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WWL>Topics>>3-24 6:45am Tommy, missing Malaysian plane

3-24 6:45am Tommy, missing Malaysian plane

Mar 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS Aviation Safety Analyst Mark Rosenker about the latest with the missing plane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about this Melissa missing Malaysian light which now -- -- it's there week in a couple of developments over the weekend. One of which not some promising and I think one that. And is still alive mark rose thinker joins us right now CBS news' aviation safety analyst and former transportation. Revelers at the director of the National Transportation Safety Board chairman good morning. And freedom Arkansas beat someone and someone here. Yeah it's smog according to -- got it and Tellme would that would they found on Saturday in the water. Well it appeared that the doctors had found a wooden Pallet. Along at some potential and -- and straps that would it be indicative. So. That something that they. Obviously. Decade could be used and normally those who wouldn't want to put into. The content. And many times. Used. -- outbreak opinions on and so it could have been and any thing. That looking at again. Indicated he can indicated that they have found some debris because it could be of great interest and they've got to should. Actually. To the scene to attempt to recover. In terms of whatever is left that makes pinging and and mark and I don't remember with all the terms that have been used what is it that sends the signal is that the black box. Says. That would be looking for the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder they have batteries which are guaranteed. By the manufacturer to go at least thirty days I've seen them it was 4045 days. Simon did what kind search effort to re talking about ships planes and how long and has gone. You got a massive. Search effort going on -- and in some extremely. Difficult and challenging water used to attempt to find something -- and we -- at that. With the fact that we're coming into this and what the -- The cyclone that literally on the heels. All of this certainly. We're going to have to try to do whatever we possibly can redoubling efforts in order that. Try to preserve if there's anything out there would be and hopefully get it back. And do the analysis necessary to figure out what may have happened here. Never people that are wondering why would you say fall and winter it's because is on the other side of the equator. Exactly so -- -- as we move in the spring we are moving in the hall. And when you talk about a cyclone approaching they have a -- in what we call -- hurricane here -- approaching. -- search area. That's absolutely right and it's a very severe ones we're talking about something which could be at 45. Contender if you wouldn't find it doesn't hurt. So it seems mark is -- of being -- got pieces of the -- scatter around now. This weather system can come in -- even further -- sixties. Absolutely right though it is important and and hopefully. A lot of things may have encountered here. Through the the aviation. -- search teams of the circus folks are gonna come and hopefully be able to get it quickly enough. Two. Guys on it and indeterminate infected -- company here. We're talking a mark Rosen euros CBS news aviation safety analyst we seem on. The CBS evening news often and he's also the a former chairman of National Transportation Safety Board one thing mark that I noticed here that. -- CNN reported in some other outlets that they think the plane at some point to drop to 121000 feet before it disappeared from radars that tell you anything. Well again it's it's a preliminary report until it validated by. The government in the the investigative folks there on the ground I'm reluctant to do that much I think -- Folks it's -- -- only a week ago. I played sources that the end it. Wait points were preprogrammed into the -- into the flight management system that this before we even. Lost the because I think. Bet they do about yesterday and I just but just enough with all these senior -- played guys that that was something that really don't know anything. This is a very serious. Situation in a very serious investigation and everybody in that. Attempts to think they know what's going on. And then ship that was a reporter it turned out to be absolutely not. In terms of of the misinformation if you will disinformation -- it happens to -- how common is that went something like this happens and and gone back to your experience with us. And TSV. Well you'll always have somebody. And disagree with the war in fact the facts are. However the way we operate in the NTSB is that we reputation is really the only thing we. Our ability to investigate and put out credible reports and. Determinations improbable as. Enabled us to at least getting something people can take it to the panic and that's why we -- -- Circumspect. And the only reason we do not do an analysis -- the analysis columns. And we have gotten all the evidence all the activity we go back to Washington. We stopped talking about the accident that point and the next time you hear the most is the port which comes out in what we -- sunshine meeting there. Everybody gets to see how the process was done. The questions that we do of the staff and how they came to these conclusions and that's what we decide what happened and make recommendations to prevent it again. You know when you talk about this cyclone approaching -- occurrence in that area of the world and now we entered the third week of the surgeon and I get a text here I think it's a good point how likely is it other than confirming if you will that the debris is from. The missing flight that you know where the aircraft is because there's this stuff has been circulating and move and all over the place right. -- -- that's a great question. -- you. Once we find something that really is in the airplane. And we can begin scientifically to try to take a look at over the past eighteen but it's moving -- -- it. A lot but I didn't look like what it is and I'm. You know things and -- high powered computers to batteries Smart people. -- will be able to. Probably you know relatively. Which is certainly one. Area to be able to be in the search under. For what we are hoping that as the primary. One of those Smart people as you market appreciate you coming on a really do you know we talk to you again. -- and always enjoyed being inaugurated.

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