids love. I gave I I tried but it's not my job to tell you know no -- it's. And as what will be the top movie and you're saying I failed again mr. while gas. Divergent debuted with 56 million dollars at the box office rules. The he's dragging your -- opening of the year you tried to -- -- and while it was not as fantastic as say twilight or Hunger Games. And aren't close. Well yet another area. Hunger Games can be a hundred got me and says. Twilight opened with almost seventy million but 56 and it's pretty respectable -- have undermined Muppets yet you thought the Muppets should be number one they brought -- a whopping sixteen point I mean easily yeah. Fired port. In the gas parents may be you know I thought with the kids and yet and the last month -- movie got almost thirty million so it was a drop off. So last week -- box office leader mr. Peabody -- -- slipped to third. In its third week so that's what happened at the now and yet divergent and I. Just because -- teenagers. It was going to be cute cute he got some big competition coming -- yes and I have to keep an eye on the yes it is spring movie season a look at that coming up. Some very strange happened in Berlin. Now police say -- that day animated Brokaw. Which is not in and of itself that -- -- but what really raised eyebrows is where the drugs were headed. Two publications sent out yesterday and customs officials and intercepted a cocaine shipment. It was addressed to the Vatican. All come. Officers found 340 grams of cocaine packed into fourteen condoms inside -- shipment of questions. From South America. It was simply address to the Vatican postal office -- get there. And they don't know which of the 800 residents of the Vatican may have. It intended to take this stuff two -- scandal with another Vatican is -- great. Who knows even if there was anyone at the Vatican yeah -- meant it was a gardeners don't aren't employee in the post office or -- or maybe. Maybe it was going to be intercepted before then. And they thought just by putting the Vatican as the address to Ireland I figure to be. You know it's gonna go Vargas -- dogs got two orders on time he had tens of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine address to the Vatican. Were seized and again they don't know if someone was gonna pick it up before it actually went there now gonna happen but. Caps and Verlander trying to figure out it -- only one of those things that ratio. -- -- Then you know they should have done in cinema going public with a singer is mailed the damn thing in the bill and on the other hand yet know they do that. Yet just yet alert and well who would you alert the Vatican authorities again gassed his own country via he's sitting there in Rome. Yen and wait and see who picked it up. And so in that we have a mystery. Yes we do thank you -- doctor about twenty minutes more prisoners Christa Miller joins us with south is on five year. Almost literally Johnny storm and the rest of the fantastic or they start shooting. For the next fantastic four movie right here in Louisiana today as one of many. Major motion pictures either already shooting are about to start shooting. -- south update coming up as part of the news in the last and. Oh god let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast center and say good morning. And it's meteorologist Laura bucked. Now our path man mother nature must love a parade you think yes especially an Irish or Italian or yes the last few weeks while there was rain in the area and half the forecast. I just worked out both parades that I took part in did you go out this road on -- -- -- -- Everyone on -- five fantastically fun -- I didn't have any fun at all as you know what I mean -- not inquiry in -- don't have -- fine without a drop of rain did you run a lot of and cabbages and -- out what was learned with cabbages. Carrots potatoes onions pineapples. -- you come birds went man. Robin noodles those guys. The left that parade with bags and bags will agree I love that an outlet that mortgages any day yeah. He had -- ninth but circuit for Mardi -- -- -- that could broke we got a couple of packages that Robert I don't like that colleagues. And I you know like discipline reminisces about -- -- On the news -- Every now and then yet justice for. A mathematical fraud is definitely making itself now. The head as you noted that fits and it just south of our coastline it it's doing two things it's bringing some cooler temperatures are weight load in mid fifties north and south currently this morning. And it's also keep some showers around for just the southern half of the area currently -- train and -- and -- looking at that showers this morning okay it's -- your best chance of rain it appears. Now -- of night stand right along I can southward it -- today I mean it's not -- the question that there could be shower or two north Italy that played a higher chance. For the South Shore areas that with about 40%. And no rain no no washed right -- and -- I have often -- just kind of lights bristled at times steady rainfall but -- some breaks in between. It's mistake cloudy and cool it a lot that highs later this afternoon around sixty -- pretty much fifty's all day safeties all these little ones yet but we do this act again yeah or back up to 68 skies act of sunshine. And 68 -- Yeah -- -- an hour nice rain chances that really toward the Anatolia into the workweek Thursday and Friday some scattered showers possible so until then after today. Set for Tuesday. Fantastically spring like it feels right lightly as it is spring it and get up. I you know you and I both married people yes and that's a good thing I think right. Because there are many times -- -- things to go man I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that that part of science and -- -- I feel the same with the eighty. That stretch -- I -- telling people out there that are to -- applause for you as it's. -- well. But -- think it most recently is the new winner. This award for self help books. In the name of the book that won -- award in one did. The diagram prize given to self help books every year is quote how to -- on a date the lover's guide to toilet etiquette. Now I have to worry about that so no you don't if you're married to say that but -- I think that's another concern. Apparently. This is a big problem in the dating world. That people haven't trying to figure out after this bathroom. Issues and there's even. And I saw this thing the other day of video on line for this product these rate in the toilet. So that when you do go it consumes all of the odors to appear like and -- dazed and you're at your. Your -- there how there -- guys in our apartment at bat and you don't leave any. Order behind. Have you seen that may be along came Polly with yes yes April 19 that -- he you know they have Indian food and he's kind of but have some discomfort from that and -- to go back to her apartment I mean it's just and it doesn't cringe worthy but again I mean. I realize it's just such an issue that they need to be as self help book about it. One apparently it's so good that it wins the awards how badly I'll probably -- more tips and there's just the bathroom stuff but I do like to catch -- You know grabs your attention I can't thank you -- regular am glad think another -- yet another reason -- -- you don't have to deal with that. Laura bogged down lavender at a guy like today's forecast and thank you Laura. Sports Steve Geller next LSU plays basketball the night they had pretty -- pretty good success over the weekend in baseball. Do it's gone on with your brackets. Saints make an. Moves we'll find out about all that more in sports right after this in your text messages do about the proposal that come up in the legislature today to once again trying to ban the use of hand held cell phones while driving. 5:49 good morning it's Monday but we'll get through it together ladies and gentlemen cold front here a little light drizzle here and there but that's our mind we're gonna we're gonna survive Monday an animal at right on entities -- -- -- not. Tomorrow -- we're talking about lawmakers today start debating another attempt to outlaw hand held cell phones while driving in the -- and a and some and it's failed the last several years this year they're gonna consider making it a secondary offense mean account couldn't pull you over just for talking on you found. But if you're stopped for something else or involved in Iraq make it take you. For talking on your phone while driving one person taxes make them and he hates them -- I wish I got paid to argue the same topic for three years make a decision already -- ago. I says I think there are many more important things to be talking about. Then cellphones. These lawmakers should be. Talk about other things than like the tanning bed bill either right now that was as people of Louisiana can drive without a phone much less with one. The self LaMont is not enforced here anyway let's face it. As is another ought to protect us from ourselves. It's a shame but it's necessary. And -- know we already have laws against distinctive drive. Have a big auto complete -- but. It's funny thought ever imagine if also. Yes you cannot drive with a Monica. Steve Geller could that be -- be distinctive while fraud and had the monopoly guy Europe yet if he's an excellent drive but he has the race car. Guess you don't expect -- right now at least I. In the back in -- is the monopoly. Go to directly to jail and I love -- complete and we already have laws against distinctive driving epidemic distracted driving that distracted me from sports here on WWL Steve -- good morning. Good morning and happy Monday everyone LSU baseball could not pull the sweep of Georgia. As game three ended in -- 22 tie after thirteen innings the tigers could not convert on numerous scoring chances. Including a bases loaded with one out situation -- and the game. Coach pulmonary was disappointed in his bat but credited the bulldogs pitching staff. The pitching was very much underrated coming in I thought it was much better than I would have expected it to be -- -- earned run average but you know in the pits that they threw out there -- have a -- -- on. Tulane baseball could also not sweep their series losing five to four in the finale to middle Tennessee the green wave are twelve and eleven on the year. Pelicans are coming off a dominating win over the defending champion Miami Heat and host the Brooklyn nets tonight. All star Anthony Davis. He's averaged 32 points and thirteen and a half rebounds in the last eight games you can hear the pelicans go for three straight wins at seven on the flagship. 1053 WWL. Spam. Top seed Wichita State second seed Kansas and number three -- in -- upset during the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Twins Andrew and Aaron Harris and combined for 39 points and number -- Kentucky. Erased a nine point second half deficit before handing the shocker is their only loss of the season 78 to 76. Creighton absorb 885 to 55 beating by Baylor. And number ten Stanford rallied in the second half to -- the -- sixty to 57. Cardinal guard chase on Randall says they were fired up after Kansas said they've never heard of any of the Stanford players. I definitely definitely it's a good as it sounds a sudden my teammates you know it wasn't as a standard amuses them and our team in down. You know we take it as it sounds in down you know look forward -- good a little bit extra motivation for again. And the LSU women's basketball team easily beat Georgia Tech in 98 to 78 in the first round of the ladies NCAA tournament. Today at four on sports talk more people watched the NCAA tournament them watched the regular season of college basketball. Other sports you watch the playoffs or championships in but don't watch this more regularly. At 630 it's the pulmonary show followed by -- basketball in the NIT tournament at 730 on 870 AM. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look it's four guys victory gave Steve -- On -- radio on Monday morning and you your bracket is on life support you told us you still like Florida to win at all let's see if that you've picked Florida I'm guessing yeah I have Florida and Louisville in the championship game what you think about Dallas here tonight and NIC. Well they got a tough matchup but the tigers have been playing better you got to really liked the way. Anthony Hickey and the rest of the gang of them playing there and you know. This team. It's so hard to gauge because they're a different team at home and on the road but. They managed to pull off do the win last game and I'm hoping that tiger can continue want because. I would've liked to have seen them in the NCAA Tony this year because I felt like they had the talent but they just could not get things together on the row. Avoid debris beat bracket buster Kentucky writing -- in overtime in the second game they lost homes oh. Ellis he's got the ability had in horse race. That is exactly what what -- that in streets for sure and how about how you like the pelicans went 38 or nine after that huge victory over the heat even free Fries -- -- you know run pointing exactly in a big one for them because. Brooklyn comes into tonight's game. Having won last night in Dallas but they had to do it over time so this team should be coming in a bit spin. Hi I think it's stable if you go rest for a few more minutes before we expect in sports -- fifteen minutes on WW well and left them. And that. They have. Still Jones and for that weekend that was so much fun I'm glad it went to the auto. -- hung out with some of the folks from boo -- and. Talked to them what a great group and -- fantastic. Kids there and art and music and really Smart young people that came in -- that. -- the parade on Sunday the Italians the Irish Italian parade. Down better and once again the folks on -- five you were fantastically. Fun thank you world -- I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL. First news would you want your kids teacher coach who worked in the strip club. And Pennsylvania. There is a controversy over a high school teacher and swimming coach who works apparently some nights and weekends as a bartender. At a strip club. Some of the parents don't think he should be around their kids. We've talked before about should strippers and porn stars the teachers that -- children wanted a bartender to strip club. We'll keep an eye on this debate what can now I'm Dave don't have a great spot that.

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