WWL>Topics>>3-24-14 12:35pm Garland: on Putin's ambitions

3-24-14 12:35pm Garland: on Putin's ambitions

Mar 24, 2014|

Garland talks with Peter Ferrara of the Carleson Center for Public Policy about whether Vladimir Putin could be looking at invading more territories than simply Crimea.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But the hero in Prague or President Obama to quote -- something when it comes -- the Ukraine. -- to be escalating a daily basis but it is it's interesting I was looking at a couple of colds. Whereas. They are there which there are those political entities and civilian entities in this country. Wondering President Obama do as much as the care and concern Ukraine. But. Two of these polled basically says this is as long as the American economy reminds the weighted it is. The quote most often used from those polled said is separate nation building here at home. Not overseas. Pure search poll a survey moves through -- 156%. Of Americans said stay out under any circumstances. NBC Wall Street Journal 57%. Of Americans the US is still. In recession. So -- -- all that said. I'm still struggling to find the reason board Ukraine is so important yeah. And as always we go to -- experts whip Peter Ferraro with the senior fellow Carlson -- and from public policy. Peter appreciate the time thing for calling your. Is this so important to Americans. Well let's get keep in mind some of the history here. Reagan won the Cold War without art -- that was how Margaret that -- -- pretty performance a lot. He managed to do that without shooting war without borrowing America in the war. And so being pushed back the ability. Which shocked. You can picture with the opposite and everything Obama so a lot. Economy sucks because -- the opposite -- -- rate the meeting actually read the government spending increased government regulation. The botching the currency. And he -- the opposite agree formula re create the economy. The greatest. What are -- but he -- called. The greatest. Little -- creation of the planet. What Steve -- called economical at age yet what we got Obama is the worst recovery from our -- that the Great Depression. And I and so you see Reagan followed that doctrine peace restraint. So he rebuilt the US military. Made it you apparently stronger there Soviet military. And the Soviets looked at bubble developing and they collapsed they said people put this with our work without content system. And Reagan that put the screws on the. By eating our economy to -- So that the dollar is stronger. And the upright civil war terms -- dollar decline and that there are actually people with ever get our. Caught even that you come -- equally capital. But so. Well on the opposite so you cut military down Q. World War I standards. Court in our economy crippled that. And so he by the war to -- so we -- just accept the point where shall we actually collapsed without our. It's in Ukraine local street in your local industry. And what people are not concerned about now. It out so it's going to use their military. To try to reconstitute the old Soviet empire. And there is this the first step here in Ukraine. -- year what it was started the first stage and we've technical parts that are yet because -- -- speaking members are actually. The German population part Czechoslovakia is more than. The Czech population or more than that so the optic population so -- -- -- -- what are -- so -- that part with the military. I did get -- grapple -- an -- all the way. Insult people look at this issue and it is the first step in. You know Russian aggression like -- with Hitler is this the first step to the Russian. Try to conquer their part prior -- people today don't you finished in the Soviet. At all of Eastern Europe. Under their occupation and he -- meaning that -- Which was under a -- -- that they -- All that -- -- -- each -- they they bet. Economic call to action but not just speech in Europe I mean they. Soviet Union itself -- parts Ukraine should be so state. It's like -- election California. Population vote for to -- in Mexico. And so. So that. So it looks so -- so. So what street America that all so they actually broke away from Russia and roughly proportionate. In the middle Eastern Europe. And it's a bent out of what you are we. Korean Obama so. Like to get in -- well that -- that Obama. Opposite entry. -- active by repatriation of Cold War only this time. We get the opposite time so this time we. Re Cold War fired shop about our shot is Obama to restart the Cold War time -- without our shot. And so eagle at the street at that this is. Is great question about are at loose. What was agreed that one of the greatest victory in oral. -- our political war the so you. So apparently. Got a lot more -- -- into the country full part in the right -- If they succeed from the United States. And limit -- ago first break I think understand why you're sitting here it is important we should do something. Let's come back and talk about what -- we do what should we do. Governor a bill figured 78 immoral 53 yeah. Are welcome -- were thinking about Ukraine. And why and yeah it's so important Buena and say it's. River just Peter Ferrara is senior fellow Carlson center for public policy -- -- -- spent correctly. One of the -- chooses. Or break and brought about the collapse oboe or Russia in the Cold War the Soviet empire. India Cold War and we Briscoe going back in the other direction because he -- like President Obama what he has done has been opposite what Reagan did it. Well we go back to Peter -- code to Al and -- you or on computer for a. Andy -- -- I would like them. Are all this art. They have over it should date date not to do not. A problem as the Q book. And also aren't they. Will ship sent everybody's pollution -- on would have Apatow there's there's. And it -- popped -- on somewhere and that isn't the case it was a goals while. He knows what -- Adults and. Ultra no less I'm not true book that has to do with Ukraine but it. Peter you have really got to do what the Russians or involved in the Malaysian planes -- No there are about that but there are all this issue. Do you know that the -- the current leader of the Soviet military announced. They're opening Russian bases in Cuba Venezuela and Nicaragua. Now you know written in our party street people don't remember Cuban crisis Russians so they're gonna put nuclear missiles in Cuba. And elected president Kennedy. President Kennedy is another -- in the -- Reagan because Kennedy was very similar Hillary. Kennedy said he put a blockade on Cuba and he said no merchant ships are allowed to do government for Cuba. He actually put a block key Soviet navy and so he's back down -- -- Obama -- -- three. Basis in the Southern Hemisphere. Secretary -- carry. Made it incredibly stupid speech I'm sorry to do to torture we bill. In which he -- Forget about the -- doctor. You know the Monroe doctrine is -- president Monroe or 200 years ago he said we're not tolerate. Foreign interference in the atmosphere so. We would kick it and attack the United States. It they are like European. Or go global world power stat machine basis in Latin America. So what's so what do you think we'll be doing it. First of law secretary Kerry need to take back his speech and reopened the -- re open the Monroe doctrine. Awarded gold go back to what Reagan did okay Reagan rebuilt the military so he he aren't an action movie. And -- Obama is taking it down well below 300 ships and the client. But we're not gonna happen there we theater -- -- we did that that for a really long term riders that are. Anything -- to be doing now. You can -- it could be because Obama is cutting back the military to World War I level at and we can't. Go back to the military numbered years ago so tightly to. The World War II well we cut our military into pieces after World War I and Obama's statement Specter in 1930. -- and so a lot. -- how we ended with them so long term how they take great deal to military. So. So. By time he was on art and should be nobody wanted to -- -- the action at the point key strength so you don't get apple. By army because nobody's gonna challenge -- And in fact we -- and the world patients nobody was building nuclear weapons could nobody every equipment speed backstage so why spend the money. And so we had the global peace because we had a patch count Mercury where we need to do is rebuild our military expenses. Reagan did what economic warfare so he he -- where it's under the Communist system in Russia getting it. And they're getting money from. Selling oil and -- And so. So Reagan's. Promoted monetary policies that create a strong dollar. Now opposite getting a weak dollar net increase it to try to work out apparel very valuable for the Soviet Union. -- at a dinner of the counterfeit dollars of apparel. Roland let me answer your question. At the beginning of choice quoted. -- recent surveys polls. That basically says the United States but one currency to American citizens -- at least one road to -- caller according to the studies. Are tired of twelve years of war there were there were about the basics being able to put food on the table it's in the kids -- school pay their bills. How do you view a rally a nation tuned to go into a note about whether it be Cold War. Would be associated costs -- real war. What is -- aren't wanna go to war hi there and and Reagan did take it the war either everywhere that for years if you elect Reagan you know war monger you know. He is gonna treat this war ended up at -- accuracy it. -- Cold War without a shock. So part of the economic were free to do now is you could. Grant licenses for American producers to sell liquefied natural gas to Europe -- -- that pollute this control you're. And recapture. Part is he's -- he's developed these contracts. So that he's supply Ukraine with a large portion of its give -- energy supplies -- more European countries are proportionate -- their energy. Obama has like thirty applications for American companies don't want the sale of York. Why didn't grant them -- permits to let themselves. That actual -- here it's legal right to keep just like he did write to the economic. Strength Russia has. And so that they need the countries and why are there natural gas where did rather than relying on. Relying on Russia so you kind of -- -- he global war war when people are -- Peter I appreciate your time very much we run out of time Libya have been -- at a later date night appreciated the call. Any premonition Peter brought Rhodes senior fellow Carlson center for public policy. Come back on rob and nobody would call of the --