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3-24 8:15am Tommy, single-gender vs co-ed schools

Mar 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Jan Lancaster, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, about single-gender and co-ed schools

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about. Co education when he comes as the students are singles sex education and united and use that term has become. Just different sounding enemy's side. Column all boys -- girls' schools or co Ed schools. And there's a study out that says that there really is no advantage to it being girl boy girl girl. And I think any others that ambulances. Singles six schools you've been either all boys girls girls. Know that when you're in a classroom in college with girls' teams we're with. Guys of your girl it seems weird -- Lancaster -- right now doctor Lancaster superintendent of Catholics in the archdiocese can -- -- -- -- are you do incoming well thanks for being with a -- Italian doctor if you. Internet tell me how. Traditionally is at a Catholic school thing has an annual wincing with all boys -- girls' schools. You know right you know. As you know several other schools are single gender school and I went or why you went to shop there again we experienced that firsthand. Indeed it was just a wonderful environment I feel that way and a lot of people feel that way. Had been dead as I'm going around and visit our college school I'll -- that is -- wonderful environment. I think the most important thing is that a child feel comfortable in the environment in which -- -- so it was. -- our doctor yeah and also in miles we have -- now we have saint Charles Catholic. Pope John Paul. We have. So and an archbishop and then and then we have -- retreat and we have signed political right now. And in talking to those principles and the leaders. Of some run by mail them run by email. You could be a very warm environment and the schools work very diligently and a lot children to excel at -- very -- to their potential and at the capitol educator what what I look at. Is the strong to have the president and that it was very strong -- Napa schools offer whether it's single gender school or electrical. However that being said I'm student -- very comfortable and high school level when they are in single gender school. And like trees and use it comes to Tom girls you know girls it was a different but. -- -- daughters that -- about karma he might note that she's seventeen and one thing they they like I think about it is that an Aussie these kids when he -- -- -- uniforms. And it's hard to recognize him as saying people because I guess when you go on. A single -- school with -- your girl maybe you know more about the make -- and you know. You -- -- exactly right and get it lends itself for a very comfortable environment. That being said students and the public schools feel that while that that the night her and I think it's a comfortable with that. Other kids look at an environment where they're comfortable and that may involve a public schools so. -- someone who's been very active in both schools and visiting a lot of goals like that I mean I think it. It's not to every count is very comfortable you do have studies showing that some children will excel and a single gender school but and you also have studies that channel. That kids are comfortable and it conflicts that. I think parental choice and knowing that the child -- really -- I it's it's to statistics aside you're an educator would be seen how aren't. OK guys listen -- -- bundle you girls who make double -- about guys are they more likely to behave and conduct themselves better because. They know girl is watching if -- a coed school are they more likely to show off generally speaking from your experience. Well you know I had the experience. Teaching that the academy the sacred heart and Stuart hall collapse and that as a teacher as well. And under the direction of bill gala at Stewart hall many years ago. He talked about it the gentle maintenance and an all police adding happening opportunity. To in scale. The necessity. To be a gentleman and and and having. Student stock and religion class about the fate and maybe have some conversations. That. Kids might not be it's comfortable discussing with members. The other sex and so. I think in that regard. That something however. I think at times has gone on. -- -- and female and leadership role we've seen the children have been in more situations in and -- situation. So once again I think. -- a single gender has it's advantages but I also think the -- it. Education also hasn't and it is where children get used to be in in in class and and talking about the Indian girls get used to be leaders. Even when there -- mailed the ground and and mail get used to talking about their religion and and other aspects as a strategic encouraged -- and that's what I think Turco at institutions. I've seen our principal encouraging that encouraging. -- to be involved in the math club -- encouraging employees to really come to know their religion and and so. I've as a I mean I think there are benefits to I think it compare -- that that conversation happened with your child. So that you can find the best that means that works that your child and and it it really fortunate that in the long we have actually. Record with bullets goats around that time. Has there -- any talker any plans or any discussion even about merging chew on AOL and -- preschooler building. -- you know there has not thank you I mean it like it is that it might be a good idea.

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