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3-24 7:15am Tommy, cell phones while driving

Mar 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Mike Huval about a bill he proposed that would ban using hand-held cell-phones while driving

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd 719 Tommy -- you drive in and you see in somebody and -- texting slowing down we even side to side. We had a bill was passed last year new -- -- -- I believe you couldn't serve the Internet while you were on your phone or you couldn't update you update your FaceBook page and how do you enforce Soledad and some bulls say that there are over already laws were distracted driving. If a police officer sees is that there's no way you can enforce anything like this let's Akamai cue ball right now state representative. That is propose and that you can't hold a cell phone if you drive and I guess represented is that it. Well actually economy is eighty volleys that the secondary violations. So that and all cannot stoppages because you happen and helpful in your hand. So if you're in -- and counselor about doing that need to choose a secondary ball. So if you're speeding with a cellphone in your hand. Boy if you run a red light was around cellphone in your hand then he's that you could be ticketed. Exactly that that's what it intended for what we're trying to do your -- that that just try to find more -- the ticket people is more bit awareness. Echoing and you know helpful and not all good between arms could cause you to be involved in the eight activists called that he injured his elbow and -- So small -- awareness and I know what that may not want to do it used a they're close to my phone and that's what I'm driving. I keep talking about not -- that the -- in my hand -- my -- -- -- real. There are other municipalities. States cities that it made it illegal even had a cellphone in your hand India it's a primary offense for which can be ticketed. Arm is at such a problem Mon may get a secondary offense and not is so easy to enforce where OK you're on a -- -- like jumping to -- ticket. Well I don't want that again what mom I'm on the producers over the word that the public aware of the don't want to bring up and it's W hat and you have a fold in your hand -- -- -- again I'm not look at an opportunity just -- somebody get is that I will be more. There's undetermined -- I'm talking about in terms of distracted driving and keep him. Keep their mind on what they do indeed did you think anybody can really effectively. Drive better if they're -- on the phone. All I have to know he's probably not that bad drivers and being. You probably intended to what -- actually -- have -- vehicle. And I guess the other question represented and there's no way to enforce this but I really would ask people how vital are those conversations that -- happen -- and you know. I've told a story before where I was working at night and a guy called in just a voice in the night and said. -- because we you know we all do -- we have minutes on the plans -- like it was going calling catch up with the multitask while I'm driving which. I don't think it's really the time the multitask but he said he used to do that. And any realize loses call worth perhaps killing somebody or by involuntary manslaughter charge etc. And that guided the way I think now on I'm not on the phone LSI positively have to be on the amount texting and I'm just talking. Yeah yeah it does speak well in it probably lied about that you know is that it's called that important. Well I do know that some people that that that way of taking care visit call that it might lead all but shouldn't. 01 point the other might happen baseline and in order to grow their business and there. It'd be good that day it may need to use -- -- that recent outlook for the such into the cell phone and so and so on. Nobody will probably just made it stopped and -- towel it's been called whoever that it would stop. But now the. Yet to make about -- represented to get paid on it was work and yeah. Own -- on call as NetSuite anyway. So woody woody did you have to kind of make it a secondary offense does we're not living in a vacuum in -- -- you gotta get a pass in the legislature for unit. Make any doubt at all is that part of the philosophy behind me in the submitting a secondary offenses while. Well you know. I don't know that it would what is the secondary -- a partner -- get a much better chance to get going getting to a secondary because as I told you. I don't want people feel that this is just an opportunity for somebody take -- -- just you know. I think people realize that. It is the way of reducing the active in our state lost it is Colombia are sutures Ottawa should scrutinize that. In a lot of it because of our driving so maybe this will be just one step that may be true 256. Years whatever. That maybe this will contribute to helping toward the and the practice in our state which which will be at all we've reduced interest -- -- state. You know announcing his people must be adapting to it because if they if they wouldn't maybe it's the other is driving defensively. I think like at 3000 people killed lead to date that but it's that's talking on a phone you know yeah yeah. Tell me about broke -- -- All week at a time Amazon as you know everything was in brokerage. Everything is fine out here to count continues to prosper and do well I'll auction that he would choose Lafayette and Baton Rouge in the and the interstate -- -- cannot organize help our. -- -- It's it's -- that Qatar infrastructure. That they're in the town that was abated. The businesses continue to come out here. So it it probably is doing well. And is program still atrocities capital of the world. Apps and moved to the crop this cap that well and it would be published well first pulled it may. And it is every year I'm out across -- front and in the cheaper. -- the market with former -- warmer weather. The other part detectable Richard council the part that -- alleviate no need a couple of cents thank you very important topic you.

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