WWL>Topics>>3-24 7:45am Tommy, cell phone use while driving

3-24 7:45am Tommy, cell phone use while driving

Mar 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Trooper Melissa Matey, the PIO for Louisiana State Police Troop B, about current laws concerning cell phone use in the car

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Estimate he joins us right now a friend of -- public information officer for state police -- be good morning trooper. Pretty good and limit and get a promotions and values are to remain one now. I'd let's talk about cellphone. -- mean you do a lot of good work. Just. The trooper -- You just humbly. In. Iowa whoever's listening promote Melissa media decides. Start writing campaign. -- -- today as a matter of fact been invited by close of business available listen MediaSmart. Tell me about you love good news. How about the cell phones and driving in the laws that are on the books and texting and money on Ian. And forced more and -- and we feel comfortable. What time they actually there's a lot on the -- are forced. You may find -- -- -- like for example. And it because -- choose to right. Like care operation tickets to eighty theater he would -- in. In early. Wake. Let -- be the crossed over the line because the court protect intention. To separate heat. In. Any attack on top of that so a lot of triggered luckily doctor achieved Turkey careless operation. That point because that encompasses all say. I if you are -- left lane on the interstate. Eagle on fifty and -- -- whether rove roller coasting on fifty signing on their inning on him deciding on thirty and we all know what's going on. And that they're taxing is that careless operation. He could considered it could be considered to be here operation in every market going to be a little bit different. It and it on term midday traffic in their -- to elect or the should be Angela Elaine electric injection to begin. Even in the center lane and you do and as speakers technically you say in and you learn in your lane on others anything legal. About keeping a speed constant and I'm not trying to be silly here I mean you get got to have a reason the right somebody up and it it might irritate us but it may not be illegal. You're little to do anything illegal of course we can't stop nearly texting be illegal and order and good for everybody. And what. Pat -- -- it because it BG can not eat right and I expect that the porn email on telecommunications device. Now that does not mean you if -- need -- that type of old amber did you call your boss at work and you -- the phone number and back. Consider -- being. And each new contents. Are under that law not illegal it's the reading writing sending a text message or email. Last year they put into. Would that socially. -- for you earlier that it like it's apparently Internet at explaining that she can update any social media site. That would be eight Bucher my leisure in grammar -- Hamburg there is out there on social media. Jack. -- have a law on the book her people aged seventeen under itself vote at all that include -- all looking at street and why does. Any of the device is built into the -- they're -- again at seventeen under. -- Our intention. The distraction in the car can TE. And I mean you look at a lot of different crashes happen. It is now. We're really looking that statistics. With the distraction in the car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I get a text him elicited says what about ladies -- and every time we talk about this in the reason we are is that they're gonna hear bill today. Don't make it illegal secondary principal to cellphone for. Whatever reason my driving and Melissa I know you can't get involved in the politics of what's should be alone which should not I just want to tell about why we're talking about that. But whenever we talk about this topic. People always call in with well what about this well what about that and it seems to me the rationale -- areas. Well let's let's like to do anything and get distracted in a car but again. If the ladies put -- make up on. Com or Amanda and I don't care and opinion of Senna -- Alain. Speed not slowing down which unite cross in the -- I guess it really wouldn't be a violation what -- You know on each each situation -- be a little bit different and and circumstance that the -- Of course I mean there there. If they're holding up traffic any kind of way are human -- they should be. Making take it back. Organic commander in chief Eric operation in multiple other different things. But we look at that and you know we take into consideration what people are doing. You expect when it comes to scary injury crashes we're working very concerned with going with -- I'm usually. On on your knee injury in a crash back. That distraction pretty good part subpoena records -- you know we're we're gonna look at it are on. On ability as as law enforcement and it actually it strippers that impact legal action figure it back on at the time. And uphold the law parking could be cited and it will be. At church and in the car again can can really cost -- and we. People -- limit the distractions. You know what else could make it up earlier there's really probably not a whole lot of very important. Like changing conversations that are going on in the vehicle. You know I don't tax. You eat that you take out there were at her in victory at five seconds maybe even longer and it really only takes a fraction of -- in her car crash happened. One thing on noble partly in suvs speeding in the back are texting us. And you get out of the car and tell somebody your body mind but it is -- People need to remember this car with them. You know. I'd have a daughter and I achieved in the -- me quite a bit and I have to remind myself sometimes that you have to pay more attention to the -- particular attention -- -- achieved in the car put her life in danger. And of course a lot of any danger either because lightly or without my. You know thank you really need to know what's going on it you have both -- and we'll get completely on the red figures they need to your I would say. And of course there's going to be people that they are doing what they're supposed could be doing therefore you've got to got to constantly. Thank you Melissa appreciate -- time I really do an excellent her.

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