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3-24 6:15am Tommy, NFL owners' meetings

Mar 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ira Kaufman, an NFL writer for the Tampa Tribune, about what's up for a vote in the NFL owners meeting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NFL owners are meeting in Orlando among the things are gonna be talking about is. I believe not letting anybody don't good football over the gold closed. Ala Jimmy Graham because as we remember either once or twice they had to reset the goal post -- every level one. And I get a text at citizens smiling when you scored touchdown will be considered taunting their taken all the fun out of the game. -- guarantee -- owners smile and in Orlando because -- it's a beautiful city indeed they're all rich aren't they Ira Kaufman. Carl and I. Look at -- And are not. There is an NFL writer for the Tampa Tribune and we've been there in Orlando I mean you'd probably would commute when new idea in -- Well you tell. You tell me is called and you have to be there. Near you. Because this is in the -- Total. Or last year. With mark so the only start. Coach. Carroll free agent there release players in her. It might. Wide receiver Mike -- So. They get they got that his brother Jordan's. Apparently by his brother and thought -- seeking comment on the -- -- -- -- Iron just on -- human note is that serious are worried it was just one as things in the arm. White shirt. Oh. And I appreciate your your parsing of the words here because I guess it's not serious if it's not you anytime you get stale it's pretty serious. You like them. Traffic light on and then it'll actually know. Yeah actually ground. Face trial for leaner look at that he's you know he's you don't want. And look -- we can tell congress ready administration. I mean they're there. They appreciate distinct already in the -- and that means that these. While special. And gosh -- and of course about it you know -- -- Because so they sure were all they're doing what I need to. Well we've. Got a -- The street body count it. -- to play. Out. -- and that. -- here. But your trip. You know war Cleveland and stringent. You know that that struck good news I don't -- -- I mean why would you want the greatest sport. Apple's pocket sport -- more -- NHL. Are I'll get. But the more revenue war games or play games. So old money you know. And you know that that it -- well. But this year it's gonna how. I'll do diary in terms of it -- two more teams from each conference is they do well. More. So the parents weekend would be nothing but a wildcard weekend. Well. Is that now. That -- -- -- -- conference we. What -- reached out coached and so then you got sixteen. Square off against each other in each conference. And -- -- that skiing. Well on the -- we can't they might -- normal one week erratic at East Point. It. -- so he. And they -- and that and don't think about it now. What makes money in -- on the football Monday night. Football the tradition. Momentum -- people the culture is proposing. Of course. Well what it should point back. I mean that in the -- The spectrum -- nobody. Know. Your. State -- So. The new proposal to move to kick back to your. I only got 42 your points. They keep the two point consumers to your. Chest. -- -- -- -- -- Now. People people want to and the refrigerator. Or orange beak but not gonna -- to it. -- -- -- -- I think BO at two point conversion to be made at a 50% clip. 50% just about. I should go to and that's why it didn't especially if you got Jimmy Graham or pull. Contract so stay I think our chances. With that and get people to point. -- that have electric trying to 42 your specially went back. So. Well you know. Of course and support it took its proposal. -- first here -- news show it is. Don't. Act out. -- If you if you you know determined. To get rid of the -- -- don't do it and try to -- The get reward you may get all the ports on the point that you keep adding. But it'll be surely. -- around forty yard extra point I think stupid -- they don't do the -- Eric Berry. Burst out that it's part of what should. Now with Orange Bowl and all that is not an attack but. They want. To call. Forty. They get their sport well -- now look at -- state it will -- -- -- It helped three or conscience. Are meanwhile. That some great players in the history to link that many it owns on. I -- a -- now escorted him. I mean you -- -- Or. What. Certainly. So -- it makes sense to me iron we got to wrap this up I really appreciate your time is that you trying to. To get rid of a meaningless kicked the extra point and you know these guys taken from the forty adrenaline out of the end -- every time. Yes I. Don't get. It right in effect you your company. -- you know if you want it eliminated. But probably. So you know just on -- Our poll was really good. You know of course local spectacle on an advantage sayers. Well changes are underway. Under the right now. But it'll -- -- -- a little too much on the darn well and it can -- -- the structure built. Which is a ten billion. -- urged. I would monkey with a Ireland Saucony and I appreciate your time and have a -- have a -- owners meeting in Tampa. Now Orlando yeah -- to answer but noted that -- new Tampa Bay uniforms. Yeah they're they're a little better and there are a little better when he's -- -- a little bit. I don't with with just I don't know what you said I think Hillary. I -- afraid and the phrase of the morning the guy made his bones running back kick offs. They're irony you're bad and a good day.