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3-24-14 2:10pm Angela: on young NOLA entrepreneurs

Mar 24, 2014|

Angela talks local entrepreneurship with Kurt Weigle of the Downtown Development District and a panel of young creators: Tippy Tippens of Matter Inc., J. Patrick Crilly of HereHear!, Samantha Diamond of CultureConnect, and Catherine Todd and Collin Ferguson of Where Y'Art.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we're gonna do sort of a mental shift but I just wanted to say one final thing about the pretrial services if you were listening to our first hour. I think all of us are very concerned about our criminal justice system and it is very complex and don't think that it isn't. But this is an area that is showing great success and ultimately. It is going to help the people of the city both the taxpayers. And those who are arrested because I think what was heard loudly and clearly. Was that 11. One is kept in jail just waiting for trial. Just waiting for trial beacon for ever changed their lives and that's without guilt or innocence so again we're gonna continue to talk about this. But something all of us need to think about out. Now we do our mental shift to something very uplifting and very happy. We are watching downtown New Orleans evolve into a place to live work and have fun. It's been a process led by both developers. And the downtown development district. In keeping with that evolution the dvd is encouraging arts based businesses. To be part of the growth. And so for the second year his head competition. Of creative ideas for businesses. With the winner receiving. A lot. And committing to housing -- business in the downtown area. It's a win win and it's fun and we have the head of the downtown development district Kirk why -- here. And the finalist in this week's arts based business pitch. This -- This is all part of entrepreneur or week in New Orleans and we love all the energy it brings to us. With those four of the five finalist. To -- shipments who has matter. Design store in studio. Patrick Riley who has here here. Samantha Dimon. Of couture connect. And Catherine Todd and Colin. Ferguson with -- art. Did I say that right where you art. Okay. I'm thrilled to have all of you here you are the New York now not just the future. And you know my two favorite things on -- art. And business and it's the great combination common let's talk about with -- how you started this last year what's the goal. Sure -- well thanks again for having a son. The -- ideas is. It's it's hard to express a level excitement we have about this group of finalists this year. -- you know that the DD has been about creating the right environment for creative people to do what they do for the last many years certainly the last eight years. And and that that a lot of that means tree in the right place the right networks and so forth. And this this downtown no arts based business pitch we think is part and parcel of that really the next step. Now we've created the like the kind of place downtown where we -- truly attract the best and the brightest of the most creative folks we think on earth. Want to make downtown or -- home. -- we do we start this competition last year with this year 35000 dollar prize package including in kind in and cash awards. In order to draw attention to the existing businesses. That are using the arts to drive. To drive economic development and for those of us in the field that means. Creating new jobs of course creating more wealth for the whole community. And eventually creating more tax base for for the city which is wouldn't it we need to make things go around. And so what we've we've come together with many sponsors corporate realty in Jones walker pulls away -- bill. Are you asking. Parking store for and plastics. Beta and -- he associates. As -- as well as our arts based partners Louisiana cultural economy foundation. And the creative allows alliance of New Orleans to host this competition and really an entire day of events. As part of north on per week which is in effect this week this Wednesday. Will be having hosted by our our can no NL CF partners. Panels during the afternoon that will draw attention to various elements of of cart's base business. And then at 330 that day we will have this pitch with that 35000 dollar. Prize package that I mentioned so each of the five finalists will get up and we'll have a certain length of time. To sell their concept that it -- works is that you talked about how you'd you'd love business that's how works in business you've got you've got your elevator speech you've got to. A little bit of time to make a pitch which sometimes can be worth a lot of investment. And so that's what we're trying to do is is so. Get these folks used to that kind of business environment. Let's say this is this is terrific I'm gonna start with fuel. To think. Tippy who has matter ink design store and studio yes talked to me about skimming your -- that. And so no matter three and a half years ago as a way to help with -- after the BP spill. So the matter is a design company that creates products that get back. So in the past three and a half years our first product expert projects so. Has donated 20000 dollars to golf frustration American international bird rescue. And in the past three years and peaked becoming must design store and studio. We realize the need for a retail space. So our pitch is to start and design shop and incubator for deciding to entrepreneur Scott frontier. So frontiers would. It's share overhead costs employee costs. All the things that make it tough to start your own -- show up. Amongst three kind of cornerstone businesses and then offer lower wholesale costs to other design -- turnovers for pitching and hours at the shop and helping to store. So it's like a co op -- it's kind of a -- up back backbone -- incubators slash cola and tell me about yourself. Does so he is made here in New Orleans it's a black bird shaped closer and so. A handmade by Swede all of so -- and we Manger Davis she's a third generation -- maker. And at the center there's a ceramic bird so as you wash your hands you eventually get to that answer and keeps me. That's a symbol of hope and restoration now also mean -- wonderful idea being wonderful idea. All right Patrick -- this is your moment to talk to me about here here that's HE RE. AJ Narnia. Would -- to talk about that. I've been for the last few years have been. Operating -- recording streaming company called -- music -- and we've been. Two over three dozen clubs around New Orleans doing live recordings and broadcasts of all kinds of new loans music working with hundreds of local artists. And festivals. That kind of thing and so. During his years after his -- a lot of problems with. The live streaming process and in particular there's no real live streaming platform for local and independent artists. And the reason why is because. To produce a video stream is very expensive. You can't just use one camera if you do and ends up looking like security camera footage that nobody's interested in news. Three cameras -- people operating cameras you gotta pay for bandwidth. If you're talking about a local band doing their weekly gig at the neighborhood bar it's it's cost prohibitive it's just not gonna happen can't live stream so. Here here is that app that it's actually which is made are functioning prototype this weekend during the New Orleans entrepreneur. -- -- -- -- And proud to say that it's working and we actually won that competition and element that momentum going -- so Arty -- works as what the basic concept is we produce audio stream. Which is it is -- except that anybody can do that but it's not quite interesting enough so we do is -- polling. Crowd -- photography. Photography from everybody is an audience snapping pictures with their files which is a very common behavior if you go to shows you see everybody's is. Bring out their posting pictures so the experience. For Beulah home as they get to listen to live music and watch watch through the eyes of people who are taking pictures with their phones. How do you get the pictures. OK so the -- that we came up with this weekend which is not necessarily that. How. Mobile App Store but the with a web -- where are now as we pull from instant so most common news thing we can use the temple using location. Geo location or we compose using hash -- so when we. Demo of the product yesterday we used to hash tag and OEW. 2014 and we're able it worked. And it worked so we knew I would be able look at this. Go to that concert and see through the eyes of the resolution pictures and so the -- -- was going on to this weekend and that's where those are first tag that we try to it was we use the official hash tag of the -- -- festival and also -- pollen in people's pitchers who oppose science Graham from the Koufos. Wonderful idea everyone stay with this -- more ideas coming we'll be right back. Will we are back talking to some very creative people who are in fact also on -- -- Norris and there in competition but in the commercials that convince me that. Pitcher in each other on an and I that's very important to it says it says volumes about. This wonderful community that's been created in a relatively short period of time. The -- general community. We're listening to the ideas that they're going to be pitching this week during onto an -- week and it is all about the downtown development district creating this thing for. Those with an artistic bent just to form their business downtown. So we have listened to -- and we listened to Patrick and now some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Culture and thank you for having -- and shore. It's a culture can actually work -- museums cultural organizations and cultural events. In many cities but especially here in New Orleans. To bring them online and we. Help them bring their collections tell their stories and engage their communities through digital platform and we specifically focus on. Mobile technologies and Smartphones and tablets. For example. We are launching her first -- officially tomorrow with the preservation resource center here in the downtown development district. It's a jazz -- on it focuses on the lives of jazz musicians the homes and neighborhoods in which they lived. And if you're listeners would like a preview they can actually access the up and start exploring the music the images and histories of these jazz musicians. On their phones right now. They can access it by texting the word jazz -- 99000. And I just use that as an example because sometimes technology can be a little bit abstract but. What we you know what are. What our focus is our our prep our product is in fact technology better business and we really try to delivers this idea that organizations can better tell their stories. They have these incredible rich archives and collections that sometimes it in basements or are locked in a building. And so what digital. The digital medium allows -- two. Share those collections and tell those stories much more effectively with the wider audience. So it would be. A 2% president resource and but it also be. New Orleans museum of art yes he's a World War II museum in my acting. African American music absolutely and fact Enron's museum of art is also one of our partners are working with Andy McKenna museum of African American art and act. Discipline but. That is a great ideas of somebody in Omaha yes that wants to know about jazz of the African American Museum can just go on to your site. Which is culture. Culture connect me dot com that's our company website but if you wanted to access for example the first -- that where launching you can just text jazz tune 99000. He'll get a text message back with a link directly via beautiful it's a beautiful idea thank you. Two women who also have a wonderful idea Catherine Todd and I think Colin Ferguson Colin Ferguson OK with where your hit. It's all -- girls. Well as we started -- -- two years ago as we're both local artists. Captured graphic designer. I -- a feather artists and we both operate successful creative businesses. But over and over we kept interacting with our counterparts have really struggled with the business side of selling art. And so essentially where art is a catalyst for local -- communities. It's a community resource for the lovers of art to discovered the next generation of New Orleans artist. And that to help those artist turned their passions into profits. And it kind of does it through two different ways -- online. Where art dot net is an online gallery in marketplace featuring the work of both emerging and established artist. An offline we offer a social -- Peter teaching artist everything from. Different business skills that they need -- to creative creating a professional photography. And think that they need to document to tell their work. In the digital world. We actually watched our beta version of our site. In December of last year about four months ago on and within our first six weeks we actually facilitated 101000 dollars. In -- sales and it's only an uphill since then. So yes so what we really do is we offer more than just a transaction -- where -- dot net is an experience. It really offers buyers. The unique opportunity to learn the story the personal story behind artists. And behind each piece of work. On -- where you are taught that you can follow. You can -- it he can create your own collections of the kind of similar to pay interest -- boards. And share all of your discoveries through all the this social media channels and everyone's using these days. Really allowing for exponential reach of these artists work to just at a much broader. Population of people. So yes it really went that would trying shine a spotlight on the ark community of New Orleans by creating. A community that really focuses on coop -- and and and are working with all the different levels all the different pockets our communities because typically especially in New Orleans. Our communities that are you know there's uptown there the -- latter there's I'll be small pockets -- -- bring all of those pockets together under one. Umbrella. And just like WW -- local music where -- art brings New Orleans art to the world with our website. How are you going to make money from. We have variety of revenue streams around we have our membership which is thirty dollars a month. -- incorporate your Asians we take a very small transactions be upon the sell art through our site. On and then we offer creative services on and for those it's really been instrumental in. Our artist. Building confidence and selling their work in marketing themselves ons that we offer professional photography. Operating. And marketing to help our artists connect with buyers. You know I'm just reminded them listen to you -- mean I'm sure many of the artists' -- and things but they don't have Andy. Exactly really what you're hitting toward. Is that business side. Of being an artist which is tough and it's interesting that you mentioned that because very often in a -- have never even had one business course. So. You know you're told how to create art but that's only 50% of the game the next part is knowing how to connect with buyers and how to make that into viable career. So. One or both of you mentioned it's it's tough being an entrepreneur mark what have been the biggest struggles. Not all want to NASA. Okay. Well it's been a very very long journey from us started however rhetoric low and music industry studies in 2007. I had my senior thesis was about to live recordings of music so we'll see you -- goes as well. And my first thing I was doing was recording. Live bands in the in the venues and selling downloads for five dollars. Full concert which was pretty low price and would be good for people and they just were not into it likely would. Mean these awesome recordings and silly three or four gallons of them and could never recoup our expenses. And it's just been a lot of tickets -- -- like that you know and in when we -- the digital to -- last year it was kind of like you -- a moment because of the bands and worked with what does. When my their best argument salary now Mike don't bend -- -- And Julio -- -- software -- -- great recourse for them and they were posted on the social media and like maybe three fans and others. And technically fifteen books -- Dame when their van broke down we've put -- there's not a guitar and we said look. Anybody you tip the men -- gonna give you give it Wafer. And then. Just changed the -- -- I don't know scenario lotteries a couple thousand bucks -- -- endeared to him with the same record -- just. Hi though presented yeah so what I think is just frontrunners is if you have something which we can use that as McEnroe where the first time just stick with it for years and years and keep -- in the room to do its. Stay with -- everyone we're gonna pick their -- some more about the reality of being a doctor -- Right after we go to the newsroom and on names -- the world of entrepreneurs and then there's the world of artistic. On -- Norris and we've met for them to be up to opens and Patrick Reilly cement them diamond. And also Katherine -- and Colin Ferguson of putting like you're -- that they -- But each one of your stories really is incredible in each merits winning. Current white alike feel sorry for you shouldn't have to make a very tough decision I can't make a wrong decision you know you can't make a wrong decision. And and not winning doesn't mean you're not winning you've already got the ideas I mean -- on the road. Doing this we were talking earlier about some of the struggles one hand. Getting something going can you elaborate. Sure so I think when we were talking about the fact that we knew that you have an idea behind -- to go out. And you have to listen to your customers and test the -- of your customers. And you have to simultaneously balance this idea that you've got a vision for something that you wanna do while also being flexible enough. To respond to the feedback you're getting from the people -- -- ultimately trying to serve. So it back can be a very -- can be a long process like India and difficult process. And being that open minded and flexible about this vision that's in keeping you up at night it's getting you out of bed in the morning and hoping you drive past any obstacles. But I think you know the counterpoint to that is. The community we're talking about the community here in New Orleans and -- viewers of creative entrepreneurs. And I think that's that's the thing that really helps you with Andy. Struggle that you might be having but also helps bolster -- from wherever you are. You know your your not just isolated running your business trying to move ahead you actually have this incredibly Smart supportive community of people. And they're your friends are they your business partners are there the downtown development district of facilitating this kind of competition. Giving you -- stage two years to speak to a wider audience. I think those -- the things like kind of stand out to me. Number that's one thing which you bring -- make it could be -- If you didn't have that network yeah I mean I'm I'm also fortunate I have a co-founder Monica's attack -- that. I think I think that's another thing I really admire entrepreneur or is that go it alone because I think. There is there -- it's incredible to have a partner partner in crime so to speak to support you or to just Nash cheese with their crimes act. And even on top of that the different groups in the city like the idea village propeller. Goldman Sachs 101000 small businesses. LC -- downtown development district. Have created. An environment in New Orleans -- -- -- or -- can happen because it's a long uphill. Uphill battle and no one is an expert in finance in marketing and all of that you know what you know that you don't know what you don't know and having these kinds. Of organizations that you can reach out to help fill in the gaps of knowledge. Have really been -- take ideas. From being ideas and make an actionable and I think that's one of the really important part. It's very unique about New Orleans is that we have these groups that are fostering our ideas and making them it's actionable plans -- To you know -- profitable and successful business. So if you know there have there's always been those in this community who were on to open doors but it's really been in the last since the storm we say eight years. That it's become a word that identifies New Orleans this wasn't here twenty years ago wasn't here thirty years ago -- astounding thing. I really think. Really because you're young and you're just so open to it not that I'm old enough but but but you know I'm talking about her. Look absolutely Angela. You know and I give credit to really of very few people. Who started this movement people like Tim Williamson yes and -- -- trying to with the idea village. Who said look we've got we've got this treasure trove here in terms of being creative place like we've all talked about. But let's bring the entrepreneurial side let's bring turning that creativity into businesses. There are few people who just spoke that gospel year after year in and got many of the rest of us interest in that and believing in it. And I think that's that's what we see the fruit of today you know for us at the dvd. You know we have a strong belief that you do what you love you do which are good -- in in Orleans we are good culture we're gonna creativity in the arts. And that's why we thought this was such a natural for us you know and so. Believing that we can we went out to the backyard and we we started digging for water and I feel you are looking at this group here I think like we hit milk and honey instead all of this. Beautifully said and I wanna say that Samantha. No I did not do that again -- fitness -- Yes -- you are doing the co -- Yeah which is very much kind of saying. We need to help each other absolutely I am a salons -- Norse I have been doing in this by myself for the past three and a half years so. You know wearing a lot of different hats not getting very much sleep. You know it it wears on you after a while and I realized that I need to start retail space but I also realized that. I can't fully pitted and then becoming. A full time shopkeeper. And I know that there are many other entrepreneurs in the same boat. And you know if we pitch and then do it together then not only are we able to do it that we make something better and stronger. And morphology and more fun absolutely. I love working with other people and collaborating and you know when you're doing things together you know 22 minds are better than one and you end up with something better and more fun absolutely. Content to to get to cash. Our. Well it's really it's actually a really funny story. Katherine. And in go through a tough time in her alive and was awoken in the middle that I almost an injury that he needed something to really showcase the talent of New Orleans artists. And be able to share that with the world because we're the most creative and wonderful city in the world and there's so much time here -- a lot of the times it has been explored on. Either find when your here but it's hard to take with you and so she had this idea of a local marketplace for artists. I in the same week was out my first experience and burning. In the desert. And one of the things that really struck me while I was out there was. That collaboration of every being an idea that. When you're out there you know don't. You never want for anything because it's always there because everyone is always so giving and so helpful to create this. Really amazing presence in this amazing community and so. I you know was struck with the fact I really wanna help dude is on a larger scale New Orleans and out on -- street and capture came up to -- and said. I had this idea and we had met each other previously at a at a music festival she was the poster artists selling others. And we had you know kind of business for crimes that we thought the other was really doing stuff. And he says I know that you're supposed to apart of that as well we met the next day we went to business school to use that excuse. It was kind of tally your moment where she said oh my goodness gotten I don't know anything about the business I've it is true but it was just -- an argument to be. Yeah just just -- us and being artist ourselves and I -- that there are so many artists in the community. That need to see some work that we do. And so as we're starting to propeller were guiding our artists in the same way they're writing us. In building an infrastructure of them to. And without that infrastructure. Is fifty artists that we had. Where would would not. Be able to sustain their business. Where we're building a community of New Orleans artists one it is time yeah. There's an -- Definition that everyone well in this room will agree -- the definition of a starving artist is when he screams and saves in order to create. Often times. Putting all their money and time into their creation and if you really look at it that's almost the exact same definition. Of an expert nor one used for instance -- and and you know lives off the bare bones in order to create to make the world a better place I think that's probably something that every. Aren't for lower and creative person in this -- Stay with this we're gonna get their comments Friday activists. We are back with our super entrepreneur Norris. In competition but I'm telling you I'm Imus uplifted as I've been in a very long time I mean then you inspire. Something that you had said in the break was putting all together. If you would repeat that problem you were just telling the story about a time when -- -- -- you -- at CNET paintings up in the street on the door wanted to -- that painting and then did. As is commenting that all of our businesses sort of address this issue you know here -- here in a moment you're struck by something by how do you reconnect with that once you walk away -- -- -- art fair concert. You're in a museum in the case of culture connect. And you know I think all of our businesses basically help bridge that offline and online. And being online basically gives whether it's music art galleries or museums this platform to re engaging community re engage an audience have a dialogue have a conversation. And this is this something that the creative world needs I think that. You know you unlike maybe some other businesses in order for creative business to really be successfully you have to have -- community engagement component you have to. You know it's with. Apology. Saying I wanna make money. -- our sticker that says we keep artist is. A quick story -- one of our -- named. And we discovered cat and a friend and she rear axle work and felt guilty bank paint supplies. She lacked the confidence to market herself and she treated her passion as a hobby. Not that it acts and they are thousands of cats local emerging art artists that struggled with -- as it's been an artist. Within two months on our site capsule six paintings. From Washington DC Austin, Texas. Almost I think up to now. Each hold 8000. -- -- since December. Like where we're creating. It's it's it's it's it's a partnership. Between artists and and you know where I have absolutely and tell us. And I'm -- Albert Patrick and you just and you're taking it only. Thousands room numbers are -- greater -- It's a real number but I loved Richardson about. That you know you were on track to do something which we share music. It was just a fluke that you know their van breaks down to you'd get more it was how you thought about it that made the difference. Yeah I mean yeah you said it as a base like. Even -- it just the same recording is the mind blowing thing you know electric could missile that recording but we could give it away and in the -- -- -- more money so I don't know it's just soaks up. So you came up with tip jar to sort of there was created during this this from the Super Bowl last year -- there was -- -- That lose. Kind of correlated with that and we took the opportunity to build that does to tour. That it so anybody can do that. Anybody can use against his will to -- dot -- -- right now we're using yeah PayPal and credit cards as the electronic. Payments problem. And since it's that's Cameron. And I hate to really embarrassed of them I am honest that. -- -- -- can we talk about that -- -- him a -- of darkness like event -- -- goes -- for -- 24 hours or 48 hours. And it's. When should people get together in the room. A lot of developers and some idea of people on some designers and stuff like that and they. You pitcher it is it -- -- developers and in seeds who who wants to help you know fit and actually met real good friend of mine now and the CTO visual to torment him the days of -- In 2013 but this weekend actually to be different route -- Robinson ringers with me and -- -- for adults it's. Ringers are so -- -- duties as a setup to Lee Martin and Al experts are. The original. Rock and -- gangsters of the Internet. He Martins from -- in Louisiana he moved out to only about ten years ago were to work with all the biggest fans in the music industry and connects north last year and we've been friends for a long time and he finally agreed to work with me on a project. Some reason the mountain and down very quickly that and I hate to do this sounds so old school but where do you see at five years from now -- you do. Well for us. Of course New Orleans was the natural it being from New Orleans that really identifying new islands as one of -- as vibrant community and culture communities. Especially an art. And the United States and says that the vision for -- are really is to create this online. Platform an infrastructure for artist. Here and and then replicated and identify other vibrant our communities that can really followed the lead of New Orleans. And help. On spread -- spread the word of local art in an and other cities. Terrific. Idea. Absolutely I think similarly. And five years I would love that if there was frontier replicated as a model in other cities. Frontier Austin frontier Portland. Frontier in new York and then you know you can have a large central events for each city. And also we are -- have interested businesses to be in the first kind of that her group of frontiers so. Those businesses -- -- party groan and then we would have unions -- you groups and we have to take another break we're gonna get your five year plan right after this. Somebody gonna do in five years. Well -- connect I think the best way to understand what we do is to experience one of our apps you can download it right now by texting jazz to 99000. And just imagine thousands and thousands of these apps out on the market will be there and mr. music. L'Alma local musician and play a few bands around town and we never make. Decent money so and fighters like to see this as a tool where musicians can actually have their average income above the poverty level. I love you all good luck to each and every one of you thank you.