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3-24-14 11:35am Garland: on oil companies and the wetlands

Mar 24, 2014|

Garland talks with Louisiana Oil & Gas Association Vice President Gifford Briggs about the lawsuit against oil companies over Louisiana wetland destruction.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are we continue our borrowed a series of followed shows on the radio lawsuit. Filed by members of the -- solved -- -- upload protection authority would do spoke to a former member. Ribs upload new organization called restore loop easier and now dog ordinance by agreeing oracle lawsuit. That I think is suing 97 oil companies. Here to give -- the oil company's side of the Gifford Briggs. Vice president Louisiana oil and gas association -- welcome to Chicago. Good morning. It was -- -- arguments. It is still morning good morning -- and are wondering what's the latest on this I think the last from a talk to you live from a talk to. Senator Bradley. So this this whole lawsuit was illegal. Should've never been -- in the first place. The attorney general. It should not be via approving this lawsuit. And according to my notes -- judge ruled wrong. And ruled the bureau or association. -- Attempting to overturned. Something that you were your actions were frivolous. Well she's certainly been ruled that are actually in the furloughs are actually made this statement in court about. You know there's a reason that we have an appeal process of state Louisiana because oftentimes. District court judges can correct. Decisions and that's why we've got support -- and we look forward to pursuing justice in the first certain and you know finally getting the solutions brought it to me is very clear. That the attorney general and violated the law approved the resolution. And our -- special counsel -- that if you if you look at the legislative history before protection authorities est Mort. Com and the attorney general was their turn that battle of the -- -- can can you -- contracts which you know which they did. Any attorney general -- the revolution allowed out but you know. Despite all of that you know we continue along with a lawsuit that it is damaging. The economy of the -- That all in all the only benefit. You know a few creature hours that are I had the opportunity to make billions upon billions of dollars. -- and not something that that is -- public policy for the fatally. Good news zones over the years we don't know a lot of -- on Walsh who chose overall and -- -- affected. And certainly you -- your organization particularly Don Briggs and president de Beers Q and say. That companies that income in or they didn't say because lawsuits. But the last -- you're wrong we we have the results of the deposition moved on. Where he couldn't come up with -- one game of any company that has done Monaco. Well sure and -- -- you remember correctly in the lap and I was born. Well I gave -- ample. Government that it comes to batteries and testified on legislation. But impact that like these to have on their companies. In their inability to get insurance and to drill wells and the -- -- you know again so. Is there any evidence out there just showed you that big companies. That that these losses in fact where people make decisions. You know whether or after ushering in their street you know if you if you never abusive lawsuits that are just permeating every war. Industry. That those executives and beer and bastards are going to make decisions that -- that litigation. From being filed against their company and you know going treatment -- -- in -- -- we've got twelve words right now we -- him right now. It got over on 400 losses. Against going out and strange as that low numbers just the role in the air aerial. And of course that make a difference in where people make in doubt if you can make an investment and the stated back. And not risk that kind of law and you're gonna do. That we can break out here we've got great resources here. Unfortunately we have legal climate that -- if you drill one well we -- -- going to be pretty. And with that -- -- -- you know. People make investments. In and -- -- -- losers in -- are going to be the people of the state. 15% of the budget. Yet that Jerry is Jerry -- your severance tax dollars. He's from the oil and gas industry. Doctrine is and our oil production. Is fairly serious decline right now. Legislators and outwardly there structural. Example your bleachers back there they're gonna choose between raising taxes. We want. -- cutting education and healthcare and harming our most precious resource Arch Coal. Well and good for the benefit. You know about -- law firms. That's a good decision for the people who. All right and took a break come right back -- -- give for Briggs with the vice president museum oil link ups those -- Finger about a lawsuit filed by. Some members and former members of these subtleties who's gonna -- protection authority. Against -- -- seven oil and gas companies the claims -- Canals to a good damage until well Oakland should not repaired and the authority wants -- -- and the show all again association and would be industries does not true we have tempered -- with the vice president. General -- association. Give Purdue I think you said something that it's that was incorrect. And so wanna make sure. Rector let me read to you prone. Two news articles one in particular says. Attorney general bloody cold all acted appropriately in approving the east bank Libyan authorities vote spiral -- probe -- them its suit against -- -- seven oil gas pipeline company. Bad -- -- -- was Janice Clark ruled that the old Israel and get some huge lawsuit attempting to overturn called -- approval. Was -- and it's is that right is that the part. I'm not exactly familiar with with that or corn and what context it would it would lose and I wasn't in the courtroom at the time but it you know -- -- -- it. It was a troop. In the road. And I don't think that her final ruling and then having an -- this car so. Not think that there you know you're getting into legal you know what what what's being said water bottles are. You know it may be a little bit premature make that distinction right now you'll -- -- one of the things it won't talk about which. You know we've been doing -- you know get a bit of care and -- around the state. Which is -- you know grassroots coalition now bought watching Louisiana and I'll tell you. And the that feedback we're getting from the community here -- -- -- -- all of them. And how upset they are about this abusive legal climate. In these you know just aggressive attacks on the oil and gas industry and how ready they are. To stand up and fight for their history. And even those people are affected by our armed correctly. Involved in the industry that are somehow whether they've got a -- or dry cleaners shop you know our uniform shop clothing store. Everyone's impacted by the industry. And they are sure you know. Meeting after meeting after meeting exciting and getting on board getting engaged in at a really ready to stand -- and ensure that. That this type of abuse and attack on the industry. Doesn't continues in just -- really refreshing. This -- it did how much the communities. In the states in everybody's ready rally in support of the industry you know -- during his upcoming session into the future I think that's something that. Eric -- and that that brings a proportion if you appear to have that much public support. And and people and then what or companies have done for the state. They're supporting you reducing unit in the -- you're seeing it in via. Given the boot to. Community meetings you're having. All of the lawsuits -- drew mentioned I've been here for forty something years. And I'm only aware of the lawsuits by private property owners. I've never seen one -- this much publicity. In this march details. The restore Louisiana dot org what -- their memos that they have pre 197. With humble oil. Talked about the regulations. Precautions taken and Indians by saying do not admit blame personally or on the part of the company. Seeing -- this seriousness of the allegations and the publicity. What would be wrong with a allowing a lawsuit just to go through the courts why go through the legislature. To kill will lawsuit. When you think you have public support and you know we didn't do wrong. Well you know again that you know Logan's first step was to file -- lawsuit against the attorney general -- get. There will be tribunal has violated the law approving the resolution. And and the lawsuit should not vote wounded disagrees and correct and John there even his own words interview that this will never go to court to allow for 24 months on the road. And you know -- settle. And in this you know and so -- four months of this type of a lawsuit being out there. It is going through. You know create a tremendous impact on the economy. Legal challenge the law without -- even done that you don't -- And you believe the losses will ever goes through court. There wouldn't take action now in order to protect its industry because whoever. And the law or everyday that this move this horrific legal opportunities abusive law. And over the oil industry you know that's -- for the people believing that's what resources. Available. For the communities and urban neighborhoods and for -- you know that their children an education and health care. Can't that that's not something that I don't think any more and interstate at -- you know you know relations support. Or would look kids -- -- slide in the and things. Connected to give him the boot you that you would give out to the public. Sure I mean if you wanna find out more you can go to give them that the dot org web site GI BE MT HE -- dot org. For what hopefully you're not driving down the road right now are driving down don't do he has been for those the other missing elsewhere. You can pour yourself. And open your text messaging -- and text. 444999. And just text the word -- so board or board 999. Text -- and you can get involved today. Gifford were out of time but we will do -- hope we can do to back again. Thank you have to.