WWL>Topics>>3-24-14 3:10pm Angela: on allergies

3-24-14 3:10pm Angela: on allergies

Mar 24, 2014|

Angela talks allergies with ENT specialist Dr. Greg Pippin.

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Well hopefully you were listening to the last hour and hopefully like myself you feel uplifted. And I do I genuinely mean that when I hear people that enthusiastic. And excited about their lives and and that they are choosing to stay here in New Orleans and do their creative from businesses it just it's meaningful it's very meaningful. Anyway I wish the mall all wonderful good luck. Our next hour everyone now if you have any little bit of allergy this is for EU and on depending on you to call because we have a fabulous doctor house. As someone said recently stock up on Kleenex. The worst winter in years is going to give way to the worst allergy season in years. As I said we have a doctor in the house so give us a call with your allergy problems and questions that's 2601878. 2601870. Are you bracing for more calls I think so doctor Greg -- ANC specialists is with this for the whole hour he has been here before is an absolute delight and I. Thank you thank you some action for being here again well it's a pleasure are already getting calls. Do you think it's an oil royalties of. All goes -- absolute priority in the height. Of the tree and policies and so on while all seen a huge outbreak in chronic sinus disease. -- acute sinus infections as an excess for an exacerbation is. So yes absolutely. Because we did have such a weird winner. I mean it was cold and apparently what they're saying is is that the colder than normal winter and for area certainly with snow and with more rain. That the trees get the roots get tough and -- the words the trees grow better and that creates the pollen that's the issue. Absolutely and living in New Orleans -- in the capital of mold allergies were always warm always humid. And that causes the the -- just for a proliferate. And you know we have all the countries oak trees which. Really do all contributes all these delicate process of those of the rough on the con. Really yes. Come on oak and -- home of the big ones in the Louisiana. What about the flowering trees because I love crepe myrtle I think their beautiful and they. A their of the hundred day flowering plant and and they do give his collar during a hot summer. Today they contribute to it but if you look at just statistical. Number. Oak hill man pecan. For the trees or the largest in the Louisiana. While I learn something every day. Are you saying that. We have one of the highest dust -- counts in the United States that's correct. We don't wanna be first with them. That -- we know we always are in the top offer dust mites and mold in the country. And it goes goes -- environment and they were warm subtropical environment and it -- to the proliferation of these kind of allergens. Even more than in Florida or in south Texas which also was very hot. They they are up there Galveston is always in the top but when you look at New Orleans Baton Rouge we are always in the top of us all surveys for these problems. So again your phones been ringing off the hook because here. It's that time of year. And what have they seen when they feeling out. Chronic facial pressure chronic facial pain nasal congestion. Watery eyes watering nose ear pressure your pain shortness of breath analogy you know analogy asthma exacerbation. Mean it really runs the gamut. Allergies. Affecting entire respiratory tree. And that goes essentially from your -- all the way down to your -- and everything in between so in the part of your body that is exposed to these allergens can be effective. You know because again we had sort of -- -- winter even down a Mardi Gras and in the rain and cold. What is the how does one know if they've not had now allergy issue. That gee this is a cold or is this challenge. It to ration of symptoms. Fevers there are several. Several different things you can look for a quality of the -- nasal drainage. But all of these can be easily ascertained by your physician. OK we do have a caller already and I'm so happy Margaret from haven't. Margaret. Yes I mean the partners and Hammond. I have -- balance problems from middle of the year. -- just went to isn't just about fifteen years ago getting shot. We're actually helped me in an insurance companies that -- well. All and the last couple years it's gotten worse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shut and I and a year ago. That they couldn't be checked right now -- target -- -- Bob do you know how many allergens you were tested for. Well. There's several different panels that can be wrong and in when you're doing analogy testing you can check for two up to a hundred is different allergens. And really testing should be a centered on. What is known to be clauses in the region on and also based on your history I think and further testing could be directed. On if you're not getting better if you're having problems with Europe insurance -- company. For immunotherapy or allergy shots. -- medical therapy also can be tried. That traditionally consists of nasal steroids. Well oral antihistamines. Things of that nature. There are some newer drugs like Cingular. Which also helped to inhibit the inflammatory pathways that may be a benefit. That your insurance company would likely pay for. If you're having problems giving immunotherapy. Can home they get telling him in the for sure that he may go to. It was some kind of a pack of liars -- it is true sense that they didn't go up into the remembering. They -- ferociously. It sounds like you have you been having chronic sinus infections. I had an inkling is a client has sinus infection. And -- and -- change -- doctors and I got meningitis. Oh my goodness. It tells you that I had been trying to pick -- my intention someday. In your sinuses -- subsequently spread. It sounds like what he would like to do is probably a balloon dilation procedure on your sinuses. Which is a relatively new procedure. It's a minimally invasive sinus surgery. Where you place -- balloon catheter into the sinus membranes to dilate the affected sinuses. And it's a wonderful technique on that as amazing results or is actually a study that recently came out of Colorado. That showed that it was at least as effective with -- as treated traditional surgery. In the great news with using this kind of procedure in most doctors' hands you don't have packing. Which you traditionally had in the old fashioned kind of sinus surgery. So it sounds like it's a wonderful idea for you and I would highly encourage you to follow through on that. I think -- -- -- good -- time and then we gonna talk about it and he's thinking about doing it and because of my problems and I'm not and I brought. I cannot walk from actually picked up a Kleenex and mine and my lines constantly. But I would highly encourage you to even though if you have this procedure medical therapy is still going to be important to you and I would -- suggested -- pursue. Back to being followed medically as well after your procedure. Among lecture heart and a -- to you so much for calling Margaret. -- -- That I'd never heard another would you insurance company can -- to -- after so many shots well. You know every. Every insurance policy is different we're entering a brave new world with insurance health insurance nowadays but. Yeah sometimes. They'll be a procedure that's not covered anymore for whatever reason bill that procedure will not be covered benefit. Of the insurance policy. And related it depends on the the carrier in the provider. And what playing politics gets very confusing I mean oftentimes we don't know until we need. Submit claims are two insurance companies to find out if it's actually covered benefit. It is a strange new world we're going into. Let's let's we're gonna talk about that let's take a break we're gonna come back and again the subject is allergies the doctors in the house. Please give us a call 2601870. Our very special guest today doctor Greg Pepin who was an. And allergy specialist. Second time on our show we're so grateful. Because we know so many people suffer especially this time of year let's go to our callers and so stay with -- build from Baton Rouge. -- Look accident so my arm. Point to medication and a game need -- -- where -- came back and go back and see her. All in action next march in what you -- and made it. Not quite well thank them still -- and some rat out water were taken. Mark and K okay what else in. It skull in its spore is it GP. -- Just FO UT CAA. Oh yes she has you on and any his domain she also has you on a nasal steroid. What kind of symptoms are you having -- Well I color match. -- -- Congestion pressure. You know. Certain people will become. Not -- but in their systems will become tolerant to certain antihistamines. So I often find it helpful to give people holidays from. One and he has -- -- and switch and several patients that they they swear to me that. If you're on Claritin they'll they'll switch for clarity and it is here attack. -- they'll go from Claritin to. On his eyes all and they'll have to switch up every couple weeks because their body will become tolerant. Of one and he has to mean vs the other. If the nasal steroid is not helping or some other options there are some something called -- few -- and I'd love losses were. You're essentially using what's called medi pot. In your irrigating your nose and your sinuses with a much stronger steroids solution and that can often be very effective -- but if you're having really severe symptoms that aren't improved. I would suggest you senior nose and throat doctor -- don't have. Nasal polyps you don't have something other than just allergies going on that may be contributing to your symptoms. Improves. -- one issue is here today is currently in the program. My digits and. Are other options are there are twice today -- sings 'cause right now are you taking at once today and you you may figure your system may be clearing this more rapidly than. Eighty pound females so there are other options that we could do twice today dosing. And there are ways to increase the concentration of the steroid. But again you have to talk with your physician about that. Yeah I'll go out you okay bill thank you very much Susan in New Orleans. I. I want to but it would be on people using mobile feet Collins from local beekeepers. To help but Albert -- letter on -- now. I don't have a problem with that they've been a lot of studies looking at homeopathic and natural path that remedies. For allergies chronic sinus disease. And really actors. No study has borne out to be effective. I will tell you just thinking about it I think it does make sense to take. The pollen like that because it does seem like. That would be an immunotherapy. Of sorts where you modulate your immune system your exposing yourself. Today antigen in a very low dose and and able to build up on antibodies to such. That the -- antigens to arts and allergens that are causing you problems so I don't have a problem with that. I will tell you clinical data is shaky at best on something like that I don't think it will -- -- a lot -- a -- local on the complexities of the grand apartment market but did undertake -- accurately intruder. My album my album is a little bit and my managing. Oh great and I mean like I told him if it works you know use it and -- From a from logical point of view it should help your symptoms but again the studies aren't great supporting. I really appreciate you calling citizen. Okay Charlie. Charlie from new -- once. -- -- -- It's. -- worked and he. I. Our. At least try to where accurate protection. All well past couple years. -- On our site called I. I'd start at the rate at my. I'll co workers actually happen if she did it cheap. Basically. What it is -- Surtax. It -- court. Apparently. This. But well I'll ball. Initially also -- Blockage station -- Want him. Well it can't it sounds likes or not to cut you off. I mean if you had an ex significant occupational noise history. Were in the military shot artillery you on a lot without your protection. You likely have what's called sensory neural hearing loss or nerve deafness. In two candidates are ringing in the ears is a symptom of nerve deafness in -- years. And I would -- you that that is likely the cause of your symptoms it's probably a sign of nerve deafness. And out of allergies now you can get fluid in the ears and that can give you ringing in the years. But again based on what you briefly described it sounds like it's more likely due to nerve deafness and. -- -- -- -- -- Trusting my home I have not had any significant Tressel gets it all. I usually check it well. -- I would. I would tell you just based a fortune telling me it does sound like you've probably do you have nerves -- -- hearing loss. But again you need something you need to measure the middle ear fluid. Which they will often do when they do and on the grammar hearing test. To look for middle ear fluid now if you are having them earlier fluid that can be a sign of allergies and -- station to dysfunction. That can be improved with medical therapy. Treatments for attended its due to nerve deafness are not as good and usually sooner around homeopathic medicines. That are modestly effective there are also sums. Physicians who injects steroids. Into the middle here in an effort to improve those symptoms and that war improve symptoms and some people if it's nerve deafness now obviously obviously it's an allergy -- Clause that needs to be addressed. -- -- that's exactly. Vs vs nerve deafness. I would tell you a lot of times they're hearing tests in the the plants aren't as detailed as you'll get your doctor's office and I would suggest you -- get a another on program. There wasn't much. Thank you Charlie. And that we have to take a break we need to go to the newsroom but I want David to hold on and please give -- -- call if you have any questions for the doctor to 60. One -- seventy now let's join Don -- an interim. Will we are with the doctor Greg Pippen who is an ENT specialist. We're talking about everything we're talking about allergies that were talking about other issues that he is also very knowledgeable about. Let's go to Sandra because she says doctor Pittman did her surgery Friday. How are you Sandra. It like to tip that. I'd -- -- And on board and I go back -- the side. It -- I'm great to hear that don't forget to do you're sailing -- that's important to our -- -- And back at it. -- about four hours so it still angry. Well you sound very up about it. Yeah. Alonso blank you were listening in and could hear doctor Pittman and he'll he'll see you on Friday. OK thank had a -- center. Let's go to John in New Orleans. Hello Donna. You that I had. But the question. You don't start smoking and then. Are getting a lot of congestion and lower at in my ears and Alex and -- ANC. Inspected by ears everything in the count and -- at that you know like -- -- People that it should improve my hearing that it didn't. And not have a lot of fluid in there that I'm looking. There -- lucky. I did the inspection needed side down -- and each year drought behind him -- vodka. Hole or apparently it collects it and they'll probably born like Palestinians. Or an old habits are being cut here. It's hard to say without seeing you I mean. If you have fluid in your -- years the hearing will be muffled there or are there are several things that can cause that. Now I will tell you that smoking poisons the respiratory tract. Essentially we have little hair light fibers from our nose down -- long's that. That push out allergens bacteria. Mucus from -- respiratory tract. When you smoke you killed those finger like projections. Called silly and then it will -- predispose you. To get along infections sinus infections ear infections so if you are smoking that could be contributing to. Yeah on the other side of it is not to scare the heck out of you if you're smoking a lot we can cause cancer in the head neck to and they are also cause fluid to build up in New Year's. And one of the first things I see whenever I see an adult that has fluid in their ears. As I wanna make sure they don't have a tumor that's growing so it's often advisable. To have a look -- in the scope a little telescope. Down the nose to make sure that you don't have a growth and I would suggest that if you're having persistent problems with this. You need to have someone look in your nose and in your throat to make sure we don't have a growth. You also could just have regular sinus disease and polyps that are exacerbated by -- smoking's so. There are many things that could be causing this and I would tell you if it's still being persistent issue you need to be checked out again. Help appreciate that. Thank you done a very much for the call. Let's go to Marion Metairie. Hello hi. Hello Mary. Yes I'm calling because back in today. When I would wake up in the morning Alex and they light's yellow -- in my house not you call idol but like economy. And this went on for several months and finally in July I went to leniency. And he gave in -- -- by he gave me ten days of -- and that is not clear that the problem so I was very aggravated it and go back. And then finally in February. I went to and other DNC who -- and sign that the X -- done and gave -- a different antibiotic -- -- he's feeling it was. -- -- against it and I took that for ten days and that didn't help. So again. Called him and he gave me another ten days that. Which ended about three of holidays and I still have the same problem -- wake up in the morning and my eyes will be bad. I would have a light yellow creamy substance in my mouth. And if by -- wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning and debated out and read my mouth is back up at 630. I had that in my mouth again. How was your signed a CT to -- -- when he I would I would I don't want him. I will tell you that to adequately treat chronic sinus disease. Oftentimes you have to go on antibiotics for upwards of a mall and bought in an addition so. Traditional. Seven to ten day course of antibiotics. Often won't be effective in a very severe cases -- terrorized. We have to. Ten day. Doses of this -- you -- Often times so you really they have to be. Continue six. Day and a -- did you do any nasal sprays or anything. No I did not do anything like that but when I went to the fact god that today he tell me do you use the next and he told me to use saltwater spray. And all of that sort of thing and that did not. Help did anybody look up your nose with a little telescope to see if there any. The last guy -- little thing in. And -- knows but I mean it didn't go. Did did he see anything abnormal. Noted that did not. I would tell you if you have -- fracturing case of sinus disease. This may be that you may be a great candidate for what's called a balloon violation of procedure. Where that. The other candidates sinus problems before anything like this and also my nose -- one period going. And that when I try to go to sleep after a brushed my teeth allied in the bed and I'm constantly getting. And then it will be like it clear mucus. -- -- What suggests and I might have for you to is that you could use antibiotic and steroid. Rinses in your nose and you use those several times a day for up to a month -- that may be effective as well. But it does really sound like you have a very rich frat -- case of sinus disease. And -- I'm gonna need some aggressive medical therapy to get it under control. And I had never had any kind of problem -- sinus problems or any any of this kind of problem before. And -- wondered if perhaps maybe -- now allergic to something. It's very well and which suggest which -- under control. You probably need to get allergy testing to further in value and it is absolutely thank you very very much -- -- sorry you're going through that. I want everyone to stay with us David in particular I know you've called back and I'm dying to hear which you wanna talk about. Stay with us as we continue our top with doctor Greg -- Greg Pippen are very special guest today Ian T specialists were talk and allergies were topic tonight is were talking a lot. And David thank you very much for saying -- because I'm very interested -- What's your thought is -- your question. -- -- My -- pressure that I don't but from allergies but. I'm an avid golfer good -- like outside. And how looking for something more natural -- on actual repudiate her. Out yet to -- running. Really try. And I see it by that did not appear not to -- I don't wanna go on you know. I'll prescription or even see much -- that wanted. Unfortunately. As I was alluding to to an earlier caller there's not much clinical status to support him though homeopathic or natural. Medications. And they've released been shown to be non effective or ineffective and you'd be better not wasting your money for people and trust me. I don't wanna take medicine every day what I would tell you is you're going to know when your problem Toms all our. You you know spring and fall is going to be bad if you going golfing this weekend because they're attacked that morning before you go you don't have to take it every day. But she need to. You adjust adjust -- accordingly to your lifestyle and I think taking an antihistamine or using nasal sprays during the bad parts may be a kind of compromise so that should not taking medication. Every day of her life and that when you're giving your body you break as well. Hey there it. There are particular you know I don't Atlantic -- in particular. Are. And our people are. It's I tell you I have allergies myself and I found certain ones were better for me than other ones than others do and I'm a personal fan fan of a new one called size all our levels search resuming I find it has less. Cardiac effects. You're less likely to feel your heart race on it's less likely to cause blood pressure problems and some of the other ones but. Everybody's different some people do better with Allegra some people do better with Claritin on and I tell you it's really trial and -- method to see which one works best for you. I'm David very good thank you for calling back. You know one of the other callers brought the good point she'd never had allergies and all of a sudden she does. Is that unusual that even in adulthood in the late adulthood and. It can't it. And I tell people it is what it is I mean if you can be exposed there may be in new -- and that your exposed to your neighbor -- planet a plant. An exotic that you've never been exposed to and that may be the source of your allergens. You may have a problem with cockroaches and exposure did you. War through traditionally exposed to so I mean the list it is so extensive but it can't happen and you can go the whole life and do fine and and one day it develops and that's kind of -- we were. But all of a sudden people do all of that some mobile apps and and then then that as you say. This is this can be very serious. That the long term effects of allergies can be very significant. Chronic cure disease chronic sinus diseases. One lady mentioned she actually got a brain infection from sinus disease of chronic sinus disease left unattended can be very very serious it can lead to brain abscess. And a couple of times a year you'll see a patient. Who have it's very very serious so you don't wanna ignore these symptoms because if you do they can cause long term problems. We'll take another break but will be back with the good doctor right activists. I want to thank doctor Greg Pippen is such a delight to have you here he helped so many people you help main. But you've helped a lot of people during a -- final thought if you would on allergies but we can't prevent them. Avoidance avoidance avoidance medical therapy and CE NT for symptoms that don't get better. Very important about that we're gonna have him back we've got you number thank you very much thank you so very much enjoy the rest of today everyone now let's go to the newsroom and Don names.