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3-24 9:10am Tommy, tipping

Mar 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mike McCall, Professor of Consumer Behavior at Ithaca College, about tipping

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike McCall professor of consumer behavior at Ithaca college and an expert. In tipping joins us right now morning professor Akbar. How do you how does one become an expert on -- it. I'm you know you work for tips when you're in college and that's sort of start. You know that's one thing I've never done and now -- wish I could have just to see what it's like out there. Do they didn't send you to some kind of training camp to teach -- Balance the four plates on your arms are stacked plates so they announced masked the whatever food is on -- on the Woody Allen on a plate or maybe to carry the tray with the eighteen drinks. I think you learn you learn by trial and error and hope you don't get fired the trust. Was -- that would be my concern because I thought I'd drop one of those trades is somebody be wearing their beverage NB OK you know what I don't think you really cut out of -- tell me about tipping and has it changed lately in American society. I think at that -- stepping -- its and an interesting commitments have been sent to study in part because they know their economic situation. -- to this tournament to -- the price of an -- good and you say Nobel -- particular. I'm so -- that that in another topic that's about it but there's millions and millions of dollars spent trapped. Everything works out and take -- -- have been talking to tainted what is the traditional form of a 15% tip and restaurant. I tell people reps -- spit out creeping closer and closer to 20%. Now no one of the things about that and that it may simply be because people having more difficulty with the -- simply eager to tell directly in its fifteenth. And I -- I hate to do this I'm not a guy with a tip guy. Guide it all don't -- that little thing on my wallet not there's anything wrong equipped to correct but I do use the iPhone because I guess my math skills -- next congress they used to be. Nick said he wouldn't calculate and given number I think that's that's that's one thing when they went to Connecticut become more of a math problem for people. Spend that much we didn't tip on purpose. I like that is that it's equivalent resource that we look at it seemed to suggest that unless it's been good. Recently that it is very much and that problem for people. Yet you know and I hate I think it's a management problem -- because here's the deal. I don't want to manage your staff for you I'd write it I don't want to determine who gets a raise. Who doesn't who eventually doesn't make enough money so they quit in and you lose them by attrition and set haven't had that horrible conversation. So I wish. That the tip was included but that. Somehow economically the management could work it out themselves and I don't have to decide who gets a raise or bonus and who doesn't. You know I think that the good point enforcement when they try that and try to build because of that tips that additional increase into the into the -- -- And consumers react consumer side -- my right to tip. This how does the staff reacted they feel as though. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the what management to determine an and evaluate how each server does with each table and decide who works there. Or not and I understand that human nature being what it is. Some wait staff members could think while Murray in the 20% so why should I tried but then I have to answer to their manager. Well you know there's there's a couple of things -- in there and computers very interesting and one of those. Is that two win you can -- the in the continue to. Automatic. It's a prelude to bigger more it's many times that we express themselves. Sort of make a judgment call. -- bunch of times that some opera and restaurants -- -- -- no I know you're gonna take Jeremy. Greg I'm back in terms of the next percent to get an -- to do better. That's a better service is now interestingly I in the kind of jumping to a different period different. Happened to be in the poker room at the foxwoods casino in Connecticut about a year and a half ago stand to see you doing research done -- planned playing cards absolutely doing with the what what happened was at midnight a new contract. Took over and beat poker dealers were and allowed to keep their own -- supposed to pooling of hostile competitive. And the whole world erupted in applause in the in this particular case because they -- to tighten their performance being paid out I'm individually was an important part of. And I know that you know and I worked in the industry but if you look at my stomach you know wait on line ET I've never the -- of the tips I get it if you know that the bail him when he called again accepted this is the bill a bit about our. -- -- yet. You know you needed you needed to get him out but then it comes -- where he had the tip the bartender routing as a waitress does even if you don't drink and again if I'm gonna manage your staff and you want me to do this. Well let me reward the person that I wanted to reward and don't diminish what he or she gets. You know the other part of that is when you go to a restaurant I mean there are some restaurant without mentioning them by name. Where you go and then you have to host takes to monitor the health ticket straight quarters and we'll bring you the -- someone else brings you food. Who exactly the type reporting for the purpose. On -- we have one of the country's finest restaurants here finer restaurants a year and commander's palace. And if you ever goes there they got peoples around and you like you'd just committed an armed Robert. I don't know who doesn't it. And anyone bring in a food yet another -- in the order they got another when doing enough and that the other thing and I'm like yeah yeah yeah again she got a tip while people and and I just figure out. Tip on a percentage of the bill rightly point five of its really good and and let them sorted out capacity at a couple more minutes like Mike McCall was there yes he's a professor of consumer behavior advocate college. -- is an expert on tipping an apparently. Pretty good poker players well. That was research -- -- right it was racers it will ask you when we come back we'll take some calls. What -- -- when it comes to getting. Pelicans -- vacation the -- more or less are you more inclined to. The reward somebody who is your feeling good you're on vacation. Do you think you know one and every disease people again -- a year ago with two dollars on an eighty dollar net. Coming back talking about tips right now time for another CBS update on the developments in the Malaysian. We're talking a professor of tipping Mike -- he's professor of consumer behavior actually at Ithaca college and he's an expert. Until things if you have any questions or comments about tipping news you. Chance to talk to the professor -- Frank and a cause and make your morning or -- WL. -- -- -- Just like it is -- To meet profiling. Look at -- it the -- Oh OK sure. It's good. Could be. It could be. Quick peek at Soledad. I. Only -- David -- And you -- -- And present the action and he'll keep. On it. The LL like frank elegantly. That we you express your opinion done by -- serious is by gosh you have an opinion on this in the a Collison told us let's see went on the professor's right. I think I. I think that's the great I think that's a great point I think it's it's see video providing the -- -- service that -- that you want and they'll be rewarded accordingly for. I also think that one of the things that they really matters here. I would like that -- didn't strike -- whether or not if something does -- run how how does he leader's ability to six that play into your decision. How big is already gone wrong professor because frank hung up -- around. And later asked me that question what is it. So how how bad and it seems that's been in the restaurant business in particular a lot of things can go wrong and it's more about how these expand. Then if everything it got even gone right. I so let's say in Frank's case. From. You know punish in the waiter is -- always their fault I don't think I've ever really looked at fingernails or. I uniform I have never really seen a waiter I don't think it was covered in food like -- -- Jeff have you. No I haven't I haven't. I'm -- -- I have been to places where things have gone wrong in the -- staff conducted a public it's didn't have to constantly but it's. More about how they go about fixing it is just in particular about their job and they care about service to diplomatic. I have stiffed one waitress in my life and I'm not to mention a restaurant as a table -- you know on a napkin restaurant. And well we couldn't get the appetizer. And then we couldn't get the meal and I saw the meals it under the lamp for a good fifteen minutes before the wagers on time. To bring it to us and I called her over after it was over and I always preface my. Comments to management with this I don't want anything for free I don't want a free dessert I don't want to take this off. Because I want but I'm saying and -- credibility and this is the deal and actually stay at the waitress left nothing because it was a terrible walk -- buy the drinks. -- thirty time -- and not -- a drink and again -- yet. And refill my daughter on a Coca-Cola and I just thought I was justified in -- and a dollar when the food was up they have fifteen men probably think. -- you know I've done except for the printing and included in note -- -- -- nothing actually even lose anything in the go -- you included -- note I I couldn't go to the back its second explained. You know you're listed I agent that that they are like -- -- an -- that's a great idea professor. Actually. Anything and it let's you know hang on a couple of more questions organizing this open and we. Inevitably all had to deal with when you go to a restaurant and and I don't want -- reward. -- -- -- Big guy on capitalism side definitely don't reward somebody that doesn't do their job but then again I want to punish him if it's not really their fault and we'll take you calls George -- your -- saying on. And right now it's time for an update. And out of WL offers newspapers lose -- update on the latest about the missing Malaysian like Tommy Tucker -- -- W. Mike -- guest David professor of consumer behavior and advocate college and an expert and -- you you would impress me David is pretty generous and again it was at least a 15% her. Yeah. I can't always be right Kenya prevents. My days and happen to me thank you David I and I don't know what to do professor George enemy gets even a second on the phone. Column. Rather than handle a big party my daughter likes I've tried to lose those are some nicer restaurant can't hear. And one birthday thing in mind men who were -- united -- important but we went out really nice steak house in town that is. Maybe they have some other locations around town and we had like twelve people and I think it's -- blues. About 12100 dollars and magnets and and they couldn't keep the drinks feel they couldn't you know kids don't have booze or anything they drink soft drinks. And I had to bring the classes occasionally done. To get them filled and a waiter didn't put on a 20% is disseminated take Jeremy. And maybe I would I was. I don't know why did but I'll ask him about a 25% tip which on a thousand dollar and his. Substantial gap so what should have done in any case because it is a big old party it's a nice restaurant. But if they can't keep the drinks field and I'm not gonna -- out on a thousand dollar 400 dollar Tampa -- a decent tip. I think conversations with the wait staff would have been helpful to know that I think definitely probably -- done as a result there are doing well you know maybe during -- been helpful but in that maybe there was a recent accepting it got on there were times of crisis and someplace else and get it. Its own terms out. How they treat you and you're -- they're taking care of you I think part of the motivation for -- to reward them for that are. And something we even have an address haven't even addressed rather's you know the fast food places now don't dry cleaners in like everywhere you go they have a cop out. And that would get the change when you first that we about what changes -- And everywhere you go -- -- -- the extent and I think it's important to customers in Korea and saying no no we're not to think effort. Don't tell him open and I would like Carlos yesterday and there was you know little and it's just for the guys in the that the problems is not a problem. Policy -- and here it's an automatic car I thought. You're watching your own card you're supposed to tips and not -- in a way that's kinda like them both say because -- you gonna get your own food. The immediate tip 20% on that when he what's polite and nice. You know I think that's actually when -- when you talk to people beat the the personal side of this I don't think that a pathetic attempt -- the government. Apps and getting educated something because they're coming in recycling your drinks there and ultimately what you're hoping that opened the drapes. On the and I got a text talking about on when determining a -- -- double attacks and I would depend. I would think that would depend on where you live and how much -- you plan. I'd like -- George downtown hey George you're on got a W out thanks for calling. Partly in all these things and very sensitive to hear directly talked about it. Extremely. Mean I'm I'm 20% or does he said. But all usually because I think that. You know I mean I read the person's. Doing with the attitude is most importantly what we're trying to do and there are a lot of protection and I think that that make -- not go right. What my point is as well as into the mix -- talking about it some people. Used tipping. As a -- to be Roger the late in school at your control and I find that it's really really low short. -- stupid -- I told. I'm on the other end of that because I've told people -- -- -- -- hits theaters -- first off it's my money not yours so why should you care among people at a meeting with. And the thing is nobody is there waiting tables because there independently wealthy do you think. Absolutely of course obviously so you know but by. You know again everything goes right as some little thing goes wrong there are people used that opportunity to say BA. Yet because again the -- I am right right exactly what quick little thing and make -- Well -- get them. And certainly mobile. I certainly believes that language what you're eating out. I think you can -- you great wonderful. Yeah well I don't mean you've made it likely there. -- Well you know it's interesting. -- agree absolutely I think people which recently admitted meeting. Peninsula they would put that on the table until late that I have attended a particular when he -- the. I'd like that's just brilliant you know -- and it's rooted for the cents. And it's just went after working for less than than -- moment and that's there there there providing. Service and I think there's a lot of the one of the reasons that we -- -- stupid to think that. I see Georgie -- don't feel guilty you know -- I did at that restaurant in the West Bank. But wanna saw the -- it out there 1520 minutes but I got -- going gotten you know that spirit. -- thought about it. -- -- picture where are but still felt guilty about that. And the he beat myself up for a couple of days but that is thing about the girl wasn't a bad day maybe Sheehan. The only issues and make -- belt they even go there recruitment but it adds up to and and this is not very good here either. Georgia. And a professor has ago let's go to John in Metairie a record -- -- Yet -- -- like -- just make a comment about those smaller restaurants. Where you don't pay a lot of food. And the fact is you know you don't get a big deal and Altria -- 3040%. Of people like that because they've really trying -- good -- it's you being served. He ambient ambient -- at a table. Here yet. And it and you know did do it justice which the meal cost twelve million dollars wouldn't drink. And I'll give five dollars and I'm really satisfied but I'm like you if I don't give good service. I don't -- orbital -- that waitress ought to wait. What happens in the kitchen. -- languages and is if you go to breakfast and got a twelve dollar tip. -- -- at twelve dollar tab and I can leave a dollar and twenty cent tip right probably leave a five and it's almost. You know half of the -- -- the Mike and professor do you look at it that way. I think and I think that's absolutely the case I think you know and and he gets fairly often people. Breakfast breakfast is an ideal height -- charge me up at the content of these little bit more can you marketing and kind of certificate that the today. Thank -- and lady took the time they called John and one thing quick professor before we lead up. And I caught myself doing this the first time I used one I think in and I realize thankfully before I left the tip. If you get a gift card and you go to a restaurant and yet a hundred dollar gift card and it's Amazon 120 you don't tip on twenty dollars. -- don't you think some people do. Yeah I think the other way that they played itself out it's often times wait staff on the big companies continue to -- to -- -- -- -- our company's country time. I don't even know their their companies. He took until built not these these -- Hockey yet they don't judge for the soups I did a real quick come true when it comes to. Being a member of a wait staff -- a couple of things people don't realize when there's -- near their table. I'm that there about it -- apparently working quite hard to to provide you with the kind of service. Under multiple tables they're juggling and every table seems to have its own set of requirements. -- some people -- some people. Thank you professor enjoyed talking to you know be comeback on with a sound great tournament you know --

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