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3-24-14 10:10am Garland: on internet control

Mar 24, 2014|

Garland talks with Julian Sanchez of the Cato Institute about why the U.S. is handing over the reigns of control over internet domain names.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to via thing drag twelve noon. What about the Ukraine Border Patrol. And this is very important it is Susan issue should -- Paying attention to and quite frankly and -- little pieces of the -- and quite get why it's such a big thing so Boogaard talk to use them. Experts from around the country and that looks good -- Level to talk the -- Bravo oil companies being sued 97 of them -- Through Louisiana by authority. At least. A market live reports and allegedly. It's the authority that was the overseer. Of the live reports after Katrina. Will hear the original well against those used in side of it will also hear the best side of new group. And also former member of the -- protection -- -- As two losses what's happening in the legislature. And and what's happening. They think in the future. Or something. A little bit different. There's something called the Internet corporation -- side named the numbers for -- And -- kind of stories about who's been linked to the United States. Is -- relinquish. Or over or control over like. Is like on the side and in many teams domain name. And web addresses for the and again it's one of those things -- -- -- and he talks about. Talking about because. I understand -- -- read I just don't understand what they've done. To get better educated on the subject good drew William Sanchez Q Richard felt -- to shore appreciative to. So I'm I'm too old then. Unites states is so what is it. As soon. Will -- relinquish its over side if you read. Wall Street Journal says this is a huge mistake if you read Huffington Post that says it's a good idea talked him. Well it's important it. Emphasize it you know exactly like that there's some out there because excitement now can kind of yeah. Governing -- of the year when really eager to -- decentralized. Can't basically administers that top level that means it's it's it's quite dot com dot award US UK. And it essentially. Nineteen that we -- that computers use to -- since he gained -- numbers and more importantly. In the -- it can look up the name if you wanna know -- care. You look dot com. The -- while I can't maintain them and the actual job. You know registry domain is -- by while hundreds of thousands of pride registry. So the thing to understand yours that has formed in point nine -- it's supposed to be a transitional. It -- it was the the from the get ago that he stayed -- the global. Network. -- permanently role. In maintaining. Oversight. Over here so that in part to new announcement this is announcement we're around this thing. That we essentially to. Two years ago. I'm not a concern of course that there are a lot of. A lot of -- free routine than -- that for along on one to exert. More vigorous control over Internet content. Variety way. Doing treatment system sort. Very patient. We do it very hard and you'd like. To play in a particular web page that particular. Web site. Certainly not. In the quick way but -- A lot more -- directly. -- if you -- sent to the year and you are up for government. -- use your power over -- borders to try and others that domain name or the I'm contributed to. Calm by the you'll want exactly what they're proposing. One transaction and look like whatever body. Continued oversight role on looks like that composed. -- by. You know what. If you look at who is sounding alarms -- the the most part isn't. Groups like electronic frontier foundation. Are centrally concerned. Internet freedom. It's. The electronic frontier foundation that the -- -- Or there was -- to use -- VIP view is it in the US. Body. On -- so Tibetan about it actually one of the groups that that people do worry about I think. Somehow concern about the can transition to his neck up with the international telecommunications union. As part of the U. And a lot in a country like Russia and China have I'm argued for greater UN control of the -- Including domain -- a lot more. Vigorous regulation. Of contact actively as well. But this is really -- much more technical. Armed. -- and is really you know and about. Serving kind of basic technical administrative function you can imagine could be. And it -- is used by someone who wanted. Did you censorship but it's not -- it's natural. Place for him what you see you know if you look around -- that. Groups that are centrally concerned freedom means so yeah that is one mentioned that -- -- -- easily exceed them. I'm leading the charge your sounding alarm that it is he's got her concern it's that you know I think the gravity one. Criticized. President Obama I think there's certainly a lot of things to criticize. And administration for over in this case. But I do think. Ideas are surrendering and -- into the free Internet. You know it is very much -- it's worth watching what happens here com by -- -- it not some kind of mass terror master -- -- the power to. You know to decide what kind of contact is going to be a lot on the line. All right -- closer groupers break come right back. You just joined groups were talking about the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers icann. It's wounded sung. And and and maintains that domain names web addresses. For the Internet. We'll come back and and and look at the rest of this story. But also contemplate what have been pointing up for a number of weeks. Okay what I do -- is our breed a lot I'll pick a subject. And I try to balance of that try to get the ball through drone type report. Huffington Post type report. Turn to to show you the conservative look the liberal look. People are beginning to yet in the last couple months maybe it's just happened cents. Much more. Than -- actually use the new year. Or stories. That or exaggerated. Or totally wrong. But leading. A lot of newscasts. And that by in this very introducing into article in New York Times today in the business section. And it's called risk abound of reporters plea in traffic. And it's about how reporters. Are being paid by Catholics. When you click on the computer or on their story. That's they get paid or don't get okay. And I just wonder how much of this information. That we've certainly seen a little bit of over the last couple months. Is the coming trend double bill brigades celebrity Gail model 53 yeah. Lot of my good care of it trends have said Garland you got to do her show role on icon. The Internet corporation -- on names and numbers. Is it's the group the -- and Tuesday. Aside and and and even maintains the -- named side governor of Leo dot com web addresses for the Internet so forth and so on. And when they talked a mere bandits -- -- we can give away world where you'll have Russia and China user there are gonna use it to. Hold their own people fighting for liberty and people that. Disagree with them there they're going to -- -- And did it and I've assured do -- reading in the road hoping -- imposed. Liberal organization. And -- -- wheel -- isn't very good opportunity launch global initiative and boss through cooperation. And consensus on global communication policies. To solve global problems. No wonder and do actual country controlled by itself. Well that we decide to give a call in pretty good that we've got a couple minutes of the son Julian Sanchez. -- research fellow and -- deployed here your right -- not live there. Thing that's happening or a good thing that's happening and it's kinda in between that this moment or kind of an innocuous. I think mostly pretty innocuous. But certainly did it on -- news sudden change -- core. In 1990. What I can disperse form that was already a way of transitioning. Away from government control of the Internet before. -- -- That is -- leader really -- started out a kind of military research program. And so that it started to be commercialized it stopped just being aware of connecting. Institutions and government agencies haven't started to be something that -- publicly was starting to be involved -- They realize you know that is it's huge time communication around the world it's not a good idea for one government to be directly in charge of. And so on campus spot up as a way of creating the kind of private. -- with you know board of folks around the world but -- -- by the Commerce Department but the the all along lies. Just as you don't want the government directly controlling. From the kind of master. Switch with the Internet and sent. You don't want even one government overseeing it. I am definitely -- -- he was -- eventually. You look. -- last try it just to -- and of that. Process -- course right would be you know terrible at -- -- we spent well we're working to rush into this role. The US -- but of course they would probably. Find. Finally we media disapproved abuse it. But that's not. I think what anyone has proposed. What you see is probably not a huge. Change can already. Be left -- not exercise -- very happy. And overseeing it and that you know. Culture is not one that is super friendly toward. -- censorship and frankly it's not a very good way to these censorship again at your regular. Or could they use I can borrow a censorship and how how would they do that -- deny you domain name. Because it wouldn't even dipping -- and even directly minister. Domain -- they administer. Kind of master file tell you where to find. The domain entity -- register in Garland Robinette dot com you don't like you'd go to 100. A prime registrars. Like. Go to let's say you go and register. -- 230 registered. Weaver and top level domain and a master kind of while we hear all. Accounts smaller phone books. Can be -- It can buy -- that ultimately again. You're going broke and complicated toward. I should change the look that eventually. Will tell your computer what number. Facility would. Take the computer back and why. Finding that -- site and you've qualified principle as those used it to try and bully problem or terrorist to -- on. Servicer -- that to unsanitary hole don't know why but it would be extremely. And it will be very. We do a whole lot of international. Push back when for the most part in a country that one cents or or interest. Preventing citizens for that information. On pan that's very hard to do it the domain. Level it is very blunt tool that you could. In principle. Some pretty unique control. You -- the -- whole block of domains offline. It is what your interest in -- -- -- more subtle. I can't isn't legally you're going to be able to do it. Humbled when our breed. This and that's Washington would uses control over my -- black in the blog in these sorts century ship like they're. They're rising Russia China and North Korea. End and Washington reduce Congo block that some censorship. And the United States is protected engineers and non got -- stakeholders. So they can operate under an open Internet. Icon doesn't do that. So. It may be the case that the U the US has -- has not exert. -- pressure. To. During an act like that but. -- the question is how in the first. Place on anything in is that after -- -- Well you know rush -- two hours. And ability. To tell I can't what to do when that's not really -- -- -- Obviously the Internet. Because they'll be. As powerful force in any of these countries are not more so -- You're exerting pressure influence. On the global -- its. It's not really -- in one. Spit it. Concern as you know there please. You get it could exert some kind of pressure but. I'm in the last you know again directly to it today on now Russia is responsible for -- I'm you know they would have -- more ability to eat and we would you know a certain that it should be taken off the Internet. Crude could some of those countries just use it. To censor those that disagree with the. I don't think it would be extremely difficult -- to do it that way -- again you're talking about now. You know the administration. Large blocks. Our domain name. And again if you're already. Argument country. The question is what -- -- the easiest way to block. Contents from getting to you verses and then and indeed. It's that the contact that that were supposed to you know entire blog names like -- NN I mean the way. China. And other countries that that's an ethernet you know it is one more effective. It doesn't depend on. You know something as blunt as an entire domain name. To me rather more -- -- pretty intensive. Monitoring the local level and out -- certainly. While the rest of the world can see. Which is of course something that would push it's probably a lot more Internet. Push back and blow back and so you know again it's not the that we shouldn't be. Attentive to exactly who and now armed with oversight responsibility for -- and it's a -- it is very strange week deal about trying to censor. The eagle when you look at countries that already views. Not this kind of censorship and mostly I realized that censoring idea of not very active way. To -- censorship. Yet that you could threaten an anti air -- -- business in -- way we that would prompt a lot of blow back. But that would be very credible candidate very plausible -- fine. And that one single feature Google our Twitter. -- don't take away that would be at the typical threat to make. But it you to. Hold on the blocking it. Trying to stop people from -- Twitter in Turkey just now and it really noticed pointed -- You know pointed browsers to other result we're at it another another address book around. Which is one reason that these the map as -- are usually -- ridicule not very active in the problem is. What you're trying to do is -- dissidents. Who are even a little bit technology technically sophisticated. They can just consult with different address book I mean I think any. Clearly drilled into college we're running out of time. But thank you so much I appreciate the expertise and the time. Have a good debt you've covered under actual talked ruined over -- city appear agrees we're talking about icon the entities -- over the Internet through the unilateral to does -- Maintains domain names web addresses. And looks like we're gonna give to come and --